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Story of an Escape - Tory Christman.

Narconon Arrowhead rehab deaths.

Narconon Arrowhead rehab deaths
Three deaths, all connected to the same drug rehab facility in Oklahoma. Narconon Arrowhead is in the town of Canadian, Oklahoma. Some former patients say the facility's drug treatment program is based on Scientology. Some former patients say the center refuses to give them their prescription medication. However, the facility's CEO disagrees.

Fox News - Narconon Oklahoma Deaths part 1of 2:

Part 2 of 2: 

Russia: Customs blocking entry of banned Hubbard books.

Russia: Customs blocking entry of banned Hubbard books

Unofficial translation of a Russian article posted on May 31, 2012 on the website of the Northwest Customs Directorate of the Russian Federation:
Saint Petersburg Customs: Results of the fight against extremism

May 31, 2012

Saint Petersburg customs notes a recent increase in the volume of religious propaganda literature being sent to Russia. Saint Petersburg customs agents regularly apply preventive measures to block the entry and further circulation of materials that have been ruled extremist.

In the course of their inspections, agents of the law enforcement branch of the customs office noted a significant influx into the northwest region of literature, booklets and CDs containing informational materials in Russian by L. Ron Hubbard, the ideologist of the international religious organization "Church of Scientology," sent by "New Era Publishing Group," a legal entity registered in Denmark.

The Shchyolkovo city court in the Moscow region has ruled a number of these materials extremist.

The Russian branch of the Danish "New Era" publishing company, which ships and distributes these materials, is presently facing criminal charges filed by the Main Investigations Directorate for the city of Shchyolkovo under Part 1, Article. 282 of the Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation ("Incitement of hatred, enmity, or abasement of human dignity").

Inspections of international mail in 2011 also turned up Hubbard books that have been ruled extremist by court decision.

To summarize, goods prohibited from importation on the territory of the Russian Federation were detected during customs inspections. In accordance with the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, the materials found as a result of the inspections were refused at the customs control point and will be returned to the foreign sender.

Thank You, mnql1.


May 31, 2012

Saint Petersburg customs agents showed reporters prohibited books, dozens of publications that are classified as extremist in Russia and were found in the mail. Russian-language publications of the international cult of Scientologists were sent in boxes to St. Petersburg. Moreover, these are gifts that he recipients did not solicit.

Ekaterina Zvereva, Chief Customs Inspector, Department of Customs Inspections, Vasileostrovskiy Customs Station, St. Petersburg:
It frightens me as a mother, as a citizen, that the target of this mail is institutions for children throughout the northwest region in large quantities.

Customs officials determined that the prohibited books are distributed by a Danish publisher. Criminal charges have already been filed against the company's Russian branch. The investigation is continuing. In accordance with the law, all of the extremist books will be returned to the sender.

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I Love David Love!

Inside Scientology Rehab Narconon - (A Remix for Governments)

Published on May 25, 2012 by Intelligenceplus

May 25, 2012 - The Scientology Rehab, Narconon program consists entirely of Scientology Training Routines and Auditing Sessions, which patients suffer through, exhibiting strange and absurd behaviour. These cult practices cause changes in mental state, thought, reason, and through these methods, alter belief. Several Narconon Patients have died while in unqualified staff care - others attempted suicide. Physician prescribed medications withheld. Some die soon after leaving Narconon. Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lurative cult the world has ever seen. No cult or sect extracts more money from it's members.!

Story of an Escape by Nefertiti.

Organizational Forerunners to the RPF.

Organizational Forerunners to the RPF

     During the very period when Hubbard wrote about brainwashing
in the late 1960s, he also established a number of formal
structures within Scientology designed to both punish perceived
deviants whose job performances were deficient and train people
for necessary jobs that the organization needed. Having been at
sea from late 1967 (Atack, 1990: 176-177), Hubbard's punishment
and training programs reflected the needs and conditions of
maritime life. On January 4, 1968, for example, Hubbard created
what he called the "Mud Box Brigade," which was a punishment
assignment to any Sea Org member whom Hubbard determined was "a
freeloader who is loafing on post and drifting with the wind"
(quoted in Hubbard, 1976b: 341). The unsavory jobs involved
cleaning the area where the ship's anchors dragged in mud (the
mud boxes), along with "fuel lines, water lines, bilges, etc."
(quoted in Hubbard, 1976b: 341). These were difficult, dirty, and
somewhat dangerous assignments, but within a few years they would
be taken over by inmates in the RPF's internal punishment
program, the RPF's RPF.
     Certainly by early 1969, Hubbard had in place two training
projects--the Deck Project Force (DPF) and the Pursers Project
Force (PPF), but he abolished them on March 25, 1969 (Hubbard,
1969). Apparently the DPF had trained Sea Org members on various
ship duties, and the PPF presumably trained people in areas of
ship finance and supply (see Hubbard, 1976b: 429). Likewise, some
time before early April, 1972, Hubbard had a training program for
household services called the Stewards Project Force (SPF
[Hubbard, 1972a; 1976b: 501). He also had a program called the
Estates Project Force (EPF), which (as we must reconstruct from a
later document), did such work as painting and sweeping (Hubbard,
1977: 1). Until the advent of the RPF, the EPF also received Sea
Org members for (what Scientology called) "retreading." These
staff needed constant supervision, were making obvious problems,
or were performing their jobs without enthusiasm (i.e., were
suffering from "robotism" [Boards of Directors of the Churches of
Scientology, 1977: 1]).
     Apparently, however, Hubbard reinstituted the DPF, because
by early 1972 it had a function beyond mere training. In addition
to new recruits, the DPF received Sea Org members who were
questioning authority. In the peculiar logic and language of
Scientology, these people had "interiorized." That is to say,
"the person is finding counter-intention in the environment which
coincides with his own (this is reasonableness), and his
attention becomes directed to his own counter-intention rather
than to his objective" (Hubbard, 1976b: 437, quoting a Flag Order
from September 23, 1969 [emphasis in original]). Said plainly,
these people were questioning aspects of Sea Org life, and were
finding things in the external world to reinforce their internal
doubts.  Consequently, the DPF was "to rehabilitate and
exteriorize their attention" by getting them to do work
assignments (Hubbard, 1972a; see 1976b: 133). Again said plainly,
the intent of the program was to get a person to stop looking
inward and (re)learn to accept the orders that the organization
and its leaders demanded.
     With this goal in mind, Hubbard imposed a system of rewards
and punishments called "ethics" on people within the DPF that
paralleled the system under which ordinary Sea Org members
operated. Overseeing DPF ethics was a person who had the title,
the "Deck Project Force Master-At-Arms [DPF MAA]," and he or she
was responsible for making "ethics real to DPF members by
removing counter-intention and other-intention from the area, and
by getting each DPF member to crank out products with an honest
uptrending statistic" (Hubbard, 1976b: 133; quoting a Flag Order
from February 20, 1972). In other words, the MAA was to remove
any ideas that were out of alignment with Scientology's goals
through the use of the reward-and-punishment "ethics" system.
Lateness, poor work performance, negative attitude, etc., were
"out-ethics" actions that warranted the MAA to assign the
offender to a lower ethics condition, which involved penalties on
a gradient scale of severity. The offender had to work off these
hours-long penalties or "amends" after the normal eight-to-ten
hour work day (see Boards of Directors of the Churches of
Scientology, 1973). Supposedly the completion of these amends
taught people about the consequences of not showing continual
increases in the output of their jobs, which supposedly was due
to personal intentions that allegedly were out of harmony with
Scientology's demands. In the DPF MAA's ethics assignments we can
hear the echo of Hubbard's ideas about brainwashing, which he
first discussed in 1955 and elaborated upon in the late 1960s.
This staff member was to physically wear down people when trying
to get them to renounce their private doubts, with the goal of
getting them to completely embrace the collective goals of the
     Apparently the DPF's regime of hard work in harsh conditions
continued into the early 1980s, since the account of Birgitta
Dagnell about her time on the DPF in Denmark bears remarkable
similarities to RPF accounts. According to her own statement, she
was among the eighty-two former Guardian Office members sent into
the Danish DPF by the new leadership of the Office of Special
Affairs in 1982. The crowded conditions, the poor food, the
exhausting hours, the assignments involving "cleaning toilets,
corridors[,] and hotel rooms[,] or some painting and construction
work" (Dagnell, 1997: 3) were the same for RPF inmates in other
parts of the world. So were the "gang-bang sec checks" (which I
discuss later) and the demand the "we 'recognized' that we really
[were] that bad and evil" (Dagnell, 1997: 4), which she
experienced during what she thought were going to be auditing

Something Freeminds Just found.

