Saturday, 25 January 2014

What I care about...

I have found the time to read various blogs and stuff and I find myself not giving a damn at all...there is only one thing I care about right now on this scientology scene and that is the fact that scientology has been given "religious" status in the UK. Tax exempt "religious" abuse against children and therefor the law has given carte blanch for scientology to abuse and mistreat children and they call this religion and it is tax exempt.

Now tell me, how can this be? This is the year 2014, not the medievil era( and I know that is a misspelling, but it is appropriate). The "authorities" are doing nothing, the Police are blindsided and think Tom Cruise is a film star. Tom Cruise is a jackass and his flunkies are jackasses also for putting him up on a pedestal. Why do you think Nicole got out of scientology and divorced him, why do you think Katie got out of scientology and divorced him? Katie did not want her child abused by scientology's scriptures and if she had stayed married to Tom Cruise, that is exactly what would have happened. She may not have joined the sea org, but she sure as hell would have been put through the comm courses and she would have done the TRs.No one is exempt from this, not even rich kids.In fact, rich kids are the icing on the cake...even more money for the IAS.

Rich kids...look what happened to this one

Johnny Lewis was not on drugs when he killed landlady | Mail Online

No he may not have been on drugs, but he sure as hell was on scientology, same god damned difference.

Look at what Jeremy Perkins did to his own Mother...

Death of Elli Perkins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Look at this guy...

Pictured: The Samurai swordsman shot dead at Hollywood stars ...

I could go on and on, but I am not going own Father, a peace lover, someone who hated war, conflict, violence...suffocated by LRH and his merry band of sycophants, down trodden by the scientologists, locked up in a cupboard at Abellund, Denmark, bullbaited by the scientologists, his daughter stuck on a ship at sea in the med, NO WAY TO TURN...some years later when pestered by the scientology sea org ethics officers, completely out of his mind, finally lost the plot all together somewhere in 1975 and beat the crap out of his partner because she asked him to sister tells me this was with a hob nailed boot, blood everywhere...I was horrified...when I confronted my Father about this, he said, no it was a slipper...I said, there is a big difference between a slipper and a hob nailed boot...he laughed and said "Let's just agree it's some kind of shoe". I was horrified and I never spoke to him again...the Mother of my step sister never pressed charges...I think she should have done.


These people have gotten away with so much over a 60 + years history and it is not right!


My concern is for the children of the future and that is why Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Lisa Marie Presley need to make a stand, please, do it for the children, Lisa Marie, you also were one of these once.

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