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My Death Waits In Front Of YOU

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The previous post was for Mary on the bus...

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Re Mis Information

 And the beat goes on... and on and on, yeah the beat goes on...drums keep pounding a rhythm to the




Saturday, 29 June 2013

Body Thetans Get Off My Face!

I found this little gem on the Daily Mail newspaper...

How Volcanoes Keep You Young

The last time volcanic ash was in the headlines, it was  for grounding hundreds of flights during the 2010 eruption of the Icelandic volcano  Eyjafjallajokull.

Now it has been heralded as the latest miracle beauty product and an an elixir of eternal youth.

BioEffect is already a cult product in Iceland where 20 per cent of the  women over 30, use it and this month it launched in it's UK stores such as Selfridges and Boots.The serum contains extracts of barley grown in soil containing high levels of deposits of 2,000- year old  volcanic ash.The makers of the product claim that this ash-enriched barley can reduce the appearance of age of a 52 year old by more than ten years.

Volcanic ash may spell disaster for your holiday plans, but it could work wonders on your wrinkles.
There should be a warning on this for all unsuspecting scientologists who purchase this product,

Warning - Won't give you any more Body Thetans than you have already got!

Go Audit Yourselves says techdirt

The Battle with the Squirrels

The Scientology Story: Attack the Attacker
The Battle With The 'Squirrels'
When the Doctrine Leaves the Church

"We call them squirrels," Hubbard once wrote, "because they are so nutty."

Hubbard contended that only church members are qualified to administer his self-improvement-type courses.

Outsiders, he said, inevitably misapply the teachings, wreaking spiritual harm on their subjects.

But those who have launched "independent" Scientology-style centers say Hubbard concocted this as an excuse to eliminate competition so he could charge exorbitant prices for his courses.

As far back as 1965, Hubbard demonstrated his disdain for breakaway groups, ordering his followers to "tear up" the meetings of one such organization and "harass these persons in any possible way."

The intolerance still exists.

 The Scientology Story: Attack the Attacker
A Lawyer Learns What It's Like to Fight the Church

Yanny was frisked and the vehicle was searched. No drugs or firearms were found, and he was released.
Police later concluded that the tipster had given a false name, leading them to speculate that Yanny had been set up for harassment.

And Yanny, though he can't prove it, is certain he knows by whom: his former client, the Church of Scientology.

"I am," he said with some pride, "probably Public Enemy No. 1 as far as they are concerned."

Today, Yanny and Scientology are locked in bitter litigation. Their dispute illustrates how battles with the Church of Scientology often degenerate into nasty, costly wars of retribution and endurance.
Yanny worked for the church from 1983 to 1987, earning, by his estimate, $1.8 million in legal fees.

His chief job was to represent Scientology in a suit it brought against a former top church executive accused of conspiring to steal the church's secret teachings. In 1986, Yanny scored a major victory for the church during a pretrial hearing.

The Scientology Story: Attack the Attacker
Neither Side Blinks in a Lengthy Feud

In 1984, the IRS's Los Angeles office launched a far-ranging criminal investigation into allegations by high-level Scientology defectors that the movement's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, had skimmed millions of dollars from the church.

The probe was dropped after Hubbard's death in 1986. A Justice Department source told The Times that, with the primary target gone, the point was moot. But church executives say the IRS had no case because the allegations were untrue.

Scientology, for its part, has brought numerous lawsuits against the IRS, accusing the agency of everything from harassment to illegally withholding public records. In the 1970s, overzealous Scientologists went so far as to bug an IRS office in Washington, D.C.--a crime that led to their imprisonment.

More recently, through a group called the National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers, Scientologists have embarrassed the very branch within the agency that initiated the criminal investigation of Hubbard.

The coalition, founded in the mid-1980s by the Church of Scientology's Freedom magazine, helped fuel a 1989 congressional inquiry into alleged wrongdoing by the former chief of the IRS's Criminal Investigations Division in Los Angeles and other agency officials.

The Scientology Story: Attack the Attacker
On the Offensive Against an Array of Suspected Foes

Consider the passage that a prominent Scientology minister selected from the religion's scriptures, authored by the late L. Ron Hubbard, to inspire the faithful during a gala church event.

"People attack Scientology," the minister quoted Hubbard as saying. "I never forget it; always even the score."

The crowd cheered.

As far back as 1959, Hubbard warned that illness and even death can befall those seeking to impede Scientology, known within the church as "suppressive persons."

