Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fight for Kids.

Fight for Kids on the face of it sounds like a good charity, doesn't it? But what if that charity is a Scientology front group? Not only is it a sister group of CCHR, but is promoted and endorsed by people like Lisa Marie Presley, Pricilla Presley, John Travolta and Kelly Preston to name but a few of Scientology's most prestigious celebrities.

Whilst these deluded celebrities promote the blatherings of L. Ron Hubbard, these supposedly innocuous websites that want donations to forward Scientology's message leave Scientology's children alone, abandoned, mentally challenged, often uneducated except in the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and at risk, especially if they find themselves declared SPs and left to fend for themselves in an alien world, because all they have ever known is Scientology.

Scientology's belief system does not allow for normal growth from childhood to adulthood and except for it's celebrities that have "special treatment" to keep them shilling for their dubious "religious" activities, what of the average Scientologist child or one brought up in the Sea Organiztion?

Where is the charity that fights for them?

Lisa Marie Presley on her blog states:

As a strong supporter of literacy for children, I am aware of the power of workable literacy training, even for children who have been convinced that they suffer from some supposed brain-based learning disorder or chemical imbalance which requires heavy drugging. Far too often, when sufficient time was spent teaching them true educational basics, including how to read, their so-called "learning disorder" disappeared. I have spoken to children who have been forced to take a cocaine-like stimulant to control their behavior; I have shared their sense of sheer desperation. To see a child suffer a drug-induced psychotic break is not something one easily forgets.

This was said at a Committee on house Government Reform in Washington DC on the 26th of Sptember 2002.Read her testimony here:

She is clearly seen sitting next to Mr. Wiseman of CCHR.Mr. Bruce Wiseman of CCHR could in fact be talking about Scientology, but L. Ron Hubbard maintains Scientology is a science of the mind, Psychiatry is also a science of the mind. Mmm, wonder who's lying?

"Criminal" Mr. Wiseman, yes, Scientology is by pretending to be a religion and spreading it's tentacles into other religions and charities that actually do, do some good, opposed to Scientology creating psychotic breaks with the aid of an e-meter.

Anderson Cooper interviewing Bruce Wiseman of CCHR:

And here is Dr. Stephen Wiseman, no relation that I know of, talking about CCHR.

One of Scientology's children that together with Jenna Hill Miscavige and Astra Woodcraft, set up is Kendra Wiseman, daughter of Bruce Wiseman, Head of CCHR.

Kendra Wiseman's story:

I don't know how true it is but I have heard rumor that Kendra has gone back to Scientology, disconnection was too much for her.

So, back to charities supported by Scientology celebrities.....

Lisa Marie Presley defends Scientology and John Travolta:

LEAP and the net will appear is always something that reminds me of Tory Christman, and here she is talking about Lisa marie and celebrities:

And here is yet another front group for Scientology called LEAP:

They also want you to donate, so you can give those Memphis children an education in Scientology Study Technology. Just what every kid does not need.The Literacy,Education and Ability program again sounds good doesn't it, especially when children benefit from learning to read and write, but if learning to read and write means a life time of L. Ron Hubbard's mis information, I personally would prefer to be illiterate.

So one wonders too about the Presley Charitable Foundation, is this another offshoot of Scientology, to rope the people of Memphis into being duped into the practices of Scientology?

Lisa Marie Presley's website:

Lisa Marie's single 'You ain't seen nothing yet' is released on May 15th 2012, if as has been suggested she's sending a message to Scientology, she's still got a long way to go, like taking away support of CCHR, Fight for Kids and LEAP. It is a fallacy to think these groups are only supported by Scientology and not actually part of Scientology. It's one giant spiders web, with every thread spun to produce maximum benefit to the Scientology Corporation.

And how did Lisa Marie's Mum, Pricilla Presley get into Scientology, via John Travolta at a vulnerable time in her life, after Elvis died.

Interesting Elvis Blog:

Lisa defending the Travolta's, but the blog is gone.

Jesse Prince on Celebrities:

Lisa Marie once lived in Clearwater, Florida, how can a celebrity Scientologist living in Clearwater Florida not know about the Sea Org kids?

Elvis on Scientology:

Let's hope you are suppressive Lisa Marie and care enough to do something about Scientology's oppressed children.

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