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E-Mails of complaint.

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I have decided to start a thread here similar to one on ESMB.

What is intended, is that every time Scientology gets some naive media organization to run it`s PR bullshit,
we send emails (Lots of then) alerting the media source that it is being duped.

Please do your bit every time some new article is posted here. Spend a few minutes either putting up a comment of just clicking on the email link I will provide, and emailing the editor.

If we cut Scientology off at every turn they will be unable to infiltrate society with their covertly hostile plans. Come on people. It`s something you can do.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012 9:17 AM
Scientology Provides Free Seminars

                                    Solomon Times.

The official launch of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour Solomon Islands, signals the launch of a month of free seminars on the 19 subjects of the Scientology Handbook.

Mathew Andrews, leader of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour gave an overview of the 19 topics the group will cover in seminars to those attending the opening of the Tour in Honiara.

Our aims are to pass on the knowledge of Scientology so people can overcome problems that trouble them or those they care about Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

At the opening ceremony in April 21 of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour in Honiara, capital of Guadalcanal Province, Hon. Ileen Sulukonina, Guadalcanal's Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Sports, welcomed the Volunteer Ministers to the region on behalf of the Guadalcanal Provincial Government. Hon. Sulukonina, who herself attended all 19 seminars when the Goodwill Tour first arrived in the Solomon Islands in Fall 2011, encouraged those present to take advantage of the training.

"The seminars will teach and inform people about the tools in knowing to know yourself and relationships with others in order to survive," she said. "Come with an open heart to learn, as Man's survival will depend on his knowledge about himself, others and his environment."

The Waru Panpipe Band and the Kakona Traditional Group performed traditional songs and dances and guests toured the traditional hut built for the occasion at Town Ground, and Mathew Andrews, leader of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour, gave an overview of the program with specific examples to illustrate the 19 topics the group will cover in the seminars-including how to communicate and understand others better; how to improve one's standard of living; solutions to alcohol and drug abuse; how to improve the ability to study and learn; what makes a successful marriage; and how to be an effective leader.

"Our aims are to pass on the knowledge of Scientology so people can overcome problems that trouble them or those they care about," he said.

   Contact the editor...

Great idea!

Scientology in Sweden.

Mission investigate Scientology part 1:
Mission investigate Scientology part 2;
Mission investigate Scientology part 3:
Mission investigate Scientology part 4:
Mission investigate Scientology part 5:
 Mission investigate Scientology part 6:

Excellent footage from Sweden!

Scientology Invading the Congo.

In creating the program in 1976, L. Ron Hubbard described the qualities of the Volunteer Minister: “A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well.”

Two years earlier In 1974 L. Ron Hubbard also created the Rehabilitation Project Force:


The Complex.

The Complex, written by John Duignan and Nicola Talent.

"U.K. law gives us no choice but to remove the title from our catalogue," Amazon said in a statement.

"I believe Tom Cruise influenced them," Duignan tells us.
Cruise's rep denies that charge.

So does Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith, who insists it was simply Britain's tough libel laws that forced to yank "The Complex." The book, available on as of last Tuesday, is now "temporarily out of stock," according to the American Web site.

Lawyers for the complaining member, a noncelebrity, want to keep it that way: They've demanded the "destruction" of the books.
Smith says: "We definitely want to offer it to our customers. We just don't have the inventory."

Duignan, a Scientologist for 22 years, alleges in his book that members were subjected to sleep deprivation and "brain-washing" and that punishments were "meted out to anyone who transgresses, including children." When he left, Scientology's Office of Special Affairs "had people posted outside my parents' house in Ireland," he tells us.
Duignan, 45, says he began to question the church's priorities at a 2004 gala in England where Cruise was honored. "I'd been trying to change the image of the church by volunteering in disadvantaged communities," he tells us. But the "party was of such unbelievable opulence, I began to see the church was all about money.

"I directly know 20 members who went insane or committed suicide," Duignan says. "I personally went through a period of insanity. I'm hoping this book can be a lifeline to my former comrades."

Glad to see it's back up even if there is only 1 copy.

Pictures of L. Ron Hubbard

The good, the bad and the photo shooped.

Debbie Cook may have to stay Silent......

Debbie Cook may have been silenced, but her story won't be, are you listening Tom Cruise?

Quote: Tony Ortega -Open Letter to Tom Cruise.
But the physical environment wasn't the only thing that made The Hole a living hell, Tom. Debbie testified that there was psychological terror too, in the form of mass confessions that the residents of The Hole had to take part in. Debbie testified to one case of forced confessions that we had written about earlier, and which brings up Scientology's troubling history as an organization infused with homophobia.

Debbie confirmed what we'd heard earlier, that Miscavige wanted two male executives, Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre, to confess to the rest of the 100 or so prisoners that they were having a homosexual relationship. The two were beaten until they said as much, but then Debbie spoke up when this was reported to Miscavige, saying that actually what they had admitted to was being exaggerated so Miscavige would hear what he wanted.

For speaking up on behalf of the two terrorized men, Debbie herself was then subjected to a sick ritual of abuse. She was made to stand in a trash can for the next twelve hours as the other prisoners were made to shout slurs at her, dump cold water over her, and also taunted her with more homophobic hazing, calling her a lesbian.

And Debbie saw worse. One executive, Mark Ginge Nelson, she saw beaten and then made to lick a bathroom floor for a half hour.

Let me pause here, Tom, not just because I'm literally feeling sick while typing this, but because I want to remind you what it is we're talking about. We're talking about business executives in your church who had fallen out of favor for one capricious reason or another, who were imprisoned in an office trailer on a remote desert base, in some cases for years at a time, with no chance to communicate with the outside world or to escape.

There's nothing about religion in that description. These people weren't monks flagellating each other. They weren't arguing theological concepts. The only sworn, court testimony and other accounts we have indicate that this was nothing more than David Miscavige's personal prison for employees he wanted to humiliate and starve.

Yes, starve. In one of the more vivid moments during her testimony last Thursday, Debbie described the food that was served in The Hole...
Horrible. It was a big pot of slop. You'd line up and get a bowl of slop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....It was like leftovers. Bits of meat, soupy kind of leftovers thrown into a pot and cooked and barely edible.
Here's another form of testimony to the food in The Hole. They are photos of Mike Rinder after he'd spent two years locked up in the prison, and then more recently on the right, now that he's back to a healthier weight...

Irelands Got Talent!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Abuse Fits into Teachings of L. Ron Hubbard

Britain's Got Talent.

Britain's Got Talent! One of Britain's top entertainment shows, is tonight featuring none other than The Jive Aces. Scientology's very own Sea Organization jive band. This band is one I encountered in Hastings Memorial with a stall with their 'Say No to Drugs' campaign, which is a front group for Narconon.

The Jive Aces travel all over Britain and Europe and the States with their 'Say No to Drugs' campaign which on the face of sounds good, right! Wrong!

Scientology's sugar coated band belong to the Sea Organization, Scientology's totalitarian arm of Scientology, whose Head Quarters are based at St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead in England and in Clearwater, Florida in the USA.

I spoke to one of the members of the band today, they think it is really great that they have gotten onto this televised program.Whether knowingly or not, these people promote and support this:

These children grow up into baton wielding Officers in the Sea Org and the Jive Aces job is to go around promoting Scientology, remember it is all done on a gradient.And children don't know what's hit them until it is too late.

I spoke to one of the members of the Jive Aces a couple of years ago when I saw them in Hastings, I told him who I was and did he know David Miscavige beats his staff. He could not believe that.But there are many testimonies to that fact. Whose fooling who?

Watch this video of Scientology at St. Hill, East Grinstead in the early days to see how these people do not realise how they are brainwashed.

ITV's Britain's Got Talent can be telephoned on this number 0844 88 14150, though I believe this number is only available weekdays Mon - Fri 9 - 5:30. alternatively they can be e-mailed @ this address: Anyone care to contact them, especially those living in Britain. Much appreciated.

