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The RPF continued..........

I am using Hana Eltringham /Whitfield as my source, as I knew her on board the Apollo and she did help me escape from the ship. I was really upset when I read of her ordeal for 20 years of her life.

It is interesting to read what Hana says here about scientologists saying their ordeal 'was not that bad', see Excalibur link.

And in 1978, there was my own inevitable RPF assignment in Clearwater. For one year. How did I ever think I could escape that fate? All I remember is the intense Florida heat, my head pounding, running up and down endless flights of stairs to clean toilets and mirrors. We were not allowed to walk. And we had to clean the mirrors only with newspaper, nothing else, or we were punished. My twin, Lynn Froyland from the Guardian Office, refused to confess her misdeeds, and was assigned to the RPF’s RPF, chained in the basement boiler room in the dark and heat, filthy, sullen and insolent, still refusing to cooperate. Years later, in response to my affidavit about her experience, she — still in Scientology — replied in her brief that “... it wasn’t that bad”. After I graduated — yes, in Hubbard’s culture, even the word used to describe someone’s release from the RPF was twisted to sound like a positive - after I graduated, a Board of Review granted me a full pardon, said I should never have been assigned to the RPF, and restored my back pay and my rank of Commander Right Arm. I was glad to get the pardon; but the assignment had broken my will. I was in pain most of the time. Auditing no longer worked on me; it had not for some years. I was almost unable to work.

If it was not that bad, I for one would not be here.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The RPF continued......... (Rehabilitation Project Force).

Now, although this did not come into being until 1974, it was already underway long before that. It was termed being in "lower conditions" and these conditions were attributed to you by the LRH tone scale.Initially you may not have been on this "RPF" for more than a few days or weeks and at some point, 1974, it turned into months and even years.

Whilst I will say that the time factor is abhorent, even a short while on this program of mind control and punishment was enough to turn even the most stable of people into apathy and despair, especially young children.

When you are faced day after relentless day with overboardings(people being thrown into the sea for some trivial mis-application of a "tech" that was at best bogus and at it's worst a means to degrade you as a person) to fullfill a need to justify why LRH was our saviour.

There were times when he actually did get up early in order to satisfy his need of overpowering the people, he would film or take photographs and did so with a lavish smile upon his face. We, as the minions, and some of us were only children, went through this day after day.

Do you know what this tells you?

Be good, be very very good, because if you make the slightest mistake, you will bear the wrath of God, or in our case the wrath of L. Ron Hubbard.

One thing our Messiah did not not seem to know about, it is human to err.

In his drug addled mind, which I knew nothing about at the time, he had no idea what it was to be human, for he thought he was above humanity, he thought he was a super nova. Try explaining that to a child, especially one who thinks all humans have the same rights, regardless of colour, creed, hiearchy(spelling). I'm crap at spelling. Thank you LRH, we did not need to spell, just word clear and clay demo. Three sessions of word clearing and your away.

It did not matter that you missed two years of schooling, because you lived before, you were a really old being in a little body. It did not matter, because we were the elite. Now there's a word that should have been clay demo'd and I don't believe I did.


e·lite or é·lite  (-lt, -lt)
n. pl. elite or e·lites
a. A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status: "In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them" (Times Literary Supplement).
b. The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team's elite.
2. A size of type on a typewriter, equal to 12 characters per linear inch.

I think that says it all.

And this is why I call Bullshit on all things scientology, because this came directly from source.

There is another word that was not clay demo'd by me.

Source:source  (sôrs, srs)
1. The point at which something springs into being or from which it derives or is obtained.
2. The point of origin, such as a spring, of a stream or river. See Synonyms at origin.
3. One that causes, creates, or initiates; a maker.
4. One, such as a person or document, that supplies information: A reporter is only as reliable as his or her sources.
5. Physics The point or part of a system where energy or mass is added to the system.
v. sourced, sourc·ing, sourc·es
1. To specify the origin of (a communication); document: The report is thoroughly sourced.
2. To obtain (parts or materials) from another business, country, or locale for manufacture: They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.
To obtain parts or materials from another business, country, or locale: They are sourcing from abroad in order to save money.

I particularly like this:
2. To obtain (parts or materials) from another business, country, or locale for manufacture: They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.
 They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.
Which company was that? The "church of Scientology"?
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: In Australia too, the RPF plays a significant part in the Sea Org regime. Peta O’Brien abandoned Scientology last year. In 1997, she says, she was consigned to the RPF here at Dundas outside Sydney.
PETA O’BRIEN, EX-SCIENTOLOGIST: You are allowed to study for five hours and then the rest of it is cleaning and heavy work; heavy labour. Remember, we were already heavily indoctrinated when we’re working in a Sea Org, so when they give you a pick and a mallet and tell you to go and break rocks, you do it, and you run everywhere
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: It sounds very harsh.
PETA O’BRIEN: Very harsh.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: Am I right that within the RPF there’s a further RPF?
PETA O’BRIEN: It’s called the RPF’s RPF, yes.
PETA O’BRIEN: That is the lowest of the low, as far as… not even the other RPF’ers are allowed to speak to you as in you’re not… the communication is cut.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: Joe Reaiche was never sent to the RPF, but saw it in operation.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: To me it’s… it’s a slave camp; there’s no question about it, because people are definitely abused. They’re stripped of any rights as an individual. They’re not allowed to talk to public individuals.
They have to run from one station to another. No walking, no slow pace; it’s movement. What it really is, it’s a breakdown of the spirit.
TOMMY DAVIS: The rehabilitation project force is a program within the church’s religious order, whereby Sea Org members who burn out on their jobs or are failing or incapable of or not performing well in their functions, can be given the voluntary opportunity to have a period of… of reflection, rehabilitation, redemption, making of amends within the religion, as an alternative to being expelled from the church’s religious order.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: So it’s… it’s a punishment in fact?
TOMMY DAVIS: Absolutely not. The rehabilitation project force is one of the oldest ah religious traditions; it’s almost as old as religious orders themselves.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: In correspondence with Four Corners, you described it as a private religious retreat?
TOMMY DAVIS: That’s correct.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT (to Hana Eltringham Whitfield): Tommy Davis says that the RPF is a private religious retreat.
HANA ELTRINGHAM WHITFIELD: A private religious retreat? He’s got to be hallucinating. Ask him what drugs he’s taking.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: After Marc Headley was threatened with being sent to the RPF, he fled Hemet on a motorbike. His wife Claire followed soon after.
But many of those, like the Headleys, who have left the Sea Org report being pursued and spied on afterwards.
(On screen: Quentin McDermott with Marc Headley in the car)
MARC HEADLEY: I’m driving down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and I noticed a Ford F-150 that was following alongside of me.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: When we filmed with Marc Headley in Los Angeles, late one night, we were tailed by a car.
MARC HEADLEY: I left in 2005 and I’ve had a good four years of experience in being followed by private investigators sent by the Scientology.
So, it’s a bit odd. I mean, I’m driving my kids to school and I have a private investigator follow me.
I’ve had private investigators show up at my place of business. I’ve had private investigators camped outside my house day and night. My garbage has been dug through.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: Half an hour later, back at our West Hollywood hotel, there was a familiar vehicle parked outside.
MARC HEADLEY: We’re going to see if it is the same vehicle and the same license plate, and I will tell you that… yes it is – 8U2 0907.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: There’s a gentleman who is sitting down now, he is laying down.
(On screen: Car drives away in a hurry)
MARC HEADLEY: That was a private investigator who has been following us all night long.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT (to Tommy Davis): Is it possible that a church attorney hired a private detective to follow Four Corners and Marc Headley while we were filming? Is that possible?
TOMMY DAVIS: I couldn’t comment on that. I couldn’t comment. I mean, I couldn’t be able to… I wouldn’t tell. I wouldn’t know how to answer that.
I have no knowledge on it, so I don’t know how to answer it.
QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: This week, Australia’s Senate is expected to vote on whether to launch an inquiry into the alleged abuses against Australians that have taken place within Scientology’s organisation.
Around the world the church faces challenges in the courts, in parliaments, and from charitable authorities unconvinced that it was established for the public benefit.

