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This is later on in sea org history but quite relevant to both my story and the lives of others.

The RPF was created the first part of January 1974.  By mid February 1974 I was on the Excalibur RPF.  The RPF was already functioning when I arrived, but there were just a few of us.  The Excalibur was sold sometime in 1975.  Looking back, I feel so very fortunate to have been a member of a select few who were actually on a real RPF and on a real Sea Org Ship.  The camaraderie that was formed back then has not been duplicated in my life since.

This Howard Dickman served on the RPF with one of my favourite people on board the Apollo, Amos Jessup.Also with a famous in scientology circles of exes, none other than Lawrence Wollersheim.

As with everything in Scientology if it isn't written it isn't true. Nothing quite like a success story

Excalibur RPF issue 1.

5th February 75.

"The RFP has been created by the Commodore so that redemption can occur. That is basically it's only purpose. It may not be an easy contest, but one in which can be won all there is to win. Those who win--and it is hoped all will win--will see why when they do it"
Lt. Cmdr. Ken UrQuhart.
LRH Pers Comm (FO3434)

The Rehabilitation Project Force motto:

The RPF is what the RPF makes it, and where the RPF makes it.

Interesting thing there because not long ago I said I did not believe Ken UrQuhart created the RPF, like he said he had. I knew it to come from LRH. I am a firm believer that some of these old time LRH loyalists, keep other loyalists firmly engrained in this quackery to earn brownie points with the true believers.

Kenneth, if you are out there, that game you have been playing is up.It's time for redemption to ocurr.

I will end for now with a "success" story:

Last night and today I tried out my "New" eyes.

Yesterday I threw away some old long time companions--my glasses.

Last night I found myself constantly putting in my TRs. I got so much done that my stats were way up with no effort at and an hour to spare.

It's nice to take responsibility. The purpose of the RPF is redemption.
Glenn Thompson

Please read my previous post and see the links. Even redemption is copyrighted by Scientology.

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  1. Sharone; When I wrote about my stint on the RPF I had no idea the mileage the article would get, thanks for referring to it.