Friday, 30 September 2011

More on Gerry Armstrong's battle against Scientology.

I found this today, unfortunately none of the links work, however all the videos can be found on Caroline Letkman's website or Gerry's.

It gives a brief history on the 'Loyalists' and how Scientology tried to frame Gerry.

Gerry talking about people being locked up on the Apollo in 1973:

Gerry on Hubbard:

Gerry's Worst day in Scientology:

Gerry discusses You know who:

Gerry on leaving Scientology:

Gerry on Marty Rathbun:

Scientologist confirms Disconnection but claims she would never do it:

Gerry's Message to David Miscavige:

Gerry explains Good Indicatore and Bad Indicators:

Gerry on Omar garrison:

Do Highest Ranking Scientologists have a conscience?

The Life and Times of Marty Rathbun:
Sadly, many of the links on this page are no longer available. Click on 'Back to loose ends@ at the bottom of this page where it takes you to some links that do work, an extensive effort on Scientology's history, some links do work.
And, Mike Rinder:

Scientology paying people to keep quiet: Now why would that be?

M&M have not spoken about  what happened to Gerry, now why would that be?
To be continued....

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Recent Media on Scientology.

Iv'e been avidly reading Tony Ortega's reports on the 'Top 25 People Crippling Scientology'.It's made interesting reading with plenty of facts and some amusing quips with regards the continuing story of Scientology's relentless disregard for the human race.

There were times when I wondered just where he was going with this saga, but was more than pleasantly surprised of his number one hit.The number one person crippling Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard and quite rightly so. After all if it wasn't for him, none of us would be here.Number three is Marty Rathbun and number two is David Miscavige, now there's a surprise.What a threesome!

Tony Ortega has done many articles on Scientology over the years and all can be read at the Village Voice, at 'Running Scared'.As always the comment section is highly entertaining.God, I think the Scientologists might have one thing right, I need a life.

Now for something out of this world,when L. Ron Hubbard said 'he was not from this world', his followers believed him.I remember back on the ship he said "one day we'd be up in space, a new civilization, clearing planets".I wonder how many jet propelled engines this spaceship's got?

I love this line at the bottom of the celebrity photo's.

Devotees: Tom Cruise opens a Church of Scientology in Madrid, Spain, while John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston are both committed members.

And the best comment on this news item:

Before I comment on this one, I'm speaking to my solicitor by I smell a rat,la la land.

The Daily has been talking to ex student's of a Scientology run boarding school and shows just how far Scientology has gained a thresh hold into 'wog' life. For those of you who don't know what I mean by that derogatory term, it's what Scientologist's call anyone who is not a scientologist.

Here's Jeff Hawkins talking about the 'wog world'.

Csige said this includes quizzing students who yawn or have blank looks on their faces — both giveaways, according to L. Ron Hubbard’s notions, of a dreaded “misunderstood word.”

The consequences of a “misunderstood” can be grueling, Csige said. Students suspected of not fully grasping every word that they’ve spoken, read or heard can be subjected to a “method 3” questioning, he said. When this happens, “you have to read aloud, and if you pause and hesitate, you have to look [the word] up. And if you pause or hesitate again, you have to look up every word in the definition. It once took me three days to go through two and a half pages. They ask you the definition of ‘the,’ and I didn’t know what the precise definition of ‘the’ was.”

This is something I remember only too well, how do you define 'the', especially when you are a ten year old kid.Try and clay demo that! I found it impossible.'It' and 'and' were also impossible concepts to put into a clay demonstration.Never the less, it was required before you could progress.Fortunately for me, I became a Commodore's Messenger and no longer attended school on the ship, on reflection, this was extremely fortunate for I dread to think what might have happened to me had I continually not been able to clay demo simple little words.

All of these news items are brought to you by Sponge on the most devoted media person on Scientology I know.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WhiteHouse Petition To Investigate Scientology.

Please sign this petition. You do not have to put in your full name, you can use initials. You do not have to put your address or area code. It is important that the government of America explains why they have failed to Investigate the years of fraud, crime and abuse that goes on worldwide in the name of religion that Scientology hides behind.

Here's Tory with some tips and why it is so important.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Brainwashing in Scientology's Gulags.

A. Excessive Exercise--The Running Program

Forced running was a universal aspect in the RPF, but
leaders also used it as a specific punishment. According to a
person who was on the Apollo, Hubbard devised the "running
program" as a punishment against a member whom he thought "needed
some discipline."  He ordered the member "to do fifty laps around
the prom[enade] deck. [The member] did about twenty and declared
[that] he had done fifty. I remember distinctly, and he got away
with it" (Kent Interview with Ernesto, 1997: 5). With the advent
of the RPF, running quickly became a standard punishment.
     The location of the running punishment, of course, varied
according to the location of the RPF program. Monica Pignotti,
who was in the RPF on the Apollo, wrote a particularly clear
description of the running punishment that she experienced in the
early months of 1975:
     We had to scrub down the entire bathroom, including all the
     bulkheads (walls) and ceilings. After we cleaned an area, it
     had to pass a white glove inspection. If the glove came up
     dirty, the person who cleaned the area had to run laps from
     bow to stern of the ship (about 1/5 of a mile each). One
     time, when my senior wasn't satisfied with the way I cleaned
     a bathroom, she ordered me to 'take a lap.' I protested
     because I thought she was being unfair and her reply was,
     'Don't Q&A with me. Take two laps.' I objected again and she
     said, 'Take four laps.' This went on until I was up to about
     10 laps, which I eventually had to do (Pignotti, 1989: 23).
Using the "technical" language of Scientology, Pignotti had been
put on "rocks and shoals"--penalties for Sea Org members
(Hubbard, 1976b: 449). 
     From her Fort Harrison RPF experience, Anne Rosenblum
indicated that the "rocks and shoals" punishments often included
sit-ups and push-ups in addition to running laps "up and down the
garage ramp" (Rosenblum, n. d.: 2). Dennis Erlich also reported
"having to run up and down the parking structure..." (Kent
Interview with Erlich, 1997: 16). In the Cedars complex in Los
Angeles, rocks and shoals involved "running the stairwells" or
taking "laps around the entire complex" (Kent Interview with Pat,
1997: 27). The most difficult running punishments apparently took
place at either the Gilman Hot Springs or Happy Valley RPF
programs, where formerly high ranking Sea Org members had to run
around either a tree or a pole for twelve hours a day.  Julie
Mayo indicated that she "was put on a running program for 12
hours a day, 7 days a week, and made to run around a tree in all
types of extreme desert conditions" (J. Mayo, 1996: 7). Her
husband, David, reported that he "was forced to run around a tree
in the desert in temperatures of up to 110 degrees for 12 hours a
day, 7 days a week for 3 months..." (D. Mayo, 1994: 3). Vicki
Aznaran made a similar claim about having "to run around an
orange telephone pole from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. in the
evening, with 10 minute rests every one-half hour, and 30 minute
breaks for lunch and dinner" (Aznaran and Aznaran, 1988: 9).
Taken approximately two years ago from this video
Many Thanks to Weiber on OCMB for this still photo.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Scientology under Investigation in Spain and around the World.