The RPF is a religious retreat, according to Tommy Davis, spokesperson for Scientology. Try telling that to someone who is on it.

I give you Tommy Davis, second generation scientologist:


This is later on in sea org history but quite relevant to both my story and the lives of others.

The RPF was created the first part of January 1974.  By mid February 1974 I was on the Excalibur RPF.  The RPF was already functioning when I arrived, but there were just a few of us.  The Excalibur was sold sometime in 1975.  Looking back, I feel so very fortunate to have been a member of a select few who were actually on a real RPF and on a real Sea Org Ship.  The camaraderie that was formed back then has not been duplicated in my life since.

This Howard Dickman served on the RPF with one of my favourite people on board the Apollo, Amos Jessup.Also with a famous in scientology circles of exes, none other than Lawrence Wollersheim.

As with everything in Scientology if it isn't written it isn't true. Nothing quite like a success story

Excalibur RPF issue 1.

5th February 75.

"The RFP has been created by the Commodore so that redemption can occur. That is basically it's only purpose. It may not be an easy contest, but one in which can be won all there is to win. Those who win--and it is hoped all will win--will see why when they do it"
Lt. Cmdr. Ken UrQuhart.
LRH Pers Comm (FO3434)

The Rehabilitation Project Force motto:

The RPF is what the RPF makes it, and where the RPF makes it.

Interesting thing there because not long ago I said I did not believe Ken UrQuhart created the RPF, like he said he had. I knew it to come from LRH. I am a firm believer that some of these old time LRH loyalists, keep other loyalists firmly engrained in this quackery to earn brownie points with the true believers.

Kenneth, if you are out there, that game you have been playing is up.It's time for redemption to ocurr.

I will end for now with a "success" story:

Last night and today I tried out my "New" eyes.

Yesterday I threw away some old long time companions--my glasses.

Last night I found myself constantly putting in my TRs. I got so much done that my stats were way up with no effort at and an hour to spare.

It's nice to take responsibility. The purpose of the RPF is redemption.
Glenn Thompson

Please read my previous post and see the links. Even redemption is copyrighted by Scientology.

Secret Lives.

Stopping the Hate Campaign
"No single person or organization can stop the Scientologists." Kisser said but she added that the recent national media coverage might have offered clue to what will work.
"Using the national media to educate and networking among professional groups they go after--mental health, law enforcement education, social service agencies, -- that would, if these groups share information, expert witnesses, former Scientology members' testimonies about criminal activity in that organization, I think the group could not stand up to a united legal, ethical stand by organizations."
West also emphasized the impor tance of educating the public as well as mental health and legal professionals He called for more judges who, under standing how people's judgment is a fected by auditing. would be willing to grant short-term conservatorships for concerned families. He also said law yers need to file more cases for those who invested and lost their money to Scientologists claiming they could cure them of mental problems.
Scientology must begin to lose legal cases such as these, he said. That would stop them.

"It was important for Hubbard to teach people to fear psychiatry .,.it you make them afraid ...even if they escape the abuser, they won't go to a psychiatrist for help because they believe they are worse abusers. l think thats crucial to Scientologists-

Missing in Happy Valley.

Put this documentary on board the Apollo in 1967/1968/1969 and you have Scientology in the good old days with L. Ron Hubbard. The only thing that changed was they were able to spread themselves further around the world.

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Behind it All.

Will you fight the hand that feeds you? Will you stay down on your knees?
Will you fight the hand that feeds you or Will you stay down on your knees?

You're keeping us down.
Cos you do what you're told. but inside you're heart is black,
and hollow and it's cold.
Just how deep do you believe,
When you fight the hand that feeds.
Will you chew until it bleeds?

Can you get up off your knees?
What if this whoile crusade is just a charade?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you you want change it?
But, I keep on holding on and on and on.
Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Every day is exactly the same.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Sea Org continued................

Otto Roos was a prominant sea org officer back in the day and whilst I remember him for his blatant disreguard of Hubbard's orders not to be disturbed, it seems Markabians and Smersh were on his mind also.

Later he wanted the additional processes compiled which were then held up "on lines" and not gotten through to him.
One night I just got up, bypassed the Messengers, walked into his Office and stated the need for them. He told me to sit down, and that night, early '69 (I think), the 1st expanded triple grades were written with LRH on one side of the table and me on the other, both writing all night long. That is how these HCOB's first came into being.

I was overboarded the next day by MSH for "bypassing".