Let's play on the heart strings of people whom have found Scientology at a vulnerable time in their life and then let's go one step further and advertise it in the British press, giving the British public the impression that Scientology really helps people. Give me a break, total poppycock!

I prey people are not taken in by this hype.

Here's the Jive Aces in Las Vegas last month:
at the Vintage Vegas Variety Rockerbilly Weekend.

Up Date:
The kids stole the show, no way can the Jive Aces compete with these kids.

And watch the young dance troupes and the lovely voice of Molly.

Update on the Jive Aces:
They have made an Olympic bid to be part of the opening festivities:
Along with the Swing Patrol, a dance troupe.

The ending lyrics ; Tomorrow, when the world is free...still trying to clear the planet.

Jean Baptiste Trendy used to be a band member with the Jive Aces, he now has a  blogspot:

JB Trendy is a declared SP, by the "church" of Scientology.

The Jive Aces are sea org members:

Originally Posted by Lulu Belle
They aren't actually Sea Org, are they?

Reply from John Anchovie:
I might try to fill out some of the background to these guys. It may or may not be of any use, but since I know it first hand, I may as well share it.

The Jives Joined the SO at CLO UK in 1994 or so from London Org on Tottenham Court Road. I think Ian or John was recruited first as a public on the HDA.

They joined the Sea Org that same year on the condition that they could remain as a functioning band within Div 6 to promote, recruit and forward the cult's regressive efforts to bring down civilization.

They impressed Miscavige and Cruise at some event, maybe in 1997, I am a bit vague as to precisely when that happed. They were involved in the recruitment of a couple of fairly important celebs (I was not given the names, but we were briefed) I did a lot of work with them over the years on artwork, printing, logistics and helped them miss a plane once!

They were a nice bunch of fun, happy, lively guys back in the first half of the 1990s, they giged in UK and Europe supporting the big crusades and doing events. They eventually were taken up lines and made into robots - sorry, warrant officers.

They went through a tortuous six months on the int clearance lines in either 1999 or 2000, I was with them in LA while that was going on. Watching it was a bit like seeing people's personalities dismantled and then reassembled with new parts, kind of scary to observe I must say. Ian's wife (the Jive Ace PR, booking agent and backing singer) could not believe what she was experiencing on this lines and blew. Smart woman. (Rumor has it that she was pregnant and resisted efforts to persuade her to get an abortion, I buy into that having known her and seeing her worsening state of mind while these clearances were ongoing) The others were not so fortunate.

Once they got clearances, they went to Hemet and for a good six months worked with DM, DM's old man, who is or was a jazz trumpet player, and the Golden Era Musicians. They recorded an album with Chick Corea at Mad Hatter Studios and came back to UK as a bunch of arrogant, stuck up pigs. We of the lower ranks had become scum.

They have a fairly complicated admin scale, strat plan and the like all signed off by DM and so really operate as their own little org despite operating out of CLO UK. They make their own income from gigs and album sales and pay berthing, food and other support costs to CLO Estates Financial Planning.

No one below RTC level is allowed to mess with the band, they are never sent on missions unless it is part of their very own or an IMPR/CC int linked celeb recruitment program. Everything that they do is tightly focused to recruit for, disseminate for and PR front for Scientology.

It is a bit of a PR coup to have gotten on BGT, it will act as a huge moral boost to the last remnants of kool aide drinking culties in the UK, and it forwards their PR strategic Plan to rebuild the cult's reputation in the UK. I sense that they must have had some fairly influential back up to get onto the show.

I don't know if Simon Cowel has met them before, but I will say that the Jives are very aggressive and single minded about getting their products. (I touched on this in 'The Complex' with regard to their efforts to re-recruit Van Morrison into the fold back in the late 1990's).

Be good idea to keep an eye on these fellows.

The Jive Arses on Telly:

Project Camelot - Dane Tops.

Someone sent me a link to this, I remember reading a little about it once before, but I hadn't read the whole thing and some interesting stuff comes up from this:

B: There’s a bunch of questions there! But let’s stay on the topic.
D: Sure.
K: So it’s a little bit like following a plot. So here you are, you’re doing this technique and you’re breaking through certain levels that you think are holding back at least Ron Hubbard and his organization on some level.
D: Well, holding back all of mankind. What Ron Hubbard discovered was why mankind is trapped and why mankind in the condition it is. He wanted to free us. He put the organization there because he wanted it to free everyone on the planet.
But, instead, it was heavily attacked and he was attacked, and it was finally taken down through children. And I believe those children themselves were part of a psychic program, because those children were given jobs in the organization to run the adults.
They were called “The Messenger Org”. They never went to real school. They were like five, six, seven years old. They were his servants and the only people who could get close to him.
B: Were they that young?
D: Yeah!
B: I didn’t know that.
D: Oh yeah, you bet they were, it’s all they knew.
K: Did they go on the boat? How many children, and did they go on the boat with him?
D: Yeah, they were the only ones who had access to Ron. The adults couldn’t even get to him, only the children could. And it’s the children who took over the organization. The person that runs that organization today was one of those children that started out very young.
K: Okay. And how many children? Do you know?
D: I don’t know how many there were. Hundreds. In the end they fought it out. I mean at the end there were three or four of them that were fighting it out for control of the Church and they were like 12 years old, or not much older. One of them won, and he got control of that Church.
B: Let me clarify this just a little bit by bouncing this off you - because it kind of sounds a bit weird. What you’re saying is that these children served as messengers.
D: They called them that.
B: Right, but let me tell you what I understand, because I was never in the Church, and I was never a part of that environment at all, so I’ve got no personal experience.
What I’d understood was that they served as messengers, both verbal messages and written messages, but the reason why they had power was because they had the power to change the message, or not deliver the message, or to falsify messages.
D: That’s right. And there must have been instruction to them that programmed them to know how to do alter directions until they themselves became instilled with the personal drive for power and dominance. They were intentionally programmed to have enormous egos.
B: And therefore that put them in entire control of the communications, like a spy program in a computer.
D: They were. Exactly.
B: And they could do absolutely anything they wanted to.
D: That’s right, and they did. They totally did. They totally did. Many communications never got to Ron. Many were altered. He ended up afraid or withdrawn, a Howard Hughes-type figure. No one else talked to him but the children.
K: So who recruited the children initially?
D: Well, I believe that the government infiltrated sleeper and conscious adult agents into the Church who trained the children; that there programs with secret intentions that went on with the children, but that it wasn’t known to the parents, and was hidden in plain sight.
K: Agents who were members of the organization, you’re saying.
D: Exactly. Exactly. But the children were programmed to become inhuman and not like children; they became an entity unto themselves.
K: They were trained, brought up in the organization, so to speak, and trained in these methods.
D: Well, not trained very well in actual Scientology, not the real techniques, but the powerful military side of things. Entire sections became like the Gestapo.
K: Okay.
D: Not educated in real Scientology very well at all. They were taking down the real Scientology.
K: They were infiltrated in a sense that somehow, but did you feel that...? Like let’s say we have a kid, would you feel the child and the parent would be infiltrated by the CIA?
D: They were separated from their parents.
K: They were separated?
D: Yeah.
K: How?
D: Because there was, it was called The Messenger Organization. It was within the Church. and the parents would be working in some section of the organization and the children would be going through their own training, which was supposed to be like regular school - but wasn’t so much like regular school. It was highly disciplinarian.
The person who took over the Church when Hubbard died wasn’t even a high school graduate. He did NOT have a good education. But he was trained in force and he was trained to dominate. He was trained in control. He was trained in using power, and he runs that organization that way.
B: What you’re saying is that the conditioning, so to speak, came much more from the organization than from the parents, and it’s almost like...
D: I think there was an organization within the organization, because the IRS ended up running... I mean, the place was loaded with IRS agents and lawyers that ran it, which took over the Church.
B: Yes.
K: And what year was this when that happened?
D: It happened fully in the ’80s. The final coup.
B: I remember that another whistleblower, Bill Robertson, who we may or may not end up talking about, named Alan Hibbert as also one of the infiltrators - and also, I believe, the Broekers. All of this is in the public record and it’s extensively debated on the internet. But the point is that there was good reason to believe that there were agents in place....
D: Oh, there has to have been.
B: this pyramidal structure that was complicit in this takeover and many of them were sleepers, so to speak, that had been there for a very long time. And all this was going on alongside you because you were also fairly senior. I think this was the question Kerry was asking. You were fairly senior in this pyramidal structure. Is that accurate?
D: No, I was close to people that were senior in the structure.
B: Okay. All right.
D: See, it’s my belief that the FBI, the CIA and the IRS, the AMA and the American Psychiatric Association, all together joined in taking down Scientology because it was exposing each one of them because Hubbard was spying on them and releasing their own incriminating documents - and openly curing disease in the 50s.
He published a periodical of listed crimes with the time, location and events, with names. He made enemies, alright. But the biggest threat was that Hubbard was a threat to the Illuminati, to the Anunnaki, because he had much truth about our past, about who we actually are. The Anunnaki don’t want us to keep remembering our history! And he researched and published successful techniques to free us of our amnesia. He just didn’t know the Controllers are STILL here, and never left!
K: How did these people begin the take-down? In other words, how did it manifest?
D: It manifested through children. Those children in The Messenger Org were not the same as the people in the regular organization. They were not the same. They were separate.
K: But I’m saying you’ve got auditors, you’ve got the Scientology organization operating, so how did, literally, the takedown occur? Do you even know? I mean, I’m just asking.
Like in other words, was there... let’s say... I’m just going to guess: was there some human being besides a child who went into a position of power, who became sort of an insidious leader?
D: It has to have happened on an invisible adult level first. But the children manifested the takeover. There was corruption that happened where people were compromised, as was Ron. Ron didn’t know the real enemy.
And true to the age old technique, his own justice system ended up turned in on the members themselves. L. Ron Hubbard was compromised, and I don’t know which L. Ron Hubbard, but L. Ron Hubbard was compromised and made to be paranoid and it became an organization of dominating enforcement. His carefully thought out justice system, which he simply called Ethics, became a series of kangaroo courts.
People lost the real evolution of a workable human justice or ethics system and blamed the now travesty on the original for the crimes now committed using THAT as the means.
His real ethics system was a work of genius, but was subverted and used to commit horrible crimes against members. We blamed the system, and didn’t know it had been intentionally corrupted and turned suppressive to the members themselves in order to take them all down.
Hubbard became blinded with paranoia and it started bit by bit, way back. From fearless to frightened. If he only knew there was good reason to be frightened, but, as he said, if you know the real reason for something you can DO something about it. You can deal with it. The truth sets us free.
K: He ended up taking money? Or they started changing the techniques?
D: Money was taken off the front lines, but Hubbard allowed or participated early on in using forcefulness to control people and to try to discipline them. Desperate.
Major mind control technique. Entice a pure being to commit one act of compromise, and he is so basically good that that act becomes an Achilles Heel until he can see WHO manipulated him and why and what his own part in it was.
B: Let me make a suggestion here, which is also in the form of a question. Because, as I was saying, I wasn’t around at this time. What I understand is that, for example, a message would come through apparently from Hubbard with apparently his signature on it saying: Don’t do it that way, do it THIS way from now on. This is an order.
And nobody ever really knew whether this came from Hubbard. It could have been falsified because the messengers were fully in control of the communication.

