Thursday, 10 May 2012

Office of Special Affairs(OSA)


Journalist Markus Thöss was doing a documentary on OSA and his European video crew were being given a tour of two of Scientology's southern California prison camps when the cult's goon's decided to follow us in an attempt to "scare" us. Did it work? Frankly the most scary thing about them were their LOUD LOUD PLAID shirts. As a Gay guy I really really hate plaid! The incident happened in June 2011 and I held on to the footage until now. The documentary "Agenten für Scientology" to air on May 15 on ARTE the French/German TV channel. They have literally been working on it for years.,day=4,week=20,year=2012.html

ROUGH TRANSLATION:Scientology is one of the most controversial sects worldwide. And yet even follow stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta of the organization of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. What is less well known that Scientology has its own intelligence service - the "Office of Special Affairs" - short OSA It is larger and more influential than the intelligence agencies of many countries. SWR and ARTE theme evening to ask this to the methods and goals of the intelligence of the psycho-sect: How dangerous is OSA?

At the center of the explosive ARTE theme night is the documentary film "Office of Special Affairs, OSA - Scientology The Secret". He looks at how the secret organization of Scientology against its critics, politicians, lawyers, media and dropouts in the U.S., France and Germany is going on. Scientologist, telling some of them from the highest management levels of the organization, and Scientology expert of their fates, their experience with the intelligence and describe how the agents of the Scientologists are active worldwide.

PR-actions, acts of sabotage, subversion of authorities and organizations, harassment of dropouts and smear campaigns against opponents, so insiders describe the instruments and affected by OSA. Many are shaded, threatened and intimidated. According to the internal instructions of the cult founder L. Ron Hubbard methods such as infiltration, extortion, forgery, fraud, bribery and coercion are allowed in order to ensure "the survival of Scientology."

Scientology once again designated O.S.A. as you press and law office that provides information about critics and dropouts Obtain only by legal means. The internal monitoring system is that of the GDR State Security Service of similar claims on the other hand, for example, the former Bavarian Prime Minister Guenther Beckstein. 2010, the Scientology organization falls into an existential crisis. A number of longtime senior executives leaving the sect, including the former head of OSA. What he and other insiders report allows first insights into the innermost structure and mood of Scientology. High-ranking openly attack the dropout current Scientology boss David Miscavige and accuse him of having personally beaten and abused. Their allegations draw a picture of a perfidious monitoring system.

Following the documentary asks ARTE in a studio discussion about the consequences of the secret Scientology activities for the company in France and Germany. How dangerous is the "Office of Special Affairs"? Scientology expert also go to the question: How can Europe stop the agents of Scientology?


I told them I would hold off posting any of my material until they were ready to promote their show. I'll be posting a second HD video of our trip to Twin Peaks and Gold base last year in the next day or so.

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