There were other such like things. Off the "beaten track", often in OT or "Para Scn" fields, like with the "Angels of the Moon" and other weirdies. I think that my early this life time track and superlative training in both tech and policy must have made him consider me "James Bond" material.
He himself, gathering from his tales about him and his brother, their searches for gold, his treasures buried in Rhodesia last life time, his handling of Marcabians who, he said, still came around in UFO's to mine this planet for gold, etc. appeared to have had quite a background in these matters.
Yet, sometimes I thought he saw "Martians". For example on Madeira he showed several people the mountain where a famous whole track SP was "jailed" (and still was, to all intents and purposes). But in later Ethics Orders he suddenly said that this character had escaped some centuries back and that he had traced him and that he was so and so (name given) at present.
In Corfu he once indicated to me, what he said was, an entire fleet of flying saucers, objects rising straight up and down in the air and also taking off in horizontal direction at tremendous velocity. I could n't say what they were but according to him they were scouts checking a civilization just beginning with interplanetary travel (earth).
He showed locations of significance in Las Palmas, of importance in whole track history.
He did many of above type things, relating to upper levels.
I wonder if these sightings of interplanetary "martians" by Hubbard were the alien "cat" people my Father thinks took over the scientologists.

The ensueing [sic] shore flaps were not always "Smersh's" doing.

Late '67/early '68, as the only OT 2, class VII I had the tech hats. LRH had to run the ship, get research furthered, the AO off the ground, etc. Great randomity, untrained people...a bit much. Severe ethics carried the consequences of all unusual solutions in its wake, more randomity, port flaps....fear.
A "wog" pro seaman, like the Chief Engineer Royal Scotman, who had stayed to train the crew, was off loaded as "SP". A hired pro Captain left as the living conditions were unacceptable. Overboard ceremonies and endless work-parties were not understood by "wogs", nor good PR.
However, the conditions came to be accepted by the SO "make-things-run-righter", justified as being the way to become a "tough thetan".

The billion year contract was signed of our "free will" (and some Swedes, who objected, were immediately "beached" (sent away) to "never be given upper level materials" and declare.)
"Beaching" I have seen many times, it did not improve port relations. A beachee, put ashore with passport and no money (except his SO "pay", sometimes) to make his way home would go to his Consulate for help and have some explaining to do. Another way to bring on the "Enemy".

The father of a Flag girl (Susan Meister), who committed suicide, was equally "well" and "unreasonably" handled as the father of such a "downstat" "deserved".

It is interesting to note that while the "Markabians" were taking over, so too, were the governments,media and bankers on "teegeeack"(earth, to you mere mortals).

You really can't make this shit up, but, L. Ron Hubbard did.

Joe van Staden's take on the amazing voyage is summed up like this;

You say you have always wondered about LRH. As you know he has been put on a pedestal by many. On the other hand there are those who want to portray him as a ruthless charlatan. I guess to me he was neither. Over the years I have been approached by many to contribute to books or articles about LRH - invariably in the negative. My response has always been pretty much the same. Why should I denigrate someone who provided us with such an interesting game. Here was someone who said; "Hey Joe, here's a big ship, you be the captain, let's go mess around and have some adventures - and meet all these amazing people from all over the world - some of them are really interesting characters, not to mention the beautiful woman - at the same time let's explore the human mind and see what we can discover about the soul". A simplistic view maybe but back then the air was filled with anticipation, a sense of adventure and romance. Inspired by LRH. There were times when I really got to know him at a different level. As captain of the Athena (Mission into Time) I usually had supper with him, just the two of us. It was then that he opened up and just talked, unguarded, about his feelings etc.

There is that word "game" yet again, interesting to note how many old time sea orgers regard L. Ron Hubbard's sea org as a game.

Behind it All (Scientology).

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Sea Org continued............

You see, I remember YOU, Ken UrQuhart, Whatever fantasy you might have about being the chosen communicator is false in my memory.

I remember in vivid detail, the day you showed me how to dress LRH, in his naval uniform.First, he had to be washed and I specifically remember bathing his feet, I was on my hands and knees, with a bowl of water. LRH was sat in a chair and YOU were hovering around in the background, telling me,  how I would get used to it.

You never spoke unless spoken to, and yet you have the audacity to say YOU were LRHs COMMUNICATOR. Bollachs. I don't believe YOU.

Or did between my meeting of you in LRHs berth, you did your TRs?

YOU showed me how to dress LRH. First went on his socks,followed by his trousers,  then his shoes,then a shirt, followed by his naval jacket and if I am not mistaken, and I don't think I am, a set of medals on his lapel. After a final dusting off of his jacket, and a combing of his hair, on went his cap. The Commadore's cap.

And ALL the while YOU hovered in the background, yes, you would get his trousers pressed, so don't spread all of this shit about how you were so intimate with LRH and what a godsend to earth he was, because I remember you backing out of the doorway cowering, just like the rest of us, and I was but a child.  

The Sea Org continued.........

No history of the Sea org would be complete without Ken UrQuhart's input and although a devout Hubbardite, I find it impossible to not include some of his writings.

Initially, according to his writings and also my own observations he was Hubbards butler. What better way to know someone, but also what better way to have faith and utter loyalty, regardless of  one's misgivings about the way a person behaves.

This excerpt is basically flawed, and I want to know why?

Up until 1972, when LRH left the ship to spend a year in the US (so as to avoid extradition from Morocco to France for trial), I had known him as capable always of great kindness. On his return to the ship in 1973, a year later, he had changed substantially. He became more and more bitterly angry but still capable of occasional kindness. By early 1975, when I last saw him, he had become all but unbearable.

Either Kenneth has got his dates mixed up, or he chooses to forget 1968, so which is it?

1968 LRH called me to the Sea Org vessel "Royal Scot Man." Became LRH Personal Communicator. As such, helped him administer his communication and command lines, local and international, with both administrative and executive support. We worked closely together and mostly very well for some years. The best times were when he c/sed the crew folders. Several times he took the crew c/sing into his own hands.. He would have me sit with him as he did the work, telling me what he was finding, what he would then look for, describe that, and then explain what he would do about it as regards pc, auditor, and c/s. He thoroughly enjoyed this work – at which he was a real virtuoso. He applied the tech not only exactly, but with flair, firmness, and great personal kindness towards pc, auditor, and c/s. These were lessons I will never forget.

So Kenneth,when you were case supervising the crews folders so closely with LRH, what little indications did you get that crew and students had to be thrown overboard?, for their little mis applications of standard tech? It strikes me that from what I have seen and heard of you, you have every reason to make big of your  closeness to LRH, to  make yourself important, so 'believing' scientologists continue this great big scam.

I am sure LRH did enjoy this work, HE ripped people OFF and NOT only that, he made a MOCKERY of anything decent in this world, by subjecting them to unbelievable degradation and made them THANKFULL for it.

You might be an old man now, but do you know what, get off your f*cking high horse.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Sea Org.