Erica Kirby


Cultural Group: The members of the Church of Scientology

By now, we have all heard the stories on the news, or read them in a magazine. Tom Cruise, an avid member of the Church of Scientology, rejecting to the treatment that Brooke Shields received for her post-partum depression; John Travolta reportedly not receiving proper medical attention for his epileptic son; and there are many more. It made me question, what are the true beliefs of Scientologists. Do they not believe in westernized medicine altogether, or is it mainly just psychiatric treatment? Through some research of the Church of Scientology and their practices and beliefs, via their main website at, as well as journal articles, I was able to get a good picture of their way of life.

Scientology, or literally “knowing how to know” (McCall, 2007, p441), is a very spiritual religion, that urges people to learn their own place in the universe, and believes that every person has the ability to change their own mood and life direction through themselves (McCall, 2007). Founded by L.Ron Hubbard in 1954, this religion bases its beliefs on something called “Dianetics”, which is a type of “spiritual healing” that is quite similar to Freud’s theory of id, ego, and superego. It is thought that the inappropriate memories and fantasies from the unconscious mind would eventually lead to physical representation via irrational responses to the environment. The belief of Scientologists is that every person has the ability to free their own mind of these negative influences, without the use of professional psychiatric help or psychoactive drugs (McCall, 2007).

As I gathered from my research, the Church of Scientology does not denounce the use of westernized medicine, and most followers seek appropriate medical attention when needed (Although, I will discuss some of Hubbard’s irrational beliefs later in this paper). However, their views on psychiatric medicine are quite the opposite. Psychiatric medicine and the use of psychoactive drugs are prohibited by the Church of Scientology (McCall, 2007). It was L.Ron Hubbard’s belief that psychoactive drugs, to which he even included such drugs as aspirin, would cause a “wooden-ness of personality” and a build-up of toxins that would lead to delayed effects (McCall, 2007, p 443). Hubbard also condemned the use of mental health professionals, even saying that their intent was that of evil (McCall, 2007).

We have all learned in school that diseases are caused by physiological factors, and that many of these diseases require medications to treat or suppress their symptoms. It is imperative that patients seek proper medical attention to treat their illnesses, both physiological and psychological. It is recognized from scientific studies that most psychiatric illnesses, such as postpartum depression and schizophrenia, are caused by a biological alteration in the body. For example, postpartum depression may be the result of certain physiological conditions, including anemia, thyroid dysfunction, and infection or inflammation (Corwin & Arbour, 2007). It is dangerous for our patient’s health if they do not receive proper medical attention when needed.

The followers of this culture are creating their own “disadvantage” within our healthcare system. Access to psychiatric care and treatment is widely available in this country. By avoiding treatment, they are putting themselves at risk for further complications, not to mention increased stress from the weight placed on their shoulders to “cure themselves”. Although it is important to allow everyone to have their own beliefs, we as practitioners need to be sure that our patients are educated on the importance of medical care and treatment for any illnesses they may have.

One of the statements made by Hubbard that was quite stunning was his claim that “70% of physician’s current roster of diseases fall into the category of psychosomatic illness” (McCall, 2007, p 440). He claimed that diseases, including asthma, arthritis, allergies, peptic ulcer disease, and coronary artery disease, were among the list of psychosomatic illnesses, and these diseases could be relieved through the use of the Dianetics theory (McCall, 2007). Of course, we as healthcare providers know that this is untrue. Although lifestyle habits and diet may help alleviate some of the severity of these diseases, they are all caused by physiological processes in our bodies, and must be medically treated. Another interesting aspect of Scientology is their “purification program”, which is supposed to help its members rid themselves of toxin build-up. This program consists of thirty minutes of running, to dislodge the toxins, followed by four and a half hours in a hot sauna, to “sweat out” the toxins. In combination with this regimen, they recommend that members also drink two tablespoons of pure polyunsaturated oils, along with one to three glasses per day of a calcium-magnesium drink, as well as take multiple supplements to help rid the body of unwanted toxins (McCall, 2007). A regimen that sounds both unhealthy and unsafe!

As an Advanced Practice Nurse, it would be an important part of my job to discuss the need for proper health care and treatment with a patient who was a part of this culture. According to the Scientology website,, the number of members to the Church is growing rapidly (n.d.). We may soon see more patients who adhere to these beliefs and practices. We need to try to support the views of our patients; however, we must also educate them on the reality of psychiatric illnesses and the treatment options available to them. Health education and promotion are extremely important in this situation, as with any culture with strict beliefs and practices.


Corwin, E.J. & Arbour, M. (2007). Postpartum fatigue and evidence-based interventions. The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, 32(4), p 215-220.

McCall, W.V. (2007). Psychiatry and psychology in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. Journal of Religion and Health, 46(3), p437-447.

Scientology. (n.d.). The official church of scientology: L. Ron Hubbard, dianetics, what is scientology?, books, beliefs. Retrieved on June 8th, 2010, from

The Ex-Scientologist. (n.d.) The death of L. Ron Hubbard. Retrieved on June 9th, 2010, from

Original article can be downloaded here:

Posted by Freeminds on ESMB: 

Your Say:Northcote Psychiatry show Slammed.

A NORTHCOTE Town Hall exhibition discrediting psychiatry has prompted calls for a further review of Darebin Council’s venue hire policy.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Church of Scientology and produced by its advocacy group Citizens Commission of Human Rights, features a video and photographic display discrediting psychiatric intervention and pharmaceuticals.

>> Should the exhibition have been allowed? Tell us below.
Northcote resident Luke Shein, who works with people who have mental illness, lodged a complaint with the council, describing the exhibition as “lacking in balance” and “fear-mongering”.

“I found the exhibition to be offensive and potentially dangerous to vulnerable individuals,” Mr Shein said.

“The council should put more thought into what it puts on in pubic buildings.”

Mr Shein said said he was disturbed by photographs of bleeding, disfigured children inside the exhibition and the slogan “psychiatry, an industry of death” painted on a truck outside, but was most troubled that the exhibition discouraged people from “engaging with a treatment that might lead to a better mental health outcome”.

Darebin Mayor Steven Tsitas said he was open to investigating the venue hire guidelines.
Rucker Ward Cr Trent McCarthy said if the exhibition presented information “that is misleading or harmful to people with a mental illness, that’s a very serious matter”.

“Council should look closely at its policy on this,” Cr McCarthy said.

Darebin Council’s city design and environment manager, Daniel Freer, said the council allowed the exhibition after finding no issues of public concern elsewhere.

Citizens Commission of Human Rights representatives did not return Leader’s calls. 

Narconon $60,000 Twin Cures.

Scientology Targets Children.

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Articles on the Village Voice getting More Bizarre by the Week.

And, as tony likes to say, this one's a real doozy!

 Personally I am less interested in Amanda Palmer and what she has to say and far more interested in some of the comments, especially by one Robin Scott.

Neil's father, David Gaiman, was a really nice and charming man, intelligent, hard-working, highly effective and dedicated, very popular and well-liked by many. David held a very senior position within the Church, not just their UK spokesman; he was for many years the Deputy Guardian for Public Relations World Wide. I knew them both back at St Hill in the 1970s, and David performed the naming ceremony for our son, Edward, in 1982. I think Neil gained a great deal from his upbringing within Scientology; I believe his impressive success owes a lot to that, but he has always been silent on the subject, which doesn't do him credit, in my view. He should acknowledge the source of much of his inspiration.I will be fascinated to see what you discover about this, Tony - good story, my friend!

He goes on to say:

David Gaiman was not only a senior Scientology exec; he was also a successful businessman in his own right, with a charming wife and a lovely family. So Neil grew up in a privileged situation, with every comfort, a supportive family, and in the centre of what was at that time a fascinating and stimulating group at St Hill, largely devoid of all today's abuses. Hubbard, for all his sins, was a successful science fiction writer; and we all know that Scientology is full of science fiction! My impression of Neil, then and now, is that he benefitted enormously from growing up in that fertile environment. I think it has contributed to his success.