"Literally, it kills them," Hubbard wrote, "and if you don't believe me I can show you the long death list."
He told the story of an electrician who bilked the organization. "Within a few weeks," Hubbard said, "he contracted TB."

Scientology seems committed not only to fighting back, but to chilling potential opposition. For years, the church has been accused of employing psychological warfare, dirty tricks and harassment-by-lawsuit to silence its adversaries.

The church has spent millions to investigate and sue writers, government officials, disaffected ex-members and others loosely defined as "enemies."

The Scientology Story: Attack the Attacker
Suits, Protests Fuel a Campaign Against Psychiatry

The uproar over Ritalin was triggered almost single-handedly by the Scientology movement.

In its fight against Ritalin, Scientology was pursuing a broader agenda. For years, it has been attempting to discredit the psychiatric profession, which has long been critical of the self-help techniques developed by the late L. Ron Hubbard and practiced by the church.

The church has spelled out the strategy in its newspaper, "Scientology Today."

"While alerting parents and teachers to the dangers of Ritalin," the newspaper stated, "the real target of the campaign is the psychiatric profession itself. . . . And as public awareness continues to increase, we will no doubt begin to see the blame for all drug abuse and related crime move onto the correct target--psychiatry."

The contempt Scientologists hold for the psychiatric profession is rooted in Hubbard's writings, which constitute the church's doctrines. He once wrote, for example, that if psychiatrists "had the power to torture and kill everyone, they would do so. . . . Recognize them for what they are; psychotic criminals--and handle them accordingly."

Hubbard's hatred of psychiatry dated back to the 1950 publication of his best-selling book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health." It was immediately criticized by prominent mental health professionals as a worthless form of psychotherapy.

Hubbard used his church as a pulpit to attack psychiatrists as evil people, bent on enslaving mankind through drugs, electroshock therapy and lobotomies. He convinced his followers that psychiatrists were also intent on destroying their religion.

Shrinks fight back against Cruise missile

Thursday, 27 June 2013

You were saying...

Don't look here, total mad woman, does not know what she's talking about...must have been my 'reactive mind' making things up, all the way to the I'm loaded.....................the only people who seem to be loaded are the ex scientology community who are still that one out!

Here's a picture of me as a kid on the Apollo.

Here's a picture that could have been me 45 years ago....

And it was shortly after the picture of me was taken above. Look good and f*cking hard because their is YOUR reality! But I know you don't want to look, might upset your equilibrium, huh! Would not want to do that, would we. So back to reality, back to reality.....we'll just knock them all dead with Inspector Generals and Heads of OSA and the crowd will cheer!


Repeat three times and you have got scientology!

So Marty Rathbun has moved far away from the Squirrel busters.

Mike Rinder has remarried and got a new child, heaven help them!

And Terril Park has an academic paper, the freezone is thriving and prospering! Channel 4 says so and so does the BBC.

And the beat goes on...Lah di dah di dah, and the beat goes on... and the beat goes on...Lah di dah de de, lah di dah di dah...and the beat goes on....and the beat goes on, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Walk over to that wall, THANK YOU.
Touch that WALL, Thank YOU

Walk over to that wall, Thank YOU!





Allegedly, Greek Scientologists are helping the Greek Economy

Get the "way to happiness" booklet and you too can help your totally useless advice
Greek Scientologists Bring Hope with The Way to Happiness – Watch List News (press release)

On this day...

The Scientology Story: Reaching into Society
Courting the Power Brokers

The Scientology Story: Reaching into Society
Church Seeks Influence in Schools, Business, Science

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I love it, that scientology cannot prosecute me

What they gonna do?

they are going to take me to court for being an ex scientologist kid, when I have evidence,so what do they do, they ignore me. Like I don't exist! How theta!How very fucking theta!

And then Terril Park comes up with this...goto ESMB, you'll see it

Academic Paper on Freezone...
What a farce...

Have fun scientologists, have fun!

Co$ if it aint fun, It aint Scientology!

Why are they dead?

Even the living are dead!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mobile Phones are a Tracking Device

Just had an interesting conversation with someone who will remain nameless, about mobile phones and how they can track you. They know where you are at every time of the day.Talk about BiG Brother...

Last year when I visited Corfu, I got a text message from my provider 'wishing me a happy holiday in Corfu' WTF! I never told them I was coming here! Many friends did not text me about the holiday, but Orange did. WTF! I said to my companion "how can this be?" She tried to explain,unfortunately, explanation got lost in translation! WTF. She was rolling around the floor in laughter and all I kept saying was WTF!