All with subtitles. Notice the training of a young child.These people are without scruples.

Scientology in Italy:
Italian Ex Scientologists 3/3:
All with subtitles.

Maria Pia Gardini sums it up quite nicely, after attaining the OT levels, she said "she should be translucent", she holds her arms up in the air, looks down at herself and her face says it all.

No expense spared:
Back on the buses:The Magical Mystery Tour.
Dauntless, Defiant, Resolute.
Show us the Money:


Please help us do so by clicking on: Short URL: and Save and Share this long URL:

You do not have to reside in America to put your vote in.

Darth Xander Protesting in Clearwater.

This guy  is filming incredible footage of the most extraordinary daily goings on in Clearwater, Florida.This is bizarre.Good on you Darth Xander, and I'm sorry you missed the Michigan game, but know that what you do is brilliant.

A little background on Scientology vs Clearwater:

Let's not forget Shawn Lonsdale:

I have not seen it for myself, but was told by a resident of East. Grinstead that similar events are held in East. Grinstead, like the Easter Egg Hunt, it is used as a ploy to draw the residents of East. Grinstead into finding favour with Scientology and also that of their children.And, of course they use their celebrities to draw families in to support them.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Put it back in the box.

Today has been an odd sort of day.

I went up to Albany Road, St. Leonard's Caple Ne Ferne, the previous home of Narconon UK, or so we are expected to believe.On the way I bumped into an old friend of mine, we go back to about 1975, it was great to see them.We had a good long chat about all sorts of things. They said "where are you going", I explained and they said "are you still doing that". "are you healing", Yes I am! "Isn't it time to put it into another box".Yes it is! But, how the hell do you put something into a box and forget about it when it has squelched most of your life away, refusing doggedly to even look at it because it was a threat to your very survival. The lid on the box has been opened, I cannot put it away.This friend has seen me through some black times, so I know they will understand what I am saying.

This friend, was the closest to anyone I ever came close to revealing anything about my past,when in a library one day, I happened upon a book by L. Ron Hubbard and insisted upon taking it home, to try and give me an insight to what I had been through.The book was Dianetics and it it gave me NO inclination as to what I had been through at all. It was never spoken about again.

Back to today, after leaving my friend I headed up to Caple Ne Ferne, 2 Albany Road, St. leonards, East. Sussex. On the Pevensey Roadside, the bushes are overgrown, covering the pavement, because I am short this was not a problem, however it would be if you are taller. The entrance to Narconon had three cars present today, one had a driver inside. I walked past and up the road, shortly there after the driver came out of the entrance and lingered looking up the road at me.The pains of glass that were missing previously had escalated into a lot more missing.

My informant, had told me that the last time their informant had been there, about a month ago the Narconon establishment had closed down, but now there was a foreign language school in operation at these premises. I immediately expressed my concern about this as I know full well that Scientology is the Master of disguise. I am not fooled by this. My informant said well, there were lots of foreign students out in the garden.

Today it was deathly quiet, but there were quite a few large towels out on the washing line leading me to think of the purification rundown. Narconon still has it's website up and running for this address. And if you phone 01424 420036 you will still get a reply saying "Hello, Narconon" at half past ten at night. I just phoned, so I know.

Scientology in Australia.

Slater and Gordon looking into Scientology's so called volunteers vs workers.

Scientology lying to Police.

Scientology President's daughter slams 'toxic' church.

And the latest in a line up of ex members who are now speaking out about David Miscavige's violent streak, which according to the "church" of Scientology are just a small handful of disgruntled ex members. Read the statements by the "church" of Scientology and that of current members, out of all of this living nightmare something has to make you laugh, these statements are pure comedy.

Chris Guider on the other hand makes a compelling witness.

Cults in Ireland.

The following videos are a group of three about various cults mainly focusing on The Family International. Poignant for me as I met three of the family members, two of which wrote this book 'Not without my sister'.The third sister which I did not meet is being interviewed here, Julianna Goering. Scientology is talked about too, and Nicola Talent who co authored 'The Complex' with John Duigan is interviewed also.

Not Without my Sister is a horrifying expose into child pedophilia, which will have you reeling in disgust that this type of thing can be going on in our world.Like all cults The Family International are quick to point out they are not affiliated with anything  like the type of abuse that went on when it was called  'The Children of God'.As with all cults, once a cult always a cult.

