Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Re: News from Why We Protest.

$cientology is giving our details out to reporters and possibly police! UK Please read.
Yesterday a reporter tried to contact me by phone and then later called to my home as he was investigating the hacking group anonymous and had been provided with information that I was a member.

After a brief conversation with the freelance reporter on my doorstep last night, I was again contacted by a the main reporter from a major national newspaper this morning.
Here is what I found out....

After trying to explain that what we, the Anti-$cientology movement, are not involved in any criminal activities and that we are really nice and cuddly, we got on to those letters many of us received from Co$ lawyers warning us off.
He was very interested in hearing about this and found that inadvertently he had just uncovered another story as he believed that the list of names he had been supplied with as possible members of Anonymous now looked as if it had not been supplied by an honest private detective company, but by the 'church' of $cientology as another way of stopping us.

If this list of names and details have been passed to national press, I have no doubt that it will have also been forwarded to the police.

One thing I believe the clams have done to shoot themselves in the foot is that when I received this letter back in 2008, I made a request to them and their solicitor to provide and then stop processing any information held on me, under data protection legislation. I am inclined to say that they have failed to do this and have thus broken data protection laws, which I intend to take up with the relevant authorities.

It looks like the clams are still actively using fair game against members of this peaceful movement. I would suggest that any other member who has been namefagged or had a similar letter from Co$ lawyers to don their tin foil hats and ensure their information has not also been passed on without their consent.

I have seen two of these cease and desist letters mentioned on WWP, both of former people I used to protest with a lot.A third one told me they had gotten one too.Whilst there may be the odd anon who might hack into computers, it is not something I condone and gives the rest of anonymous a bad name. Most of the anons I have protested with are nice decent people, who give up their free time, money and effort into protesting the abuses of a cult, called Scientology.

Scientology on the other hand get private investigators to go out of their way to follow people about, create files on people, take photographs and video's of people with the full intention of scaring these people off from protesting, or from looking into the practises of Scientology. I think John Sweeney of the BBC proved that beyond all doubt. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A couple of things that caught my attention.

Been out of the loop for a couple of days, but trying to keep up with reading.

Two threads that got my attention on ESMB, a post by Smurf really got me going:

This is Amy, someone I had read about and watched on video, on the ex message board. This is so sad, Jenna Miscavige is the neice of the  leader of Scientology now, known as COB, Chairman of the Board.What happened to Jenna, Amy, Kendra, Astra, Janis, Terri,Peter, Quentin, Arthur, Suzette, Diana, myself and so many others is unacceptable, and they try to call this a religion.We are spanninig a time line now of over forty years, with the above mentioned names and yet nothing has changed. Nothing!

We are talking 1st generation, 2nd generation and even third generation, I dare say we are even into 4th generation and Nothing has changed. Not a thing! We are still dealing with cult indoctrination of the highest order, governments won't do anything about it, media doesn't help a great deal. Law enforcement is protected by scientologists in certain areas and basically, scientology is creating their game plan which is to rule the world.Who cares?

By all accounts not very many.

Amy, if you should ever read this blog, I had high hopes for you. I know that is  a lot of expectation, but you sounded so sincere, and I know only too well how hard it is to be without a family. It is crippling.I understand, I really do, but what you have to understand is this; all the while you let these people manipulate you, you are letting down possibly thousands of other children.These children may be adults now, but their rights have been stripped away, one layer at a time and by letting the cult of scientology decide your fate, it also decides the fate of your children and their children and their children's children.

So, do we as ex scientologist's children allow them to complete their mission?

I won't, and I sincerely hope you won't either.

The other thread that has come up today is this:

Now, let's get this straight, Scientology has NOT been corrupted by David Miscavige, Scientology was always corrupt and that was by L. Ron Hubbard himself. Period!

Has Scientology continued to be corrupted by David Miscavige, the answer is YES!

He saw a good con, and continued to establish it.It made a lot of money, and he liked money, power and corruption, just like his predecessor, L. Ron Hubbard.