For the last 6 weeks, although it  did start before that although then it was intermittent, i can receive messages but cannot send any. For at least the last 4 weeks I cannot send any at all.I was told switch your phone off and try again, doesn't work. In fact nothing works, guess where my phone is going? Waste of time!

The perfect place to throw my mobile phone would be Corfu, unfortunately I can't make it this year, so Hastings beach will have to do.Hope you scientologists are out there tracking my every movement and then you can expose how I am polluting the oceans, you know how you pollute them with defecation on the Freewinds, just like LRH did on the Apollo.

David Bowie - Big Brother

Allan Mardle Allan Mardle·206 videos

Please watch this in it's entirety, it shows you the trick that was played on YOU scientologists...

MICK RONSON-Width of a circle (Guitar solo 1973)

BestMasterGuitar BestMasterGuitar·341 videos

This is brilliant! And it does show you the trick played, and my guess is this was for Woody Woodmansey, only he never got it! And he's still a scientologist . I would like to see a picture of Woody Woodmansey in 1967/68/69. Please WWP find me a picture of of him in his heyday!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Crackpot Cult and its Crazy Defector Deserve Each Other

Crackpot cult and its crazy defector deserve each other – Irish Independent

Sect ruling 'beginning of the end'

The sect and Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, sought in a civil trial to recover the contested documents and asked for unspecified damages for the "mental rape" of Mrs. Hubbard. Breckenridge ruled that Armstrong did invade Hubbard's privacy by taking the documents, but said the invasion was slight.

No damages will be awarded the sect, which indicated it will demand a new trial.

Breckenridge characterized as a "pathetic individual" Mrs. Hubbard, who was released from federal prison shortly before the trial began. She had been convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and fined $10,000 for her part in a Scientology operation which infiltrated and stole documents from government agencies.

"She was forced from her post as Controller (of the sect), convicted and imprisoned as a felon and deserted by her husband," Breckenridge stated. "Her credibility leaves much to be desired. She struck the familiar pose of not seeing, hearing or knowing any evil—yet she was the head of the (sect's Guardian's Office) for years.

Breckenridge noted that Mrs. Hubbard authored "the infamous order GO-121669" which directed that member's confidential files should be examined for embarrassing confessions to be used against those who challenged the sect.

"It is, of course, rather ironic, that the person who authored GO-121669 should complain about an invasion of privacy," the judge

Scientology: Target world government // Hubbard: "We'll make a new society so skip approval for a lot of wogs"

Does "The Commodore", as Hubbard likes to be known as he flits from port to port aboard the "Sea orgs" (vessels) that are registered as management and training companies, have visions of world power?

It sounds like the sort of plot Hubbard himself could have written in one of his earlier science fiction novels. A plot written for himself! Is Hubbard, with his claims of spiritual interplanetary travelling, heavenly visits, and knowledge of everlasting life, genius or crank?

In his book "In the Name of Science", Martin Gardner defines four characteristics of the common crank or pseudoscientists as: (1) The person who considers himself a genius years ahead of his time. (2) The person who considers his colleagues and fellow researchers ignorant blockheads largely because they fail to recognize his genius. (3) Someone who is paranoid and feels he is the victim of a vast conspiracy designed to suppress his brillant work. (4) The person who delights in focusing his attacks on scientists and their established theories.

"The crank also invents his own terminology; a jabberwocky understood only by him and his closest allies. So, we find the literature filled with confusing and complicated terms which are merely displays of pseudoerudition, or what psychiatrists call neologisms," he adds.

Does Hubbard, or his theories as taught through the church, fit Gardner's description of the pseudoscientist or crank?

These are questions which only the individual and on a longterm basis time, can answer.
Meantime, it might do no harm to reflect on a quote taken from one of Hubbard's political letters on the subject of those who disbelieve or oppose Scientology thinking:

"Do they think a society in this shape will approve Scientology into power? Hell no. And to hell with this society. We're making a new one, so let's skip the approval button for a lot of wogs". link

Jett Travolta Foundation Donating More Money to Scientology Organizations
It’s no surprise, and I’ve written about it before: but John Travolta and Kelly Preston are continuing to donate tax free money from the non profit charity they started for their late son to Scientology. Of course, this is a little strange since Scientology’s beliefs may be what cost Jett Travolta his life, in the end. For years until the day Jett died the Travoltas insisted Jett was not autistic but suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. He was not treated for autism as Scientology doesn’t allow treatment of mental or brain issues. Jett’s “manny” when he died wasn’t a trained nurse but a wedding photographer.