There are many parallels with Scientology which are discussed in the interviews,barring the pedophilia.There are many cases of sexual abuse within scientology but it is not written into the doctrines like it is in the 'Family International', however, Scientology will and has gone out of it's way to cover up any form of sexual abuse within it's establishment as this would be termed a PR(Public Relations) flap.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Interesting News.

This pdf from the Lisa Mcpherson Trust in 1994 has an amazing array of newspaper articles from the merchants of chaos ( in English, news reporters).

pages 77,78,and 79 with regards Greenfields School.

From Scientology - FOLLOWERS OF THE DISTURBING...-Scientology - London

From trusted informant:
Margaret Hodkin co founded Greenfields school with Mark McQuade - she went to the courts to gag people speaking out about her abuse at Greenfield's School(fucking retarded archaic British libel laws)

"The Head of the Scientology School was being called as a witness. She denied that a twelve-year-old-girl had received a 'withhold pulling session' at the hands of three of the staff. To 'pull withholds' is scientologeese for making someone confess to their transgressions. Minutes of the Schools board meetings had to be publicly available, yet the filed copy made no reference to the 'withhold pulling' session. I obtained an unedited copy of the school's board minutes, which not only proved the headmistress's sworn statement untrue but showed the School's attempt at concealment."

GRWilson 5 months ago.
If someone wants to learn about Scientology and the tremendous expansion this religion has enjoyed, they can visit a Church of Scientology or visit our website at

There is no mention in the above piece that Jon Atack’s book is subject to a permanent injunction by the High Court for defamatory statements, and that in separate proceedings Atack undertook to the High Court not to repeat other statements in the book. Atack's dishonesty and conduct during the litigation resulted in judicial orders impugning his credibility. In one judgment, the court described him as a "devious" and "unsavoury" litigant. The statement that he completed “24 of the 27 levels of therapy” is complete fabrication - there are not “27 levels” of anything in Scientology - as is the disillusionment allegation. He has no credibility whatsoever.

The fact that Andrew Morton’s publisher declined to publish his book in the United Kingdom because of the UK’s defamation laws says something about the lack of veracity of that book.

Lawrence Wright’s article in the New Yorker is in good company with these two discredited pieces. Despite having been provided detailed responses to more than 1,300 fact checking questions, he still did not get it right. As to the false statement that the Church is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there is no known investigation. The allegation was included as a publicity ploy to garner attention to Wright’s article.

Greenfields is far more than just a school.
You can say that again!It is a recruitment school for children to eventually join the sea org, many ending up in Clearwater, Florida. 
Hard to believe? Then watch this.

Side note: I have just found my niece on Scientology's website in the photo section at Greenfield's school.Very emotional for me right now.

 Well, I am astonished, all this time I have been scouring the internet and I have not come across these before, I have been on Jeff Jacobson's site a few times, but never found this wealth of newspaper articles and cuttings. It is by far the most comprehensive list of scientology related articles I have ever seen, and I have seen some. I have added all the links to my blog as I am sure many other people have not seen them either.This is by far not all news items but it is well worth a look.Well done to the Lisa McPherson. org. 

More pdfs from the Lisa McPherson Trust:The list of these are housed at Lisa Mcpherson's Memorial page here:

Newspaper clippings from the 20s and 40s:
Newspaper clippings from 1950:
Newspaper clippings from 1951:
Newspaper clippings from 1952:
Newspaper clippings from 1960 - 1967:
Newspaper clippings from 1968:
Newspaper clippings from 1969:
Newspaper clippings from 1970:
Newspaper clippings from 1971:
Newspaper clippings from 1972 - 1975:
Newspaper clippings from 1976:
Newspaper clippings from 1977:
 Newspaper clippings from 1978:
Newspaper clippings from 1979:
Newspaper clippings from 1980:
Newspaper clippings from 1981:
Newspaper clippings from 1982:
Newspaper clippings from 1983
Newspaper clippings from 1994:
Newspaper clippings from 1985:
Newspaper clippings from 1986
Newspaper clippings from 1987:
Newspaper clippings from 1988:
Newspaper clippings from 1989:
Newspaper clippings  from 1990:
Newspaper clippings from 1991:
Newspaper clippings from 1992:
Newspaper clippings from1993.
Newspaper clippings from 1994:
Newspaper clippings from 1996:
Newspaper clippings from 1997:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

International Association of Scientoilogists event at St. Hill Manor.14/10/2011

This was the 2007 IAS event:

This was in 2008:
The Sussex Air Ambulance Service is a registered charity which provides Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and air ambulance service to Sussex, Kent and Surrey counties. Attending an average of four incidents every day, Sussex Air Ambulance is funded entirely by voluntary donations and provides a team of highly skilled doctors, paramedics and nurses. Responding swiftly to 999 calls and flying at over 150 miles per hour, the Ambulance can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes and can transport patients to the nearest major hospital or specialist unit in a fraction of the time taken by land ambulance.

The Chief Executive Mr. Dave Philpott and Sussex Air Ambulance staff and crew, were invited up on to the stage to accept the check from Ms Preston and Mr. Bob Keenan, Director of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation. The money raised will go towards the many hundreds of life-saving missions carried out by the Sussex Air Ambulance team every year. "That will enable us to save 50 lives, so you should all be proud of yourselves," said Delaine Shearman, Sussex County Fundraiser for the charity. David Philpott, Chief Executive, on accepting the check, told the audience what a vital service Sussex Air Ambulance offers in that they can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes.