I will not allow a get out clause, just because some people did not see what I saw, but I will say this; if you have been indoctrinated for 39 years of your life from a very young age, it has to be difficult to change your way of thinking.I understand this. However, I will not accept this as a way to make L. Ron Hubbard right and David Miscavige wrong. They are both wrong, immoral, corrupt and without a shred of sympathy for any evil they have shown towards breaking up families whom otherwise would have held strong bonds, regardless of any so called religious morals that were foisted upon them through a contempt that was totally mired in greed, for recognition, money and power.

As an aside:Both L. Ron Hubbard and his family, the Loyal officers on board the Apollo all shared an abundance of good living, totally different to what the mere deckhands lived. I know this, because when I had done a long night shift, I used to sneak into the officers quarters and saw foods that I had never seen before for a very long time. I helped myself, if I had been caught, which fortunately I was not, I would have been overboarded. Of this, I have NO doubt!

Friday, 24 June 2011

White hats and Black Hats!

I came across this tonight on the BBC web page and was a litle concerned, under Technology at the bottom of the BBC webpage is 'Technology' and there was this article by a Susan Watts:

Newsnight online 'chat' with Lulz Security hacking group

Shot of web browser showing CIA website is unavailable following reported attack by Lulz Security hackers group on 15 June 2011 The CIA website was reported to have come under attack by Lulz Security hackers earlier this month

Related Stories

The Lulz Security hacking group that has claimed attacks on high-profile targets including the CIA and Sony in recent weeks has exclusively told the BBC's Newsnight programme that it wants to target the "higher ups" who write the rules and "bring them down a few notches".
Lulzsec has claimed a new scalp - releasing confidential material taken from the Arizona police department.
The anonymous hacking group says they've not been knocked off course, or successfully exposed, by rival hackers who claim to have named them online - apparently because they object to their agenda.
This agenda seems to evolved. When they started out, two months ago, they said they were mainly hacking "for laughs".
In an online Q&A, Whirlpool, the spokesman for Lulzsec, who describes himself as "captain of the Lulz Boat", agreed that their goals now go beyond that: "Politically motivated ethical hacking is more fulfilling".
We weren't able to talk to Whirlpool in person, but met in cyberspace in a private online chat room. In those circumstances it's almost impossible to verify with absolute certainty who you are speaking to, but Newsnight was able to verify that this person had access to the @Lulzsec Twitter feed.
Here are some other edited highlights from the online chat, which began with a question about the Antisec movement to which Lulzsec seem recently to have aligned themselves.
What is Operation Antisec in your own words?
Operation Antisec - our energy has manifested from single-drop personal operations to a global hacker movement against the common people who deem themselves oppressors, namely the world governments... Our Lulz Boat has gathered allied ships in Anonymous and several rogue hacker groups, including prominent Brazilian, Iranian, and Spanish groups.
We saw the Arizona material should we expect more today?
We're hoping to load payload bay #1 with delicious booty and release more material early next week, preferably Monday.
What do you mean by "who deem themselves oppressors"?
Those who materialise rules to govern the oceans aren't corrupt in nature, but they soon realize that nobody will question rules that they put out, so they use this system to abuse the public. People fear new rules, people fear the "higher-ups", and we're here to bring them down a few notches.
Is it the wrong rules? Or the wrong people making the rules? Would you be ok with rules, but more transparency also?
Rules are rules and we, as a people, are OK with dedicated individuals to moderate them (politicians, officials, etc) - and that's fine. However, when our boat wants to sail into a book store, we're not going to pay Apple for a mobile reading device and subsequently purchase an application allowing us to read books, and then purchase the rights to read the book in text format. Copyright laws - a no-no. Copywrong is a constant enemy of the seas.
So copyright is one of your issues, but that's not why you attacked Arizona police. Can you explain?
Our hit on the Arizona police was to expose the corruption and racial profiling of their battle fleet. In one of the e-mails leaked, they refer to Mexicans as "illegal aliens" and that they need to build a bigger and bigger wall to keep them out. We have hundreds more documents ready to drop on similar corrupt states.
So immigration- quite a leap from copyright - your agenda seems quite broad? It's not just about how they handle information then?
Our targets are global. Corrupt rules and laws covers our attack vector pretty well. Cannonballs will fire at banks, police, and entire governments until we (the internet) are satisfied.
Let me ask you about your name - Lulz - making people think at first glance that you're doing all this "for laughs"... Are you getting more serious? Or was the lulz a misconception/misunderstanding?
We've been plundering treasure chests for laughs since 1 Twitter follower - we released 73,000+ X-Factor contestants when nobody realised we existed, and we've kept up the pace. This latest operation (just before we hit 250,000 followers) invites the rest of the internet to join us, so in a sense this sole mission is serious. But we still plan on having good laughs outside of it.
That's quite a balance to maintain. Some attracted by the Antisec agenda might be put off by the Lulz.
That's a fair point, and we're hoping Antisec extends far beyond our humble boat and into a revolution that maintains itself...
So why are they (other hackers) attacking you and claiming to expose you? Is it because of your actions or your agenda? Or just for attention?
An interesting question. It's my personal belief that they're attacking us out of raw loneliness - they've been stalking people like me for 6 months straight. They feel that we (the Lulz Boat) are their enemies. They keep trying to bring us down, we mock them, they get flustered and make snide comments, we laugh. This has been the cycle for six months. It's quite sad...
I suppose what is interesting to many now is that you have a serious agenda but you're also in it for Lulz. Will there come a time when you have to chose between them? They don't seem to sit well together if you care what the outside world thinks of you.
Another fair point. At some point our operations will have to veer onto the more serious end of things, that's true. Our pirate flag is whitehat, grayhat, and blackhat, so we often entertain many flavours of public. But yes, enjoying the breeze of politically-motivated ethical hacking is more fulfilling.