It was started off as the 'sea project', well, what a project it turned out to be.From what I can make out of the time I was there and most certainly from things I have gleaned all these years later it was started in order to hide L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, but, he had upset too many people along the way, and they were having none of it. From my own experiences, I can see why.

It is interesting to note that there are those that suffered beyond comprehension, those that although they suffered, thought it was their own fault and then those that believed in this demonic subterfuge as the only means to end all suffering in life.

I'm going to kick start this post with a few entries from books:

The Commadore and the Colonels; a fascinating read and even has a reference to my Aunt and Grandmother.

The Scandal of Scientology;

Interesting to note, Paulette either was not aware that young children signed the billion year contract or it was thought surely Mr. Hubbard would not go that far.Oh, he far outdid anyones expectations, even as a philosipher.

Bare Faced Messiah;

 A Piece of Blue Sky;

This whole book is a fascinating read, as is Bare Faced Messiah. You could be forgiven for thinking this is yet more science fiction, but hold on to your hats scientologists, for this was /is reality.

If you juxtapose these writings with this:

and put into this into the mix;

The above was a posting I found on Alt religion scientology shortly after I started looking into my background as a child and this post above all others has haunted me ever since.

From: "Steve Manning"
Subject: UNFORTUNATEY...I was on the Sea Org with LRH in 1968
Date: 2000/03/08
Message-ID: <8a4rpo$6lu$>#1/1
NNTP-Posting-Date: 8 Mar 2000 06:26:00 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

I was twelve years old and witnessed children younger than myself being
thrown into the chain locker ( a room for storing the anchor while at sea)
for days on end until they persuaded the ethics officer that they were not
enemies. Physical abuse of children was rife. Cold water hose-downs on the
deck at six in the morning was a common practice. Working twelve hour days
for little or no money. Sleeping in over crowded dormitories with strange
adults led to sexual abuse. And all this in the good name of Scientology. If
any of you sick fucks who are in the business today can explain why this
happened to me, especially while "God" himself was on board, I'll be happy
to know. Until then I'll continue to smear the name of Scientology, and all
that goes with it, with the shit and contempt it deserves.
If anyone would like more info. on the life and abuse that went on on the
evil ship as it sailed around the Mediterranean, I'll be happy to enlighten
Steve Manning

If you read this Steve, please get in touch, I would love to talk to you.
When you add all these things together, it is amazing that any of us got out of there with some form of sanity intact.

So, today, we have established that LRH was not GOD, nor was he a man, for a man worth any respect, does NOT do what LRH did.It would be a comical farce, if it was not so horrific that  LRH degraded people into believing him to be the one and only saviour of the world.

To this day, there are buildings all over the world with an office awaiting LRH's return and a chappel with a bronze bust of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, the scientologists may not pray to him but they give praise to the legacy that he left them.

I did not realise who this person was at first, silly really because there were a few clues, but I was fixated on it being someone else. However, I will not say who they are, for if you read enough about Scientology, you will know who this is:

In particular reference to Chapter 4: Corfu - page22/132.

Dartsmohen refers to my Father as a "dour, yorkshire man with a wicked sence of humour", yes, he was, until Scientology finished him off.

Now, and for many years, he sits there and believes the alien cat people have taken over the scientologists minds, remind you of any one?

LRH? Captain Bill?

Now I am going to put in a link to a freezone website, and I do so only for people reading this to see what happened to people who were on the ship back in the late 60s/early 70s.

I totally disapprove of the freezone or any related entity that promotes L. Ron Hubbard tech, either in the corporation of Scientology which classifies itself as a church or any outside influences, because I firmly believe that if you listen to these people YOU will wonder just what it is you are listening to, the ramblings of madmen.

Whilst the freezone org would like to honour MarySue Hubbard, and I do to a degree understand why, she was as much as LRH a big part of Scientology and was ruthless in her endeavors to forward the party line.

I am aware, in their (RTC) endeavour to make Scientology appear to be a bonafide religion, they need to make MarySue the scapegoat, she betrayed her husband, LRH. Poppycock! She did not betray him, nor did she endeavour to put the records straight, for if she had, chances are she would have faced a longer term of imprisonment than she did, and LRH would have seved time too.

It seems the squirrels are out and about in mass abundance, gathering nuts, no doubt.
A 'squirrel' in scientology jargon is someone who uses and promotes LRH tech outside of the organization calling itself a church. Capt. Bill Robertson was one such squirrel.Why anyone would want to continue with scientology tech after finally escaping this madness is beyond me,but a great many did and still do.

For now I will leave you with this little tidbit from Capt. Bill himself;

Recent Developments in Sector 9
Within the last 50 years there have been several very important developments concerning the Project for Earth:
Scientology and DianeticsL. Ron Hubbard, body name of Sector Commander Elron Elray, finished the research and development of the ultimate technical and workable sciences of the spirit and mind, designed to lift the awareness and abilities of all Mankind to that of Galactic Civilizations and beyond. In fact, the technology of Scientology and Dianetics is so valuable to all sentient beings in the Universe, it will be highly in demand off-planet throughout the Galaxy.
The Markabians tried to get control of this resource for many years as it was a definite threat of their plan for total domination and control of Earth: People in Scientology and Dianetics can easily become aware of the real game on both Planetary and Sector level. Through certain training drills they become immune to Markabian devices such as Tepaphones and Eckhoff Telepathizers.
They become adept at telepathy and investigation and can expose Markabian secrets. Training in Ethics and Logic gives them the power to see right through control operations, models & scenarios, and "Authoritarian false datums" and thus not be fooled. And most importantly, they can take responsibility and lead others out of traps, and to more survival and expansion, mentally and spiritually.The Markabian attempts to control Scientology and Dianetics are well covered in Omar Garrison's books, "Dirty Tricks", and "The Hidden Story of Scientology" and in
Sector Operations Bulletin No 12 "Models and Scenarios". Although the top management of the Church of Scientology was taken over by the Markabian "Operation Ramrod" in 1981, the thousands of Loyal Scientologists (Loyal to L. Ron Hubbard and his Planetary Civilizing Project) who left or were purged from the Church, quickly set up "Free Zone" Scientology and Dianetics

Markabians, Smersh, Target 2, Sector 9, alien cat people, is there no end to this madness? I can see why it would be such a big deal to loose one's eternity, especially if one's eternity is copyrighted by the organization called Scientology.

to be continued..........


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Continued from "Clearing the Planet"...........