Bush Tech:

Drown them out with noise tech:

This was 2009:

Then we have 2010:

(Free Press Release) November 1, 2010 -- East Grinstead, UK, November 01, 2010 -- On Sunday evening, October 17th, the annual Gala Charity Concert was staged at Saint Hill, home of L. Ron Hubbard and headquarters for the Church of Scientology UK.( ) The charities chosen to benefit from this year’s concert were the East Grinstead Museum, the Mayor of Crowborough's Charity, and the British Engineerium Trust.
Around 1,500 were in attendance, including Mayors, District Council Chairmen, Town Councillors, and community leaders from all over the South of England. In addition, guests flew in specially from all over Europe and as far away as the United States.

Now we have 2011, what amazing tech are we going to come up with this year?

Hosting the event is Anne Archer, yet again, this year she will be giving a speech on the way to bring up children Scientology style, just the way L. Ron Hubbard would have wanted.
I present to you, Tommy Davis:

Monday, 19 September 2011

Chariots of Fraud

Chariots of Fraud:Lisa McPherson Trust pickets.

Flag Sea Org Alley:

Darth Xander and friends are filming bus loads of sea orgers being dropped off at Flag.These are some of the most bizarre videos you could ever watch. Most of these people are young adults, late teens, it's astonishing.Are most of these scientology raised kids? Are they out of Narconon? Are they from broken homes, community care homes/boot camps? Or are they recruited from these disgusting celebrity backed youth programmes, like Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights? They do not behave like normal people of their age group, they are like regimented robots, only it's not the army or even the navy, it's allegedly ecclesiastical.

This is how Scientology portray The Fort Harrison Hotel  with a true story of the Fort Harrison and Clearwater.

In 1975 that the rapidly expanding Church of Scientology came to Clearwater, looking for an international headquarters.Staff members found a perfect location in the Fort Harrison. As the hotel was run down and only open during the winter months, its owners were ready to lock the doors and walk away.
The Church of Scientology purchased both the Fort Harrison and the Bank of Clearwater Building in that year and started to deliver ministerial counseling and training services to its growing base of parishioners.

About the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization: The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization is the international religious retreat for the Church of Scientology’s millions of parishioners. Some 12,000 Scientologists travel to Clearwater every year to partake in Scientology religious services. There are over 8,500 Scientology churches, missions and groups in 165 countries.Scientology is an applied religious philosophy founded by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology means “study of knowledge” and its basic tenets include that man is a spiritual being who is seeking to survive.

From Scientology today:

Scroll down for some interesting tidbits from Scientology's warped sense of truth.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Gerry Armstrong - Berlin - 17th Sept 2011

I'm in concert with Gerry and Caroline.
The first few minutes of this video is in German, but then the next almost two hours are Gerry speaking in English.
Gerry speaking previously in around 2008, I think.

Gerry on CNN 1992

Harassment from Scientology PI Eugene Ingram in 1992.

Day Three Enter Mike Rinder: Part 1.

Gerry Armstrong's blog

Caroline Letkeman's Channel:

I had intended to add Gerry, How could I have an Apollo series without him, with the current scene I had to bring it forward.
To be Continued....

The Way to Happiness Reviseted.

Not to want to spoil the wonderful day for the happy couple, but When Scientology starts doing wedding events for Muslims, you seriously have to wonder what the hell is going on?
Amazing Muslim Wedding at St. Hill.
Weddings at St. Hill Manor.

The luxurious wedding for this happy couple must have cost a small fortune, to say the least, yet Scientology cannot pay their workers, because they are all religious volunteers?

One wonders what religious significance waiting at tables has for the overworked and non paid sea orgers has with regards enlightenment, you would think by now they could beam the food onto the tables from another galaxy. Oops, sorry, Ron's still too busy doing research to trivialize himself with a wedding.He's already had three of his own, sorry did I say three, I meant two, he never had a second wife.She was mysteriously erased from his mind, just like an engram.

Scientology and Islam.

Farrakhan delivers Dianetics auditing.
The above two videos beggar belief.. Scary stuff, indeed.

Here's someone with some common sense:

Who says Scientologists can't infiltrate entire towns in your county, country or the world?

Clive Wilson is Clear.No 26394

Tatjana Keenan:
St. Hill Manor Weddings Events Organizer.
Scroll down.

From weddings to Motoring clubs:

Entrance fee of £85 per couple, £25 of which goes to St. Wilfrid's Hospice.
To be continued....

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Scientology's Way To Happiness.

Youtube by the churchofscientology:
Moral guidance has been the domain of religion since the dawn of time. Yet throughout history—and never more so than in this 21st century materialistic world—that role has been severely undermined. War upon war, prompted by religious conflict, continues to this day. What, then, is a solution?

Instead of finding differences between ourselves—race, color and, most notably, religion—what if all could find common bonds of agreement? What if there were moral precepts that did not require that people subscribe to the beliefs of one religion or another, but which merely began from the starting point that we simply respect the beliefs of others?

Such is The Way to Happiness, a non-religious moral code based wholly on common sense and which can serve as a guide to better happiness.

Accordingly, The Way to Happiness is a moral code that can simultaneously be embraced by members of every religious faith -- Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Scientologist.
This was uploaded by Scientology on the 29th of May 2008, most likely in an effort to counter attack Anonymous for daring to protest in such large numbers outside their orgs.Allegedly  "the way to happiness" is a non religious moral code, notice the wording of how it can be embraced by members of every religious faith, including that of the scientologist.

There are a number of things this video lacks,one of the main features that is missing is although L. Ron Hubbard may have written this, they forgot to add that on his exploits on the sea in 1968 he ordered young children to be put in the ship's chain locker,they also forgot to mention that David Miscavige the current leader beats his staff.No doubt all the little children gaily waving their "way to happiness" booklets about, wouldn't be very happy if they knew about that.

Larry Brennan on Religious Cloaking:

Until Nothing Remains:
A German film based on a true story, that of a man named Heiner von Ronn.

What if we could all find common bonds of agreement asks Scientology. Well, for one thing that requires trust and there is nothing to be trusted about Scientology or Scientologists whilst under the influence of Hubbard's writings.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Believe what you want, they long as You are Not Harming anyone.