1987 BBC Radio Interview; Highly Recommended.

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A Musing of the Day: Re: Where the Hell was Starkey?

Where the Hell was Starkey 1?

7 February 1979 >> SU (Special Unit) Conditions Order 288-2 say that Gerry >> Armstrong is assigned to SHQ, posting to be assigned by SHQ >> CMO msnger. > >CL, wouldn't it be interesting if "SHQ CMO msnger" was Terri Gamboa. >I think this is most likely. In her own testimony (Gamboa in GA24, >p.4237) she said she had been "Commanding Officer CMO" in 1975, and >she had been "Messenger In Charge" as far back as 1968. It seems she >would have had seniority, therefore would have been the prime >candidate for an especially high and sensitive CMO position with >"Special Unit" (SU). > >>since there is a "Special Unit" Conditions Order assigning Gerry >>Armstrong to "SHQ," and since "WHQ" was a colloquialism amongst the >>cognoscenti there at the time that meant "Western Headquarters," I'm >>just forced to conclude that "SHQ"--which I can't find either >>mentioned or defined ANYWHERE else--meant "Special Unit >>Headquarters." > >If you're right and SHQ was "Special Unit Headquarters", and if Terri >Gamboa was that "SHQ CMO msnger" then that surely would have made her >the most senior of messengers. Well, first, I'm sorry about this reply taking so long. I've been chipping away at it as much as I could for days and days, and every day I would receive some new little piece of information that seemed to have a bearing on it somehow, and I've been trying to incorporate those, but each would require a new reevaluation of data, and so I've rewritten this about 8 times now, and at this point I've just got to cut it off where it stands and get it out to you, because there's even MORE coming in, and I can't take the time to incorporate it all into this. So I'll tell you up front that this response is incomplete, but here it is, warts and all: There may or may not be a problem with my speculation about what "SHQ" stood for. All I'll say for the moment, with ABSOLUTE certainty, is that the designations "SHQ" and "WHQ" were just two more signs that were nailed onto the signposts quite intentionally to point the wandering pilgrim into the bogs and brambles. That does NOT, however, rule out the possible, even likely, general validity of your hypothesis... >> 28 September 79 >> Norman Starkey writes a report that Gerry has been a good >> worker and always put duty first, and could be trusted. >> >>Norman F. Starkey, then, was working at SPECIAL UNIT (SU), and >>APPEARS to have been in a position of seniority and authority vis a >>vis the position that Gerry Armstrong was in at SU. > >What if Norman F. Starkey was the C/O of either SU or "Special Unit >Headquarters" (SHQ) or both? What about that hypothesis, and Terri >Gamboa was SHQ CMO Messenger? What about it? I'm PISSED that you fucking got there first, ~THAT'S~ "what about it"! Just kidding, Not. I mean, just kidding, period. (Nobody has "period" as a nick, do they?) Seriously, to answer your questions, I don't know that all the details are right yet, but I think the general gist of what you're saying is locked onto target. Since I wrote the message that you're replying to, I've had my faith challenged about my speculation that "SHQ" stood for "Special Unit Headquarters"--sort of, maybe, after a fashion, at least the speculation that it stood for those SPECIFIC words. But my speculation about the NATURE of what those initials stood for MAY have been more right than I could have guessed, and entirely through accident. There has recently been a flurry of checking and cross-checking and new data coming in, and now it appears, as with all things these slimy covert lying, deceitful, dodging motherfuckers came anywhere near, this whole issue of "WHQ" and "SHQ" is a poisoned punji stakes pit. It seems almost ridiculous to be getting transfixed on details like what "WHQ" and "SHQ" stood for, and at THIS, point, I'm not sure that it really matters. I hope what I'm going to lay out below will explain what I mean by that. But these ARE some of the secretive little "inner circle" designations that were used for secret locations at crucial times--between late 1976 and February 1980, the period when "L. Ron Hubbard" was supposedly wandering the southern California deserts like Moses with his tribe. And, like "SU," those designations were never accurately or officially defined for the hoi polloi ANYWHERE that I can find. So while they are fine details, just as in the case of carpet fibers and human hairs in forensics, it's some of these tiny, "inconsequential" details--which are expected or hoped to be missed or overlooked--that sometimes lead to the damnedest things you can imagine. Luckily there is an ever-growing herd of elves (elves do go in "herds," don't they?) getting just fucking ~microscopic~ on these crooks who created this whole mess. (Say no more.

