Thursday, 3 May 2012

Re: France: Scientologists protest "indoctrination of judges

Scientology spokesman Éric Roux claims on his blog that, not 50, not 100, but 200 Scientologists protested on May 2 against those who, according to him, indoctrinate and disinform judges about Scientology.


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The press release posted on Éric Roux's blog alleges that a judge who was investigating the Scientology case attended an October 2002 lecture by Arnaud Palisson, who is singled out as "particularly hostile to the Scientology religion," and that the judge refused to reply to a 2004 letter from a Scientology lawyer asking her if she had attended anti-Scientology training sessions at the National Magistrates School.

The press release also says that the document (Arnaud Palisson's doctoral thesis) which, as Arnaud Palisson wrote in his February 7, 2012 blog entry, never left the judge's desk, was never entered into the Scientology case file and that this was totally illegal and violated the rights of the defendants.

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