Monday, 7 May 2012

San Francisco holds protests.

Smurf visits the Memorial for Jones Town on his way to San Francisco.

On Friday, before meeting up with the others for a flash raid at the Org, I took the opportunity to visit the new Jonestown Memorial in Oakland, CA, where 412 unclaimed members of the Jonestown massacre, many of them children, are buried. The Memorial was one of two proposals submitted by two different camps of Jonestown survivors, their loved ones, and supporters. The first camp wanted large granite columns to be installed with the names of those that perished in the massacre.

The second camp wanted a more subdued memorial which would list the Rev. Jim Jones (who ordered the massacre) as a victim like everyone else that died in Jonestown. The second camp's proposal won, largely because the cemetery's owners said the grounds could not support standing granite columns. The inclusion of the Rev. Jim Jones as a victim of the very tragedy that he personally planned for & ordered to be carried out, has upset alot of Jonetown survivors & their families.

On the day I was there, it was apparent that someone had defaced the memorial & tried to remove Jim Jones from the granite. 

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