Monday, 30 April 2012

Debbie Cook may have to stay Silent......

Debbie Cook may have been silenced, but her story won't be, are you listening Tom Cruise?

Quote: Tony Ortega -Open Letter to Tom Cruise.
But the physical environment wasn't the only thing that made The Hole a living hell, Tom. Debbie testified that there was psychological terror too, in the form of mass confessions that the residents of The Hole had to take part in. Debbie testified to one case of forced confessions that we had written about earlier, and which brings up Scientology's troubling history as an organization infused with homophobia.

Debbie confirmed what we'd heard earlier, that Miscavige wanted two male executives, Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre, to confess to the rest of the 100 or so prisoners that they were having a homosexual relationship. The two were beaten until they said as much, but then Debbie spoke up when this was reported to Miscavige, saying that actually what they had admitted to was being exaggerated so Miscavige would hear what he wanted.

For speaking up on behalf of the two terrorized men, Debbie herself was then subjected to a sick ritual of abuse. She was made to stand in a trash can for the next twelve hours as the other prisoners were made to shout slurs at her, dump cold water over her, and also taunted her with more homophobic hazing, calling her a lesbian.

And Debbie saw worse. One executive, Mark Ginge Nelson, she saw beaten and then made to lick a bathroom floor for a half hour.

Let me pause here, Tom, not just because I'm literally feeling sick while typing this, but because I want to remind you what it is we're talking about. We're talking about business executives in your church who had fallen out of favor for one capricious reason or another, who were imprisoned in an office trailer on a remote desert base, in some cases for years at a time, with no chance to communicate with the outside world or to escape.

There's nothing about religion in that description. These people weren't monks flagellating each other. They weren't arguing theological concepts. The only sworn, court testimony and other accounts we have indicate that this was nothing more than David Miscavige's personal prison for employees he wanted to humiliate and starve.

Yes, starve. In one of the more vivid moments during her testimony last Thursday, Debbie described the food that was served in The Hole...
Horrible. It was a big pot of slop. You'd line up and get a bowl of slop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....It was like leftovers. Bits of meat, soupy kind of leftovers thrown into a pot and cooked and barely edible.
Here's another form of testimony to the food in The Hole. They are photos of Mike Rinder after he'd spent two years locked up in the prison, and then more recently on the right, now that he's back to a healthier weight...

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