So here is what the microscope is revealing so far regarding "WHQ" and

It's the Anne Rosenblum "Declaration" that states that "WHQ" stood for
"Western Headquarters" and meant La Quinta. In the circulating copy of
her "Declaration," though, that definition of "WHQ" is set off in
brackets and has a question mark after it. It's what I was relying on
when I made the speculation about what the other designation, "SHQ,"
might have stood for.

Then a more "popular" definition for "WHQ" and "SHQ" was found pervading
the available literature, and that's what led down the following path:

Other than second- or third-hand "sources" like Russell Miller or Zegel
or Atack, the only on-location (pun intended--you'll have to wait for
it) source that's been found so far for a definition of "WHQ" and "SHQ"
is--and I hate to tell you this--Kima Douglas.

If ANYBODY should know, SHE should know, because she was the CO of the
"HU" (Commanding Officer, Household Unit)--which, BTW, meant that she
was working DIRECTLY with the LRH Pers Comm, who was Ken Urquhart up
until sometime in 1978.

Kima Douglas was also, purportedly, "L. Ron Hubbard's" own private Nurse
Ratched, and claims to have been with "L. Ron Hubbard" as his nurse and
medical consultant almost continuously from at least early 1974 until
late January of 1980 when she suddenly left the scene--one month before
"L. Ron Hubbard" disappeared forever.

(This makes Kima Douglas the #1 material witness to whether or not there
actually was an alive "L. Ron Hubbard" that entire time. I feel very
certain that girl has star quality, and that she is going to be a bigger
star in her lifetime than she has already become. I mean, BIG! I hope
she has somebody really good representing her.)

So what Kima claims--or at the very least strongly implies (sigh)--is
that "WHQ" stood for "Winter Headquarters, and referred to La Quinta,
while "SHQ" stood for "Summer Headquarters," and referred to Gilman Hot
Springs. She seems to be the primary source for this popularized belief,
the poisoned well this idea running through the literature sprung from.

I wouldn't want to be accused of misappropriating what she says, so here
it is in her own writ. First I'll give you her reference to "winter HQ,"
which comes around the end of February to beginning of March 1979, at a
time when the ONLY desert property PURPORTEDLY owned is the set of
property loosely referred to as "La Quinta," which is where Kima Douglas
and "L. Ron Hubbard" are purportedly living at the time. It's
interesting that in the same breath that she mentions "winter HQ," the
property that she MENTIONS is the Gilman property--another method of
spinning you around three times--but keep in mind that the property she

    1 c. March 1979
    "The Orange County franchise [Ray Kemp's franchise] started
    a war with the church. We saw people with cameras around
    the winter HQ [they are at La Quinta at the time] taking
    pictures. He ["L. Ron Hubbard"] told me to go and find
    another property. ...I found a bankrupt property at Gilman
    [Gilman Hot Springs], went to court and bid on it and
    bought it for $1.7m."
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

Okay, so she doesn't SPECIFICALLY use the term "WHQ," but she refers to
"the winter HQ"--that being where they were, which was at La Quinta. And
in the same breath, she says that this incident with the Ray Kemp/Orange
County people was the IMPETUS for the purchase of the Gilman property.
You with me so far? Are you already beginning to get a hint of what our
slight problem is going to be with this "winter HQ" definition?

Here it must be mentioned that La Quinta, when it was purchased sometime
around August-September 1976, comprised AT LEAST THREE separate
residences. Kima claims:

    1 October 1976
    "On the move to La Quinta, he ["L. Ron Hubbard"] drove
    himself, with the trucks carrying the boxes travelling at
    different times and routes, not to draw attention. Rifle
    was his house, Olive Tree Ranch was the comm centre where
    messengers lived, and the Palms was where the rest of us
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

So that's what we know about "WHQ"--which ~supposedly~ meant "Winter
Headquarters," and ~supposedly~ meant the property near La Quinta,
California--which is a TOWN, ~not~ the name of the properties involved.
And I want to emphasize those THREE SEPARATE living accommodations
associated with La Quinta, California:

    1) "Rifle"--separate house and property for "L. Ron Hubbard"
    2) "Olive Tree Ranch"--separate house and property for "the comm
       centre" and "messengers"
    3) "The Palms"--separate residence and property for "the rest"

Now for "SHQ":

In this next quote, Kima Douglas refers specifically to "his house at
Gilman"--meaning "L. Ron Hubbard's" particular house--as "summer HQ,"
but then hedges (THERE'S a fucking surprise), reversing herself (THERE'S
a fucking surprise), and saying that the GENERAL property near Gilman,
California was "SHQ." (Again, as with "La Quinta," Gilman is a TOWN, not
a specific property--one more way of keeping things nice and general and
unspecific regarding PROPERTIES.) In any case, she's ~implying~ that
"SHQ" stood for "Summer Headquarters" (I'm not assigning a date to this
following entry for the moment because it's general in nature, but it
HAS to be post-April 1979 for reasons covered elsewhere in this post and
in other posts):

    "I arranged meetings with Mary Sue basically for their
    birthdays and the children's birthdays and Labor Day. The
    meetings were at his ["L. Ron Hubbard's"] house at Gilman
    [which has been variously referred to by several sources as
    "Bonneyview" or "Bonnie View"]. Mary Sue would arrive at
    the hotel at Riverside. I would pick her up and take her by
    a roundabout route to the summer HQ. ...They always met at
    Gilman, which was SHQ for us."
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

Okay? So, piecing it all together the best we can from her FUCKING
merry-go-round interview, it seems that the conclusion would HAVE to be
that the La Quinta, California PROPERTIES (plural) were "Winter
Headquarters" (WHQ), and the Gilman, California PROPERTIES (plural) were
"Summer Headquarters" (SHQ). Right? So:

    WHQ = La Quinta properties (maybe the "WHQ" designation meant just
          "Rifle"--which reportedly was the separate "Hubbard" house at
          La Quinta, OR, the La Quinta properties as a whole, and it's
          left specifically unclear)
    SHQ = Gilman properties (maybe just "Bonneyview" or "Bonnie
          View"--which reportedly was the "Hubbard" house at Gilman, OR
          the Gilman properties as a whole, and it's left specifically

There, that's all nice and tidy, isn't it? That seems to work, doesn't
it? That ought to make your average a.r.s. "critic" shrug and walk away
rattling the gourds, right?

Well, I wouldn't want to imply that I'd rather find a black widow
crawling on my balls than learn that Kima Douglas was in the same zip
code where I was, or to imply that she is a completely unprincipled,
unabashed, shameless murderous lying cunt, but...

There's a little ~FUCKING~ problem. In fact, there are SEVERAL little
~FUCKING~ problems.

Here's just ONE of them, ALSO from Kima Douglas:

    1 c. March 1979
    "When Kemp's franchise [the Orange County franchise] had
    their war with the GO and their people were sneaking around
    taking photographs. They were trying to photograph LRH.
    ...He had seen people snooping round while he was out for a
    walk with a messenger and came back and said, 'We're
    getting out now.' It was about 9 in the evening when he
    left. ...We had a big white truck with a bed in the back.
    Michael was driving, LRH was in the back with me in the
    front. Over the mountains, up hairpins, very fast. He's in
    the back saying, 'We've got to go faster, got to get out of
    here! I'm going to be sick!' We slept in a motel in the
    mountains that night. The next day we went down to Hemet
    lake and found a really seedy motel down there on the lake.
    We stayed there for a month. In the meantime I was scouring
    for a place where we could go in Hemet."
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

Now, let's see if I can add this all up right: people from the Orange
County/Ray Kemp franchise are seen sneaking around taking pictures at La
Quinta one day, they are seen by "L. Ron Hubbard" who is out on a
constitutional with a messenger, he freaks OUT, orders Kima Douglas to
go find another property, she goes and drives around the FUCKING vast
expanses of the southern California deserts and somehow stumbles onto
"the" Gilman property, then goes to COURT and bids on "the" Gilman
property, buys "it" for $1.7 million, does all the paperwork, and then
they are out of there by 9:00 that night with "L. Ron Hubbard" screaming
"We've got to go faster!"