When LRH wasn't using nautical terms for sailing round the med, or telling his wondrous tales of his past life, he was continually going on about Scientology's enemies, there were a lot of them. If you want to get a feel for how the man spoke, then this is a good description:

This is from the 6th of November 1969, I had left the ship some 5 months by then. As a Commadore's Messenger I listened to many such converstaions from LRH to his Officers along the same lines.

This text note below is very similar to many notes that were amongst the mail that I delivered to LRH and that were sent out by him.

I didn't really know what to make of any of it, to tell you the truth it was a bit like "the secret seven" or  "the famous five" stories of books I had read, only this was real life and we were living it at sea. The "secret seven" and "famous five" were espionage and who dunit's for children, little did I imagine that being part of the scientology  sea organization would be like that.

The children were expected to attend school about three times a week for 2-3 hours.I don't remember how many children in total there were but a fair few of us.School consisted of a scientology work sheet and a dictionary.I only remember going about 3 times,once I was a messenger school was over.
Most messenger work while I was there consisted of running errands,taking all mail in my in-tray up to LRH,following him around when he strolled the decks.I had to carry an ashtray for his cigarette ash.Sometimes a shift could be really boring sitting in semi dark outside his office waiting for an errand.Often in the evenings was difficult to keep my eyes open. I got on quite well with LRH, he was quite patient with me,and often told me" to be at ease" as I always stood to attention,even when it wasn't necessary.This was very early on.

Whilst still in Tunisia, a group of us children were taken out for a meal by Des and Joyce Popham. They were really nice people, we had a really fun time that day.On the way to the resteraunt, I was fascinated by the women walking around, covered head to toe, with just their eyes peeping out.If that seemed alien to me at the time, which it did, what was going to happen later on the ship was far more surreal.

One of my favourite people on the ship was Amos Jessup, he always took the time to stop and chat, told us stories, made us laugh and on occasion played the harmonica.He had a younger brother Nate Jessup who was dating Diana Hubbard at the time, they spent a lot of time together. Quite often Diana would say, if LRH asks, "you haven't seen me".

Apart from one time, shortly after I joined the ship, I stroked Vixie Marysue's dog.On that day she (MSH) smiled and was quite chatty.I don't ever remember her being like that again.Most evenings when I had to sit outside LRHs office waiting for orders, Marysue would often come out of her office which was right next door, on occasion she would ask a question, but always with the same deadpan face.I often felt like I didn't exist in her eyes.

The Royal Scotsman had a film crew come on board to interview LRH, I didn't know it at the time but this documentary was done by Granada Telivision and is called "The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard". I wasn't even aware that I was filmed in this. A friend back in England, after I had left the Sea Org told me she had seen me on telivision. It was many, many years later that I actually saw this documentary myself and was shocked to see myself as a little girl on the Royal Scotsman/ Apollo. There was no denying it any more to myself, I really had been a child once.

I didn't get to see my Dad as often as i would have liked, we went on 'Libs'( a day off) once a week at first, that was great fun.One day I spent all day trying to find my Dad, I never actually knew where he worked on the ship.I couldn't find him and noone I asked seemed to know where he was either. Eventually late in the evening he found me and said" if it happened again, I was to leave a message for him with the Quartermaster and he would find me."Everything was so new to me and there was always so much going on, new people arrived daily and it was a time of great exitement, but some things were about to change and they were not good.

After I had been a messenger for a short while LRH asked me, "How did I like being a messenger"(or words to that effect).I said "I did like my job(hat as the term would of been), but I missed my family".He replyed with "your family will be fine,you need to concentrate on the group"he looked irritated with me.At the time it caused me great conflict, I kept thinking" How can family not be important" after all this was a 'father' talking wasn't it?

I don't actually remember all the places we visited, or in what order. These are documented elsewhere. My lack of memory on this is probably due to more worrying things that happened whilst aboard the Royal Scotsman/ Apollo.

My first encounter with 'lower conditions'. Ron Pooks was put in 'enemy/treason', can't remember which and was up on one of the smaller decks, sanding down railings.We were not supposed to talk to him, this did not deter my friend. We sneaked some food up to him, which was a present from the cook.Ron seemed cheerful enough at the time , and I did not understand

My second encounter with 'lower conditions'.Yelling and shouting coming from one of the cabins. Hammering on the cabin door with his fists, this went on for days. I never saw who the person was, but was told they were completely mad and were locked in there for their own good.I did not understand.

Meanwhile, everyone on board went about their daily business as if everything was perfectly normal.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Back to my story and "Clearing the Planet"

"Clearing the Planet" at the age of 10 is a pretty daunting task, especially if you don't actually believe in making every man, woman and child into a scientologist. As much as I liked some of the people on board ship, it seemed a strange thing we were trying to do and I could never quite grasp what exactly we were trying to do.

When I first became a Commadore's Messenger, it seemed to be a good thing, I looked up to my friend Janis, who was a year older and I liked that she had a purpose in life, I wanted that too.

When LRH came to me and said "I hear you would like to be a Messenger", I was thrilled to be chosen, mainly because I was bored out of my head without a purpose in life. He told me I was a bit too young, but we would give it a try. I thanked him, greatly and he responded with laughing at me. He repeatedly laughed and mocked my saying "Thankyou", laughing all the while and I did not get it. I found it to be odd behaviour, but and I repeat, I did not get it.When I look at this now, knowing what I know, I see a couple of things that were not apparent at the time. LRH saw this as adulation of him, where as in actual fact this was more a case of adulation of my friend Janis. She was my peer and I looked up to her, not him. This is all too common in childhood and , from my point of view, now, he believed this to be all about him, it wasn't. My Father was there when this took place and he was thrilled that I was one of the chosen ones, such was his belief at that time that LRH was the man that was going to change the world.

There are times when I actually wonder if anyonelse has ever been a child? Seriously? Were YOU ever a kid? Did YOU ever see things from a childs point of view?

Did anyone ever look at what a child thinks, or did they just see things from an adult perspective, even when they grew up and saw things differently?

I try very hard to understand all aspects of growing up in a mind control cult, and that is what I grew up in. I was extremely lucky, to know that this was not for me, others were not so lucky to be able to escape as early as I did and spent years indoctrinated in this unfortunate mess.Imagine spending 20 or 30 years of your life knowing nothing else, from childhood.Imagine that! From childhood.

I have trouble understanding all of this, and yet, I left early because I did not agree with what was put before me, but some of these children were stuck, with no where to turn to, no comparrison to make head nor tail of what they were expected to believe.

