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Another day...another life...

There are three people that could blow the lid on this organization, but they won't. Too many fond memories of peanut pushers and overboardings. Too many fond memories of being locked in the hold and the chain locker, too many fond memories of Quentin being abused by his parents...too many fond memories of LRH...too many fond memories of Marysue... do you remember when she had you in tears for something you had not even YOU remember that? I do!

Apparently, you went to China, and you still didn't get it. That is called 'brainwashing'! Your brain has been washed of everything that is important. What is important, all those kids that were and still are being brainwashed into a false world, and you my old friend are directly responsible for this because you will not speak are raising children...more monsters from the plague of L. Ron Hubbard...

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Horse Meat and the Murdoch Empire

In 1969 I rode horse meat on the Corfian docks, these horses were destined for food for humans, but us Commodores Messengers rode them up and down the docks of Corfu.At the time we were not aware of this, but after riding these horses up and down the docks, we were told, they are being ferried over to an island and destroyed.

From my point of view LRH saw this destruction as an aid to furthering his plan to make 'raw meat' a part of a plan to destroy nature in the eyes of human beings.

He had many such destructive tendencies...

I was aboard the Apollo when LRH decided that some man push a peanut around the decks with his is not as depicted in the history books...I was there ...I saw it...I was made to go up in the crows nest because of my reaction...after all who the fuck would believe this?

Rupert Murdoch told a part of my story, he's the only one who ever has, and for that, I will always be forever appreciative.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why are they dead?

Police investigating man's fatal fall from Clearwater condo tower

  • Times staff
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 12:39pm

CLEARWATER — Police are investigating the death of a man who fell from the eighth floor of the Station Square condo building downtown Tuesday morning, police said.

Evgeny Zharkin, 43, plunged to his death at 628 Cleveland St. about 11:30 a.m. His body was discovered on the sidewalk on the east side of the property, Clearwater police said.

Zharkin, of Russia, was staying with his wife in an apartment in the building. Investigators are trying to determine whether he jumped or fell.

This was 2009...

Scientologist and Nancy Cartwright Ex, Steve Brackett Jumps To His ...


This happens all too frequently in Scientology...

Why are they dead, Scientology? - Scientology Critical Information ...


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

This is CLEAR!

  1. A New Year at Saint Hill

Lisa McPherson autopsy - Jeff Lee's Homepage


This all looks a little bit like this doesn't it?


"This a picture of my daughter and that's all I have"...that is all he had left, a picture...and this is what happened to him because of 'the commodore'...
Death of Susan Meister (23)

Susan died aboard the ship, Apollo, June 25th, 1971, with a bullet in the middle of her forehead

Part of by Mike Gormez. Visit the message board.

Chapter 18 of Bare-Faced Messiah
By Russell Miller
At around this time, another young woman began causing problems for the Commodore. Susan Meister, a twenty-three-year-old from Colorado, had joined the crew of the Apollo in February 1971, having been introduced to Scientology by friends while she was working in San Francisco. When she arrived on the ship she was a typically eager and optimistic convert and wrote home frequently, urging her family to 'get into' Scientology.

Letters of Susan Meister to her family
Dear Family, I just had a session an auditing session
I feel great! Great GREAT! and my life is EXPANDING EXPANDING and it's All Hurry Up: Hurry, Hurry SCIENTOLOGY
Be a friend to yourselves Get into this stuff Now - It's more precious than gold it's the best thing that's _ever_ever_ever_ever_ come along.
Love, Susan

Chapter 4 of A Piece of Blue Sky
By Jon Atack
She once more urged her mother to read Hubbard's books, and take Scientology courses. Ten days after writing the letter, Susan was dead... According to her father, Susan was "lying on a bunk, wearing the new dress her mother had made for her, her arms crossed with a long barreled revolver on her breast. A bullet hole was in the center of her forehead and blood was running out of the corners of her mouth. I began to wonder how Susan could possibly shoot herself in the center of her forehead with the long barreled revolver. She would have had to hold it with both hands at arms length. There were no powder burns on her forehead, which certainly would have been the case if the gun was against her forehead as it would have to be to shoot herself as the photograph appeared."

