Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Sea Org continued.........

No history of the Sea org would be complete without Ken UrQuhart's input and although a devout Hubbardite, I find it impossible to not include some of his writings.

Initially, according to his writings and also my own observations he was Hubbards butler. What better way to know someone, but also what better way to have faith and utter loyalty, regardless of  one's misgivings about the way a person behaves.

This excerpt is basically flawed, and I want to know why?

Up until 1972, when LRH left the ship to spend a year in the US (so as to avoid extradition from Morocco to France for trial), I had known him as capable always of great kindness. On his return to the ship in 1973, a year later, he had changed substantially. He became more and more bitterly angry but still capable of occasional kindness. By early 1975, when I last saw him, he had become all but unbearable.

Either Kenneth has got his dates mixed up, or he chooses to forget 1968, so which is it?

1968 LRH called me to the Sea Org vessel "Royal Scot Man." Became LRH Personal Communicator. As such, helped him administer his communication and command lines, local and international, with both administrative and executive support. We worked closely together and mostly very well for some years. The best times were when he c/sed the crew folders. Several times he took the crew c/sing into his own hands.. He would have me sit with him as he did the work, telling me what he was finding, what he would then look for, describe that, and then explain what he would do about it as regards pc, auditor, and c/s. He thoroughly enjoyed this work – at which he was a real virtuoso. He applied the tech not only exactly, but with flair, firmness, and great personal kindness towards pc, auditor, and c/s. These were lessons I will never forget.

So Kenneth,when you were case supervising the crews folders so closely with LRH, what little indications did you get that crew and students had to be thrown overboard?, for their little mis applications of standard tech? It strikes me that from what I have seen and heard of you, you have every reason to make big of your  closeness to LRH, to  make yourself important, so 'believing' scientologists continue this great big scam.

I am sure LRH did enjoy this work, HE ripped people OFF and NOT only that, he made a MOCKERY of anything decent in this world, by subjecting them to unbelievable degradation and made them THANKFULL for it.

You might be an old man now, but do you know what, get off your f*cking high horse.

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