Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Citizens Commission of Human Rights - CCHRInt

Define Better by Chill E. B.
More propaganda by Scientoilogy, swap the pills for an e-meter and then clay demo "Better". Define Better.
Just like all branches of Scientology this propaganda is spoon fed to young children.

Don't forget folks Jan Eastgate promotes the Industry of Death CCHR.

Here she is with John Sweeney:

and of course the unforgettable Tommy Davis:



Chill E B gets around, rapping at St. Hill and even at Lafayette Memorial Crosses and here he is as a humanitarian on behalf of CCHR, I bet they can't believe their luck!

A town called Lafayette, that's scary a bit like L. Ron Hubbard Way
That's a fine speech Chill EB,shame you are being fed such hyperbole by the scientologists.

And as if that wasn't weird enough, check this out:

Whilst defining "better" maybe we should look at some of the things Scientology and it's front groups have done to children in the name of  L. Ron Hubbard.

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