Thursday, 30 January 2014

Horse Meat and the Murdoch Empire

In 1969 I rode horse meat on the Corfian docks, these horses were destined for food for humans, but us Commodores Messengers rode them up and down the docks of Corfu.At the time we were not aware of this, but after riding these horses up and down the docks, we were told, they are being ferried over to an island and destroyed.

From my point of view LRH saw this destruction as an aid to furthering his plan to make 'raw meat' a part of a plan to destroy nature in the eyes of human beings.

He had many such destructive tendencies...

I was aboard the Apollo when LRH decided that some man push a peanut around the decks with his is not as depicted in the history books...I was there ...I saw it...I was made to go up in the crows nest because of my reaction...after all who the fuck would believe this?

Rupert Murdoch told a part of my story, he's the only one who ever has, and for that, I will always be forever appreciative.

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