Friday, 29 January 2016


I no longer have a mobile phone...haven't done for some time and I refuse point blanck to have one.

When I was in Corfu a few years ago my mobile phone welcomed me to Corfu...WTF! How did my phone know I had left the country. My young friend said 'of course they know'.

Yeah, but how?

I grew up in Scientology, and those sons of bitches track you everywhere and I mean is scientology part of these phone companies...I would not be at all surprised.

Since I gave up my mobile phone, I have not suffered the shit I used to...

And, every single time The Freewinds hits Aruba, it appears on my blog, which is where it is right now. Aruba...Aruba...

current ship flag: Panama
Passenger (Cruise) Ship
vessel photo FREEWINDS
Track More info Upload photo
Jan 29, 2016 23:28 UTC
Sailing to / ETA ARUBA / Jan 26, 09:45
Course N/A Speed 0 kn Current draught 5.7 m
Gross Tonnage 9780 t Built 1968 IMO number 6810811So you might think, you are tracking me, but guess what, I am also tracking you. You obviously have an ulterior motive or why would you do this? Take me to court, Mr. haven't got a fucking leg to stand on... 

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