I say concerned, the only time I have come across this term white hats and black hats is from someone known as Susan Meister, who died on the Apollo in 1971.

The white hats were the scientologists and the black hats were Nazi Germany.

(edited by author) Greeley, Colo 80631 Mother, Do you recall talking to me about WW III- and where it would start if it were to start- father and most everyone else maintained that it would start in either China or Russia vs U.S. ' and you said- oh no it would originate in Germany - that the Nazis hadn't given up yet-? well babe, you were right-there is a new Nazi resurgence taking place in Germany- so now it's a race between the good guys in the white hats (Scientologists) and the L'eiptzig death camp (Nazis) the bad guys in the black hats- we'll win of course- but the game is exciting. Truth is stranger than fiction. As Alice (Alice in Wonderland) says. "Things get curiouser and curiouser!" Get into Scientology now. It's fantastic!
Love, Susan

Susan Meister

I have personally worried about this death since i first heard of it and continue to worry about it as there does not seem to be any coherent explanation for it, much like Lisa McPherson.

These people, Scientologists like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder like to show how they are being 'Fair Gamed'by the psuedo "church" of Scientology, yet NO ONE wants to take responcibility for the deaths of former Scientologists who lost their lives for an unjust cause.

Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder when are you going to grow some balls!


There is NO LULZ in the deaths of people, especially when they believed it to be their religion.


Scientology is the biggest FARCE on earth!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Scientology - Narconon TR Expose.

I did these training routines as a little girl aged 8/9 years of age, at St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Scientology Media Circus.

Ididntcomeback posted this on Kiwianons website and whilst they might not have come back, I have and I have NO intention of going anywhere.

This is to the death, It could be mine, but I will not back off.I'm really pissed off now.

Who is the man at 1.01 in the cream mack in this video?

He was spotted in London with Graham Wilson, and here he is in Australia. Short on Scientologists worldwide?

Thank you to Zhent for getting these videos up and Thankyou to Brian Seymor for following this through.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Commadores Messengers.

I was one of them, not indoctrinated, or so I thought.

In Janet Reitman's new book Inside Scientology: The Story of America's Most Secretive Religion, there is mention of the Commadore's messengers.

Here is an excerpt taken from pages 106/107;

These girls, the children of Scientologists, as it turned out, were called the Commadore's Messengers. Many of them had grown up on the Apollo, having been sent by their parents to serve in the Sea Organization. As the youngest people on the ship, they'd been deployed at first as go-fers, running messages to and from L. Ron Hubbard and other members of the crew, but over time, Hubbard began to rely on the Messengers as his personal caretakers, and as his eyes and ears.