Los Angeles Times, August 29, 1978
In mid-July that year, according to State Department correspondence obtained by The Times, Miss Meister's father traveled from Colorado to the Moroccan port of Safi, 125 miles south of Casablanca, where the Apollo was then moored, to inquire into his daughter's death. Meister is said to have questioned the explanation of the death proffered by the ship's officers, and indicated that he might seek an investigation of the Apollo. In turn -- according to a Nov. 11, 1971, letter from Assistant Secretary of State David M. Abshire to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- the Apollo's port captain threatened in the presence of the American vice consul from Casablanca, William J. Galbraith, that "he had enough material, including compromising photographs of Miss Meister, to smear Mr. Meister first."

Affidavit of Hana Whitfield
8 Mar 1994
187. Susan was on board about six months. She was "PTS" - her family was upset because the ship's location was confidential and they did not know where she was.
188. In mid 1971, in my office on A Deck, I heard a strange, sharp sound. It was traced to the aft bridge cabins where the senior Ship's Officers berthed, and specifically to that of Chief Officer Amos Jessup. Susan was found, shot, lying on the bunk in Amos' cabin. I helped Mary Sue Hubbard, who was in charge of the GO, to investigate the death. Mary Sue checked the aft bridge cabin where Susan died. I checked Susan's bunk below decks and her possessions, but found nothing amiss. Mary Sue had already removed Susan's letters, note books and other personal effects. I arranged for someone to send Susan's clothes to her family. We interviewed Amos Jessup, who was visibly upset and shaking on and off. He blamed himself, as Susan wanted a committed relationship and he didn't. Susan was in the cabin alone after he went to work. He didn't see her alive again. He had no idea she was suicidal.
189. We interviewed a deck hand who was working on A deck port side, aft of the bridge cabin, when the shot occurred. He reported the sound and located Amos. We interviewed Susan's superior, the ship's medical officer and several other people. They all said Susan was emotionally unstable. Mary Sue wrote a report for the Moroccan police.

George Meister showing picture of his dead daughter Susan Meister - Link to
"This is a picture of my daughter, and that's all I have."
Susan's father testified about the death of his daughter and subsequent harassment and death threats he received. The transcripts of those City of Clearwater Commission Hearings held in 1982 are available here. Also on the web are the Preliminary and Final Report of the Clearwater Commission. Here's a collection of newspaper articles covering the Hearings.
This is amongs other things what Susan's father had to say:

My name is George Meister. I'm here, not because I've ever been a member of the Church of Scientology or ever will be, but I'm here in behalf of my daughter, Susan. And I'd like to have the camera get a shot of this picture, possibly. This is a picture of my daughter, and that's all I have. Susan died aboard the ship, Apollo, June 25th, 1971, with a bullet in the middle of her forehead.
View in realvideo the moving testimony of George Meister on . Read also Scientology's disgusting attempt to get Jack Galbraith, Vice-consul from the American Consul in Casablanca, who helped Susan's father, in trouble: From the files of the FBI: #246   #247   #248   #249 and #250 .

Susan wanted to go home but was denied the request to leave
The following is Ken Urquhart in 2001, giving his comments on the critical book 'A Piece of Blue Sky' by Jon Atack.
Urquhart was closely working with Hubbard and even now he still sees L. Ron Hubbard as some kind of superman. Keep that in mind reading the rest of his story.
I was involved unknowingly in Susan Meister's situation. A week or so before her death, she had written to LRH asking his permission for her to leave the ship and return home. At that time, his policy on such was to refuse (it varied). I composed a reply to this effect and included it in his mail for signature. He signed it. He was considerably put out when I reminded him of this - he had signed the reply without reading it or its original request (and this was not unusual practice for him - I should have known better). From then on, I put a warning note on any similar reply composed for him to sign... I will always deeply regret that her cry came through me, and I chose to adhere to the current policy rather than to hear her, listen to her, and help her in compassion and good sense.

Update August 31, 2013 by rhill: Somebody sent me by email a partial scan of the Greeley Daily Tribune from December 18, 1971 concerning the obituary of Susan Meister:



The Autopsy Photos WARNING! - Lisa McPherson Memorial Page


Warning...this is an autopsy photo, it is not pretty and neither is 'going CLEAR' in scientology...









