Monday, 19 March 2018

Arnie Lerma

Arnie, rest in peace now!

A force field in the fight against Scientology injustice. A true friend, someone I had on my bucket list to meet before I died. Now that will never happen, what a tragedy.

You were there when I was in meltdown, now I see the toll of that burdon. I realize what a burdon and the toll of your back problems and pain. I am so, so sorry, wish I could have been there for you when you needed it most.

I will never forget you twitching your whiskers, with that smile, just before you were about to tell me off. And you did tell me off, and I did deserve it, but you were so sweet and kind about it.
And Why to the it
I don't know what drove you to do what you did, but know this your blog has been a blessings now d
godsend to thousands of people and always will be.h

Love you Arnie and always will.

Rest in peace Mr. Lerma

What were you thinking???

I am grieving, I am going through a hell I never thought possible, not now, Arnaldo, what the fuck?

I am so, so sorry for Joseph and Ginger...I cannot understand this...and is why I will never again believe anyone on the god damned internet. Not ever!.

I know Arnaldo was a good guy, I fucking know this, and fuck all you idiots that are slagging him off right know nothing!!!
Right now we should be looking at Tom Cruise?!