DeDe Reisdorf, one of Hubbard's favourite Messengers was thirteen years old when she arrived on the Apollo in 1971, with hersixteen year old sister, Gale, and her parents, Charles and Pauline Reisdorf, longtime Scientologists who'd joined the church in the 1950s.

Most of the girls on the ship were also in their early or middle teens - the oldest, DeDe recalled was perhaps seventeen. Many were there without their parents. (Charles and Pauline Reisdorf departed the Apollo in 1973 leaving their children behind). "I hated it at first," recalled Gale who served as lookout on the ship and also as a steward to MarySue Hubbard and her daughter Diana. " I cried almost every night for two or three months. But then, just accepted it, and it became my life."

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beware wolfs dressed as sheep.

I came across this video last night, thanks to a friend.

It is worth noting the sheer amount of Scientology-related terms that are part of normal speech for the participants in this documentary.

It is an important video in Scientology history, and although these true believers of Hubbards technology strongly believe in their determinism to continue up the bridge to total freedom, one thing they fail to notice is the fact that LRH was still very much in charge of Scientology at that time.

These people throw the word "freedom" around willy nilly like it is some sort of astounding benifit. From my point of view, the only freedom to be had is to stay away as far as possible from all forms of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

One of the astonishing things I find about this video is the happy, happy false face of Scientology.This is auditing, folks. This is why these people can't tell right from wrong. They all have it, apart from one, that looks uncomfortable.

This is the face I remember from my childhood.

Happy, happy happy, let's put you in the hold,happy, happy, happy let's put you in the chain locker, happy, happy, happy, let's throw you overboard, smiling, smiling, smiling, but never mind any of that, because the "tech" works. I had this little ARC break and ha, I went in session and it blew my mind! Being thrown overboard is suddenly mind blowing and hey, it dosen't matter any more because I am full of electricity. And, guess what it is affordable electricity. It's affordable because I can make a lot of money out of it and I can have fun whilst ripping people off.

Cult leaders begets more cult leaders.

The Freezone is a slightly cheaper cult, because they have ARC. Affinity, Reality and Communication. So, we love it, its real and we communicate about it and all because LRH said so. These people will have very high ARC, because they are making a lot of money from suseptible people who are still in love with the ideology of what LRH made them believe was Scientology.What LRH made them believe and what is real are two totally different things.

Excerpt by David Mayo

He could be capable of incredible cruelty. On the ship there was an old man on the Royal Scotman who he made push a peanut round the decks with his nose. He had to get down on his hands and knees, he had to go round the deck, quite a long distance in a race with one or two others also in trouble. The first one back got let off and the last one got a double penalty. It was really tough on this old guy, Charlie Reisdorf. The surface of the deck was very rough wood, prone to splinter, so after pushing peanuts with their noses, they all had raw, bleeding noses, leaving a trail of blood behind them. I not only saw it but the entire crew of the ship was mustered - a mandatory attendance - we were required to watch this punishment, to make an example of it for the rest of us. Reisdorf was in his late 50s probably. His two daughters were messengers, they were 11 or 12 at time and his wife was there also. It was hard to say which was worse to watch: this old guy with a bleeding nose or his wife and kids sobbing and crying at being forced to watch this. Hubbard was standing there calling the shots, yelling, "Faster, Faster!". It was indignity, degradation and breaking a person's will, and making people watch. It was disgusting.

They used to have people locked in the chain locker, including small children. It was very dangerous because if the anchor started to slip and start running out, it would turn a body into pulp in no time at all. I saw children locked up in the chain locker.

He had a birthday party on March 13 1968; there was a woman who he ordered locked in the chain locker. During the party he had her brought out. She was filthy, covered with dirt and rust, and had not been allowed to wash or change clothes - she had been in there a week. She was pretty dirty - he brought her out to the party, he said he was giving her a reprieve and permitting her to come to the party, as if that was a nice gesture. She still wasn't allowed to wash or change, so she was brought to the party and had to stay and later she was returned [to the locker]. He said he was giving her a reprieve but it was just flaunting her degradation. It had looked like things were lightening up a little, people thought maybe things were getting better, then this happened and people were shocked and it gave us a sinister chill. She was in a dress.
Why did people stand by?
If they can figure out there is something wrong with the organisation, they should be able to figure out there is something wrong with LRH and his "tech". I guess that would make them accountable, wouldn't it?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Beware Sheep in Wolves Clothing.

