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Scientology's 'heretic'.

Scientology's 'heretic': How Marty Rathbun became the arch - enemy of L. Ron Hubbard devotees.

Marty's journey in Scientology began on a pavement in Portland, Oregon. It was 1977, and he was walking to a bus stop when a man outside one of the Church's missions thrust a leaflet into his hand. "Look, man, I got 45 minutes to my bus," Marty told him. "Tell me what it is you're doing here." The man said he was seeking recruits for a three-week course that advanced "a technology for improving communication".

Marty, who was then aged 20, was a troubled soul. His mother had committed suicide when he was five, and his brother suffered from schizophrenia. He'd been brought up in bohemian Laguna Beach, California, and experimented with drugs as a teenager, before dropping out of college. "I was having serious problems with communication, so what the guy said intrigued me," he recalls. "The course was 50 bucks. I only had 25, but he said, 'If you pay cash, I can get you in'."

The next three weeks were "life-changing". Marty was given intensive auditing, carried out lengthy meditation exercises, and at one point during a "communication drill" in which he had to silently stare into a counsellor's eyes for an hour, underwent what he calls an "out-of-body" experience. "I literally exteriorised from my body," he says. "It was incredible. It changed everything."

A few weeks later, the Scientology mission in Portland was visited by a man from Los Angeles, wearing a quasi-naval uniform. He was a member of Sea Org, the Church's version of the clergy, seeking new recruits. "He was dynamic, and he spoke about working to change humanity. I was sold," says Marty. He duly joined Sea Org that day. Like every other member, he signed a billion-year contract.

This is a very good summation of  how Scientology preys on the weak and vulnerable. If Marty was having serious problems with communication, how prey tell has intensive auditing and communication courses like the staring into someones eyes for hours on end, which ended with him having an out of body experience helped him?

He has told in his words on countless interviews and videos how he was Scientology's bully boy and thug, if communication involves the various activities of hitting people, wrestling them to the ground, shouting, chasing people across countries with the aim of bringing them back to the fold, like something out of the "Terminator",going to a female escapees home with the intent of giving her 'a severe reality adjustment'( this was someone who grew up in Scientology from being a young child and grew up right alongside Hubbard, Terri Gamboa).

Terri was one of the original Messengers, Head Messenger and then there is Annie Broeker, formally Annie Tidman, also a Commodore's Messenger from a young child who he, Rathbun chased across America to return to the fold:

Oh yeah, I think we can safely say all that auditing on a little lie detecting box, whilst holding tin cans and staring at people for hours on end makes for really good communication.

Mike Rinder on Survival:

So, who says belief is not destructive? Believe what you want they say as long as it's not harming anyone.So, who's not harming anyone with their Scientology beliefs?

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