 Where the Hell was Starkey 2?
This is our holy federal government at work. Pretty, isn't it?

Actually, Starkey waited about a month after Gamboa to do his little
resignation act, apparently:

    15 c. January 1981
    "In early 1981, I terminated my employment with the
    California Church and began to work directly for Mr.
    Source: 23 March 1985 Declaration of Norman F. Starkey in
    FCDC v. Director FBI et. al., United States District Court
    for the District of Columbia; Civil Action No. 78-0107

That's typical, though: same M.O. These slimy fucks who were in bed with
the Lenskes and Karno always carefully built in what they thought would
be an adequate amount of time between their little coordinated actions
to help cover their tracks. FUCK 'em. Their tracks aren't coverable.
They left their giant muddy footprints and bloody fingerprints all over
the record. We'll know what fucking brand of deodorant they used before
all this is over.

This IS going to eclipse the Manson murders and Watergate.

Well, here he is:

Second to last video at the end.

Scientology Corrupts Croatia.

Scientology corrupts Croatia

Anyone who can help publicize this awful news, please do.

This from a very reliable source in Croatia

Croatia. The new government wants to make 43 religious communities or religions "equal" (give them money, teaching in schools etc). Scientology is included in the package.

Any useful information about Scientology at this moment is welcome.

I found some texts about the project BULGRAVIA from 1992 when they wanted to take Albania and other Balkan countries under the control.

Do you know something more about this project? .

(Note - The Bulgravia project was partly run former Commanding Officer WISE UK Ib Nygard and was a Joint WISE INT and ABLE project, they got rumbled and alot of people got RPFed)

Ethnic Cleansing and Scientology: Freedom Magazine - Scientology.
Don't even get me started, here:

Talk about IRony:

Religious Recognition of Scientology in Europe:

Croatia get Your act together:

Croatian Times, we've got Scientology covered:Scientology Targets Kids:

The Russians have it right:

Red Carpet Show Croatia:

The Hungarian Spectrum:

I was a Scientologist by Peter Bonyai!execute.action?id=107330&type=22&_v=Bonyai_Peter_Szcientologus_voltam_Egy_kiugrott_csucs


Anonymous in Pakistan.

In world fields, religious liberty often a struggle.

In world fields, religious liberty often a struggle

Seventh Day adventists network

Excerpt from the article

.........In both Russia and Kazakstan, the roughly 60-year-old Church of Scientology is facing persecution and discrimination, said the Rev. Susan L. Taylor, president of the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C.

"Last December, police entered our church in Moscow full force, burst into homes of staff members, and also brought a man from a TV station to film the raid," Taylor said. "The idea is to close down various churches of Scientology," she added.

"In Kazakstan, we're also experiencing persecution. Members have had to go underground," Taylor said. "In Almaty, the Ahmadi Muslims were shut down all over Kazakstan, and a local news report asked, 'Is the Methodist Church next?'"

Scientologists, Taylor explained, "have a policy in our church that we abide by the rules of the land. Working in that framework, we fight for our rights, we fight to exist.".........

Comments are open...

Two Die at Narconon Arrowhead, Oklahoma.

Two Die at Narconon, Arrowhead, Oklahoma.


“They (Narconon) told us, ‘We can fix him.’” SHIRLEY GRAVES Mother of Gabriel Graves, who died at Narconon Arrowhead in October

Two people have died in the last six months at Narconon Arrowhead, also the subject of an earlier lawsuit and an ongoing investigation into recent deaths at the facility.

Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Hillary Holten, 21, and Gabriel Graves, 32, were found dead at Narconon Arrowhead within the last six months, according a from Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department.

On April 11, Holten, of Carrolton Texas, was found dead at about 4 a.m. in her room at Narconon, according to the report. She had been staying at the facility for less than two days when she was found face down on her bed.

Less than six months earlier, in October, the body of Graves, of Kingfisher, was also found in his bed at the facility, according to a police report. He had been at Narconon months.

His mother, Shirley Graves, said her son was very intelligent and loving. “My son is beautiful and I miss him,” she said.

She said Narconon representatives told her they could help her son. “They told us, ‘We can fix him,’” she said.

Police were called to his room at about 11 a.m. after Graves’ roommate found him in the same position in his bed at 8 a.m. as he had been at 1 that morning.

He was declared dead at 11:15 a.m., according to the report.

Graves’ case is still under investigation, according to Annette Riley of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Oklahoma City.

No charges have been filed in either case, according to Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns. “We don’t file charges until we are notified the by medical examiner’s office,” Kerns said.

Last year, Narconon Arrowhead settled a lawsuit filed by the parents of Kaysie Dianne Werninck, 28, of St. Augustine, Fla.

The lawsuit alleged she died as a result of gross negligence after she became seriously ill with an upper respiratory infection while at Narconon Arrowhead. The lawsuit, filed in Pittsburg County District Court, alleged she also died because of the lack of sufficient training of the staff at the facility and that she was

Partly denied outside medical attention and prescription medication.

Narconon International recently closed a facility in Canada, according to

On April 13, the Narconon facility in Quebec closed after Marc Latour, a regional health agency director in Quebec, said he had no choice but to shut down the Scientology-based rehabilitation center in Three Rivers, according to Canadian newspaper

Narconon Arrowhead and Narconon Three Rivers in Quebec are among of dozens of similar centers around the world where detoxification treatment is inspired by the teachings of the Church of Scientology.
At Narconon International, no one was available for comment, according to Cheryl Crawford, secretary for Narconon International President Clark Carr.

Gary Smith, director of Narconon Arrowhead, said he could not comment on the recent deaths due to federal laws. But he did say the facility is in full operation.

“As far as Narconon Arrowhead and its operation in Oklahoma is concerned, the center is legally operating and will continue to do so far into the future,” said Smith said. “Narconon Arrowhead has met or exceeded all legal and program certification guidelines set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and the State of Oklahoma. Additionally the Narconon Arrowhead program is accredited through the internationally recognized accreditation CARF and has been consecutively since 1992.”

The families of Holten and Werninck could not be reached for comment. Contact Jeanne Leflore at

Thursday, 26 April 2012

We Don't have a Name - Is that right?

November 6 2007.

Sunday night, Tom Cruise rewarded high-ranking members of the Church of Scientology with tickets to a private screening of his new movie, "Lions for Lambs."

This is the provocative anti-war movie which he executive-produced for United Artists with partner Paula Wagner.

I rather doubt that director Robert Redford, who's also a co-star, and Cruise's other co-star, Meryl Streep, had any idea that the screening room at the Museum of Modern
Art and the cocktail party following was full of Scientologists, including the two big honchos of the New York division.

But others from the standard screening-invite list recognized strangers in their midst. As one inside observer snipped, "Who are all these people?"

While Streep and Redford's guests included family, friends and associates, nearly all of Cruise's retinue came from the Church.

They included Rev. John Carmichael and president of the New York chapter Lori Alpers.

Other Scientologists whom Cruise invited included Jim Woodworth and Carole Hamaker, each of whom have taken extensive classes in the organization. Another couple, Marian and Cal Henry, also have dozens of classes under their belts.
Cruise's other Scientology guests were Randy Hepner, a jet pilot, and John Danielson, partner with former Bush Department of Education Secretary Rod Paige in Chartwell Education.

In 2005, Danielson, according to published reports, tried to push Applied Scholastics, a Scientology education program, in the St. Louis public school system.

Just in case something went wrong, he also invited Scientology's New York lawyer, Eric Lieberman.