The Scientology organisation of the 1970s was dramatically different to what it has tragically become now under Miscavige and his cronies. To be honest, I do look back at that time as a golden age. It was exciting, exhilarating, there were lots of fantastic people involved; the early days in Clearwater were spectacular - we all felt we were part of something truly amazing, that might indeed help to save the world. We were full of youthful idealism and optimism. I was lucky enough to meet my beautiful wife Adrienne - we've lived happily ever after, ever since! For us it worked, thankfully. We left early in 1981, as we sensed that the organisation was becoming increasingly authoritarian, with an obsession with money.It's no coincidence that, when Miscavige took control in 1982, one of the first things he did was to wipe out the GO, since it was the only arm of Scientology which had the potential to curb his rise to power and moderate his behaviour. Once they were gone, he was firmly in the driving seat, and has been ever since. Funnily enough, I knew him too; he was actually a bright kid, also from a very nice family - no sense of what he was to become, ironically.

And he goes on;

Noah, I think it's a question of order of magnitude. I'm not saying that the fault lines didn't exist earlier, but on a completely different scale. During my time in the 1970s, I was aware of perhaps half a dozen people who had been declared SP; it was a very rare occurrence.

Nowadays there are literally thousands. Yes, people were tossed off boats, or children locked in a chain locker - but these were rare and isolated occurrences, not the constant systemic abuse we witness today. In my eight years in the Sea Org, I never witnessed a single act of physical violence. And, until NOTs in 1978, prices were pretty reasonable. As for infiltrating governments, I always thought that was a cool idea!
And, instead of focusing on the negatives, be aware that there were many more positives at that time. Most of my contemporaries experienced life-changing wins from Scientology auditing and training. They wouldn't have stayed otherwise, and there was no coercion.

I find myself in a curiously paradoxical situation: the true believers, who consider every word LRH wrote is gospel truth, dislike me because I was among the first to criticise him - whereas the haters, who consider every word he wrote was a complete scam, dislike me because I dare to defend the man! Lose/lose scenario for me - I get it in the ear from both sides, alternately! But I believe that my assessment of the man and his work, positioned between these two extremes, is a more balanced and nuanced perspective - and rational, rather than irrational.

Like it or not, LRH had some amazing people working for him - and David Gaiman was one of the very best.

Recently this same person and his side kick Andrew Runagall caused a lot of trouble on a face book chat page.Whilst I am not going to get into it here, I will say this, this Robin Scott talks bollachs. Be good to yourself do the research.

Deputy Guardian for PR W/W, who in the 1970s ordered the planting of false information in US Security Agency computers "to hold up American security to ridicule." He was a GO official for the whole period of the GO's existence (1966-83), was briefly purged in the 1980s but is now rehabilitated and is currently active in Russia. As a profitable sideline, he provides UK Scientologists with Hubbard's chemical concoctions (such as GUK) from his East Grinstead business, G&G Foods.

Paulien Lombard Denounces Narconon.

The report, funded by the state and released today by the Hayward-based California Healthy Kids Resource Center, did not evaluate whether Narconon crossed the church-state line in public schools.

Instead, five medical doctors and nine school health education specialists evaluated Narconon for scientific accuracy and how well its teaching methods might help students avoid taking drugs.

Information provided to students by Narconon "does not reflect accurate, widely accepted medical and scientific evidence," the researchers said. "Some information is misleading because it is overstated or does not distinguish between drug use and abuse."

The report offered these examples of Narconon's inaccuracies:

-- Drugs burn up vitamins and nutrients.

-- Drug-activated vitamin deficiency results in pain.

-- Marijuana-induced, rapid vitamin and nutrient loss causes food cravings known as "munchies."

-- Small amounts of drugs stored in fat are released at a later time (and) cause the person to re-experience the drug effect and desire to use again.

Examples of "misleading statements" include the ideas that the amount of a drug taken determines whether it acts as a stimulant or sedative, and that drugs "ruin creativity and dull senses."

Jason Beghe, Actor and Ex scientologist.

Mnql1 today posted a video of Jason Beghe on ESMB talking about his life, films and his parents and also Scientology.For some bizarre reason the video has been removed by the user.Glad I had time to watch it.I am always intrigued by a video being removed especially when it has potential value, so because of that I am going to post this:

First, here's the thread:

Jason Beghe's full interview which is what he was talking about on the video that has been removed.

It is however on vimeo:

Here's a short version of the original full length interview: 

Conference in Ireland.

On the 30th of June there will be a conference held in Ireland where a number of people will be speaking out about Scientology from Ex members to academics. Please support this by adding this link far and wide.There will also be a protest outside the Scientology organization in Dublin. Thank you. 

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Cadet Org - Clearwater, Florida.

Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology says COS disbanded the Cadet Org. Ex-members say it never went away. One thing is for sure: there are kids running around Flag in distinctive clothing with Sea Org members. Both clips filmed in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

May 22,2012 Scientology Sea Org Alley Afternoon and Coachman Building Evening:

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Tom Smith Interviews David Love & Rafael G. Delarosa

Tom Smith Interviews David Love & Rafael G. Delarosa - Part 1 of 2

March 20, 2012 - (PART 1 of 2) - Tom Smith interview on The Edge Radio Show with David Edgar Love and Rafael Gomez Delarosa. These interviews with Rafael Gomez and David Love give amazing, first-hand information about human trafficking and IMO serious financial crime in Latin America by organized Scientology as well the horrors and dangers of the Narconon program in Canada.

26 minutes

                                   Part 2 of 2

March 20, 2012 - (PART 2 of 2) - Tom Smith interview on The Edge Radio Show with David Edgar Love and Rafael Gomez Delarosa. These interviews with Rafael Gomez and David Love give amazing, first-hand information about human trafficking and IMO serious financial crime in Latin America by organized Scientology as well the horrors and dangers of the Narconon program in Canada and around the globe.

26 minutes

Italain Parliament debates a law on "mental manipulation.

On May 9, 2012, the Justice Commission of the Senate of Italy held one of its hearings on the proposed Bill 569, which would define the crime of mental manipulation. Bill 569 was introduced in 2008 and has been under Senate review since 2010. Among the witnesses on May 9, 2012 were Maria Pia Gardini (by video conference) and Stefano Pitrelli, co-author of Occulto Italia. No video is available, but a summary was posted on the website of the Senate of Italy. Here is an unofficial translation:

Source: - Legislatura 16ª - 2ª Commissione permanente - Resoconto sommario n. 315 del 09-05-2012

Commission Chairman: Senator Filippo BERSELLI

Witnesses: Piergiorgio Giacovazzo, Maria Nicoletta Gaida, Sara Sabucci, Gabriella Monaco, Maria Pia Gardini, Stefano Pitrelli, and Gianni Del Vecchio.

Start of session, 2:10 P.M.

<4 paragraphs omitted here>

Continuation of the hearings regarding the phenomenon of mental manipulation of vulnerable individuals, with particular reference to the phenomenon of so-called "cults": testimony of subject matter experts and of individuals involved in experiences of mental manipulation.

Resumption of the hearings suspended at the November 8, 2011 session.

Chairman BERSELLI began by recalling the issues these hearings are about. He then introduced the first witness, Ms. Gardini, who addressed the Commission via video conference.

Ms. GARDINI spoke about her long experience inside Scientology. She said that she became involved with this this cult at the instigation of her daughter, who was drawn into Scientology after a stay at the Narconon drug rehabilitation therapy center. This rehabilitation center, as well as other companies and associations that are active in other social sectors, is a satellite of the Scientology movement. She then discussed her experience inside the cult, which she served with dedication, reaching a level that placed her in contact with upper management. For course fees and donations, the cult demanded payments that, over the years, totaled approximately $1,840,000. Scientology is currently suing her for defamation and is seeking approximately 2,000,000 euros in damages. She then described the cult's inner divisions, which distinguish the staff, meaning the persons who dedicate themselves to Scientology, from the public, meaning the persons who purchase services or take courses. She explained that, after the death of her daughter, she tried to leave the cult and requested a refund of the money she had paid. She said that she has written two books detailing her experience and similar situations in which other former members found themselves. In conclusion, she expressed her support for Bill 569 which introduces the crime of mental manipulation. It would be difficult to understand how it is possible to distinguish between simple troublesome disturbances and conduct that constitutes the crime of stalking, while the same could not be done regarding phenomena such as those of which she was victim.

Ms. Gardini then answered questions from Chairman BERSELLI and Senators BRUNO, MUGNAI, LI GOTTI, PERDUCA, Maria Alessandra GALLONE, and CHIURAZZI.

Ms. GARDINI provided clarification about the work she performed inside the Scientology cult and about the meagre compensation she received. She reiterated that her entry into the cult resulted from the fact that her daughter had first joined the cult and was also married to a cult member. Joining the cult had, in fact, become the only way for her to continue maintaining relations with her daughter. All of her attempts to convince her daughter to leave the cult in which her daughter had complete faith were in vain. She explained that, while she was in Scientology, she tried to leave three times but ended up going back, always because of emotional blackmail.