Absolutely clear, the religion of belief...

Susan Meister | They Should Not Have Died


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Why didn't they?

Interesting question...I was so cross with Channel 4 ( British TV channel) myself that I totally missed this video as a response to Channel 4 from scientology. It's actually quite amusing, but it is all hyperbole as channel 4 has actually given scientology plenty of tv coverage in their 4thought tv as a religion.Channel 4 media has helped significantly in gaining scientology religious status in the UK. They must be really proud of themselves...Mike Rinder handles the BBC, Marty Rathbun handles channel 4 and the Jive Aces handle wonder the UK went digital and no wonder I don't watch tv anymore.It's all propaganda...

Scientology - The Cost of the Cult

Interview with Stephen Jones

Saturday, 25 January 2014

What I care about...

I have found the time to read various blogs and stuff and I find myself not giving a damn at all...there is only one thing I care about right now on this scientology scene and that is the fact that scientology has been given "religious" status in the UK. Tax exempt "religious" abuse against children and therefor the law has given carte blanch for scientology to abuse and mistreat children and they call this religion and it is tax exempt.

Now tell me, how can this be? This is the year 2014, not the medievil era( and I know that is a misspelling, but it is appropriate). The "authorities" are doing nothing, the Police are blindsided and think Tom Cruise is a film star. Tom Cruise is a jackass and his flunkies are jackasses also for putting him up on a pedestal. Why do you think Nicole got out of scientology and divorced him, why do you think Katie got out of scientology and divorced him? Katie did not want her child abused by scientology's scriptures and if she had stayed married to Tom Cruise, that is exactly what would have happened. She may not have joined the sea org, but she sure as hell would have been put through the comm courses and she would have done the TRs.No one is exempt from this, not even rich kids.In fact, rich kids are the icing on the cake...even more money for the IAS.

Rich kids...look what happened to this one

Johnny Lewis was not on drugs when he killed landlady | Mail Online

No he may not have been on drugs, but he sure as hell was on scientology, same god damned difference.

Look at what Jeremy Perkins did to his own Mother...

Death of Elli Perkins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Look at this guy...

Pictured: The Samurai swordsman shot dead at Hollywood stars ...

I could go on and on, but I am not going own Father, a peace lover, someone who hated war, conflict, violence...suffocated by LRH and his merry band of sycophants, down trodden by the scientologists, locked up in a cupboard at Abellund, Denmark, bullbaited by the scientologists, his daughter stuck on a ship at sea in the med, NO WAY TO TURN...some years later when pestered by the scientology sea org ethics officers, completely out of his mind, finally lost the plot all together somewhere in 1975 and beat the crap out of his partner because she asked him to sister tells me this was with a hob nailed boot, blood everywhere...I was horrified...when I confronted my Father about this, he said, no it was a slipper...I said, there is a big difference between a slipper and a hob nailed boot...he laughed and said "Let's just agree it's some kind of shoe". I was horrified and I never spoke to him again...the Mother of my step sister never pressed charges...I think she should have done.


These people have gotten away with so much over a 60 + years history and it is not right!


My concern is for the children of the future and that is why Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Lisa Marie Presley need to make a stand, please, do it for the children, Lisa Marie, you also were one of these once.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wog Propaganda

Supposedly in Naval history, the term "wog" denoted a 'worthy oriental gentleman', not in Hubbard's denoted a person who is NOT a anyone who is NOT a scientologist is a wog, does not matter the color of your skin, you can be completely white, you are still a wog if you are not a scientologist, just like if you are a likely candidate to be converted to scientology, you are "raw meat".This sounds oh, so religious, doesn't it. This isn't something you are told, and you are not meant to know, but that is the terminology used to define you people out there who are not scientologists.

We are not going to discuss how to turn you into a scientologist, because that has been done time and time again and even those that have been turned swear blind that did not happen, apparently.

What we are going to talk about is how you are turned into a scientology sympathizer.