Nevertheless, the Travoltas remain devoted to the cause. According to the website for the foundation,, contributions have been made in 2013 to several different places. But one of them is Scientology’s questionable group in Haiti that’s recruiting poor people. And the other is the group that performs bogus “detoxification.”

The Haiti group is called GROup Dynamic for the Survival of Haiti. This group is run two prominent Scientologists, Leslie Hobbs and Claude Reginald Jean. There’s no mention on their website about Scientology, of course. But their address is in Clearwater, Florida, where all the other Xenu businesses are clustered.

The Form 990 filed by Jett Travolta Foundation omits any detail of where their money went last year. Charities are mandated to list their gifts and grants. But this foundation simply didn’t. The foundation just says it gave grants totaling $120,800.

But on their form 990 for 2012, GRODYSH acknowledges a recent $40,000 donation from the Jett Travolta Foundation. Their total revenue claimed in 2012 was $95,000 so that’s nearly half of what they took in.

And then there’s the International Detoxification Academy. The Jett Travolta Foundation has already donated money to them in 2013 and did so in 2011. Also in 2011, Jett Travolta Foundation donated funds  to Narconon, and to Will Smith’s New Horizon School in Calabasas, California which teaches Scientology Study Tech curriculum.

My life is far more important to me than the 'man who would be King, of either Channel 4 or for that matter, the BBC', hope you rot in hell Marty Rathbun, just like your founder...

 The Way Out Is Not The Way Back In

Posted on June 20, 2013 by martyrathbun09 | 579 Comments

How very THETA!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Scotsman walk into my place of work, NO, that's NOT the Royal Scotsman, but a little scotsman, he was working in the area and booked all the B&Bs for the night, I believe his bill was somewhere near £350 . He drank Pinot Gricio like it was about to drop off the market, and when my boss said to him "where do you come from?" He said " East. Grinstead, the home of Xenu!" My boss said "Don't talk about that in front of her, pointing to me, she hates them". Never a truer word said! The little Scotsman said "Oh, you've heard about them, have you?" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!

You have NO idea! Jaws aching, gotta go to bed!

Ha ha Ha ha ha!!!!!

She does!!!!! Hates THEM that IS!

Saturday, 22 June 2013



YOU do NOT know the word of the meaning of FREEDOM of speech and YOU never will, will YOU?

Most of YOU are still Scientologists, aren't YOU!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Human Constitution of Human Rights...

Has No validity to exist... because it violates human rights on a daily basis by allowing scientology to exist on the grounds of 'religious freedom'.

Religious Freedom? Are YOU kidding me?

When the hell did religion enter scientology other than to boost LRH's name?

When I was a kid, it was a science of the human mind....a science of the human mind ? ha ha ha! When I was a kid, they were all strung out on f*cking drugs and none more so than L. Ron Hubbard, the great humanitarian...he did it ALL for show us the error of his ways...NOW there's religion for YOU!

How many people did the TRs back then and had teddy bears, do you have teddy bears all over your bed?

I had an ashtray to do the TRs with and guess what I have all over my bed, ashtrays! Vitally important if you don't want to flick ash all over the flaw.

I finally got a teddy bear, and at the age of 16, I lost it on a train, it was devastating!

You have NO idea how devastating losing my teddy bear was, NO idea!

Today, I have had 73 hits on this blog from Latvia alone, not counting all the others. Don't ever give up your teddy bears, ex scientologists!

Here's the low down Marty, Terril and ALL you other sycophants... basically, statistically, and religiously F*ck off!. I don't think I can make it any plainer other than...That!

None of this matters, at all except to exscientology kids, I am one of them and I will not stop speaking out! Ever!

I think the head of Channel 4 is a scientologist. A Hubbardite- what is a hubbardite - a lover of ALL things HUBBARD. Terrril Park comes to mind at this point in my mind. End of session!

Have YOU ever been in session with a scientologist? HAVE YOU?

Terril Park by his own admissions travails America at least every other year, yet he was a scientologist at Saint Hill for at least 30 + years and he is still a hubbardite, through and through.Absolutely!

And, he meets my old best friend and then me, What a coincidence,huh!