She also spoke of having constantly experienced difficulty being heard by the authorities: in Italy, the stumbling block has long been the existence of a sort of legal vacuum, while in the U.S., despite years of FBI investigations into Scientology that have even led to prosecutions, there is no doubt that this organization - which obtained status as a religion for tax purposes and possesses prominent followers, especially in the star system - enjoys an extremely privileged position.

She also said that followers with a high social profile do not in fact play a leading role and that this is restricted to those at the very narrow top of this absolutely pyramidal organization.

Ms. MONACO talked about her experience with the Arkeon community, which she defines as a "mind control cult." Her husband first came into contact with it and then she herself in late 2003.

She recounted how her husband, after being subjected first to techniques to win him over and later to pure mental manipulation, soon became totally dependent upon the organization, to such an extent that, after a few weeks, he left his job, moved to another city, and abandoned her when she refused to continue being part of the group following an extremely traumatic experience that culminated in a group sexual assault conducted publicly under the pretext of cathartically reviving supposed incidents of childhood sexual molestation that her assigned master claimed to have detected in her unconscious, applying a frequent mental manipulation technique adopted by the group.

Ms. Monaco explained that, after three years of facing a substantial lack of cooperation from the authorities, she learned in 2006 that the public prosecutor in Bari, the city where the mind control cult is headquartered, initiated an investigation that resulted in a trial for which a decision is expected in a few weeks on charges of being a criminal organization, fraud, criminal coercion, and improper exercise of a profession. However, for all of these offenses except the first, the statute of limitations is bound to run out. In addition, she had to undergo two defamation suits by Arkeon, both of which ended in dismissal.

Ms. Monaco then showed the Commission some films that were made by former Arkeon "masters" and that the prosecution produced as evidence during the trial, showing the traumatic mental manipulation techniques used by the community.

Responding to questions from senators SERRA, MUGNAI, LI GOTTI, PERDUCA, and BRUNO, Ms. Monaco said that people who turn to a group like Arkeon are usually going through a difficult phase in their lives and they feel they need help, although in many cases a person joins simply to follow a family member or because of pressure exerted by other people, for example an employer who is a cult member, but she believes that anyone can potentially be conditioned and that she herself would have had more difficulty exercising her critical sense if the cult's approach toward her had been, as is usually the case, more gradual.

She emphasized that she had been repeatedly discouraged by police from launching a legal battle alone against such a powerful organization. She stated that, in the case of Arkeon, the subjects who are approached are mainly persons with a good cultural background and financial situation from whom Arkeon derives significant profits. She also pointed out that mental manipulation is facilitated by the use of psychotropic substances that are burned during collective ceremonies, not to mention that she does not exclude the possibility they might be added to foods and beverages, as well as by the imposition of a highly unbalanced diet.

Ms. SABUCCI described the dramatic experience that she and her family went through from 1998 to 2001, when she was still a minor, inside a small pseudo-religious community in the Treviso region. She recalled the reasons that led to joining the group and spoke about the manipulative techniques used by the "holy woman" who guided the group and the violence perpetrated against herself, for example the administration of Valium, the reduction of hours of sleep, subjection to a regulated diet, control of telephone calls, and the constant effort to denigrate and take away paternal affection. She said these practices led her to the limits of anorexia that necessitated periods of hospitalization. After recalling the events that contributed to her departure from the cult, she discussed the implications of criminal and prosecutorial aspects of her experience. As the witness said, this dramatic story ended with the conviction of the cult leader and an award of damages in the witness's favor; a criminal conviction did not prove possible because, at the time the verdict was reached, the statute of limitations had run out for the alleged offenses.

Responding to questions from Senators SERRA, MARITATI, MUGNAI, and BRUNO, she stated that her family has over the years paid the cult the sum of twelve million euros, but officially only as a loan. She then talked about the work activities performed by cult members and the manipulative techniques that were used, for example distancing people from their circle of affection and psycho-physical fatigue.

Mr. PITRELLI began by emphasizing that the book Occulto Italia, which he wrote with his colleague Gianni Del Vecchio, is the result of a secular approach to the phenomenon and does not stem from any kind of past or present, direct or indirect involvement with the realities of cults. He spoke at length about the 2001 French law that introduced the crime of subjugation. The sanctions and dispositions in this legislation entail an obligation to provide considerable training for investigating authorities, so the government provides courses to inform them about the dangers of cults. This has already had an impact by permitting the laying of criminal charges in cases related to cult experiences. Mr. Pitrelli then discussed the ongoing lobbying activity of certain cults, including at the national parliamentary level. As an example, he cited the bill regarding intentional communities that was submitted in November 2010 to the Chamber of Deputies, legislation that was likely to favor a specific cult that is active in Northern Italy. He concluded by raising considerations about the types of work activities carried out by cult members and the different types of involvement which are not necessarily based on the payments of money that are demanded from members. Responding to a question by Senator MUGNAI, he remarked on how the ability of cults to attract people arises from exploiting situations of personal weakness.

Chairman BERSELLI noted that the Senate Assembly was about to begin and proposed that the remainder of the hearing be continued until a later session, in order also to allow Mr. Giacovazzo to present the report about the phenomenon of cults. He announced that all written contributions provided by witnesses will be available for public consultation.

End of session, 4:25 P.M.
From mnql1 on OCMB: 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Back to the Buses - Sea Org Alley.

A few things about these clips of Sea Orgers on the buses, they may seem somewhat boring and repetitive, but they are huge. For one thing it clearly shows how humdrum Sea Orgers lives are. They are shipped into the building in the morning and not shipped out till late at night. Everyday. Secondly, it is a way of people spotting their loved one's, some of the older people haven't been seen in years by their families. Thirdly, it shows very clearly though the scientologists deny it, there are young children in the Sea Org and at Flag.Even some of the people whom have now left the Sea Org and Scientology still seem under the impression there are no children. Watch the videos and see for yourself. Better yet, read, watch and listen to ex scientology children about what happened to them inside Scientology and why most of us feel so strongly about children being raised in these dreadful and dispicable conditions. Find out how difficult it is for some of these children whom are usually adult before they escape or get thrown out, to adjust to a normal world, where even the language is different and they have been taught to accept certain beliefs that leave them in turmoil and are mocked relentlessly by an unforgiving world.

Great job, Darth.

The Master.

Surrounding much controversy,is it or isn't it based on L. Ron Hubbard's cult Scientology.
 Who knows?

The teaser sounds and looks a bit like an auditing session. 

Scientology's Sea Org Alley Nightlife.

How many Sea Org voluntary workers can you get on a bus? 11:00 pm on a Sunday, May 20th 2012.

European Critical Scientology Websites.

As advertised on the recent German documentary on Scientology's OSA:

Ingo Heineman

Wilfreid Handl

While we are at it let's meet Nono the French clown who has been known to protest against Scientology, in an unprovoked attack he was hit by scientologist's and ended up in hospital. You can see him at the beginning of the film about OSA, the man with the bloody nose and in a stretcher.Here he is in happier times:

Scientology Protest in Paris with Nono:

Nono still protesting after the attack, with a plaster on his nose and a neck brace:

When Scientologist's Attack:

Picture of Nono after he was attacked and in hospital:

A man after my own heart, he does not want to see children caught up in this dreadful cult.

Did Scientology Beliefs Lead to Murder?

When people think about deaths resulting from religious beliefs that oppose modern medicine, they might first think about Jehovah's Witnesses who refuse blood products or Christian Scientists who object to much of modern medical practice. Where does Scientology come into this? Scientology objects to psychiatric medication and this may have led to murder in one case.
Jeremy Perkins, who had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, came to believe that his mother, Elli, was evil and out to get him. Experts say the brutal murder might never have occurred, had he received proper treatment to control his psychotic delusions. But Jeremy’s parents were devout Scientologists and their religion strongly opposes psychiatric treatment. ...

A lawyer for Jeremy's father told 48 Hours that Jeremy was seen by both physicians and mental health practitioners, including a psychiatrist. But court records unsealed by 48 Hours indicate that Jeremy’s treatment was limited to mostly vitamins and other holistic healing methods. The family filled prescriptions for an anti-anxiety drug and a sleeping aid. Medical experts and a doctor who treated Jeremy after the murder dismiss these methods as ineffective for an individual with paranoid schizophrenia.

