Monday, 14 May 2012

Scientology Successfully Tracking Down Defectors.

Interesting article from 2009,but one that has misinformation.

“In the early days things were a lot different. Under Hubbard people were free to come and go whenever they wanted just like every other religion but that was a long time ago. Once Miscavige took over and he brought it out of the shadows into really a global religion the rules kinds of had to change,” said a former Scientology member who has not yet been caught. “There was a whole lot more to lose and he became very protective over what they had built. It only makes sense that splitters would come to be regarded poorly and tracked down. I knew that before I left but I had to make a decision. I no longer felt the faith and it would have been dishonest of me to stay. I know that has made me a marked man, but it’s something I had to do.”

People were never free to come and go as they liked, especially those in the Sea organization.Hubbard actually stated on the Apollo, you could go if you were not happy to be there, leaving however was a totally different matter.

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