Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Until 2006 I did not know what Narconon was, I had never heard of it.What I found to be so incredibly disturbing was that this was a front group for Scientology.

What L. Ron Hubbard had said all those years ago in 1967/1969 when I knew him was true. He had intended to to infiltrate all forms of society and the eventual world goal was to turn people into scientologists."Clearing the Planet" was a term used frequently on the ship and It seems even after death he had achieved that goal.

What was was even more disturbing to me, was to find there was a Narconon center just a few miles away from where I lived, even more surprising was the fact that it was just a few houses away from where I had once lived.

I'm going to put a few videos here which are old, I have only just found them, they are quite poingnant for me because as you will see in the first one, Hana Eltringham/Whitfield is interviewed, I was on the ship with her.

These videos are not about the Narconon center in which is near my home town.
Narconon's ties to Scientology Exposed;
Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

There are many Narconon Centers worldwide and as has been expressed in the videos, Narconon is an arm of Scientology. When I learnt of the Narconon in St. Leonards - on - sea, Nr. Hastings, I phoned them up. I was told that they were not a part of Scientology but only used the techniques of and written by L. Ron Hubbard.

To be continued..............

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