Affidavit of Anne Rosenblum:

pages 12/13/14:
Flag manages Scientology internationally, under LRH's direction. Hubbard's pre-occupation with science fiction and paranoia led to some bizarre occurrences.On one occasion some "plants", or spies were found in the org. The HAS(Head of Division 1, HCO) thought some students were plants( I don't remember why he thought this) and reported it to to the AG(Assistant Guardian--head of the G. O. in an org). The students started getting security checked on the E- Meter, GO style. The GO did the sec checks all night. The Executive Director and HAS "helped out" with the sec checks at times--where two or three people would be in a room, and the'd get information by asking who they worked for, and if they couldn't get a name out of them, they'd go down the alphabet, with the plant on the E-Meter, and see which letters got a reaction on the meter and put names together from that. It was just crazy.

Then the AG handed the Executive Director a gun and told him and the HAS to stand outside the room, while the GO finished the security check. They were on a deserted floor in the org. The next thing I knew, the AG had "discovered" some incredible "plot" and called in the GO people from the US head quarters.

Believe it or not, this great discovery was that there was an "implant station" located in Ohio, where dark invaders from space were implanting people and sending them into the orgs to spy. Implants are something supposedly done to people (thetans) billions and trillions of years ago, where, by the use of electronic means, evil people would attempt to control and "suppress" people and install false ideas in them etc...It's in the Scientology tech dictionary and is a product of Hubbard's paranoid imagination projected onto his followers.Anyway, there was supposedly this implant station right there in the US,implanting people to spy on and destroy scientology. They convinced the students themselves that they were implanted.

This is very long but worthwhile the read.She talks about the RPF, rice and beans and wages or the lack there of.I am convinced a similar scenario as the above is what happened to my Father.

The Reclusive Founder of Scientology.

Both of these sources can be found here:

Which brings me to what I was looking for originally the TSMY Excalibur, previously known as the Bolivar.
and this:
Excalibur - The Infamous Slave - Ship.Seems there are quite a few slave ships in Scientology's history

It certainly was an experience they would never forget, but it was two different ships.
You are probably wondering what brought me to this, well, I saw a few things about the Freewinds, originally called Boheme, and ironies of all ironies I found this:

MS Boheme "The Happy Ship" originally owned by of all things Commadore's Cruises Ltd.And it doesn't stop there, oh no, I then found IAS Excalibur which is a fictional starship in Babylon 5, first seen in A call to Arms and is a victory destroyer.

Which brings me to the Freewinds:

Kidnapped:Don Jason escapes from the Freewinds:

Lawrence Wollersheim barely escaped with his sanity and his life:

And then back to Germany:
The Cleared Planet.
All with subtitles by Anonymous.

Rock Slam!

Ex Sea Org Member reveals the horrors of theRPF

ZDF The Scientology Plan 1.

How Many More?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Human Rights vs Holy Orders.

We'll start with this:

Now regardless of what they might tell you Youth for Human Rights and the Church of Scientology are one and the same.Now watch the following video and see where the hypocrisy lies in the first link.

So, does this still happen today? Yes, it does and it goes on right under our very noses.

The GOD Discussion:14/9/2911

ABC Lateline.
Watch the video, notice Virginia Stewart couldn't even say the certain Senator's name. Is that because it is Xenophon, sounds too much like Xenu.

UK Telegraph:

The main sources for all of this is from here:

Moving over from Australia and to the place where all these masterful videos, CDs and books are made by the church of scientology and their Human Rights campaigns let's go to Golden Era Productions.

You ever wonder about human rights, then why is this guy running round the running track in the blazing hot heat. Does anyone really think he is purifying his soul?From what I can gather this was 2 years ago.

Karen Jentszch, ex wife of Heber Jentszch posted a link to this story on OCMB today and regardless of the way I feel about freezoners I think it's worth a mention.

While I looked through the worksheets of sec checks that were being applied to some of my friends in Germany in Gestapo fashion by the Finance Police (Wendell Reynolds), I protested wildly and this got me in short order on the decks. Instead of supervising the Running program as Sr C/S Int for Pilots I was running myself up to 13 hours a day. Had some great wins there too but will spare you the bad consequences of the out-Tech of running in boots in the rain. It is an amazing program and it was LRH's solution for lots of messed up staff cases to pull them out of the mental muck.

Due to visa troubles I had to leave INT and started auditing at INCOMM only to be exchanged to CC INT shortly thereafter. I C/Sed  full-time. There was no study time, no group, not even staff meetings. I ate while c/sing. The 'Clear' scene was very different from EU and I reported it to SR C/S INT. Shortly thereafter I was put onto the RPF in PAC and a few days later, with a lot of other RPFers it was up to GOLD. No time to take care of my few personnel belongings. They were all simply thrown away as I found out later. Grrrrr!

DOT CONNECT: Here the real nightmare started with renovating Bonnie View, redoing the ship's deck and then building the music studio with no, or way insufficient, sleep. It was all based on an incorrect eval that LRH would come back there. What a waste of resources! The beingness was not the one of an RPFer but being a member of the GCT (Gold Construction Team) as there was literally no study, just Ethics conditions done out in the cold so the person would not fall asleep! It was pretty much for the birds. After several months of that the body took its revenge. It took 6 months to regain full mobility of my shoulder and of course no org money for chiro adjustments.

Being chosen as one of 6 GCTers for FT auditing was the light at the end of a long tunnel. Jeff Walker gave us one afternoon to get through the NOTs RDD. That twinship with Steve Marlow wasn't exactly great. Being at Happy Valley DID give some freedom that I completely missed at the base. Justifications while running FPRD were not written out and my Ser Facs are well and alive, thank you for asking.

