Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Your Say:Northcote Psychiatry show Slammed.

A NORTHCOTE Town Hall exhibition discrediting psychiatry has prompted calls for a further review of Darebin Council’s venue hire policy.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Church of Scientology and produced by its advocacy group Citizens Commission of Human Rights, features a video and photographic display discrediting psychiatric intervention and pharmaceuticals.

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Northcote resident Luke Shein, who works with people who have mental illness, lodged a complaint with the council, describing the exhibition as “lacking in balance” and “fear-mongering”.

“I found the exhibition to be offensive and potentially dangerous to vulnerable individuals,” Mr Shein said.

“The council should put more thought into what it puts on in pubic buildings.”

Mr Shein said said he was disturbed by photographs of bleeding, disfigured children inside the exhibition and the slogan “psychiatry, an industry of death” painted on a truck outside, but was most troubled that the exhibition discouraged people from “engaging with a treatment that might lead to a better mental health outcome”.

Darebin Mayor Steven Tsitas said he was open to investigating the venue hire guidelines.
Rucker Ward Cr Trent McCarthy said if the exhibition presented information “that is misleading or harmful to people with a mental illness, that’s a very serious matter”.

“Council should look closely at its policy on this,” Cr McCarthy said.

Darebin Council’s city design and environment manager, Daniel Freer, said the council allowed the exhibition after finding no issues of public concern elsewhere.

Citizens Commission of Human Rights representatives did not return Leader’s calls. 

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