I know it must be hard for them to totally disregard all they have come to know as normal, it isn't normal, but for them it is.It is all they have known, all of their lives.I find adults to be the failures, by expecting these children to follow this doctrine because that is what they were indoctrinated into.

This may seem extremely harsh, and it is, but as someone who broke away early on, having lost their entire family, I don't think you get more f*cking harsher than that.There are some who would wish that I did not say "I am a victim", well, do you know what "I am a victim of Scientology" and for me, I am proud that I came out of the other side. I can stand up and say whole heartedly that I am a victim no longer.These people who ever they are, can throw anything they like my way now, and it is water off a ducks back. It means nothing!

There are people out there that think I am a pschophant, well. think away, you could not be more wrong.YOU do not know me, and YOU do not know the kind of person I really am.

It is very easy to explain away a persons repute and to admonish them for being outspoken and offering love and compassion, even though in many instances it is not required or wanted, but, is that a reflection of never having known true love and compassion or is it a total denial that such exists?

PTS = Potential Trouble Source.

Scientology's deffinition:

Handle or disconnect, I have chosen to disconnect, because these scumbags whomever they are make it increasingly difficult to decide just where one's allegiance lies.

Just so you get a feel for how things were when I was as a child on board the Royal Scotsman/Apollo. I don't have a date on this but this is typical of the times on board ship. This is from Marysue Hubbard, not LRH.Taken from The Clearwater Commission Hearings.

Exhibit 54
1. This Programme is to be done by the Asst. Guardian or the D/A/Guardian for Intelligence, if this post is held separately.
2.  To establish intelligence files on all such persons found to be infiltrators, double agents, and disaffected staff members, Scientologists and relatives of Scientologists.
1.  To  make full use of all files on the organization to affect your major target.  These include personnel files, Ethics files, Dead files, Central Files, training files, processing files and requests for refunds.
2.  To assemble full data by investigation of each person located for possible use in case of attack or for use in preventing any attack and to keep files of such.
3.  To be alert to usual security precautions and to see that these are performed by the organization; such as proper locking of the premises, security of keys, locking of files, the changing of locks if keys have been lost, proper safes, etc.
4.  To keep off staff and off org lines any person who has ever betrayed Scientology or who has threatened to betray or blackmail Scientology.
5.  To ensure the Policy Letter on Physical Healing, Insanity and Potential Trouble Source is not violated and to be alert to any possible violation.
6.  To maintain a good liaison line to Ethics and ensure that the Ethics Officer alerts you to any person who might attack Scientology.
7.  To be alert to any organizational theft or disappearances of records and files as a possible indication of the presence of an infiltrator or double agent.  Infiltrators are frequently those who have recently "joined" Scientology and so can be watched.  Double agents are usually detected by matter, down state, disorder in their areas and no case gain.
8.  To be effective and imaginative in your collection of data and in your actions to nullify any attack or threat of attack.
9.  To keep your Asst. Guardian fully advised and the D/Guardian for Intelligence WW, who will inform the Guardian WW in such matters.
PRODUCTION TARGET: This is a continuing Program on which Projects will be issued from time to time.
Mary Sue Hubbard
L.Ron Hubbard wrote continually, spending large parts of his life in his office typing away, or recording and these are the kinds of things he came up with,the scary bit is these bullitens were actually carried out on his followers and others.

I recommend reading and watching all the videos and writings on this website, however for my own purposes and with referal to my story Hana Eltringham/Whitfield is the one I highly recommend as she was on board the Apollo some of the time I was also.

Unbeknownst to me she had been speaking out about Scientology for years, having spent about 20 years inside the organization at the top.She was one of the first names I googled when I got on the internet, because she was someone that had unwittingly helped me escape from the ship.

Hana Eltringham/Whitfield.

37. Scientologists argue interminably that Hubbard's "Fair Game" policy was canceled in 1968 and again later, that it never existed, that because it doesn't appear in the 1991 policy manuals it doesn't exist, and more. A review of "Fair Game" cancellations shows this is false.
38. Hubbard policy of 21 October 1968, "CANCELLATION OF FAIR GAME," attached hereto as Exhibit 17, a key policy quoted by Scientologists as purportedly canceling "FAIR GAME," in fact upholds the "Fair Game" treatment of suppressive persons with criminal acts. It states, "The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP" (emphasis added). This meant that a declared suppressive person or SP was still subject to the practice and acts ordered by "Fair Game." He just was not labeled "Fair Game" anymore.
39. An affidavit written by Hubbard on March 1976, attached hereto as Exhibit 18, though claimed by Scientologists to cancel "FAIR GAME," fails to do so.
40. An 8 June 1979, order titled, "DECLARE," attached hereto as Exhibit 19, quotes Hubbard's "Fair Game" policy of 23 December 1965 and the words "THE FAIR GAME LAW." This was well after any Hubbard "cancellations."
41. In a 16 December 1980 "Sentencing Memorandum of the United States of America," attached hereto as Exhibit 20, US Attorney Ruff and US Assistant Attorneys Banoun, Hetherton and Winfree wrote that, "the fair game policy continued in effect well after the indictment in this case and the conviction of the first nine co-defendants. Defendants claim that the policy was abrogated by the Church's Board of Directors in late July or early August, 1980, only after the defendants' personal attack on Judge Richey." (Sentencing Memorandum, page 16 footnote)

And, to show both sides to this equasion here is what Scientology thinks of Hana, and for that matter anyone who speaks out about the abuse inside scientology.

If you go on the website below, it is adviseable to use a 'proxy' whatever that is, I gather it helps protect your computer.Having been on there myself yesterday, I am now having trouble with my computer, yet again.

If you go through the pages of Religious Freedom Watch's website you will notice there are quite a few people on this website that I support and use their websites to explain various things about scientology on this blog.What Religious Freedom Watch does in order to support their supposed right to religious freedom is "dead agent" anyone who tries to give the public an understanding of what Scientology is really doing.

To be continued.......

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Until 2006 I did not know what Narconon was, I had never heard of it.What I found to be so incredibly disturbing was that this was a front group for Scientology.

What L. Ron Hubbard had said all those years ago in 1967/1969 when I knew him was true. He had intended to to infiltrate all forms of society and the eventual world goal was to turn people into scientologists."Clearing the Planet" was a term used frequently on the ship and It seems even after death he had achieved that goal.

What was was even more disturbing to me, was to find there was a Narconon center just a few miles away from where I lived, even more surprising was the fact that it was just a few houses away from where I had once lived.