Second post down.

This was taken this year, and if you think it just goes on there you are sadly mistaken.:

A couple of more things to take into consideration, from a letter written by Michael Moore, Head of the Internationl Freezone:

When Hubbard was alive the church did indeed practice the philosophy of scientology and helped many people to become more aware as beings. The philosophy was promoted and people were welcomed into the church. Families and family life was encouraged and promoted and the cost of the services were reasonable.
After his death, however, a new regime took over and all that changed.

The emphasis turned to money to the exclusion of all else and a paranoiac obsession that anyone not with the church was against it. Church members were not allowed to look at the internet or anything the church management deemed contrary to church doctrine. Abuse of various kinds were, and to my understanding, still are, perpetrated against members still in the church. This is a classic case of violating the basic doctrines of the philosophy.

Many of the original followers that assisted Hubbard with his research were booted out. Scripts and books were changed and a very effective 1984 job has been done on the literature and the basic services the church was originally set up to deliver by the founder are now at a standstill.

It is a misnomer to say that that the church practices scientology because it no longer does. The copyrights and the name, 'Scientology', maybe owned by the commercial organisation called the Church of Spiritual Technology, but it is simply giving lip service to a philosophy no longer practiced. The church is now a commercial vehicle for making money, and reducing costs through the out and out suppression of individuals within the church through, violence, abuse, cheap labour, threats, and harassment. The threat against existing scientologists, staff and members within and without the church is the denial of one's future existence if one does not comply. Patent nonsense of course as, like in most philosophies, one is regarded as a spiritual being. Nevertheless for those still held within the tightly regimented enclave it seems real enough. Practiced by the church also is harassment of scientologist who are no longer members of the church but who deem to practice the original philosophy.

This includes legal as well as illegal harassment.

The only scientology you will find practiced, these days, is outside the church, in the Independent Scientology Free zone where the basic principles are still adhered to and it is considered that man has spiritual freedom.

And this:

Australian Senate not holding an inquiry into Scientology
The International Freezone Association Inc welcomes the Australian Senate decision not to hold an inquiry into Scientology. Such an inquiry would eventually end up as a witch hunt and be a precedent for further 'inquiries' into other religions. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
PR Log (Press Release) - Mar 11, 2010 - The International Freezone Association Inc welcomes the Australian Senate decision not to hold an inquiry into Scientology.
Such an inquiry would eventually end up as a witch hunt and be a precedent for further 'inquiries' into other religions.
The religion of Scientology is not in question. The activities of the current church are.
The philosophy and religion of scientology is as far from the official church (consisting of the private nonprofit corporation called The Church of Spiritual Technology, the Religious Technology Center and the Church of Scientology International) as it is possible to be and still be on the same planet.
When Hubbard was alive the church did indeed practice the philosophy of scientology and helped many people to become more aware as beings. The philosophy was promoted and people were welcomed into the church. Families and family life was encouraged and promoted and the cost of the services were reasonable.
Indeed, get your copy today.Please scroll down on this IFA latest news to read this ridiculous statement.These so called ethical people are no better than L. Ron Hubbard himself. It's all a money making machine and Michael Moore is a liar.

I am impressed.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Church of Scientology facing Back Pay Claims

Whilst I look forward with relish to see how this turns out, I do find it a little bit disconcerting to see that Mike Rinder has gone from Scientology's spokesperson to news/media spokesperson. How did that happen?Marty's in Germany buddying up with the German government and Mike's doing media. I'm sure there must be some kind of logical explanation to all of this, but as of right now, I don't get it.But then, where scientology is concerned you're not meant to are you?Forever the doubting Thomas when scientology is mentioned, I guess I will believe it when I see it.

Whilst the "church" of scientology has the gall to try and change the name of the company just two days after receiving this draft, they have the cheek to say it is unethical until the draft has been finalized.Of course they know all about what is ethical or not because L. Ron Hubbard told them "we are the most ethical people on the planet"whilst getting his followers to commit gross crimes and misconduct against not only it's followers but those that leave and those that dare to speak out about it.

Million-dollar profits

While the draft report reveals how little the church's staff have been paid, it also shines a light on how much money the church makes.

The church argues it is a religious organisation with no commercial, wholesale or retail interests.

But the Fair Work draft report shows that one of the church's Australian entities in 2009 held assets worth over $49 million and made over $17.9 million in the same year.

Of that, $11.5 million was made from spiritual counselling and religious training.

The draft report says these courses can cost tens of thousands of dollars: "Documentary evidence obtained includes provision of an 'advanced program' to assist a Scientology member 'progress up the bridge' at a cost in excess of $65,000."

Mike Rinder believes the Church of Scientology will fight the Fair Work ombudsman's findings.
"I think they will challenge it in court. I think concurrently they will probably start new corporations or companies to house the activities and see if they can't start afresh," he said.

Two days after the draft findings were given to interested parties, the Church of Scientology applied to ASIC to register a new company name.

"The suggestion that the change in registration was designed to circumvent any negative findings against the church by the Fair Work ombudsman is outrageous, wrong and defamatory," the church said on a statement released on Tuesday.

"It is quite unfair, outrageous and highly unethical for any analysis of such draft findings to take place when they are not the final decision of the regulatory authority," the church said in a separate statement about Lateline's story.

Severe Reality Adjustment:

We all want justice Dean, this charade of a "church" has gone on for far too long.

Well done Dean, Nick Xenophon and all other Australians involved and special Thanks to Sponge and Zhent who made sure we could all see this.

The Village Voice:
Religion News Blog:

I came across this on Caliwogs blog and felt it deserved mention here.
Must Read; Gullibility Revisited:
Hosted on Proffessor Dave Touretsky's site at Canagie Mellon University

Since leaving the scientology I've realized that hubbard and the scientology elite practiced and practice a kind of lying that was completely effective against me and other members I knew. Essentially, Hubbard claimed to be fighting the things he was actually trying to bring about, and claimed to be promoting the things he actually worked to destroy. It's very strange.