Cruise also brought to the screening wife Katie Holmes, her parents and brother, as well his own mother and sister, cousin Amy Mapother, and hot young actor Wes Okerson, whose sole credit, according to the Internet Movie Database, is a small part in a relatively unseen film called "The Grand."

Also invited by Cruise was Las Vegas home builder Ernie Domanico and real estate agent  
Bob Barnhart. Cruise could very well be buying a home in Sin City or investing in a new development.

All of the Scientologists, said keen-eyed observers at the screening, wore little gold pins in their lapels.

Considering how Cruise's proselytizing about Scientology may have cost him ticket-holders during the promotion for his last movie, "Mission: Impossible 3," it's certainly curious that he risked having so many of his church pals in attendance — especially with United Artists' financial investors from Merrill Lynch and other banks also there.

Even though Cruise has a financial stake in "Lions," he didn't stick around to discuss its merits.

After the movie was over, Cruise and company took off, leaving movie legends Streep and Redford, as well as MGM /UA bigwigs Harry Sloan and Rick Sands, to handle the after-party upstairs in the museum.

Other guests were glum they didn't get to see Cruise and Holmes up close and personal.

But as one insider put it, Holmes, who'd just finished the New York marathon, seemed "robotic." Maybe she was just tired!

So let's look at some of these guests of Mr. cruise, shall we?

I've already shown him before but this really is your classic Reverend, as if we were in any doubt that religion and scientology go hand in hand with practicing medicine without a license, what better representative than this man, the Reverend John Carmichael.,%20the%20Village%20Voice.htm

Lori Alpers:

Jim Woodworth:

Cal Henry and Marian Mapother Henry:
Gee, they got a band.On NBC's Daytime:

Cal henry is Tom Cruise's nephew, Marian is Cal's Mother. They live in Clearwater, Florida, the band is called WD Han translates to 'We don't have a name',yes, you do, it's called IAS, I am Scientologist.Where would we be without Smurf?

Randy Hepner, unfortunatly can't find much about him except from Scientology's own Freedom Magazine:The same one that attacks people like John Sweeney for exposing Scientology.

And yet again, these people use people in the name of help.Help to further Scientology.

John Danielson and Rod Paige:

This commentary deserves a special mention all of it's own, Pamela Lichtenwaler gives a fantastic commentary on Scientology getting into your Schools, the Scientology participants, including former Secretary of Education Rod Paige’s Chief of Staff Scientologist John Danielson, discussing using their roles on behalf of Scientology in American public education.

And another excellent blog about Scientology creeping into schools, with the unlikely name of, I thought it was scientology.

The alliance of Charter Schools, Scientology and the Nation of Islam.

Eric lieberman:

And what have we here from the comments section at Village voice:

Posted by Radio Paul;

Yeah it is him and he is involved in the Headley Case (Eric M. Lieberman)
Scientology Forced Labor Claims Hit the 9th Circuit
    ShareThis - consider it shared.    
PASADENA, Calif. (CN) - Two former Scientology ministers want the 9th Circuit to let them sue the church for forced labor, rejecting application of the First Amendment's ministerial exception.
 Husband and wife Claire and Marc Headley each filed complaints against the Church of Scientology under the Trafficking Victims Act after leaving the Sea Organization, an order of Scientology in which members work long hours and perform hard labor without pay.
The Headleys worked at the church from the early 1990s until 2005. Claire Headley claimed that the church prohibited her from having children and was coerced into having two abortions. She also alleged that members who tried to leave the church were followed, brought back, and deprived of food and sleep, among other punishments.
 In his complaint, Marc Headley said ministers at the church physically abused him. He also claimed that he was told that he would be excommunicated from his family if he left the church without first going through a "routing out" process that requires members to continue their duties for free and perform hard labor.
 Marc Headley has published a book about his experiences at the church, "Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology."
In 2010, U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer threw out the Headleys' complaints because he found their claims failed under the First Amendment's ministerial exception.
 On Thursday, a three-judge appeals panel heard arguments to revive the case
     "The simple fact is that where a religious organization does not have a religious justification for the conduct at issue it cannot avail itself of the protection of the First Amendment," the Headleys' counsel, Kathryn Saldana of Kendall Brill Klieger, told the panel.
 Asked whether the court could consider the claims without first reading the doctrine of the church to determine psychological compulsion, Saldana said the Scientology church had been "subversive of good order" and had violated fundamental constitutional rights.
     The church's attorney, Eric Lieberman, countered that the Headleys' claims related only to their "participation in the religion."
A forced labor claim is barred, "based upon psychological factors which relate to the beliefs: the religious upbringing, the religious training, the religious practices, the religious lifestyle restraints, religious order, and the rules and customs and discipline of a church," Lieberman said.
 In her five-minute rebuttal Saldana continued tying the case to constitutional rights, rather than religious doctrine.
     "This country was created on the basis of freedom," Saldana said.
     "The 13th Amendment was enacted to ban involuntary servitude and slavery, and

Congress in enacting the forced labor statute recognized that the definition they've given for forced labor is a crime of involuntary servitude," she added.
Judges Dorothy Nelson, Diarmuid O'Scannlain and Norman Smith presided over the hearing.,_Inc.,_et_al./Supreme_Court_Docket

Ernie Domanico, Las Vegas home builder and Bob Barnhart, real estate agent:,2933,308136,00.html

This post would not be complete without Tom Cruise, International Freedom medal winner:

WD HAN - We don't have a name, yes you do.

It's called the IAS - International Association of Scientologists!

Narconon Survey.

Any Ex Narconon patients out there, you are encouraged to fill in this survey, even ex staffers could add their experience.

It's important to get an overall picture of what is going on world wide.

Practising Medicine without a License.

Melbourne Promo for Children.

This is in  Melbourne, Australia, in Sydney Australia this happened to this child:

and more in Australia:

Aaron Saxton videos:

11th February 2008
Dear friends,
It is time for me to speak and to share my story. I have waited for many years and honestly I doubted whether I would ever write this. But recent events have prompted me to commit my story to text in hope of helping people understanding just how damaging scientology can be and showing by example that a good life after scientology is possible.

There are many who have suffered far more at the hands of the cult than me and I am writing this both for them and for those who have not yet escaped. To those who have already spoken, shared their stories, and endured harassment for doing so, I give my thanks and gratitude; your words have on many occasions carried me through dark moments. In many ways my battle has mostly been within my own mind; trying to become normal, to live a normal and happy life after the most abnormal childhood you could imagine - that of a scientologist. For the most part, I have succeeded, I am very happily settled with a beautiful lady and I have a job I enjoy. Oddly enough my parents congratulate themselves on my independence and success in life, but the truth is that I have succeeded despite their actions and despite scientology. I was very lucky not to be caught within a so-called scientology school, the "Sea org". There are plenty who did however and I salute you who also made it out as your journey to freedom was doubtless far more difficult than mine.

My greatest blessing in life is that I avoided becoming a scientologist as an adult, through sheer luck and stubbornness. Had circumstances been just a little different I could easily have become another victim of the cult of scientology, either as a mindless slave caught in the "org" (or "Freezone") or a burnt out drug addled wreck. I came very close to all three.
I know there are other second generation scientologists who made it out, I don't know you, but I know you are out there and I hope one day to share a beer or three with you.

We are a unique group and are in a unique position to facilitate understanding of and help with the erosion of scientology.

For those of you who have not ever been in scientology I hope that this letter will serve to give some insight and understanding about how insidious and evil scientology can be.

Once a person is caught up in the cult or has been raised in the cult, it affects every aspect of their life. Nothing outside the cult has any value (except money of course) and anything outside is looked down upon or despised. The whole jargon and language of the cult is arranged around this belief system. Those outside are termed either "wogs" or "raw meat" - being potential recruits.