He tells people, they have it wrong, LRH was beautiful, I love Beethoven but I wouldn't have let him anywhere near my daughters. Yer, right, YOU are one pathetic son of a bitch, do YOU have shares in Channel 4, or do you own it, Teril? I really would NOT be surprised at all.

A friend of mine whom I have not seen for a while came to me tonight and said I thought of you the other night  when they watched Scientology at WAR and wondered what my thoughts were, it did not surprise them at all to learn how angry I was at media propaganda.

Way to go Channel 4, you have just lost viewers, and it will continue that way, until Channel 4 is just a distant memory, pretty much like LRH's engrams!

Were YOU Jesus Christ? NO, thought NOT!

Were YOU Buddha?

Love the 4thoughts 4 YOU!

On this day...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tom Cruise Pedophile Allegations


Former Child Actor is Let Down After Opening Up to Media ... - Whale


I have no way of knowing whether or not the above information is correct, however, Ben Fellows comes across as truthful.Therefore I will leave it here in the public interest.


If, indeed Ben is telling the truth, then I would imagine as Tom Cruises 'auditor', as the second top man in scientology, Marty Rathbun would know...wouldn't he?


Interesting questions to ponder no matter which way you want to look at it, don't you think?


I'm going to leave this here as well as I think it is pertinent to Ben Fellows statement.

Interesting blog! 

and this... 


Scientologists at War

I have just watched a one hour long promotional advertisement for Dependent scientology and Marty Rathbun.

I have just one other thing to say...listen to this...

And now we all know which side of the war we are on, don't we?

A few anons and exscientologists seem to be having a few problems with how this all pans out, I would have thought it was obvious, but I will spell it out for you...

You know all you exscientologists that barely have enough money to rub together, because you were in for years, you sold everything, you lived in dorms, you had to have a part time job in many cases to feed yourselves because you were being made to work round the clock at St. Hill Manor or where ever, you got social security in many cases because you were a scientologist "volunteer" and had no time left to work for any one else, especially if you were in the Sea Org. You were being regged night and day to hand any spare money over you might have had, which is what drove a fair number of people into suicide and or needing to see a psychiatrist at an expense you could not afford....well look at the "Independent" community as a they look poor to you? I don't mean mentally, I know they are poor mentally, I mean financially...most of them are well off, right?

They did not all get left money, I don't believe it! Not one iota!Some of them were paid off, and yet others of them are paying others off and I believe some of them are paying the media.

Now, what did LRH say about KSW ( for those of you who read here and don't know what KSW is) It means Keep Scientology Working and he meant it and you keep doing it, don't you, because LRH said so.I know a few of you who read here may not be up on the scientology diatribe, there is a scientology dictionary, google it. Just don't expect it to make sense, co$ it don't.

What was interesting for me on this Channel 4 documentary is the following:

On the day of the East. Grinstead Conference, that sadly I could not attend, my two friends from Dublin accompanied by Sam Domingo and the Channel 4 team came to visit me afterwards at work, I had already explained I would be working and barely got a chance to talk to them as we were busy. What I presumed to be the head of the team, the older gentleman, pictured on Tony Ortega's blog gave me a tip, it was a badge saying 'I love SP's'. I thought it was amusing at the time. Now I don't!

The promise was they would contact me.

They didn't.

Just like the BBC man that sent me an e-mail saying he thought my story was great and would ring me and didn't... I'm usually not at home much but I was on holiday and I was ill, so I barely left the house...did he contact me? NO!

I have seen the contents of Sam Domingo's double fridge on facebook, and you wonder why I do not answer your messages John, do you remember our last conversation?

YOU are all being played, or YOU are the players... I grew up on the Royal Scotman/Apollo right beside him - LRH...I know what I am talking about.

And right now, Terril Park is in his element, he might even take off to Target Two any time soon and join LRH because Channel 4 supports the "Independent" movement/FZ. I saw it on Marty's blog. Now THAT is KSW - Channel 4. Notice you did not let my comment through. Thanks alot! 

Try being subjected to being thrown over the side of a ship everyday Marty and Channel 4 at the age of 11, and you cannot swim, everyday Marty, every god damned day at muster.

The Aims of Scientology

A civilization of insanity,with criminals and with war, where the able cannot prosper and honest beings cannot have rights and man is not free to rise to greater heights, these are the aims of scientology    

Saturday, 15 June 2013

On this day...

Weird shit we found in the archives...

[Report on Scientology] [exact date unknown] 1968

British tabloid apologizes to aliens for linking them to Scientology