You have a project and you care deeply about it, but, and here comes the big BUT, you need funding...don't we all.Amazingly, you just happen to find yourself in the catchment area of the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) and the one thing you need funding on happens to be the one thing the IAS needs to promote. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard)said so.Everything in scientology is done on an exchange process (ie: you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours). So you get your funding, but you are expected, as a "wog", to fulfill your part of the bargain which is to go to the IAS, and claim how wonderful it is that they have done this for you and you are forever grateful, with nothing but praises all round, the hope of the scientologists is that you will go around singing their praises and yet no one pressurized you to become a scientologist. No they didn't because they have to seem to have a certain amount of people "for" them with an unbiased appraisal.

Now we are all HAPI, you have your funding, the scientologists have their success story(vitally important in scientology circles to keep the faithful giving money, repeatedly) and the "WOG" world hasn't got a clue as to what just happened.

It's called Keep Scientology Working!

In the mean time, children are being abused, used as slave labor, the management are being beaten and thrown into the hole, but not to worry because hey, they were such nice girls.

I am not being facetious, this is how it really is.

This post was inspired by someone I met recently that got IAS funding for their project and spoke on the stage at St. Hill Manor. Unfortunately I cannot say what the project was or what year, to protect the innocent, but it was a fair while ago.If and when they find them they have pictures to show me.

Scientology and Terri Schiavo

I am intrigued by this post put up by Lone Star on I too saw quite a bit about this and it bothered me and perplexed me, on reflection I think some of the disturbing posts I saw were of someone distraught with grief...worth looking at.
Scientology and Terri Schiavo...

David McSavage spinning a web of lies again...

Those OT powers sure don't seem to be working in Ireland, it must be all those SPs at work...

Science Fiction - Church of Scientology claims it has slashed drug crime in Ireland – Sunday World

Inside the bizarre world of Scientology – Irish Independent

Scientology Armageddon « The Underground Bunker


Friday, 17 January 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

He Hung Himself...

I cannot explain my feelings about this, I wish he had not tortured me so, but he did, I cannot explain the nightmares i had for years afterwards... I cannot explain why I am so very sorry for his tortured soul,.. so much that he hung himself...all I know is I wished he had not hung himself...but maybe if he was still alive, I would want to see him prosecuted and sent to jail for what he did...which would be right and just. I guess he took the easy option...NO, I think his conscience tortured him.

Rest in peace, Goran.

Many 'enforcers' get to choose what they will admit to, however, LRH made sure there was a picture of Goran doing his dirty deeds, and at least 250/300 people saw Goran do this on a daily basis, hopefully they can not sleep at night, due to their guilty conscience, those that lived, of course.LRH enforcers have no conscience, it's all for the greatest good or some such drivel...

I think little LRH's film footage should be shown around the world, don't you? You might even get off with a plea of insanity, let's face it Davey boy, it isn't your fault you grew up that way, is it?

Why am I the only one that talks about Goran?


Why did Belkacem get an entire chapter in Lawrence Wright's book?

Why was Annie Broeker lied about?

Why won't the Gillham children speak out?

Don't worry about it, Karen#1 has got it all covered, it's called information control and it is all Scientology, I will let you figure it out, I don't need to, I already have...and now our history is written in a liars scrawl... get rich quick!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

OSA -- Eat your heart out...

How the Scientology Organization uses and exploits the United ... 

and England...

Bush Tech...

Saint Hill Raid (OSA In The Bushes) 

Protesters Pushed Back by Tree Planting Tech

Scientology discovers manure tech 

Scientologists Frantically Rush to Hide Secret Vault Base Twin Peaks Behind Emergency Bushes

Scientologists Frantically Rush to Hide Secret Vault Base Twin Peaks Behind Emergency Bushes

And if you can't hide behind them, cut them down

 City to Scientology: Take down your sign | Tampa Bay Time

When all else fails...throw in the bagpipe tech...


 We are well aware of Schreeching noises or water hose tech, we are even aware of overboardings and sock puppet tech, we are aware of evading the law tech, we are also aware of " I am not a scientologist" tech, just look at Britain's national consciousness.And that is not a mistake.

And so why was the IAS moved to Clearwater? Bush tech wasn't working at St. Hill, was it?

See you next year at St. Hill, no doubt you'll have some kind of tech on offer, no doubt it will be Scientology is a religious tech, don't worry I won't come on a Sunday.

