Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Petition to Recharge Jan Eastgate.

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Petition to Recharge, Jan Eastgate Myers
Jan Easgate is a high ranking member of Scientology who is alleged to have covered up child sexual abuse in that organization in 1985. She coached a mother and daughter (Carmen Rainer) to lie to the police about her stepfather (a member of Scientology) who had molested her as a minor. Ms. Eastgae was charged with two counts of "Perverting the Course of Justice" that were dropped on April 23rd 2012 under suspicious circumstances. Scientology has a history of manipulating the police and courts in to dropping cases. The dropping of this case has very serious questions surrounding it and there are contradictory facts found in relation to the stated reasons for the charges being dropped. The victim in this case has a right to her day in court and victims of this type of crime have a right to know justice will be done when they report it.

This petition is letting the prosecutors office know that the public is watching and that the reasons they gave do not stand up to scrutiny.

The petition Letter ****
We the undersigned are informing the Australia - New South Wales - Prosecutors Office that we demand justice for victim Carmen Rainer. The Prosecutors Office publicly dropped charges of "Perverting the Course of Justice" against Ms. Jan Eastgate Myers on or about the 23rd of April 2012 for her alleged involvement of covering up the sexual abuse of Ms. Rainer when she was a minor in 1985. We the undersigned find the excuses for dropping the charges by the Prosecutors Office and refusing to recharge unexceptable for the following reasons.

1. It has been stated that the law Ms. Eastgate was charged with did not exists in 1985. It is well known that there are laws on the books that do cover this time period that would cover an appropriate charge.

2. That witnesses needed to pursue the case are not able to be located by the police. This has been proven to be false. An article in the Village Voice date 24th of April 2012 show that the individuals were tracked down by common google searches and reached within an hour of looking.

3. This case is of importance to the victim and to the public at large. The victim has broken down in an emotional state in front of rolling TV cameras when learning of the failure of your offices to peruse to this matter. It also sets the dangerous precedence of letting victims know that there is no point in reporting abuse or those that coached them to remain quite prior to the date of what law you referred to in dropping this case.

4. There was a clear case to charge Ms. Eastgate in the first place and that the state felt it could get a conviction based on the original case. It was stated that due to a technicality of the law she was charged with and the now proven to be debunked excuse of not reaching witnesses that the charges were dropped. Being that nothing has changed about the validity of the charges and that the potential witness list has been strengthened, there is no reason for your offices not to recharge Ms. Eastgate.

It is for these reasons that we the undersigned demand that the New South Wales - Prosecutors Office recharge Ms. Jan Eastgate Myers with appropriate charges for this case and let justice run its course.

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