He claimed to be leading people to spiritual freedom, yet requiring that people adhere utterly and without deviation to standard tech in all areas of life meant that it was 'unethical' for his followers to think for themselves--spiritual slavery.
 In the early fifties he railed against authoritarian teaching methods in schools and universities, yet scientology 'study tech' as practiced reduces education to the duplication and understanding of 'source' only. It is positively vile for a scientologist to seriously challenge the validity of the tech and unthinkable to propose or try alternatives.

Hubbard said he wanted people to confront reality as it is, yet Scientology and Dianetics processing is the ultimate in introversion, mainly aimed at getting the person to see imaginary incidents and beings as ``real''.
Hubbard claimed to be achieving greater ``self-determinism'' and ability for his followers, yet Scientologists are made mentally dependent on ``the tech'' in nearly all areas of their lives, even business and the arts. Hubbard actually sought to eliminate ``self-determinism.''

Hubbard and the scientology elite claimed to be for libertarian ``laissez faire,'' letting people do as they please without too much interference, yet the cult is practically a totalitarian slave state unto itself. It's in Scientology that you find the ranks of hollow-eyed ``sea org'' slaves living in poverty with few rights, under the most unyielding control, the RPF sub-slaves shuffling around in dirty clothes denied even the right to address and associate with other Scientologists, and the comfortable, arrogant elite, strutting their rank and unquestionable power in their impeccable uniforms, instilling terror in the subserviant ranks, living genteel, priviliged lives.
Scientology claimed to be against the persecution of minorities, but the cult actually does the things it now accuses Germany of slipping toward: falsely demonizing.and persecuting members and past members as ``suppressives,'' demonizing and vilifying psychiatrists and psychologists with precisely the same propaganda methods used by the Nazis against the Jews.

Hubbard and scientology singled out the ``psychs'' as the true source of insanity and crime in the world. Yet it's Scientology that brings about introversion and insanity --as I myself and thousands of others can attest--through endless ``processing,'' in which people are little-by-little gotten to believe that Hubbard's imaginary ``minds'' and ``implants'' and hordes of interfering spirits are real.

This precisely expresses how I feel about what happens to someone drawn into scientology and written far better than I could put into words.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Lake of Flies.

Tricked and Lied to.......

A question I have asked many times; Scientology has been renowned over the decades for committing crimes of gigantic proportions, not only on it's followers but also outside it's organization, so how has it got away with it?

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see how. L. Ron Hubbard back in the late 60s wanted his organization to infiltrate every walk of life,to ride roughshod over the very fabric of human life and his organization has succeeded with the use of celebrities.

Whilst I am most definitely not happy with Marty Rathbun and his posse of auditors, for those of you that don't know, I guess this Hamburg interview gives you an inkling into how Scientology has gained access to tax exempt status and become a religion in some parts of the world.Become a "religion", I might add in order to gain tax exemption.As far back as the 60s at St. Hill, my Father has told me LRH did not like paying taxes.

9/11 and Scientology

Scientology at Ground Zero.

brought to you by Sponge:

Marty Rathbun:

Scientology and Taxes:

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rathbun in Germany.

I have have always had high praise for Ursula Camberta, since I first read about her. I hope to God, she knows what she is doing.

This video shows what happened when Ursula entered America;

Then watch What are Your Crimes?it follows after the one removed by user.
I was once told I have the patience of a saint with children, however I do not with Scientologists.

Scientology - Yelling at Ashtrays.

And they do this to young children.....

And also at Narconon.....

When I did these routines as young child of 8/9 years old, there were about 25/30 young children in the class. This was in 1966/67, they still continue to do this to this day.

Narconon Exposed in Spain.

The Truth about Narconon Trois - Rivieres - A Testimony by insider David E Love.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Citizens Commission of Human Rights - CCHRInt

Define Better by Chill E. B.
More propaganda by Scientoilogy, swap the pills for an e-meter and then clay demo "Better". Define Better.
Just like all branches of Scientology this propaganda is spoon fed to young children.

Don't forget folks Jan Eastgate promotes the Industry of Death CCHR.

Here she is with John Sweeney:

and of course the unforgettable Tommy Davis:

Chill E B gets around, rapping at St. Hill and even at Lafayette Memorial Crosses and here he is as a humanitarian on behalf of CCHR, I bet they can't believe their luck!

A town called Lafayette, that's scary a bit like L. Ron Hubbard Way
That's a fine speech Chill EB,shame you are being fed such hyperbole by the scientologists.

And as if that wasn't weird enough, check this out:

Whilst defining "better" maybe we should look at some of the things Scientology and it's front groups have done to children in the name of  L. Ron Hubbard.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Wall of Fire and Source.

I sat there for a long time after I read this startling revelation. It was a profound turning point for me. I will describe what went on in my mind as well as I possibly can. Here I had finally made it to the Wall of Fire, I had just been given the Secrets of the Universe. This was Reality! I distinctly remember feeling like I was in a state of suspended animation; as if I were watching myself to see how I was going to react to this news. I almost let the thought form: "You've got to be kidding!" But I caught it just in time and squelched it. I did allow myself to think that I didn't understand what he was talking about. But having already installed L. Ron Hubbard in my mind as the unerring dispenser of Truth, there was no way for me to reject the information. I remember feeling completely numb and making sure to arrange my expression so that the course supervisor would not realize how stunned I was.

Mercifully, it was soon time for dinner. I remember walking toward the galley (the dining room), which was in the basement of what is now Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, trying to digest what I had just learned. As I walked over a small bridge I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, frozen by the thought that I was crawling with millions of disembodied creatures. I had to restrain the urge to wipe my hands over my whole body to get them off!