I'm going to put a few videos here which are old, I have only just found them, they are quite poingnant for me because as you will see in the first one, Hana Eltringham/Whitfield is interviewed, I was on the ship with her.

These videos are not about the Narconon center in which is near my home town.
Narconon's ties to Scientology Exposed;
Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

There are many Narconon Centers worldwide and as has been expressed in the videos, Narconon is an arm of Scientology. When I learnt of the Narconon in St. Leonards - on - sea, Nr. Hastings, I phoned them up. I was told that they were not a part of Scientology but only used the techniques of and written by L. Ron Hubbard.

To be continued..............

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Unfunny Truth about Scientology

The Police Force and Scientology.

In 2007 just a few short months after I had an experience I should like to forget but can't, I watched  an opening ceremoney of a new Scientology Center in the center of London, one of the people that opened this Scientrology Center with open arms was none other than the Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police, Chief Superintendant Kevin Hurley.

Here is the Scientology film of that opening. Notice the high propaganda :,html#/videos/category/churches/church-of-scientology-london-grand-opening

I really want anyone who reads this to watch this, and keep watching because Mr. Hubbard really, really wanted a world without insanity, criminality and war.Didn't He?

I am doing this for all those whom say look at both sides, well, we have LRHs side, Mr. Miscaviges side and also Graham Wilsons' side.
Spectacular Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology

Darcy House at 146 Queen Victoria Street becomes London's new Church of Scientology

[ClickPress, Thu Oct 26 2006] More than 3,000 members and friends of the Church of Scientology packed Queen Victoria Street in the heart of the City for the sensational grand opening of the church’s new home in London.

Steps away from the Tate Gallery and St. Paul’s Cathedral, the opening of the beautifully restored historic building at 146 Queen Victoria Street will serve the growing membership of Scientologists from the capital city. It marks the largest expansion for Scientology in its 50-year history in London.

Guest of Honour Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center and leader of the Scientology religion, stressed the historical importance of London. “This is the city L. Ron Hubbard [Founder of Scientology] himself selected as home to the first Scientology organisation. This is also the city wherein he first defined the human spirit as an immortal being possessed of capabilites beyond anything predicted and so arrived at the axiomatic truths on which the whole of Scientology is founded. Your early London organisations were also the original proving ground for the bulk of Mr Hubbard’s social betterment programmes which are used to uplift neighbourhoods just like this one.”

The London Church on Tottenham Court Road, which served the community for the past 38 years, was also completely refurbished and re-opened on Sunday as a Scientology Life Improvement Centre. It now features a full public information exhibition including audio-visual presentations of the Church’s work across society, and introductory films showings, live lectures and materials for anyone to learn more about Scientology for themselves.

To add to the import of the day was the announcement that the Church had acquired and renovated the very building where, in 1957, Mr. Hubbard established that first Scientology organisation at 35-37 Fitzroy Street.

The Church of Scientology was welcomed in its new premises on Queen Victoria Street by Alderman Ian Luder, representing the Lord Mayor of the City of London. He spoke of the effective help the Church provides to get people off drugs and its successful programmes to reduce crime.

Mr. Kevin Hurley, Divisional Commander of London’s Snow Hill Police Station called upon the Scientologists to “tenaciously focus on bettering this world,” and said that he knows with “complete personal certainty” that the members are “raising the spiritual wealth of society” with their charitable works. He presented a special recognition for their valuable assistance and support following the tragic events of July 2005.

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Ayaz, OBE, United Nations Peace Envoy, spoke of his personal insight into the work done by Scientology around the world. “It is my personal belief this Church can restore what this world has lately lost – namely, much of the dignity and respect with which it was created,” he said.

Situated within the Square Mile of the City of London, the 1866 Italian-styled Victorian landmark, new home to the Church of Scientology of London, was designed by architect Edward l’Anson for the British and Foreign Bible Society. The redevelopment in the mid ‘80s transformed it into a fully functioning modern office facility which served British Petroleum for two decades. The stunning period staircase and double-height entrance hall have been restored to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere for parishioners and visitors.

Beyond the aesthetics of the building itself, Mr Miscavige spoke of the role of the programmes that will roll out from within these walls:

“Our gift of literacy to disadvantaged children; restoring self-respect to those who’ve gone astray; easing suffering; eradicating racial prejudice; and, repairing the bonds that bind man together,” he said.

“This new church packs the full body of L Ron Hubbard’s technologies as derived from the greater well of Scientology knowledge. And, as such, it provides the full gamut of Scientology activities for the betterment of mankind.”

The Church of Scientology welcomes visitors and tours seven days a week from 9am – 10pm.

The Church of Scientology of London
146 Queen Victoria Street

For more information, contact:

Graeme Wilson
Public Affairs Director
Church of Scientology
Saint Hill Manor
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4JY

Phone: +44 (0)1342 318 229
Mobile: +44 (0)7950 968 351
Skype: graemereidwilson

Mr. Miscavige, I am giving you first watch here, so don't give me me the bigOT identity here.

I am especially enarmoured with this quote by Grahaeme Wilson:

“Our gift of literacy to disadvantaged children; restoring self-respect to those who’ve gone astray; easing suffering; eradicating racial prejudice; and, repairing the bonds that bind man together,” he said.

Who said? Was it you, Mr. Miscavige.

The only disadvantaged children in the world in Scientology terms are scientology children and YOU are one of them, remember that, only YOU are NOT disadvantaged are you? YOU have the money, the power and the know how.what a legacy YOU have begotten.ALL on YOUR founders crass ideology.

I am guessing at this point you want to see me dead or behind bars,I am laughing out loud at this point because I guess you have your wish.I am behind bars.

My guess is you would rather have them more metal in substance.

John Sweeney did not like being termed a bigot, and neither do I, because I am not, religious or otherwise.In fact, unlike you I am fairly open minded

In Scientology, you are not allowed that option, are you, unless of course you are the leader, in which of course anything goes on a whim.

Now we are going to see the other side and it is not pretty, is it?

I was there the day this young man stood up for what he believed was right, and I personally hope his parents are really proud of him, because he was and is one epic young man.

This is brought to you by someone who is indeed aware of the facts and of course they do not add up, but then of course nothing does where the  pseudo church of scientology is concerned, one could be forgiven for thinking this is totally coincidental, a mere coincidence, but after Saturday night I sincerely have my doubts.

Always will do.

'Church' that yearns for respectability.

This 'church' can yearn all it likes, it's about as respectable as the holocaust, and I don't use that term lightly.

