Bruce Clark tells Michele Magwood how his escape from Scientology changed his life for the better

Don’t be deceived by the cute cover of Love Sex Fleas God. Sure, it contains the “confessions of a stay-at-home-dad” that it promises, and it’s worth reading for these wry, perceptive confessions alone, but it also contains an astounding story of survival and redemption.

Consider that the title of the book was going to be The Chain Locker. The chain locker is a tiny, dank chamber on board Scientology ships where the massive chains for the anchors are stored. It’s also where disobedient children are stored for days, weeks, even months, marinating in bilge, scrabbled by rats. Bruce Clark’s teenaged sister once spent three days in a chain locker. He was fortunate, he only got thrown overboard and he at least could swim.

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