Source: CBS News
Obviously no one can guarantee that Jeremy Perkins never would have done anything violent had he received proper treatment and medication instead of Scientology's pseudoscientific attention. It's not at all unreasonable, though to argue that Scientology played a role here and that this case may serve as evidence that reliance on Scientology rather than science is not a good idea when you're ill.
This may explain why there appears to be evidence that the Church of Scientology may have moved quickly to cover up ties between them and the family. Given how much they invest in telling people how wonderful their system is, it would be bad publicity if their system is connected to murder in any way:
After Jeremy stabbed his mother, the church began covering trails that could link Jeremy Perkins to Scientology, according to Dunning and her husband. "This was a black eye they were afraid of," said Rich Dunning, Anne-Marie's husband and the deputy executive director before the couple left Scientology in May 2003.

There were other concerns. Elli Perkins was classified in the church as an "Operating Thetan," meaning she was an upper-level Scientologist. Bad things, let alone grisly murders, aren't supposed to happen to them, Anne-Marie Dunning said. "They're afraid it will show OTs are not any different than anyone else, and that's what they're selling," she said. "If she has her salvation, why would she be brutally murdered by her son?"

According to the Dunnings, this is what happened immediately after Elli Perkins was killed:

A handful of the church's national leaders arrived at Buffalo Niagara International Airport from New York City and Clearwater, Fla., within 24 to 36 hours of Elli Perkins' death.

Also flying in from New York was a member of the Office of Special Affairs, the church's legal bureau.

The out-of-town officers gathered Buffalo's church management and instructed them not to discuss Perkins' death with anybody, especially reporters.

"They told us, "Don't say anything, we will handle this. It's a job for the higher-ups,' " Rich Dunning recalled. That included leaving out any reference to Scientology in Elli Perkins' obituary, although memorial donations were solicited for the Church of Scientology in a paid death notice.

Source: Buffalo News
It looks like this case inspired the Buffalo News to do a series on the Church of Scientology and its many questionable or criticized practices. This is a summary of the things which the reporter found when researching the organization and interviewing people about their experiences:
Scientology can tear apart families. The Buffalo church pressures some of its members to sever contact from loved ones critical of Scientology.

It uses deceptive practices. Some of the Buffalo church's recruitment methods - such as a "free personality test" - lack professional credibility.

The church seeks legitimacy through government alliances. The Buffalo church wooed city and Erie County officials in an attempt to escape its reputation as a cult. Mayor Anthony M. Masiello obliged by declaring "Church of Scientology of Buffalo Day"; county jail officials joined church officials in trying to bring a Scientology-related drug program to Erie County Holding Center.

It practices intimidation and harassment. The Church of Scientology has a history of using lawsuits to silence critics, and private investigators to spy on them.

Spiritual pursuit is costly. Advancing personal spirituality within the Church of Scientology can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
To varying extents, some of these points can be true of other religious organizations. Small fundamentalist Christian churches may encourage members to have little to do with unsaved family members, for example. Many larger Christian churches obviously seek greater legitimacy and publicity through government alliances — that's far too common, in fact. Such mainstream churches do not, however, pressure members to sever contact with family members that are critical of the church and I'm not aware of any mainstream religious groups that practice anything like intimidation and harassment. 

Is Scientology an Election Issue in Florida?

The Church of Scientology has, over the past few years, developed a very strong presence in Clearwater, Florida. Early on residents weren't too happy about this; more recently people seem to have at least resigned themselves to the change or even grown to appreciate it. Still, Scientology is controversial enough that at least some think they can make a political issue out of them.
The St. Petersburg Times reports that Republican candidate Frank Farkas is mailing out a flier accusing Democrat Kim Berfield of being a “key ally” of the Church of Scientology:
Scientology has been a hot-button issue in Clearwater since late 1975 when the church arrived covertly and purchased a city landmark, the Fort Harrison Hotel. Two years later, church documents seized by the FBI revealed plans to “take control” of Clearwater and discredit its “enemies” - political leaders, local police, newspaper editors and reporters.

Strained relations between Scientology and the community began to thaw in recent years. A watershed moment occurred in 2002 at the church’s 75th anniversary party at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater. The guest list was a virtual who’s who of local political, civic and business leaders. Since then, politicians have grown comfortable attending church events and taking Scientologists’ political donations.

And in May Gov. Jeb Bush apologized for calling Scientology “some weird little group.”
Frankly, if the church documents described here were genuine then I think it would take a great deal for me to ever trust the Church of Scientology if I were a resident of Clearwater, Florida. It shouldn’t be surprising that a politician’s relationship with Scientology would be an issue if there are any reasons to think that the Church of Scientology has plans to “take control” of the city and discredit “enemies” who won’t play ball.
Granted, those document were seized 20 years ago, but have things changed? That’s the question residents should want to know the answer to if they are going to trust the Church of Scientology and any politician who works with them.
Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard said some voters are swayed by perceptions that a candidate is friendly to Scientologists. On the other hand, there are a lot of Scientologists, and they vote.

Which camp is bigger?

“I’m sure everyone would like to know that,” Hibbard said.
Actually, isn’t not just a question of which group is bigger — it’s also a question of which group is most motivated. Those who are more likely to vote against a candidate because they are too friendly with Scientology might be smaller than the number of Scientologists, but if they are highly motivated to vote because of this issue, then they can make a big difference. Farkas is gambling, I suppose, but raising an issue like this can make just enough of a difference to eke out a win in a tight race.

What you have to ask yourself is this; Would you want this going on in your town? Would you want this going on in your city, your country? It has been for decades, wherever there is Scientology and there are Scientologists worldwide, be assured the end game is always the same.The end game is to make the world a Scientology one.

I don't think for one moment the city of Clearwater envisioned their town could really be taken over,but to a larger degree it has been. Don't let your town go the same way.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yet again, ESMB Blocks me when they do not LIKe what I say.

This is in reply to:Re: Jon Atack on BBC-1 Sun Morning Ten am UK time, channeling Dr Hubbard

I personally would have liked John Attack get a bigger feature in this program, Mr Ralian and Mr Wacko seemed to have the upper hand, but isn't that what cults do. The ALL and end ALL of the supposed TRUTH.

Having said that, there were many people who never got a look in at all. Their hands were up most of the program, like kids in a classroom, desperate to say their bit, but ignored, I know the feeling.

If you haven't read 'Not without my sister' then I suggest you do, I found it harrowing beyond belief.If I felt my own cultic experience was bad, which it was, it was nothing compared to what these three girls went through, or for that matter their brothers and sisters. I have personally met some of them.

Never mind whether or not it is a cult or a religion, what about what is ABUSE and what isn't?

If you are mentally abused, should that not be a crime?

If you are sexually abused, should that not be a crime?

Or do we ALL hide behind "religious" status and that makes everything OK?

You don't know anything different, so that's Normal!

NO, it is not F*c*ing normal, it is far from it.

When Juliana spoke out today, I saw people gulping and so they should be, people should be horrified that abuse is rife, both sexually and mentally inside so called modern "religions", and you can attack the attacker all you like, it does not make a blind bit of difference to those of us whom have been on the receiving ends of these attacks.

You had better know when I speak out in Ireland next month I will not be mincing my words.I will be talking about children inside Scientology and the effect that that has on their entire life.It will not be a pretty picture, and it will not be gratitude for lives rendered in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

Happy hunting OSA!

I have said it before, I will not speak on this message board again, but because of a few friends I felt I must continue. I will continue, but it won't be on ESMB. They make the rules up to suit themselves, and I am sick of it.I am a firm believer that this message board is only in favor of those that can manage to find a few nice words to say about L. Ron Hubbard.

Over my dead body!

And it may yet come to that.

I have nothing nice to say about L.  Ron Hubbard and I never will do so, he was a hell bent tyrannical leader, hell bent on taking over the world, whether he did so or not is totally beside the point, the point is that was the aim, it still is "the aim", it does not matter who is in charge.They ALL follow the same policies, whether or not they are in the so called "church" or not.

When I was a little girl I was told by my Father, L. Ron Hubbard was the most important man on earth, what a f*c*ing joke.

This man was NO more important than the sun that shone out of his ARSE.

Ursula Caberta - The Village Voice.

Ursula Caberta on Scientology "You have to be always watching them."

From PauletteC in the comments section:
Re Ursula's comment that "you have to always be watching them..." add to that "and they will always be watching you."  When I first considered settling and ending the "fight," one of my knowledgeable friends warned me that even if I tried to move on, "accept the fact that they will always have somebody that you know and trust checking in on what you know and what you are doing..."  I recently found out who that person is, am more cautious with them, and finally free!  For this week.

