Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yet again, ESMB Blocks me when they do not LIKe what I say.

This is in reply to:Re: Jon Atack on BBC-1 Sun Morning Ten am UK time, channeling Dr Hubbard

I personally would have liked John Attack get a bigger feature in this program, Mr Ralian and Mr Wacko seemed to have the upper hand, but isn't that what cults do. The ALL and end ALL of the supposed TRUTH.

Having said that, there were many people who never got a look in at all. Their hands were up most of the program, like kids in a classroom, desperate to say their bit, but ignored, I know the feeling.

If you haven't read 'Not without my sister' then I suggest you do, I found it harrowing beyond belief.If I felt my own cultic experience was bad, which it was, it was nothing compared to what these three girls went through, or for that matter their brothers and sisters. I have personally met some of them.

Never mind whether or not it is a cult or a religion, what about what is ABUSE and what isn't?

If you are mentally abused, should that not be a crime?

If you are sexually abused, should that not be a crime?

Or do we ALL hide behind "religious" status and that makes everything OK?

You don't know anything different, so that's Normal!

NO, it is not F*c*ing normal, it is far from it.

When Juliana spoke out today, I saw people gulping and so they should be, people should be horrified that abuse is rife, both sexually and mentally inside so called modern "religions", and you can attack the attacker all you like, it does not make a blind bit of difference to those of us whom have been on the receiving ends of these attacks.

You had better know when I speak out in Ireland next month I will not be mincing my words.I will be talking about children inside Scientology and the effect that that has on their entire life.It will not be a pretty picture, and it will not be gratitude for lives rendered in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

Happy hunting OSA!

I have said it before, I will not speak on this message board again, but because of a few friends I felt I must continue. I will continue, but it won't be on ESMB. They make the rules up to suit themselves, and I am sick of it.I am a firm believer that this message board is only in favor of those that can manage to find a few nice words to say about L. Ron Hubbard.

Over my dead body!

And it may yet come to that.

I have nothing nice to say about L.  Ron Hubbard and I never will do so, he was a hell bent tyrannical leader, hell bent on taking over the world, whether he did so or not is totally beside the point, the point is that was the aim, it still is "the aim", it does not matter who is in charge.They ALL follow the same policies, whether or not they are in the so called "church" or not.

When I was a little girl I was told by my Father, L. Ron Hubbard was the most important man on earth, what a f*c*ing joke.

This man was NO more important than the sun that shone out of his ARSE.

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