Monday, 31 March 2014

Really scary... I know cos I have been there with L. Ron Hubbard...

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Sunday Funnies


I meet people all the time from all walks of life, recently I met someone who entered St. Hill Manor in an official capacity, they have also worked in British prisons in the same capacity...what was interesting to hear or alarming depending on how you view things is ...this person said "there is no difference between the way St. Hill Manor operates and the British prison system" so this begs the question...Why does this so called religion operate like a prison and why has it recently been given carte blanch to do so in England?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Third Anniversary

RIGHT NOW is my third anniversary of being followed home by a helicopter, strange shit! No one could ever imagine how surreal that was. I had a really weird incident happen to me yesterday, which I won't reveal but it was reminiscent of the helicopter incident and totally freaked me out.

Strange thing...but the last place on earth I would go to on earth would be a freaky is that!

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Lots of them, constantly whirling round in my head and today one of them came up that I read in a magazine called Private Eye, a while ago( this is a British magazine that comes out fortnightly). I wish I could find it, but I can't be arsed. I think it was Hugh Grant, but I might be wrong, but basically it said"Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck" and that is my thoughts about scientology...

Never a truer word said...

Who am I...nobody? Just a manifestation of LRH's thoughts?

OR an ex Commodore's Messenger who happened to see the light long before anybody else? That is why I am hated, because it did not take me 30, 40 or 50 years to see the light...well if you had happen what happened to would have seen the light too.And for all you media people out there, this was LRH at his finest...cruel beyond belief...but I know you won't take my word for I guess you had better go for those 30, 40 and 50 year believers, huh! After all they are the experts, are they not...after all they were in there long enough...weren't they...?

LRH said to me personally, "Don't worry about the family, what you have to worry about is the group" ie: scientology's sea org. He did NOT like it and I became a bone of contention then, this was 1968.Bastard! He knew I would never make the grain, he hated me and Mary Sue, even more so. I was the spawn of Michael Stainforth and he was an even bigger SP than me. But they caved him in, thus far they have not done that to me, despite their repeated on going story...

Marty Rathbun is a farce...enemy No 1? In 1969 my Grand Mother was enemy No 1...because she did not like disconnection letters and saw scientology for what it was... a fraud and LIARS...and now Marty and Mike Rinder suddenly get disconnected and fair gamed and we are all supposed to rally forth and find some compassion and love and ah, we have to toe the line, because hey the media is on their side...and so is the Supreme Court...Bollachs and yes that is English!

When I told you, YOU know nothing... I meant exactly as I said... how many of you were there in 1968? On board the Apollo? If you were then then please speak out, but guaranteed, right now it will be a load of bullshit...a shore story to keep the deluded, deluded...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Far too little, and far, far too late...fin

In case anybody did not get it...fin...means 'finished, final, the end' in Greek, I got this whilst watching 'Finnians Rainbow' on the island of Corfu at the age of 11, whilst walking home...back to the Apollo with my Father and discussing my doubts about scientology and LRH and he said " you know you must not repeat this to anybody else, don't you?" and I did know I could never let my thoughts be known because if I had, chances are I would not be speaking to you today...that is the world of L. Ron Hubbard and you think because he's long dead anything is different?

In the words of Mike Rinder...What's not working?

What's not working...Mike Rinder is we are NOT all falling for your bullshit...happy families! And the same applies to Marty(Mark) Rathbun...Happy families!

What's NOT working?

What happened to Lisa McPherson?

What's NOT working?

What happened to Susan Meister?

What's NOT working?

What happened to Quentin Hubbard?

What's NOT working?

What happened to David Deitsch

What's NOT working?

What happened to the Nanny aboard the Apollo 1968?

What's NOT working?

What happened to Claire Popham?

What's NOT working?

What the hell Happened to Terri and Janis Gillham?

What's NOT working?

What the hell did these people do to my Father?

What's NOT working?

There is a list a mile high, would you like me to continue...I can

So, You tell me what is not working in Scientology?

Scientology works every day to drive good people INSANE! And it works!

Like a lot of scientologists...he did pick the wrong video

Do you remember this... 

Sharone Stainforth

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

There was NO cholera outbreak

say's Hana Eltringham about the death of Susan Meister...