For second (and later) generation scientologists this is particularly insidious as their whole understanding of the world is based in scientology. It took me the best part of fifteen years to finally understand the world as a normal person and be able to relate to people in a normal manner. I still struggle at times, but I have generally become well adjusted. I absolutely cannot stress enough the damage scientology does to children, not only in terms of blatant abuse or neglect, which is very common in scientology families, but real lasting mental damage which leaves them unable to relate to the world at large in a rational and sane manner. I know - I experienced it and this is my story.

I have to make it clear here, my story is not a one off case; many children of scientologists experienced far worse things than I did. For every scientologist family you see, you are looking at a tragedy of some kind. A broken home, years of good life lost to the cult, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, houses sold to pay for scientology courses, family heirlooms and jewellery sold, children abandoned, neglected or abused. All that you read here and on the internet and in exposé books barely scratches the surface; many stories will never be told.

As I was an unplanned child I was, according to my parents, offered a choice a few days after being born. The choice was to stay with them and be a scientolgist, or be put up for adoption. I was told to "smile if I wanted to stay or don't smile if I wanted to go". I was less than a week old when this deal was offered to me. Apparently I smiled, thus indicating my willingness to become another slave to scientology. Let us suppose for a moment that a child less than a week old is capable of understanding speech and has the mental faculty to understand such an offer - if this was true then what child less than a week old would choose to be cast out of their family and given to strangers to raise?

Absolutely none would be the correct answer there.

My parents related this tale to me many times as I was growing up, usually when I was not being the mindless drone they wanted and not "contributing" to the cause of scientology. Psychologically this was to turn the responsibility of the situation on to me rather than take responsibility themselves. It's very likely they still do not understand their unconscious motivation with regards to this.

There is a moderate chance that my parents will read this as they are now practising scientology within the "Freezone", and their opinion is doubtless that they have done nothing wrong in their raising of me. The facts speak for themselves and you'll have to make up your mind about on this. They did however honestly and deeply believe that they were doing the right and "ethical" thing for me and as such I don't blame them for their actions, they were simply doing the best that they could at the time. I do however pity them that they could see these actions as somehow morally correct.

It's worth noting that my parents were very intelligent people, some of the brightest I have ever known, and I've been lucky to meet some very bright people indeed. They could have risen to the top of what ever field they'd chosen, physics, maths, journalism, business, anything you like to consider. I count myself fortunate to have a fraction of their intelligence. With this in mind it's hard to credit how they became involved in the first place; I suppose like a lot of people in those days they were looking for something and believed they'd found it in scientology. For those who are looking for something bigger than themselves, scientology is incredibly seductive. All sorts of promises are made about the good that can be done, the goal of "clearing the planet", bringing order and ending discrimination. But when all is said and done, it's all a lie, perpetuated by people who have been brainwashed by the cult. I suspect that the people in charge of the cult now actually believe it and I also suspect that Hubbard ended up believing it himself in the end.

It's difficult to understand from the outside how people could believe some of the things that scientologists believe (you know the things I'm talking about, and if you don't then it's all on Wikipedia or As adults we find it impossible to believe blatantly untrue things without gradual indoctrination and immersion in a different and susceptible state of mind. The cult's indoctrination practise is well documented and understood both by those who have seen it from the outside and those who have experienced it and managed to regain their sanity.

Children are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality in the same way as adults are and as a child you instinctively trust and believe anything that your parents tell you. If your parents tell you that bad children go to hell and good children go to heaven it is believed. If parents tell their children that there is no god it is believed. If a parent tells their child that they (the parent) are from "galactic core" and have been sent to Earth, which is a prison planet, on a spiritual mission to save everyone then it is believed by the child - and that is what I grew up believing. It is particularly problematic as the parent believes it and says it with conviction and lives their life as if it was true.

From my birth to around three years old I was left with government run foster homes on multiple occasions as the time needed for caring for a child was detracting from my parents "mission". I don't remember any of this, it was related to me later by my grandparents, who when they found out where I was, came and bought me home. At one point my parents had an adoption family arranged and I apparently spent some time with them; a couple of times I came home bruised, and my parents decided this was not appropriate and ended the arrangement. Considering what happened over the next ten years or so I can only conclude that they felt that they were the only ones who had the right to physically abuse me. Starting at around four or five I experienced fairly regular beatings; my parents seemed unable to "handle" me in any other way as normal scientology "handling" didn't work. On reflection I'm afraid the answer was fairly simple, and that was that I was crying out for attention. If a child can't get positive attention they start to seek negative attention, and it is fairly easy for a child to fall into a pattern where they want attention and the only way to get it is to provoke a negative reaction. There are a few moments which particularly stand out; once I was screaming so much as I was being hit that a builder working next door came to find out what was happening. I've no idea what he was told but he was fobbed off with some lame comment. Another was, after being given some money to buy some cheese for myself to eat before an "auditing session" and having been asked about it I told them I'd bought a particular brand which happened to be processed cheese, which resulted in a massive punch and a scream "don't ever buy that f--king marcabian crap again". Nb. Check out "marcab" on Google if you don't know what it means.

When I was six I was started on scientology "auditing" which is the practise of scientology counselling - I use the term counselling with hesitation as it is not accurate. "Auditing" is in reality an active hypnotic experience with prompts by the "auditor" to lead to a desired mental experience. A lot of people come away from the experience feeling like they've gained something mentally or have had a "win" of some sort. Even if you can get free or low cost "auditing" from those outside the organised cult, I would strongly suggest the more traditional methods of dealing with life's difficulties - friends, relaxation techniques, education, or counselling from a qualified professional. Generally these come without the kind of baggage and strange beliefs which can alienate you from the rest of society.

Personally I have had great success with psychotherapy, and without the help of these dedicated professionals I would likely not have made it so far into my life to write this account.

Soon after starting "auditing" I was put on the "communication course". This involves many hours sitting doing scientology "training routines" or "TRs"; the first of which is to sit staring at another person until they decide you are "out TR" and they call "flunk". "Out TR" includes excessive blinking, breaking of eye contact, fidgeting, scratching an itch or any other normal spontaneous behaviour or just because the other person feels like calling a "flunk". This practise can often continue for hours. Later "TRs" include sitting while the other person screams, shouts abuse, makes jokes, physically threatens or actually carries out minor physical abuse such as pushing, grabbing an arm or around throat; the subject is taught to not react in any way except that proscribed by scientology indoctrination, which is generally something along the lines of "I'll repeat the question, do fish swim?". You can imagine the damage this causes to a child's developing social ability at that age - I learnt not to react to anything, teasing, jokes, conversation, and normal childhood playing. I became somewhat of a social pariah at school, I was definitely the weird kid. Three decades on and I still occasionally have problems reacting to social situations in a natural way, particularly when I am tired or stressed. Most of the time I am pretty good any my reactions are actually genuine and spontaneous for the most part, but people who spend any length of time around me do see at times that I can be a cold fish. I have particular trouble picking up on ordinary social cues which most people instinctively understand.

Note that plenty of time was dedicated to me having scientology "processing" but little time or energy was devoted to ensuring that I was either doing well in school or doing my homework from school. Indeed, at about six years old I was left to organise everything in my life - making my lunch for school, getting myself up in the morning and to school and getting myself home again. Remember children are just "thetans in small bodies" according to Hubbard and my parents took this, like everything else he wrote, literally. So at six I was considered to be able to manage all aspects of my life, despite the very obvious fact that I was not able to do this at all. As a consequence I bathed once a week at most, I didn't ever have lunch for school, I doubt I brushed my teeth more than once every six months and I was consistently late for school. At one point I had huge infected sores all up my arm and they would discharge blood and puss fairly often.

At some point the school I went to figured that something bad was happening and they contacted my parents about the lack care I received. Somehow the cult's local management got wind of this and I was placed with another scientology family for some months. In this time I was put on the scientology "purification rundown", which involved a daily regime which included taking vast doses of dietary supplements, weird concoctions of minerals drinking a mug of vegetable oil every day and sitting in a sauna for five or six hours. There's plenty of research to show that this "rundown" does not help a person's health at all, and is likely damaging due to the overly large amounts of vitamins taken.