We are all well aware that Hubbard wrote all the policies used by
Scientology management today which are at the heart of the entire war that
Scientology has declared on its critics. Hubbard wrote the "Manual of 
Dissemination," for example, in which he instructed his followers that the 
purpose of a lawsuit is to harass, not to win. He also wrote the "Manual of 
Justice," in which he says that a reporter who dares to write anything critical
about Scientology should be harassed and intimidated until he shudders into
silence. He also wrote "Attacks on Scientology, Additional Policy Letter," in
which he details how to destroy the reputation of anyone who is critical of 
Scientology. There are many, many others, including the vilest of Hubbard's
policies, the "Fair Game" policy which has been in continuous use by
Scientology since it was written in 1967. Current management is revising these
Hubbard policies for the reprints of the OEC and Tech volumes for legal and PR
reasons, because Miscavige and his lawyers don't want the public to know how
rabidly insane and vindictive Hubbard really was. But these are  Hubbard
policies, without any doubt. Current management continues to apply the original
versions of these directives, but do not delude yourself that it was 
anyone but L. Ron Hubbard who wrote them.

It's come to my attention that this guy is now touting his Scientology rubbish  over at the alt religion google groups. He seems to think that anyone that was connected to LRH personally has all the answers to the universe because they were trained by his guru, L. Ron Hubbard personally. All this tells me is what a total whack job this man is.He uses what he thinks are big names connected to LRH and Scientology as his own private army to KSW(Keep Scientology Working). Beware this man:

Originally posted by Terril Park on alt.religion Scientology.He signs himself "bb" = basic basic.
Hi Chuck,
                There has been much effort to get Hubbard's ideas
shared. The lower levels are in the red vols and easily available, the
upper levels have been all over the net for a decade now.

   Note that TIR and Metapsychology as written by Sarge Gerbode  [ a
psychaitrist pre Scn studies] with help
from Mayo has entered the mainstream. It can be studied for university
credits in the USA , and here in the UK most former practicing
scientologists use these rather than Scn. One practitioner teaches
courses in TIR and metapsychology
here and most students are sociologists and mainstream therapists. I
have scn friends who studied with them.

  I know several scientologists or former scientologists who have
trained in
psychology and have degrees in it. Certainly Mary Freeman [ class
VIII] has good contacts with Sarge.

  With regard to excorcism this is a complex issue. With regard to OT
2 and 3
which I've done they were excellent gains to be had. Not really
similar to conventional excorcism as I understand it. I know of people
who have run NOTs to excellent effect on beginners. Two  of them are
friends of mine, the auditor and the client. My father was an
Episcopalian priest and unusually was also an

  My wife is an assistent Catholic  Excorcist, and her and her fellows
get excellent results including those with mental problems. They are
from the Phillipines and probably are mixing Shamanism with
Catholocism, as the usual scenario is removing curses. However the
commands are quite simple, "go away"
and much praying is done.

  More than one way to skin a cat!

  .I don't personally think the Xenu story is true. I think OT 3 works
by running explosions, as per the early Pab 12.


Tech outside CO$ : Wins from Frankie Freemans auditing:

Terril Park:

Mary Maren making a good living out of this pseudo quackery:
When Scientology was fun!

Mary Maren and Ethics:

For those who do not understand what Mary is talking about, in layman's terms she is basically saying she too can take a lot of your money to deliver L. Ron Hubbard's tech to you by using scientology ethics.

Mary Freeman class VII LRH trained -Standard Tech:

OT III Completion:

Scientology Ethic's as done by LRH himself.

Originally posted by Terril Park on alt.religion Scientology:

TECH outside COS: Wins with Power Processing.

One of my current PC's on Power Processing has been waiting for a few
weeks to complete "percolating" from wins and cognitions after
session, and, their universe having realigned from these, just now
found the words:
 My success story:

I feel very open and fresh, there has been so much as-ised in my
universe, and there is very little that bothers me.

If there is something that bothers me, it’s no longer in the sense
that I sit there and ponder about it, but its rather a rational
emotion and I don’t hang on it or linger on it for a long time.

Also when people speak to me, I don’t have facsimilies coming in,
although I do have pictures that I can create on the subject that
anyone may discuss with me. I feel free of restimulation and I find
myself in a place where nothing really bothers me much;  I don’t care
to take part in to people’s BS or any other games that I don’t
consider to be best for all of my dynamics. I just don't care to feed
the fire, I’ve lost interest in that.

I find myself operating on “what’s true for you is true for you”,
without feeling any need to evaluate or invalidate. I feel totally at
cause! A thetan operates by choice, what you get is what you choose!

This is true!

Love, Dex
Dexter Gelfand, Independent Field Auditor
Grad V, Power Processing Specialist,
Free Scientologist

These Power Processes were what my Father was doing when he could not get any case gain, this was in 1969. Not getting any case gain means you are connected to a Suppressive Person or are a Suppressive Person.He was declared a Suppressive Person, put into "Treason", an ethics condition and thrown out of scientology leaving me behind on the ship, the Apollo.I was 11 when this happened. I had just turned 12 when I went to join my Father in Denmark, whom had been a "Suppressive Person" by then for some three months, yet no one saw fit to tell me. A couple of months later when my Father returned to see me, we were not allowed contact and in fact I was not even told he had been there until he was long gone.The faithful Scientologists following L. Ron Hubbard's every policy right down to the last letter.Make no mistake scientology is rotten to the core, whether delivered in or outside of a so called "church".These faithful pariahs make money out of it and indoctrinate their children with this complete bullshit.

Here's yet another old ship hand emanating POWER to source:

Oh YEAH, Scientology was so much fun under LRH. NOT!