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Ability Magazine no 14

I thought some of you history buffs might find this enlightening...I did...

English :

As its name suggests, it will be posted large amount of Scientology documents:

- Invoices.
- Diplomas Scientologists.
- Documents / LRH Guidelines.
- Documents in French.
- Documents in French from the CCP (Paris Celebrity Center).
- Documents in English.

And so on.

There will be lots of pictures and links to downloads, the page load time might be a bit long at times, so the number of images posted reply will be reduced.

Let's go !

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Ability magazine 14

Dianetics in Limbo: A Documentary About Immortality ...

Letter: Hubbard to Helen O'Brien : Refund and Reparation

Course supervisor

John Noyga 30 (Dr Neugebauer) Takes Life with Fumes from Car-[Sep 54]

Sketchy reports reaching The ABERREE office tell of the death last month [Sep 54]of John H. Neugebauer (John Noyga), who took his own life with carbon monoxide fumes. John's body was found in his parked car in Newland township, Penn., three days after his death. The coroner of Oxford, Penn., returned a verdict of suicide.

Neugebauer was 30 years old, and was one of the first auditors to be granted the degree of Doctor of Scientology. Following the December, 1952, training course in Philadelphia, the Phoenix office of the H.A.S. was closed and the organization moved to the Quaker City. Dr. Neugebauer was in charge of teaching the doctorate course at the Hubbard Foundation school in Camden N. J., until after the September, 1953, Congress when L. Ron Hubbard returned to America, resumed control of the organization, and set up temporarily in Camden.[N.J] After the December [1953] Congress in Phoenix, the H.A.S. was again moved to Arizona.

Private funeral services for Neugebauer were held in Kennett Square, Penn., and the body was cremated.

Neugebauer is survived by his widow, the former Helen O'Brien, whom he married in 1952.
The Aberree Volume 1, Issue 6 October 1954 page 18

The Aberree- January-February 1960



Clearwater City Hall
Clearwater, Florida
Thursday, May 6, 1982

MR. DeWOLFE We did such things as when we took the organization over from John Naugerbauer and Helen O'Brien,
I mean, we beat the hell out of them. I mean, that --

MR. LeCHER: Physically?

MR. DeWOLFE: Huh? This would be in 1953.

MR. LeCHER: Physically, did you beat them or mentally

MR. DeWOLFE: Yes, yes. And

MR. LeCHER: Physically, you beat the hell out of them?

MR. DeWOLFE: Correct.

We -- that was Ernie Kitsch and I did that little number.

MR. LeCHER: Is that the man -- the one-armed man?




Alphia Hart | The Compleat Aberree

Gerry Armstrong-- Scientology's hypnosis and death ray ...




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