When I was eight or nine we somehow ended up living in the local "narcanon" house, which was a huge old building. A bunch of scientologists were living there along with the public drug addicts which "narcanon" is supposed to help. I have quite fond memories of living here due to the size of the building and the fact that I was often left alone for days on end. There were other people around, but my parents were off doing what ever they were doing so I had no real supervision. The freedom was wonderful! I'd take my sleeping bag and a lamp and a book and camp out all over the place, behind couches, in old closets, a couple of times in the out buildings. But there were times I was the only person there with the public drug addicts, and in hindsight I realised that I barely escaped being sexually abused on a couple of occasions.

The break from scientology first happened in my mind when I was ten. It was quite simple - I learnt to fool the "e-meter". By holding a particular image in my mind I could cause the "e-meter" to go into "floating needle" mode. This allowed me to start to manipulate the "sessions", mostly by ending them earlier so I could have more free time after school.

Soon after this my parents decided that the cult was "out ethics" and this eventually resulted in them being "declared SPs". They ran their own covert operation for a couple of years getting copies of Hubbard's books and transcribing his lecture tapes. They became "squirrels" and started a mini cult of their own, which eventually became the "Freezone" in that city. This was the second major break for me and where I was very lucky, with this building on the fact that I could manipulate the "auditing" a real crack of reality was getting through to me. If this hadn't happened then most likely the direction of my life would have ended up very different, and I can see that I would have likely ended up in the "Sea Org", simply because I wouldn't have known what else to do with my life.

My parents continued to put me scientology processing which generally I was quite happy with as it was the only time I received anything like positive attention from them. I also found this was the only time I could speak freely and wouldn't suffer retaliation because of anything I said.

The crack of reality continued to grow, partially because of my friends and me getting involved in activities which stimulated me mentally and encouraged free thinking. As this happened my sense of wanting to be free from the abuse and from my parents attempting to control every moment of my life grew. After a number of serious run ins, my parents refused to let me go to school and I was made to do physical labour for eight to ten hours a day on their farm. Any suggestion of rebellion or disagreement was met with physical force, much greater than previously. I suppose this was my own personal "RPF", and in retrospect I can only guess that my parents took their inspiration for this "handling" from the formation of the real "RPF".

Through a friend I managed to get in contact with the social services and the result of this was that the social services decided to visit my parents and try to talk things out with them. The fall out from this was worse than I'd imagined - I couldn't walk properly for a week. My parents told me that I was "in treason", but that they were proud of me for taking my punishment so well.

Still I was not quite at breaking point and it took one more serious beating for me to finally leave. I left home in my mid-teens with a book, a hair brush, and three pairs of underwear all in a plastic bag. I went to social services and told them I was not going back. Social services examined and photographed my injuries and contacted my parents.

Seeing my parents back down to social services was an incredibly powerful moment for me. They threatened to "go to the papers" if they could not take me home. The social services people said "do that then - and we will take you to court for custody and you will lose because we have physical evidence of abuse". A few minutes later my parents were signing papers to "voluntarily" allow social services to take custody of me. This remains one of the happiest days of my life. Of course later they said that that this was all planned and done on purpose to teach me to be independent and able to "stand on my own two feet". This is something you will encounter constantly with scientologist - fact are altered or viewed in such a way to make them appear to be in control and you will find that this behaviour is consistent with many people suffering from delusional disorders. The fact that scientologists commonly exhibit such behaviour is worth bearing in mind when either dealing with them.

I spent some time in government care. I met many people whose stories remain with me, and their stories were the start of my recovery. There are a lot of messed up people out there, not just scientology. My foster parents were extremely good and loving despite not having any idea of how to deal with someone with my experiences, and I still have regular contact with them.

After leaving government care there were times in my late teens and early twenties when I really hit the bottom. Times when I lay on the floor for a week, unable to move, not drinking not eating, unable to shift my mind from the broken state it was in. There were times I sat on the floor, knife in hand, blood coming from my arm, desperately willing myself to cut deeper to bring some kind of end to my pain. I was committed to psychiatric care twice. For my whole life I had been taught to suppress and control my emotions, had no way of relating to the normal world, and I was paying the price. I had no coping mechanisms, I didn't know how to properly engage with people on an emotional level.

This is the true result of scientology and scientology processing - broken people. Both the "Freezone" and scientology will tell you this is because of "out tech", which is jargon for scientology processing being done somehow wrong. In the paranoid delusional world of Hubbard all negative results of scientology processing are "out tech". There are no positive examples of scientology processing I've ever seen which couldn't be achieved more effectively with normal counselling or psychotherapy.

I got in to university as an adult student on the basis of passing an aptitude test. Studying in the real world of university was both a relief and something I couldn't cope with due to trying to cope with my mental and emotional state. Many people helped me in this time, in both small and large ways. The mental health community is largely comprised of people who have an awesome sense of caring, are well trained and deal with incredibly difficult things on a daily basis. THESE are the people who are able help, they're not evil, they're not part of a conspiracy and they are amazingly dedicated. The turning point for me came in the days after I made a serious suicide attempt. I was off my tree for a week afterwards due to the cocktail of drugs and booze I'd had, but something about the experience allowed me to start to calm internally and start to focus on something. Granted I was still a mess but I had finally gained some kind of will to survive - never the less I can't really recommend suicide attempts as a recovery mechanism!

I move countries, changed my name, experienced life, had lots of sex. Sex I can recommend as a recovery mechanism, and while me didn't always experience it in an enhancing way, it helped me to gain a sense of intimacy and comfort with people I'd not had before. I still had a lot of issues to deal with and I spent a long time on anti-depressants, simply learning to live, learning to cope and learning to be myself. After a number of years I weaned myself off the medication and have lived for almost a decade without it; medication has its place and gave me the mental breathing space to truly recover from the damage that scientology had done to me.

The real kicker about the whole scientology cult is that in one of Hubbard's lectures he describes how to control and imprison people: first you draw the curtains around them twenty feet away and you put the bars behind the curtains. Then you move the curtains in, little by little so as they don't notice. As you do this you move the bars closer too.

Eventually the curtains are a foot away and so are the bars. That's how you control and imprison people. Think about it for a moment. He TOLD people how he was controlling them. The truth about scientology is right there, a bare faced declaration of what he was doing to people and what scientology continues to do to people. They're slowly immersed in the scientology culture and their ability to discern truth from lies is removed. This is what you are dealing with when you talk to a scientologist - someone who has no ability to think outside of the cage that they are in - indeed, they don't even know that they are in a cage. The good news is that once they see that they are in a cage, they can start to become free again; the cage only exists within their mind.

True there are people in the cult who are physically restrained, such as the people in the "RPF" and those who have been caught in circumstances like Lisa McPherson's. It's sad to say that if you simply released those people today they would still be caught in the cage.

That said, returning to a normal life is quite achievable; if I did it on my own, anyone can do it. So don't give up hope for those who are inside, if you have loved ones, friends, family, know that there is a way out and that one day they will be free.
Life is good and life goes on. - Master Splinter

I love life, there's so much good, so many wonderful things to experience. In many ways my childhood made me the person that I am; curious, determined, and I hope caring and loving. I have my faults, don't get me wrong, but I do my best to be a good person. I've done things I'm not proud of, mostly in the throes of recovery, but I take responsibility for them, learn from them and move on. Taking responsibility is not something you will find in scientology. Freedom is not something you will find in scientology. I don't blame my parents, and I don't blame any of the individuals in scientology, they are victims just as much as I am. What they need is help to see the truth about the lies which they are caught in.
A scientology Child

From Australia, New Zealand, the America's, across Europe and here in England, these stories are common place. Over the last few years Scientology  has been and is hitting on third world countries, as if there isn't enough strife in their worlds.