Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter!

From Scientology's Clearwater Community. I give you Scientology's Easter Egg Hunt!

So, we'll all run around and find hidden chocolate easter eggs, OH, what fun! In my day before the Sea Org it was mainly painted faces on proper eggs, but it was still fun!

Do you think these kids in the video below will even see an egg or have an Happy Easter?Will they even know what the Easter Bunny is? OR it's origins. I can answer that, they won't, ALL they will know is how to Keep Scientology Working!

Does the fact that you were born one day have any recognition, a day of celebration, that you were conceived, you were born and you are now alive, not in LRH's own brand of compartmentalization, for whether you believe it or not you have been born several lifetimes over and there is NO time for celebration of one mere mortals birth as the only birth of any recognition is that of LRH. Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

There is NO recognition that they are even human, let alone born.This is the fate of Scientology's Sea Org children. I know because once I was one of them, and in those days David Miscavige had never even been heard of.

According to Wikepedia David Miscavige is three years younger than me, that would make him seven years old when I joined the Sea Org at the age of ten. At the age of 11 when I was learning hard and fast what a dictatorial organization Scientology was, this was in 1968, it wasn't according to Wikepedia until 1971 that David joined the Scientologists, by then I was long gone,David Miscavige was then 11 years of age, when he joined the Scientologists, by the age of 16 he was in the Sea Org.It took less than 10 years for him to take over the entire establishment.

It would appear piano players are to be avoided at all costs.

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