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Back to my story and "Clearing the Planet"

"Clearing the Planet" at the age of 10 is a pretty daunting task, especially if you don't actually believe in making every man, woman and child into a scientologist. As much as I liked some of the people on board ship, it seemed a strange thing we were trying to do and I could never quite grasp what exactly we were trying to do.

When I first became a Commadore's Messenger, it seemed to be a good thing, I looked up to my friend Janis, who was a year older and I liked that she had a purpose in life, I wanted that too.

When LRH came to me and said "I hear you would like to be a Messenger", I was thrilled to be chosen, mainly because I was bored out of my head without a purpose in life. He told me I was a bit too young, but we would give it a try. I thanked him, greatly and he responded with laughing at me. He repeatedly laughed and mocked my saying "Thankyou", laughing all the while and I did not get it. I found it to be odd behaviour, but and I repeat, I did not get it.When I look at this now, knowing what I know, I see a couple of things that were not apparent at the time. LRH saw this as adulation of him, where as in actual fact this was more a case of adulation of my friend Janis. She was my peer and I looked up to her, not him. This is all too common in childhood and , from my point of view, now, he believed this to be all about him, it wasn't. My Father was there when this took place and he was thrilled that I was one of the chosen ones, such was his belief at that time that LRH was the man that was going to change the world.

There are times when I actually wonder if anyonelse has ever been a child? Seriously? Were YOU ever a kid? Did YOU ever see things from a childs point of view?

Did anyone ever look at what a child thinks, or did they just see things from an adult perspective, even when they grew up and saw things differently?

I try very hard to understand all aspects of growing up in a mind control cult, and that is what I grew up in. I was extremely lucky, to know that this was not for me, others were not so lucky to be able to escape as early as I did and spent years indoctrinated in this unfortunate mess.Imagine spending 20 or 30 years of your life knowing nothing else, from childhood.Imagine that! From childhood.

I have trouble understanding all of this, and yet, I left early because I did not agree with what was put before me, but some of these children were stuck, with no where to turn to, no comparrison to make head nor tail of what they were expected to believe.

I know it must be hard for them to totally disregard all they have come to know as normal, it isn't normal, but for them it is.It is all they have known, all of their lives.I find adults to be the failures, by expecting these children to follow this doctrine because that is what they were indoctrinated into.

This may seem extremely harsh, and it is, but as someone who broke away early on, having lost their entire family, I don't think you get more f*cking harsher than that.There are some who would wish that I did not say "I am a victim", well, do you know what "I am a victim of Scientology" and for me, I am proud that I came out of the other side. I can stand up and say whole heartedly that I am a victim no longer.These people who ever they are, can throw anything they like my way now, and it is water off a ducks back. It means nothing!

There are people out there that think I am a pschophant, well. think away, you could not be more wrong.YOU do not know me, and YOU do not know the kind of person I really am.

It is very easy to explain away a persons repute and to admonish them for being outspoken and offering love and compassion, even though in many instances it is not required or wanted, but, is that a reflection of never having known true love and compassion or is it a total denial that such exists?

PTS = Potential Trouble Source.

Scientology's deffinition:

Handle or disconnect, I have chosen to disconnect, because these scumbags whomever they are make it increasingly difficult to decide just where one's allegiance lies.

Just so you get a feel for how things were when I was as a child on board the Royal Scotsman/Apollo. I don't have a date on this but this is typical of the times on board ship. This is from Marysue Hubbard, not LRH.Taken from The Clearwater Commission Hearings.