From RadioPaul1:
At the end of the UK video:
Church of Scientology Religious Education Collage Inc, a non-profit association Incorporated with limited liability in South Australia (OCBA Reg #A5172) Registered in England (Companies House # ?R011185) UK Registered Agent: Peter D. Hodkin, 42/44 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, East Grinsteed, West Sussex, RH192NS.
From Denise Brennan:
The first time I met Ursula Caberta was in September 2007. I spent four days with her, two at her office in Hamburg and two when she took me on a trip to Berlin. She had never met me before that yet welcomed me with open arms to come and see first hand what her office was doing about organized scientology.
The four days were a whirlwind of activity including speaking with hundreds of Lutheran teachers, a major public gathering in Berlin, many press interviews, many calls for information, etc.

Ursula was not only passionate about what she was doing but she also was one of the most compassionate people I have ever met as she worked each day to help people.
Of all that activity, two things stuck out as great examples of how "evil" Ursula was:

1) One day Ursula cancelled a major press interview to meet with a crying young woman with a little baby. The woman was out on the streets with no home, no money and no way to feed or cloth or protect her baby.

It turned out that she and the baby were put out on the street by organized scientology in Hamburg for the horrible crime that she no longer wanted to be a scientologist. The baby's FATHER, who was an executive at the Hamburg "church" of scientology had disconnected from her and his CHILD "for the greatest good"!

My God but it was heartbreaking. It was incomprehensible to me that a father could abandon the mother of his newborn child much more his BABY to live on the streets or die!!!!!

The "evil" Ursula Caberta took this woman in an got her clothing and food for the baby. Ursula arranged government money for the mother and a place to stay for her and her baby. Clearly she saved their lives with her compassion.

2) One of the days in Berlin Ursula spoke at a major public meeting in a packed movie theater near the Berlin "church". In part, she spoke of the children abused and otherwise hurt by scientology and the families destroyed. Part of this included reading out loud from a standard children's sec check form including all sorts of depraved sexual things asked of a child.

The public would gasp in shock and horror at so many of the questions and then later at some of the things that had been done to children in scientology.

These two things were just examples of what Ursula was doing every day simply trying to help people abused and hurt by scientology.

And that is Ursula and that is what scientology opposed and considered "a pain".

I greatly admire Ursula and her loving heart and all she had done to help those people abandoned by scientology in their pursuit of worldly gain.

God bless you Ursula!

Samantha Domingo article in the Sun newspaper.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Big Questions: Cult or Religion?

Is there a difference between a cult and a religion?

BBC1 at 10:00 am today.

Duration: 1 hour
Nicky Campbell asks: is there a difference between a religion and a cult?
Nicky's guests include Cristina Odone, journalist on The Telegraph; Rabbi Yitchak Schochet from Mill Hill Synagogue; and Cole Moreton, author of Is God Still an Englishman: How We Lost our Faith (But Found New Soul).

Contributors also include Francesca Stavrakopoulou, professor of ancient religion at Exeter University; Dr George Chryssides from Birmingham University; Simon Cooper from the Unification Church; and Glenn Carter, President of the UK Raelian Movement.
Also joining in the discussion, Livingstone Fagan, Branch Davidian survivor of the Waco siege; Yoel Ben David from Jews for Jesus; and Ian Haworth from the Cult Information Centre; as well as Juliana Buhring, who was brought up in The Children of God and is now a director of Safe Passage Foundation; and Barbara Weed, who has not seen her son since he became involved in an internet group four years ago.

Other guests taking part are Jon Atack, author of A Piece of Blue Sky, and Rod and Linda Dubrow-Marshall from the International Cultic Studies Association.

Can be watched on BBCi player:

Take Part in the Debates
via Twitter @bbcbigquestions, please use the hashtag #bbctbq or via Facebook 

Das Office of Special Affairs - OSA

OSA's own version of the Office of Special Affairs pops up when you google for this film;

You can click my link to watch with English subtitles.

The original film, the genuine one is 'Das Office of Special Affairs', OSA's own invention is " Das Office for Special Affairs"

That is how tricky these people are.The real one is one hour and 29 minutes long.OSA's version is just 6 minutes and 14 seconds long.

From Sconetale on OCMB:
Meanwhile, German OSA has gotten busy hammering criticism out of existence by uploading a video of their own under the same name, so when you enter "Das Office of Special Affairs" in google, the Scientology video actually comes up alongside the documentary. 

Darth Xander Clearing Sea Org Alley.

Leaked Promo for CMO.

New Petition.

David Miscavige, C.O.B, R.T.C - Head of the Church of Scientology: Please abolish the following practices immediately.

New petition

    Hi everyone! I started a new petition at Change dot org. I decided that if the President and Justice Departments couldn't do anything, maybe we should petition someone who can do something. Also, for the Indies, Freezoners and current Scientologists, I have not attacked L.R.H., the "tech", or K.S.W. Please sign my petition and pass it along to everyone you know.  Thank you so much for reading this.


You can click here to go to the petition.

How do you Insult someone legally?

Ron's Story, narrated by David Miscavige.

 May 17: The Commodore believes in justice, not black propaganda, yo.
JUSTICE Word here is that Wrigley reported in to EULO as requested that the matter is being handled there properly.
The findings of a Comm Ev convened to establish what went with Barney are awaited.
In matters of justice we do have the responsibility of seeing that fair play exists and that "justice" is not used as oppression.
Along with this comes the responsibility of not operating on isolated reports. Almost all injustice stems from operating on unsubstantiated reports. Honest stats are far more reliable. Injustice and false reports go hand in hand. Taking action on any single report is a very risky thing for any executive to do.
It almost always results in an injustice.
The activity called "Black Propaganda" consists of spreading lies by hidden sources. It inevitably results in injustices being done by those who operate without verifying the truth.
For instance all the attacks on Scientology were Black Propaganda from hidden Fascist sources. This has caused injustice. Black Propaganda was a Nazi specialty.
But injustice recoils on those who deal in it.
Thus a hidden lying source can cause authority to act. Thus authority can be undermined by being made to commit injustices.
There is also another side to this. When those in charge are directly attacked they have to resort to defense in order to control the situation. That they so act to defend can itself be used to undermine. Once more it is vital for executives and organizations to act only on information that is fully verified. And when they do act it should be with due attention to the full formalities of justice.
To make the problem worse, the omission of enforcing truth and justice can damage many and can be itself a severe overt.
If the world were honest, justice and the need for it would vanish.
The road out is the Road to Truth.

This has to be the funniest set of videos I have ever seen,especially amusing as one has to wonder does David Miscavige really believe this? I'll answer for him, I don't think he does.He has to keep up the pretense though when it has made him so much money.

If you only have time to watch one, watch the last one, the ending is hilarious.

Friday, 18 May 2012

OSA - Office of Special Affairs(English subtitles)

Clearwater Hearings - Chain of Command.

Attorney Michael Flynn enters some Scientology documents into the record and explains the chain of command in Scientology.

Video cuts out in some places, but is well worth the watch.

Clearwater Hearings - The Death of Susan Meister

 George Meister was told his daughter Susan committed suicide while a member of the Sea Org onboard the ship, The Apollo. When the grieving father asked questions, he was shocked by Scientology's actions.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Law Banning Insulting Language is 'Strangling Free Speach'

Former shadow home secretary David Davis said Section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act was having a ''terrible, chilling effect on democracy''.

Polling suggests almost two-thirds of MPs back Mr Davis, according to a campaign which has brought together religious and secular groups along with human rights and minority organisations.

Under the legislation, the use of ''insulting words or behaviour'' is outlawed, but opponents say there is too little clarity of what that includes, leading to spurious arrests.
One teenage boy was arrested for holding a ''Scientology is a dangerous cult'' placard and a student was held for telling a police officer his horse was ''gay'', they said.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Documentary on OSA (Office of Special Affairs)

A European documentary on the Office of Special Affairs, which used to be The Guardians Office, until;

On December 6, 1979, some five years after Operation Snow White began, it officially came to an end. Five of the Scientologists were sentenced to four years in jail, with four of the convicted being taken immediately. Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of L. Ron Hubbard, was sentenced to five years. Each of the six faced a fine of $10,000. The next day the four remaining Scientologists were sentenced. Three of the four faced a fine of $10,000 and five years in jail. The fourth was fined $1,000 and sent to jail for six months. Upon release Mary Sue Hubbard was given five years of probation and community service. All of the Scientologists immediately began to appeal. Their appeal was rejected.
In November 1980, the two remaining Scientologists, Jane Kember and Mo Budlong, were finally convicted on nine counts of aiding and abetting burglary in connection with break-ins at government offices, and were sentenced to two to six years. 
L. Ron Hubbard was named by federal prosecutors as an "unindicted co-conspirator" and went into hiding for the rest of his life.
May 15, 2012 (8:35 pm)

O.S.A. - The spies of Scientology

Why a religious community that says she needs to have intelligence agents? From Europe to the United States, a special survey on one of the most mysterious structures of Scientology.