The Freezone, Independant Community of Scientology are supposedly NO longer affiliated with the "church" of Scientology but still follow Hubbards rules and intentions just as if they were still within the "church".

Notice the Scientology cross worn by Minister Anita Warren. One wonders is she an ordained Minister, or just an ordained scientology Minister which is NO Minister at all.

These are the same Les and Anita Warren that Terril Park promotes on various ex scientologist message boards. The very same Scientology that has ruined thousands of lives, worldwide and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Frank and Mary Freedman both trained by LRH personally, therefore they are the authority on Hubbard's tech. The tech that Terril Parke say's and I quote " You are not tech literate" this was to me.Apparently also 'my bashing him, undermines my message' In case there is any doubt about what my message is " I believe ALL scientology to be harmful, in or out of the psuedo navy "church", I suppose the fact that some of these freezone, independant scientologists make a lucrative living off of this detrimental philosophy is totally besides the point. I think not.

Scroll down to watch a short clip of Franklin Freedom say how they had to become ordained ministers. What a joke.

They use the same stress test, same detox, same auditing, same tone scale, ethics handlings etc,etc.Trying to pretend it is any different is delusional to say the least, it is still L. Ron Hubbards Scientology.

Here is L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology:

and here is Jane Kember Guardian WW(World Wide):


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mixed Emotions.

When I started on this journey of self discovery, I had little idea what was in store for me. That is not strictly true, as I had been in the Sea Org and knew speaking out would be detrimental to my health, but there comes a time when you can not stay quiet on issues, especially when they affect so many other lives.

If it had not been for the internet, I possibly would never have known about all those other lives.Strangely enough, I was a staunch advocat that computers were a waste of time, yet I now find myself and have done for a few years now being a daily correspondant.

I find the terminology difficult to grasp, I find learning new computer skills difficult to grasp and yet, i find it difficult to stop doing what I feel is important, and that is to show how detrimental to one's health and well being Scientology is.

I find online communications difficult with have been scientologists. I find sometimes, in communication that there are great discrepancies between the normal communication between people and scientology communication between people to be a foreign language. And, It Is, often.

This Is often, not their fault, because they are trapped into a different world.L. Ron Hubbard's world.

What I find the hardest to understand Is how you need help and once there was something called the Cult Awareness Network, but now if you were to phone this organisation, you would be calling the very people that caused you so much strife in the first place. It's been taken over by Scientologists. How apt!

If that does not tell you something about Scientology then I don't know what does.

A cult/sect takes over the very help that Is needed to help people.There Is no hope, whatsoever.

From speaking to various people whom have loved one's trapped into this heinous cult, it is apparent that barring kidnapping them away from this, there IS nothing that will deter them from staying trapped inside the belief system.Many, even when finally out, still continue to have faith and belief in their founder and originator of the scriptures that they have spent a lifetime believing in.I find it sad, depressing and totally demoralising that these people cannot and will not see that it is all bullshit. Every last bit, but they justify and condone and try and convince that there is some value there. Some shred of credibility, that their life has not been wasted. I am the last person on earth that would try to make nothing of someone's life. I know only too well how harsh life can be, but when you have all the facts, and they are staring you in the face, isn't it time to say "enough is enough" and stop trying to justify another man's con. Are you not, just trying to say " I could never have fallen for this, if there was no merit to it".

Many people have and have ruined their children's lives because of it.

It is now time to say, I will not let any more children's lives be ruined in the name of a bullshit philosophy, because of my pride.

I hope the freezoners/Independants of this world understand this.For It Is the children, whom never wanted to be a part of all this that have suffered the most.

I am not just talking Scientology here, although it is one of the worst, from my point of view, that may be biased as I am an ex scientology child.

So, who you gonna call when you can't take it anymore? Hmmm? The Freezone/Independants? Same shit, different day.The Ex Sea Org, same shit, different day. The Cult Awareness Network, same shit, different day.Ex Scientologists, different day, some of the same shit.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bob Minton

I wish I had been able to meet this man, I would not have taken his money, regardless of how poor I am, but it would have been nice to know that someone, some where genuinely cared.