Exhibit 54
1. This Programme is to be done by the Asst. Guardian or the D/A/Guardian for Intelligence, if this post is held separately.
2.  To establish intelligence files on all such persons found to be infiltrators, double agents, and disaffected staff members, Scientologists and relatives of Scientologists.
1.  To  make full use of all files on the organization to affect your major target.  These include personnel files, Ethics files, Dead files, Central Files, training files, processing files and requests for refunds.
2.  To assemble full data by investigation of each person located for possible use in case of attack or for use in preventing any attack and to keep files of such.
3.  To be alert to usual security precautions and to see that these are performed by the organization; such as proper locking of the premises, security of keys, locking of files, the changing of locks if keys have been lost, proper safes, etc.
4.  To keep off staff and off org lines any person who has ever betrayed Scientology or who has threatened to betray or blackmail Scientology.
5.  To ensure the Policy Letter on Physical Healing, Insanity and Potential Trouble Source is not violated and to be alert to any possible violation.
6.  To maintain a good liaison line to Ethics and ensure that the Ethics Officer alerts you to any person who might attack Scientology.
7.  To be alert to any organizational theft or disappearances of records and files as a possible indication of the presence of an infiltrator or double agent.  Infiltrators are frequently those who have recently "joined" Scientology and so can be watched.  Double agents are usually detected by matter, down state, disorder in their areas and no case gain.
8.  To be effective and imaginative in your collection of data and in your actions to nullify any attack or threat of attack.
9.  To keep your Asst. Guardian fully advised and the D/Guardian for Intelligence WW, who will inform the Guardian WW in such matters.
PRODUCTION TARGET: This is a continuing Program on which Projects will be issued from time to time.
Mary Sue Hubbard
L.Ron Hubbard wrote continually, spending large parts of his life in his office typing away, or recording and these are the kinds of things he came up with,the scary bit is these bullitens were actually carried out on his followers and others.

I recommend reading and watching all the videos and writings on this website, however for my own purposes and with referal to my story Hana Eltringham/Whitfield is the one I highly recommend as she was on board the Apollo some of the time I was also.

Unbeknownst to me she had been speaking out about Scientology for years, having spent about 20 years inside the organization at the top.She was one of the first names I googled when I got on the internet, because she was someone that had unwittingly helped me escape from the ship.

Hana Eltringham/Whitfield.

37. Scientologists argue interminably that Hubbard's "Fair Game" policy was canceled in 1968 and again later, that it never existed, that because it doesn't appear in the 1991 policy manuals it doesn't exist, and more. A review of "Fair Game" cancellations shows this is false.
38. Hubbard policy of 21 October 1968, "CANCELLATION OF FAIR GAME," attached hereto as Exhibit 17, a key policy quoted by Scientologists as purportedly canceling "FAIR GAME," in fact upholds the "Fair Game" treatment of suppressive persons with criminal acts. It states, "The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP" (emphasis added). This meant that a declared suppressive person or SP was still subject to the practice and acts ordered by "Fair Game." He just was not labeled "Fair Game" anymore.
39. An affidavit written by Hubbard on March 1976, attached hereto as Exhibit 18, though claimed by Scientologists to cancel "FAIR GAME," fails to do so.
40. An 8 June 1979, order titled, "DECLARE," attached hereto as Exhibit 19, quotes Hubbard's "Fair Game" policy of 23 December 1965 and the words "THE FAIR GAME LAW." This was well after any Hubbard "cancellations."
41. In a 16 December 1980 "Sentencing Memorandum of the United States of America," attached hereto as Exhibit 20, US Attorney Ruff and US Assistant Attorneys Banoun, Hetherton and Winfree wrote that, "the fair game policy continued in effect well after the indictment in this case and the conviction of the first nine co-defendants. Defendants claim that the policy was abrogated by the Church's Board of Directors in late July or early August, 1980, only after the defendants' personal attack on Judge Richey." (Sentencing Memorandum, page 16 footnote)

And, to show both sides to this equasion here is what Scientology thinks of Hana, and for that matter anyone who speaks out about the abuse inside scientology.

If you go on the website below, it is adviseable to use a 'proxy' whatever that is, I gather it helps protect your computer.Having been on there myself yesterday, I am now having trouble with my computer, yet again.

If you go through the pages of Religious Freedom Watch's website you will notice there are quite a few people on this website that I support and use their websites to explain various things about scientology on this blog.What Religious Freedom Watch does in order to support their supposed right to religious freedom is "dead agent" anyone who tries to give the public an understanding of what Scientology is really doing.

To be continued.......

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