Scientology associated deaths - Death of Susan Meister (23)

After his return to America, Meister discovered to his anger and astonishment that his daughter had been buried even before he arrived in Morocco. He arranged to have the body exhumed and returned to the United States, but before the remains of Susan Meister were put to rest, a final dirty trick was played: Meister's local health authority in Colorado received an anonymous letter warning of a cholera epidemic in Morocco that had so far caused two or three hundred deaths. 'It's been brought to my attention,' wrote the poison pen, 'that the daughter of one George Meister died in Morocco, either by accident or cholera, probably the latter.'[12]


Susan Meister - Scientology Critical Information Directory


“There was Susan Meister’s so-called suicide on board the Royal Scotman in Safi, Morocco, her body shipped to her family in the US in a sealed casket due to a ‘cholera scare’.  I was there; I can verify there was no cholera outbreak in Morocco; it was a fancy PR caper that Hubbard called ‘a brilliant PR coup’.

Infinite Complacency: 17 Tracing it Back to Source

Who needs religion, when you've got scientology? Scientologists do, it somehow negates their past horrendous crimes and makes them bona-fide, how did Hubbard put it?

"Somebody some day will say ‘this is illegal.’  By then be sure the orgs [Scientology organizations] say what is legal or not."
- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 4 January 1966, "LRH Relationship to Orgs" 

" not a religion."
- L. Ron Hubbard, CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY, 1954, p. 251 

"Leukaemia is evidently psychosomatic in origin and at least eight cases of leukaemia had been treated successfully by Dianetics after medicine had traditionally given up. The source of leukaemia has been reported to be an engram containing the phrase ‘It turns my blood to water.’"
- L. Ron Hubbard, "Journal of Scientology," Issue 15-G, 1953 

"I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys."
- L. Ron Hubbard in a 1967 letter to his wife, written during the period when he was creating Scientology’s secret "upper levels."  (Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. a.k.a. Ronald DeWolf, L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? Random House 1989) 

"There is no more ethical group on this planet than ourselves."
- L. Ron Hubbard, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING. 7 February 1965, reissued 27 August 1980


Not one, but five, Supreme Court justices in Britain have declared L. Ron Hubbard worthy of worship...somehow I think thats meant to be warship...but hey, what do I know? Not a lot, by all accounts.

Bill Deitsch so many others did in the middle of the night.

Class Vlll auditors promoted by LRH...

Bill Deitsch and friends were locked up in the cattle stalls of the Apollo as witnessed by myself, Janis Gillham /Grady and others.Their supposed crimes were drug related, no other information, however, I did not believe it then and I do not believe it now. Bill Deitch was in a hotel room either before or after this lock up on the Apollo and disappeared leaving all his belongings behind as stated by John Forte in his book, The Commodore and the Colonels, he was the British Vice Consul on Corfu, if only I had known at the time...

The Commodore And The Colonels: John Forte: 9781848970045 ...

A Piece Of Blue Sky - Part 4, Chapter 3: The Empire Strikes Back

By the end of the year all was not going quite so well behind the scenes. First there was the confirmed disappearance of the American, William Deitch, hailed by his colleagues as one of the world's leading scientologists. Deitsch checked out of the Cavalieri hotel on the morning of 9 December after a week-end shore leave, stating he would return shortly to pick up his bag. He never reappeared, and his bags were collected by the police a month later, amidst much speculation. 

The Commodore & The Colonels - Chello

The Other Side...



Two weddings for the price of one

Robert Adams, International spokesman for scientology incorporated has written a glowing piece for world religion news, fortunately Jens Tingleff has added a comment and link worth it's weight in gold.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

William Burroughs in Treason - 1969

Scientology's Grand re, re, re opening in LA

Watch till the very end, when Gary gets a drone. Only in scientology!

All that Bush tech and they couldn't hide the screen.. 

Talk to the data...

Saturday, 8 March 2014

I came across this a week or so ago and I see why I was asked about these things...not only have I never heard of Charlie Reisdorf whilst on the ship , I do not remember any of his Messenger children and that would be quite right because I was not there in 1971, but the PEANUT incident happened in 1969...someone is rewriting history and it's not me...who are the people that will not talk...think about that...shortly after #1Karen on OCMB put up the Lawrence Wright 's book on OCMB on TWITTER,NO it was not TWTTER, but it just as well might have been,(it was actually Amazon) loads of little anonymous messages came up on OCMB saying things like "it's done now and there is nothing you can do about it". I am NOT stupid, but the church of scientology is aren't they Janis...whatever you do, don't ever speak about Claire's in your PC files...isn't it?