Here is an '' Holocaust facts;

  • In addition to Jews, the Nazis targeted Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the disabled for persecution. Anyone who resisted the Nazis was sent to forced labor or murdered.

  • The term "Nazi" is an acronym for "Nationalsozialistishe Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" ("National Socialist German Worker's Party").

  • In Scientology it is all about making the able more able, there is no reference to the disabled, other than if you happen to have enough money they will try and convince you they have a cure.

    I am totally against the Jehovah Wittness 'faith' also, but have a funny story to go with that.

    A friend of mine whom shall remain anonymous,happened to be approached by a JW and the young JW would not leave her alone, so remembering everything I had told her about Scientology, she said "I am a scientologist", the young JW looked horrified and ran off, even retrieving her pamplet, before hurrying off in disgust.

    They will even try and cure homosexuals of their 'illness', again if you have sufficient funds to partake in the pleasures of auditing and courses that are deemed pro survival.

    I am now going to quote a post that was put on the BBC Panorama website after ' The Secrets of Scientology' were aired, just so as you know that quoting scientology critics is frowned upon as them being the degraded beings and Suppressive persons that according to Scientology indoctrination they are deemed to be. I have no doubt that I am classed as one of them.If not then, most certainly now.

    @DanF. I don't think you get the point. The point is, I was never and am not a scientologist.I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was a young child who just wanted to be with her Dad, and he was a scientologist. A normal, average scientologist, just like everyone else who originally joined the sea org.

    You may not think the training routines are anything out of the ordinary, perhaps that is all you have ever known. I personally think they are totalliterean,mind controlling devices that warp peoples sence of normality and strive to make and turn people into automatons that are coherced into believing a false sence of security and life.

    I think they shape people into becoming extreme in their devotion of L. Ron Hubbard and scientology and turn peoples mental perceptions into a foggy mental soup,which can take years to come out the other side,if ever in some cases. I think instead of being the authorities of the mind, scientologists whether knowingly or not, cause people to have mental illnesses through their use of the 'tech'

    I think their use of forced and coherced use of disconnection is appalling and abhorrent and is the total opposite of what they preach. See Tommy Davis say how wonderful it is to get families back together, how children are the building blocks of life.

    I think their policy on forced and coerced abortions is disgusting, I think their policy on keeping families, parents, husbands, wifes apart, children from their relatives and parents is unconscionable. I think the forcing of children to work extreme and long hours is disgusting.

    I think their worldwide determination to obliterate psychiatry is a disgrace, I think celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta should be ashamed of their selves for using their celebrity status to get publicity and L. Ron Hubbards 'tech'into schools world wide. I think their promotion of a drug free world is a sham. I think the volunteer ministers whether known or unwittingly using disaster areas like hurricane catrina and the London bombings as a way to get publicity is about as disgusting as it gets, using 'touch assists' and 'way to happiness' booklets.

    Try googling - Paulette Cooper, Lisa McPherson, Susan Meister, Hana Eltingham/Whitfield, Jerry Armstrong,Lawrence Wollersheim, Larry Brennan, Nancy Many,Jeff Hawkins,Tory Christman, Jeremy Perkins, Bonnie Woods,Tommy and Jennifer Gorman,John McMasters,Cyril Vosper,Jenna Miscavige-Hill,Tanya Burden,Creed Pearson,Jeff Jacobson,Astra Woodcraft,Maureen Bolstad,Mo Alexander,Ida Cambourne, Arnie Lerma, Gary Weber,Quentin Hubbard,Uwe Stuckenbrock, the list is endless and these are just a few off of the top of my head, some have spoken out, some have died a needless death,some grew up in scientology, others joined as adults,some lost their children to scientology, others lost their parents,all of them have sad, sorry tales to tell. This is but the tip of the iceburg.

    When you have read, listened to or talked to all of these people and more, tell me, where is the 'way to happiness' as depicted by the lying Messiah, L. Ron Hubbard?,html#comments

     This was posted after I posted this:

    Pointing out well known religious extremists doesn't make your point,
    dear Sharone.

    Insulting people devoted in helping others less fortunate, like
    SCN volunteer ministers and anti-drugs and human rights campaigners,
    doesn't make your point either.

    BBCfanforlife and you are springing out too much hatred on this forum
    that could be easily smelled out from miles away.

    Victims (real victims) of Islamic terrorism or Christian priests child abuses ARE NOT, and I repeat, ARE NOT blaming Islam or Christianity
    Religions and their churches.
    So, don't play the "victim's card" here in order to justify your hate
    and bigotry. That will not work.
    Inciting and promoting hate toward a Religion it's an hate crime.
    Some "investigative journalists" should know that.

    I'm a Scientologists. How dare you calling me "brainwashed", "criminal"
    "child abuser", when you actuaqlly don't know anything about me.
    Shame on both of you.
    are not

    Now, you have to bear in mind I spent part of my youth on board the ship known as the 'Royal Scotsman/Apollo', this ship was L. Ron Hubbard's stronghold and I was privy to some of LRHs conspiracy theories about the world. It is because of this that I have an extremely suspicious mind.

    LRH was convinced that the world bank, the Psychiatrists and any media were out to get him. In part, this is true, the media were definitely out to get him, but I think mainly because he was out to get the media. He could not stand any form of critisism and applied his 'Fair Game' policy with a vengence on any party that tried to critisize him.

    It is because of this that I find it extremely strange that on the night of the 2nd of April 2011, running into the 3rd of April 2011 I was followed home by a helicopter, after I had finished work just before midnight. Now, unbeknownst to me there had been an intruder in a close neighbors garden, a good 5 mins walk from me. When they complained to the Police, they gave specific directions as to where this intruder was entering their property. Yet they chose to home in on me, a half a mile away from the property and not walking away from the incident but going directly to it.

    I was under the mistaken impression that the Police helicopters had advanced technology and were pretty accurate. It seems either I am mistaken in that theory or as a few of the people I have told about this incident have said, they were bored and on a joy ride, homed in on the first person they saw within a mile radius, which just by pure coincidence happened to be me.

    So now, yet again I am left wondering?Or is it possible that I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, yet again?
    Here are some tactics used by the 'church' that yearns respectability;

    This video excerpt is of very poor quality, however the sound is good. This is an interview with Mike McClaughry, he talks about how Scientology went about breaking into offices to obtain information about Scientology and or remove it.


    The full 9 part interview is on the front page of Operation Clambake, which can be seen here:

    Operation Snow White.