Friday, 30 September 2011

More on Gerry Armstrong's battle against Scientology.

I found this today, unfortunately none of the links work, however all the videos can be found on Caroline Letkman's website or Gerry's.

It gives a brief history on the 'Loyalists' and how Scientology tried to frame Gerry.

Gerry talking about people being locked up on the Apollo in 1973:

Gerry on Hubbard:

Gerry's Worst day in Scientology:

Gerry discusses You know who:

Gerry on leaving Scientology:

Gerry on Marty Rathbun:

Scientologist confirms Disconnection but claims she would never do it:

Gerry's Message to David Miscavige:

Gerry explains Good Indicatore and Bad Indicators:

Gerry on Omar garrison:

Do Highest Ranking Scientologists have a conscience?

The Life and Times of Marty Rathbun:
Sadly, many of the links on this page are no longer available. Click on 'Back to loose ends@ at the bottom of this page where it takes you to some links that do work, an extensive effort on Scientology's history, some links do work.
And, Mike Rinder:

Scientology paying people to keep quiet: Now why would that be?

M&M have not spoken about  what happened to Gerry, now why would that be?
To be continued....

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