From: Warrior
Subject: Apollo OODs - 6 October 1971
Date: 20 Nov 2005 18:23:25 -0800
Message-ID: <142539805 .00002f47.060.0001="""">

David Mayo witnessed that Hubbard once forced an old man and a couple of others "in trouble" to push a peanut around the deck of the ship with their noses. This was done as a punishment for having a low Well Done Auditing Hours (WDAH) statistic.
"It was really tough on this old guy," Mayo wrote. "The surface of the deck was very rough wood, prone to splinter... They all had raw, bleeding noses, leaving a trail of blood behind them. We were required to watch this punishment, to make an example of it for the rest of us."
David Mayo is mentioned numerous times in the Apollo Orders of the Day (OOD, or OODs) during this time period, so there is plenty of evidence he was on board during much of 1971.
From the Flag OODs published onboard the Apollo on 6 October 1971:
=== begin quote ===

*Y*A*C*H*T* *A*P*O*L*L*O*
The low hour Festival Auditors were Joyce Tidy, Vi Wellington and Charles Reisdorf. This made them contestants in pushing a peanut with their noses on a race course on the Prom deck. They had substitutes race for them, Pat McCullough, Bonnie McPeek and Diane Reisdorf.
Early in the race, Diane Reisdorf crashed through the guard rails. Charles Reisdorf took over. The McCullough lead was tightly contested by McPeek.
Reisdorf was fighting a head wind and fell further and fyrther behind.
McCullough romped home with McPeek a close second, and won by a nose.
As the last in Charles Reisdorf was relegated to wearing a sheet at the ball.
=== end quote ===

That is why you won't talk...isn't it, but you will try and make me a liar...when I am save your are going to hell. lady janis...I reckon this was one hell of a payoff...and you are still shilling for them...hope you sleep well at night...the peanut came and got me...mandatory attendance, walking up the stairs and across the decks laughing because who in their right mind would do such a was inconceivable...but we were both there along with 200+ other people. I now think this happened twice and you would have been there both times...what's very telling to me at least, is your continual silence.

Kima Douglas, 1942-2013 « The Underground Bunker

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

We are talking CELEBRITY????

Celebrity, they have such a lot to say...about nothing...well old lron hubbard cottoned on fast to the fact that people loved celebrities and what better word of mouth than celebrity...we have a chick called Corea, we have Davy Travolta and we also have let's take a CRUISE on the FREEWINDS...


It's not about what you know, it's about who you know, and if you don't know the right people, you are fucked, 1000%

And, oh, don't mess with Scientology...they are a religion...don't you know?

Stop pressurising... makes me want to scream...

This is an authentic TROLL

Here's the trolls

I wonder what they are fishing for...information...

I think this sums it up quite nicely, don't you. These really are authentic, they come from Sweden.

And this is what happens to OLD ESMB people that try to post, supposedly, NOT BANNED, any more...RUBBISH!!! You don't like my views then you goddamned say so, up front and think I can't take it? You are wrong! Sometimes you have to batten down the hatches because of the over all effect on your community, other times you just think WTF! WTF is wrong with these people, and I think this more and more every single day...WTF is wrong with these people?

vBulletin Message

The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

And Later...
And Later...
And Later...
And Later...
And Later...
And later...
And later...
And Later...
And later...
And later...
And Later...
And Later... I think you get the idea...

Celebrity Metaphors!

Monday, 3 March 2014

The God Delusion

by Richard Dawkins

from page 18 -

There are other linguistic conventions that need to go the same way as sexist pronouns, and the atheist choir is not exempt.We all need our consciousness raised. Atheists as well as theists unconsciously observe society's convention that we must be especially polite and respectful to faith. And I never tire of drawing attention to society's tacit acceptance of the labelling of small children with the religious opinions of their parents. Atheists need to raise their own consciousness of the anomoly.: religious opinion is the one kind of parental opinion that - by almost universal consent - can be fastened upon children who are in truth, too young to know what their opinion really is. There is no such thing as a Christian child, only a child of Christian parents. Seize every opportunity to ram it home.