Gary Weber Interview

Long ago I stopped linking to this website... , however today I will make an exception for two reasons.Gary Weber's story was one of the first stories I read on here:

Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian in Scientology (c) Gary Weber ...

Gary Weber did more than arrive for a video shoot for some YouTube videos.
He wanted to be rid of dark deeds in the landscape of his mind and clear his
The interview was RAW. Emotionally, it was tough on him, I could see his.
He spoke of times of his life ~~ at his most intimate and vulnerable, the pain,
the turmoil made us have to stop filming every now and again.
too had my share of contributing to the mob. Sometimes it hit me so hard I had
to leave the room and silently let the tears fall.
35 years of my life for THAT !


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Jamie de Wolfe's family

When an old friend from the other side of the Atlantic sends you an e-mail with a link to Jamie deWolfe's video, because a friend of their's sent it to them, you know it's a winner.It's pretty much everywhere today and I am delighted, especially for Jamie. I was fortunate enough to see it first hand, when he said he hadn't really thought about what he was going to say at the Dublin Conference 2012, I requested he did that performance and it was brilliant! Perhaps someone should send it to the Supreme Justices in England.

We don't know what we are talking about when it comes to religion...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

There will be NO peace on earth untill...

Scientology is abolished in my mind...end of.

Home Office

Come on Mr. Miscavige...

Life is a game, is it not? Let's play one! A game that is, after all LRH said life is a game, and you have been playing me all the way down the line, like "on lines" not lions, very funny, I think NOT.  You send your sycophants out to spy on me, I have three lots of photos now of people who have been sent to spy on me, all verifiable, not necessarily OTs.The old guy was the most surprising, as he never said he came from East. Grinstead, turns out he really is from Scotland. Mr Muk? whatever?

How many Jimmie Savells did it take to get your religious status in England? Or to put it another way, how many Rolf Harris's? Something is totally wrong here and I will not rest till I know how this happened?

Derek Fields, you are the step father of my step sister and I hold you totally responsible along with Peter Hodkin for this turn of events.You are both entirely responsible for this so called "religiosity" with your sycophantic love of L. Ron Hubbard. You have both turned your children into robots. Hope you are proud, LRH would have totally approved.

Hip, Hip, Hoohray!

Hip, Hip, Hoohray!

Hip, Hip, Hoohray!

Google Paulette Cooper, she wrote a book, not very flattering of scientology in the early 1970s and they tried to incarcerate her into a mental institution or have her put in prison  with fake bomb threats, at the age of 12 in 1969 they told me if I ever spoke out about the abuses I had seen, or anything I had heard I would end up in a mental institution for telling fantastic stories that NO one would believe. And very few people do.

But, Mr. Miscavige and Mr. Tom Cruise, you KNOW I speak the truth, you KNOW it!

Come on Mr. Religiosity put your money where your mouth is, full of botox.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Scientology in South Africa

With Nelson Mandela barely in his grave, it is a tragedy that the freedoms he fought and endured so hard for will be lost in a dwindling spiral of Scientology let loose on the South African peoples.Aside from Scientology willing to destroy people and turn them into mindless slaves for L. Ron Hubbard, the biggest farce of all is their offices set aside for Human Rights. Scientology over it's sixty year history has committed so many human rights abuses, it beggars belief that the governments of this world allow it to continue and in fact, aid it.

Clearing the planet is still a strategy used by the Scientologists and is been used to this day, watch these two videos below to see for yourself.

Going "St. Hill size is" another scientology term and all orgs strive for that around the world, they want orgs to boom again like they did in the 60s and 70s. Here is what happened to all the people who where around when St. Hill was booming:

St. Hill Tech Masters; SPs?? | Androvillans's Blog

 I personally knew a large number of these people, both at St. Hill and on the Apollo, did I think they were SPs? No. Did I think they were deluded? Yes.

You have to remember most of Scientology management today are the second and third generation of old time scientologists, for many, it's all they know. You also have to remember that Norman Starkey, a South African himself became the executer of LRHs will, both written and mentally.

Do you want your kids to end up like this, that is what you have to ask yourself?

Third World Orphans and Scientology

  1. South Africa Scientology Ideal Org Strategy #1
  2. South Africa Scientology Ideal Org Strategy #2 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

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