Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Where IS the court case on me?

Where IS the court case on me? I have looked repeatedly on this and there is nothing? Why? I pulled it in, i was told this by my scientology Mother Lynn Newman, wife of Derek Field, Auditor of scientology, Auditor of Criminon, Narconon...so where IS the court case...I want to see it...there was a court case and I want to see it...I WANT TO SEE IT, I KNOW THERE WAS ONE, WHERE IS IT?

Either I was  the child from HELL, or I knew what I was talking about.

Produce the documentation

The East Grinstead press ain't ever gonna talk about me, because I am entheta, 1.1 aha ha!Ha Ha!

This isn't anything I haven't known my entire life, scientolgists are SHIT.

Can't talk about this ...cos actually it is true..ENTHETA!ENTHETA!Can't possibly talk about this? Can we?

Come on East Grinstead, where IS the court case on me?

I know there was one, where IS IT?

I want to see it!

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