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Alt Religion Scientology.

I don't go here very often any more, but when I first started going on the net I did so many times, and it is where I found some amazing information, if you can scroll through all the scientologists posts mainly about psychs and that overwhelming threat to mankind, and know not what to click on, which I didn't at the time, you can find some great posts. You can also find some incredibly stupid ones.

There are some who would just like to think this man is naive, he is not . He is a living product of what L. Ron Hubbard's scientology does to one if you follow the doctrines to the letter.These people make good money out of this rubbish and ruin kids futures. Anyway make up your own mind:

Originally posted by Terril Park
TECH outside COS: 13 year old's Success Story

Auditing Program Success Story
I have had a great time here. The sessions were very challenging, but
that's what I like. Remember this for the CCHs! Don't give up. I broke
down in tears three or four times, and I'm 13 years old! Trust me,
reader, you will get it like I did. Don't doubt yourself. It may take
hours, even days of sessioning, but everything represents something in
life. Good luck with your auditing and remember that everything comes
in time, but you must work for it. (Hmmm... why do I sound like I've
achieved total enlightenment?) CA

ML, Anita

These ordained Ministers were ordained in the Church of Scientology and they often use pastoral counseling techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard. That they are now declared SPs by the "church"of Miscavige, does not in any way make a jot of difference in their being Scientologists, as Hubbard would have wanted.

Pastoral Counseling:
  1. Is Scientology a form of pastoral counseling? Scientology is a religious philosophy -- auditing is a form of counseling deriving in technology from the philosophy. Thus auditing is pastoral counseling.

    This definition above from David Gaiman in answer to questions from Paulette Cooper.

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