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More Crap propaganda from Ron's Org.

This is from Source magazine 221 April 2012:

Ron's Org

Home of Superior Results on Every Case, Every Time.

"Flag was designed as an organization where could be found the very best auditors and C/Ses on the planet." - LRH

These words communicate a quality that is the very essence of Flag, where the best auditors and case supervisors have been cracking case after case according to LRHs directive for 36 years.

For a good number of it's formative years, the flagship Apollo was the site of LRHs foremost technical research and development. During that era he evolved the full subject of Standard Tech, including training and auditing to the highest level: Class XII. He provided, as well a dozen auditing rundowns entrusted solely to Flag. And as he researched and tested those rundowns, he trained the technical team dedicated to delivering them. What follows is the back story to the miracle rundowns that can resolve anything standing in the way of a scientologist's fast progress  to Clear and OT.

The year was 1967. By then LRH had researched and released the Grade Chart, drawn up the Organizing Board for infinite expansion, and delivered the last lecture of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course before setting out with 12 hand picked Clears to man up the Sea Organization. The Royal Scotsman, later renamed the Apollo, became the Flagship of his flotilla, where LRH personally formed the first OT organization - the delivery center of what was then the just- released first OT levels.

It is from this heritage that Flag acquired it's name. From the beginning the words standard and Flag were not just inextricably connected, they were practically synonymous.The dictionary gives the roots of the word Standard as "a flag raised on a pole as a rallying point." The word flagship is "the ship that bears the commander's flag."Thus the position of the Flag Org aboard the Apollo was from it's first days the place on this planet where the highest standards were set and maintained, achieving the ultimate in technical perfection for Scientology.

LRh continued his research aboard Flag, all the while teaching the highest levels attainable in technical rendition as well as administration. The center of activity was his research room from which he supervised cases, met with auditors and briefed on new breakthroughs under pilot. A superlative standard of technical skill was always at the forefront of his expectations.

When the Apollo gangway was thrown down for all scientologists to come aboard for training and auditing the news of the rundowns drawn from upper level research flashed around the planet. These were the L Rundowns LRH originally for Org Executives.

LRH also released other rundowns capable of un tangling any case. Scientologists began to arrive from all over the world.

Yet it was not only rundowns available nowhere else that drew people to Flag, but the meticulous care taken to ensure that every process achieved 100% results on every case. LRH described it this way:

"often we get cases that no one else has been able to handle.

"It takes up to 25 hours to do a Folder Error Summary and to Program some cases.

" We work constantly to improve the lines, increase the hours. Secure superior results. Probably an hour of Flag Auditing counts for five or ten hours elsewhere due to this care." - LRH.

Cracking Cases
Even the most difficult cases surrender to the Flag - only Rundowns.

" It is always the fate of the top level org of the world to inherit the rough and 'unsolvable cases....Rundowns and handlings to untangle the most tangled and get it going again." - LRH

While LRH set the bar high for any Flag auditing, defining it as nothing less than 100% Standard  and able to penetrate any case, he entrusted only Flag with something more in the arsenal against the reactive mind: Eight rundowns specifically designed to crack apart any and all seemingly resistive barriers to case progress. These are the case Resolution Rundowns.

It has been found that stressful life situations or case phenomena a person has been tolerating and living with - perhaps for years - surrender easily to these Flag - only Rundowns. On each of them, LRH has honed laser-precise techniques to zero in and blow away whatever non-optimum factors are putting a cloud over one's life and showing progress on the Bridge.

And it happens fast. As one pre clear wrote about her experience on a Flag - only Rundown, "I came to Flag because I've had some upsets and problems and stuck flows on my dynamics for a while.Within 24 hours of starting the rundown, my dynamics started falling into place and moving in the direction I wanted them to.I had attention on the second dynamic and that has been handled and my havingness on all my dynamics has increased."

Special training of the auditors and C/Ses who deliver the Case Resolution Rundowns ensures that every tool of Dianetics and Scientology technology is expertly applied.No case barriers can stand up to this powerful and exact tech of programming and auditing designed to blast away whatever is in the road of one's fast and effortless strides up the Grade Chart ( small volcano symbol).

Case Cracker Rundown
Developed by LRH to zero in on the exact bypassed charge preventing a person from making progress up the Bridge and in life, this rundown is a booster for anyone. No matter how rough a case might seem, with the Case Cracker Rundown, any barrier is disintegrated for good, leaving the preclear winning.

There are another seven of these rundowns, but I won't bore you with them, I thought the 'case cracker rundown' was the most relevant.

Feature article.

Exploding All Case Barriers
( Picture of Grade Chart, Clear, OTs etc, Space ship, flying rocks(meteors), in space.

"Flag runs on the basis of 'results or else' so far as their tech staff and technical quality are concerned. The words 'failed case' do not exist at Flag." - LRH

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