Monday, 21 May 2012

Back to the Buses - Sea Org Alley.

A few things about these clips of Sea Orgers on the buses, they may seem somewhat boring and repetitive, but they are huge. For one thing it clearly shows how humdrum Sea Orgers lives are. They are shipped into the building in the morning and not shipped out till late at night. Everyday. Secondly, it is a way of people spotting their loved one's, some of the older people haven't been seen in years by their families. Thirdly, it shows very clearly though the scientologists deny it, there are young children in the Sea Org and at Flag.Even some of the people whom have now left the Sea Org and Scientology still seem under the impression there are no children. Watch the videos and see for yourself. Better yet, read, watch and listen to ex scientology children about what happened to them inside Scientology and why most of us feel so strongly about children being raised in these dreadful and dispicable conditions. Find out how difficult it is for some of these children whom are usually adult before they escape or get thrown out, to adjust to a normal world, where even the language is different and they have been taught to accept certain beliefs that leave them in turmoil and are mocked relentlessly by an unforgiving world.

Great job, Darth.

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