The organization O.S.A. is a foremost mission is to counter those - lawyers, jurists, politicians, media, former followers - who are trying to denounce the actions of Scientologists. To do this, it will stop at nothing: communication operations, infiltration of certain institutions and public authorities, acts of sabotage, smear campaigns and intimidation, etc..

Critics of Scientology often feel directly threatened and spied. However, the sect says that O. S.A. is a simple press service and legal affairs that merely collect through legal information on critics and protesters.

Nebulous networks

OSA's surveillance system was set up with similarities to that of the Stasi in the former GDR, according to former Minister President of Bavaria, Günther Beckstein. In 2010, the sect had a severe crisis with the departure of several of its executives, including one who was long the leader of the OSA, Mike Rinder.

His testimony and that of other officials at the highest level possible uncovered the different branches of the organization. These formerly zealous members now openly attack the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, accusing him of assault and abuse against them.

Considered an extremist sect in various European countries, Scientology is closely monitored by public authorities. But the public is generally unaware that the sect has built its own structure of information, that some officers were convicted of espionage, burglary, coercion and other criminal offenses that were duly proven.

Who are really the employees of the O. S.A. ? Which networks do they support? During their investigation, the filmmakers have discovered amazing links between OSA and policy makers who have set up shop in Washington, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Reference to book: SCIENTOLOGY: AUTOPSY ON A NATIONAL CULT by Emmanuel Fansten, 2010


The secret power - Who will stop the spies of Scientology?

The guests of Emilie Aubry:

Prof. Dr. Arnd Diringer, a lawyer teaching at the University of Ludwigsburg, Germany. In 2003 he published the book "Scientology: Verbotsmöglichkeit einer verfassungsfeindlichen Bekenntnisgemeinschaft" (in German)

Emmanuel Fansten is a journalist and writer. In 2010, he wrote a book about "Scientology. Anatomy of a sect of State"

Translation of interview with Mark Thoeb:
Here's a loose translation of the article... I don't speak German..


Many think of Tom Cruise in Scientology, but hardly anyone knows the "Office of Special Affairs." Interview with director Mark Thoess about his investigative documentary, and the largest private intelligence of the world: OSA.

Behind the name "Office of Special Affairs", or OSA, is hidden the secret of Scientology, as told by dropouts and critics of the sect.

According to Scientology, the "Office of Special Affairs" it is a media and law office, but there's also the "Investigations Section,". Why does an organization that see's itself as a religion, have a secret service?

Director and cinematographer Mark Thoess has made this effort, together with author Frank Nordhausen, to search for answers.

ARTE: How large is OSA, do you think?

MARKUS: No one knows for sure. O.S.A. In the United States, it has perhaps only 100 people. Interviewees in the film compare O.S.A. to the Stasi (former East German secret service). The high-level dropout Marc Headley told us that OSA spends $100,000 a week.

ARTE: Is O.S.A. officially a secret?

MARK THOEß: The Scientologists do not deny that there is a "Investigations Section", but they say they did nothing illegal. Many things that happen in OSA are very dubious.

ARTE: Like what?

MARK THOEß: That Scientology monitors as people around the clock, says Ingo Heinemann, who worked for a consumer association as a lawyer back in the 1970s against Scientology. There were judicial inquiries made, where detailed instructions on what occurs in the OSA were found.

ARTE: How did OSA retrieve their information?

THOEß MARK: It found out, for example, why Mr. Heinemann was investigating Scientology, and who were the backers who financed his efforts. And how to attain information - for example, by looking through his garbage cans.

ARTE: Scientology considers itself a religion - why does a church such information?

MARK THOEß: This question asks itself. I personally do not believe that Scientology is a religion. I believe that Scientology is a business company that does nothing more than what is now insanely popular: to recruit a person and they make it their own, as long as it is dependent on the organization - promising a better world without crime.

ARTE: In the USA, Scientology is recognized as a charity and is tax-exempt. Is Scientology also recognized as a religion, as is always claimed?

THOEß MARK: No, the American state recognizes no religion. The tax exemption in 1993 is a great victory, if not the largest ever, for OSA & Scientology. The letter from the tax authority with regards to Scientology referred to the common interest and led to it's tax-exempt status for religious reasons.

Scientologists now run around with this letter and say: "We are still recognized in America, so you must now recognize us here as well."

ARTE: In Germany, we saw the constitutional protection of the sect. Why is it not banned?

THOEß MARKUS: On one hand, there is the constitutional protections in Germany, which most countries have. On the other hand, the organizational structure in Germany is complicated: there is the International Organization of Scientologists, but also many sub-organizations such as Narconon Criminon. Therefore, it is difficult to ban Scientology as a whole.

Two examples: Russia has classified Scientology literature as extremist in 2011, and the higher regional court in Greece confirmed the dissolution of the Athens Scientology office in 1997. But, there's more than one Scientology entity in a country; there are maybe 20 sub-organizations to it.

ARTE: How dangerous is O.S.A. really?

MARK THOEß: Scientology is a state within a state, with its own police ethics and financial structure, its own news service and health care system, even with their own punishment systems.

The German Constitutional protection observed is not intended to support dangerous groups like Scientology. I've never heard of another religious community that has so influenced the American consulates, for them to act abroad.

ARTE: In what way?

MARK THOEß: German politicians of high rank, of all stripes have confirmed time and again, that if they take action against Scientology, they would get visits and receive undue political pressure from America.

There are even German politicians appointed to the consulate. All this came in 2010 when Wikileaks: Dispatches-out scandal.

The reason for the political pressure: A lot of money and familiar faces (celebrities like Tom Cruise) are two things that influence politicians to alighn themselves, and act on behalf of, Scientology.

ARTE: You have Mike Rinder, the former head of OSA, the now independent Scientologist who you interviewed. How credible is he?

THOEß MARK: I think he's very believable in what he says about the Scientology leader David Miscavige & political lobbying by the cult.

I consider him lacking in credibility when it comes to himself. Mike Rinder was responsible for almost all major OSA actions until he left 2007. He must know a lot more than he reveals.

ARTE: How were you during your filming when you were confronted by OSA?

THOEß MARK: We were observed during the entire filming in America. We were photographed. Scientologists always knew where we were. We were kept under surveillance. When we drove to Florida, in Clearwater, which is the Scientology stronghold, all windows had something blocking them from the inside, so we couldn't film anything. The dropout Marc Headley told me that OSA possessed contacts within travel agencies.

ARTE: Were you personally threatened?

THOEß MARKUS: There was a very specific incident at a gas station in Hamburg, where I felt threatened, and which we report in the film.

ARTE: Have you communicated with Scientology?

THOEß MARK: We have asked countless times in various countries, for a television interview. We have a very short statement from Scientology's spokesman in France and Germany, Juerg Stettler, when we approached him on the street.

But when you ask him 20 questions, he responds with questions to counter you. Of course, Mr. Stettler has also answered questions in writing, but not before the camera. I cannot understand why an organization like Scientology is not able to give a reasonable television interview.

ARTE: Could you show this film at all?

MARK THOEß: The movie would not happen without the courage of the broadcasters and the production company, even if it is a compromise. The German press law is very strict and it also protects the Scientologists.

ARTE: What is it about the film that stuck out most in your mind?

THOEß MARK: I've made films about other faiths. I was in Kurdistan, and have made a film about honor killings. But I have never been prosecuted for hours, photographed, or even attacked by members of a religion, until we did a story on Scientology. This is unique. And I'm not the first person this has happened to.

MARK THOESS - Born in Berlin in 1967, trained as a camera assistant, since 1990, he's been a freelance cameraman and author; numerous investigative documentaries. He's currently writing a book on the East German spy, Huseyin Yildirim.

SCIENTOLOGY - The former science fiction writer Lafayette Ronald Hubbard founded in 1954, the "Church of Scientology", since 1986. David Miscavige is the leader of Scientology. Scientology sees itself as a "religion of salvation," the people want "free spirit" (Dianetics). "Operating thetans" to take control over their environment. In Germany there are about 5,000 followers, and according to Germany's Constitutional Protection Office, globally, there are 130,000 Scientologists.

INTELLIGENCE - O.S.A. - In 1966, the first information service "Guardian Office" was established with a Guardian (Guardian) on the tip - Mary Sue Hubbard. The third wife of L. Ron Hubbard in 1979 after the biggest spy scandal of Scientology ("Snow White") was sentenced. From 1983, the office in the "Office of Special Affairs" (OSA) is renamed. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the headquarters in Munich Germany.,CmC=6629614.html!!!&p=687214#post687214

Thank you Smurf, very interesting.

The Documenatary on OSA:

Scientology wird in verschiedenen Ländern Europas als extremistische Sekte eingestuft und deshalb von Inlandsgeheimdiensten überwacht. Der deutsche Verfassungsschutz beobachtet die Organisation seit Mitte der 90er Jahre wegen des "begründeten Verdachts verfassungsfeindlicher Bestrebungen", denn ihr Ziel sei die Errichtung einer totalitären Gesellschaftsordnung. Das ist bekannt. Kaum bekannt dagegen ist, dass Scientology selbst einen Geheimdienst unterhält, der sich mit Abweichlern und Kritikern befasst. Scientology-Agenten wurden schon Spionage, Einbruch, Nötigung und andere kriminelle Delikte nachgewiesen.

Ihr Office of Special Affairs ist der älteste und größte private Geheimdienst der Welt, kommandiert von Scientology-Führer David Miscavige in Los Angeles. Die Sekte selbst bezeichnet O.S.A. als ihr Presse- und Rechtsamt, das Informationen über Aussteiger und Kritiker lediglich auf legalem Wege beschaffe. Wer sind die Menschen, die für dieses "Amt" arbeiten? Was sind ihre Ziele? Welche Methoden wenden sie an? Darauf gibt der spannende Dokumentarfilm Antworten. Bei ihren Recherchen stießen Frank Nordhausen und Markus Thöß schließlich sogar auf Verbindungen zur hohen Politik - bis ins Außenministerium in Washington DC.

If I could understand German, I am sure it is a very good documentary. Hopefully someone will add subtitles.Still worth a watch, even without.Anyone who has an inkling into what goes on in Scientology will get the gist of it.

Someone on ESMB is doing a translation:!!!&p=687306#post687306

Re: OSA goes mad about a FILM that will be broadcasted in EUROPE !!!

First 5ish minutes:

Voiceover: Paris March 2011
At a demonstration against Scientology, adherents of the cult become violent.

Demonstrator in mask: We were just attacked by Scientologists! (cut to bloody face)So that's what the understand of free speech.

Voiceover: Worldwide, the sekt fights critics, the media and authorities with a secret service: the Office of Special Affairs. OSA.

1st interviewee: I will submit that the OSA department of Scientology is one of the oldest secret service organizations of the world. They have been working uninterrupted for over 50 years.

2nd Interviewee: The secret service OSA is for Scientology what the Stasi was for the DDR.

VO: We want to know more about this special department of the sekt and have researched for over a year. What for does a belief organization need a secret service? And what are it's assignments? (1:09 )The Scientologists claim OSA is it's press and rights department, but in reality this organization is said to be pushing a Scientology world order. (1:54) A village in Brandenburg. The former sekt official of the evangelical church, Thomas Gando (spelling?), here left in the picture, has regular visits from Gerry Armstrong, an American former sekt member. In the 1970's, Gerry Armstrong was a close follower of the sekt co-worker L. Ron Hubbard. The Scientology leader was even the witness to his marriage. Back then, Armstrong was working on a biography of the sekt leader. (2:30)

GA (in voiceover): In the course of doing this research, I documented the fact that the man lied about his whole life. He lied about his family, his education, his grades. He also wasn't a nuclear physicist. He lied about so many things that for me the whole thing, Scientology and everything I believed in, fell apart. It was in no way an ethical organization .It was very unethical organization.

VO (3:12): Since his exit in the 1980's, Gerry Armstrong is internationally active as advisor in problems with Scientology. The secret service has been following him for 30 years. Also in Buchal tall (sp?) observers have shown up since his arrival. (clip of man filming over brick wall). OSA leads a significant effort to watch over the American. (3:43) On a day in spring 2003, Gando and Armstrong want to take part in a religious service in Berlin. Suddenly pursuers show up.

GA: Then we saw that he was taking pictures, my companions thought he had a pistol. It was terrifying.

VO (4:13): The pursuit leads to a large media response. The pursuer, a well known Berlin real estate expert, is later sentenced for coercion. Scientology admits that his membership is responsible for the action.

TG: I've experienced from no sekt that which I've experienced from Scientology. That I have been physically attacked.

VO (4:36): Armstong has long been collecting reports about such events, for him the freeway pursuit is no lone occurence.

GA: I believe there is nothing that they would not do for Scientology. We will know that they would commit any crime for Scientology, and when the pressure on Scientology and its followers further grows, it becomes more likely that it comes to a catastrophy, assasinations.

end (5:09)

5:09 VO: And a Brandenburg town as goal of Scientology? Scientology is an international organization, branches are almost everywhere and there with also the secret service. On the internet, the organization presents itself as a complex organization of countless partnerships and firms. 1954 founded the American L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction author, the sect. It's goal is the so-called freeing of the planet Earth, called "clear planet" and the establishment of a new civilization without mental illness, criminals and without war. Hubbard claimed Scientology had the only technology to guarantee the survival of mankind, the psycho-technology "auditing", a type of lie detector test with reaching to past lives. Critics describe this method as classic brainwashing. (6:09)

Hubbard was during the second World War in the US Navy Intelligence and later lived on a ship for a long time. He wrote that breaking the law was necessary to attain the goals of Scientology. Lying, stealing, blackmail and a series of other crimes were permissible as ways to save mankind. For that purpose, Hubbard founded his own secret service in the 60s. At first he called it the "guardians office". Soon more than 1000 agents and contributors worked for the service. Hubbard sets goals for them, for example to weed out enemies and gain control over the media and politicians. He posted pages worth of orders for wiretapping operations, hidden research or false information campaigns.

(7:05) This is David Miscavige, Hubbard's successor. For 30 years he presides over the Scientologist and carries out Hubbar's directives. He recruited Hollywood stars like John Travolta. Scientology can also count on the cooperation of other celebrities, such as Kirstie Alley or Tom Cruise, here with Miscavige.

(7:30) In the book of former Scientologist Marc Headley, we read breathtaking accounts from the sects headquarters. Therein, Headley also says the Scientology secret service harrassed hiim after his 2005 exit from the sect. We want to get in contact with him.
(8:00) We travel to Washington DC to meet with him. In the past, Marc Headley produced Scientology propaganda films. Today, he is a successful businessman in the multimedia industry.

MH: Most of the people that work for OSA are 20, 30, 40 years with Scientology. They are 100% Scientologists that work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for the sect. They do nothing else. The OSA people are convinced that the future of mankind depends on them. If they don't do or achieve what David Miscavige commands of them, then the survival of mankind may be in danger.

VO (9:08): Washington. In the 70s, the founder Hubbard and Scientology came into conflict with US authorities. On the account of the sect's secret service begins one of the largest domestic spying scandals of US history, named "Operation Snow White". Goal was to stop from a government wide investigation of Scientology. Scientology agents infiltrate government authorities and ministries, they steal thousands of files and listen to politicians and thereby gain secret information about government measures agains the sect. A dark affait that shakes the U.S.A. (9:45) The FBI discovered the operation in 1977 , 11 leading Scientologist were sentenced to prison. Scientology falls into a difficult crisis.

MH (9:59): In the 1980's, and later 70s, as Scientology was being attacked by the US government, they formed the strategy to turn Scientology into a religion. It was clear to them that many of their problems would disappear if they hid them behind a religious facade. In the US, it worked very well for them. They then tried to repeat it in other countries, to convince these countries that they were a religion. Then if something criminal occured, the sect as a religious organization couldn't get pulled in.

VO (10:38): The pressure from Washington came at that time mostly from the IRS. Hundreds of millions of tax debts threatened. If the sect had to pay them then , it would have been bankrupt. Scientology goes on the offensive, suing thousands of IRS agents for abuse of power, thereby making them ineffective. 1993, the IRS capitulates and Scientology attains full tax exempt status.
end 11:02
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