Mike Rinder, I think you discovered that being interviewed by the BBC paid good money. Hope You can live with yourself. Hope your body thetans don't crawl all over you. That's the price you pay when , when you sell yourself to the devil.

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray, just a hop, skip and away from Scientology today.

Back to CCHR and Jan Eastgate.

Not only do we have Jan Easgate in this picture, but also David Miscavige. Then there is third row top, from far left, non other than the 'reverend' Carmichael.

Jan Easgate is in the 4th row from top far right.

These people advocate human rights, we are all entitled to them, except if you are critisizing scientology.

Now tell me is it not criminal to tell a young girl of 11 years old to not tell about being raped? Is it right to expect a young girl to believe that she pulled it in because of some past transgression that did not even exist? This is scientology, and according to some it is a church? Church of what? Church of irresponcibility.

This is the "Reverend John Carmichael" --


Jan Eastgate.

Quote: Tony Ortega

In our post-illness haze, we're just getting around to a big Scientology story that came out of Australia earlier this week.

Jan Eastgate is president of one of Scientology's more annoying front groups, the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. The CCHR occasionally fools local politicians into thinking it really cares about something besides proliferating Scientology. It does so by telling people that its primary interest is the human rights of everyone.
Well, the CCHR may have a harder time with that line now that its leader has been arrested for trampling all over the civil rights of a little girl who was the victim of sexual abuse.
Eastgate was charged with "perverting the course of justice" after it came out that back in 1985, she had coached a little girl, Carmen Rainer, and Rainer's mother, to lie about sexual abuse of the girl by her stepfather, Robert Kerr. Both parents were Scientologists.
Last year, Rainer, now grown up, made public her claims about the abuse and cover-up on the national Australian television program, LateLine. "The Church got involved and they sent Jan Eastgate over to drill me and tell me what to say to the police, and what to say to docs," Rainer told the program. "Just say no. Don't say yes, because otherwise you will be taken away from your parents and you'll never see your family again," Rainer said about Eastgate's coaching.
What may be even more embarrassing for Scientology is that just three years after this incident, in 1988, Eastgate was awarded with the church's highest honor, its Freedom Medal. (Travolta got the award in 1991, Cruise in 1995.)
Eastgate is also known to Scientology watchers for telling a stunned John Sweeney of the BBC that evil psychiatry was actually behind the Holocaust.

Scientology's own dedication to Human Rights.

A re-wording of CCHRs testament to Human Rights, by me.

Most people today have difficulty understanding the destructive impact scientology has on communities around the world. 

For far too many, the lesson is learned only after a scientologist has destroyed some part of their life.

The destruction might come in the form of the death of their child due to long-term denial of a  stimulant drug,and instead prescribed with an invented engram bank. It could be the loss of a loved one at the hand of a gun-toting teenager who was not prescribed a psychiatric drug and/or one who had undergone death education or given TRs (Training Routines)in Scientology classes. Perhaps it is the death of an elderly mother or father from being held in the RPF or a lack of antipsychotic drug prescribed at a nursing home. It could be a child labeled mentally ill early in school,  and not prescribed the correct medication,instead given auditing as a means to control their anxieties, who later becomes a hard-core street-seller of Dianetics and free stress tests because he could not tell the difference between a normal life and that of living in the mold of L. Ron Hubbard.

At CCHR, we work continuously to educate you on the truth about psychiatry, providing information that Scientologists would prefer you didn’t have. For example, in 2008, Anonymous entered the scene and started worldwide protests about the abuses committed inside scientology, acknowledged that CCHR “influences our legislatures, our Food and Drug Administration, our schools, and our media as a moving force behind the unwarranted ‘black box warnings’” on the potentially lethal effects of Scientology. Note that in Anonymous's opinion, warning children, adolescents and young adults that could become suicidal while taking scientology services—a fact the government regulatory agencies the world over have determined is vital information—is “unwarranted.”

Only by providing all the facts about the risks of Scientology treatment can we possibly reduce the number of victims who unfortunately learn this truth through personal tragedy.

A Complete Lack of Science

One of the most important things to know about Scientology is the complete lack of science supporting its system of diagnosis or its treatments. Take, for example, the scientology “billing bible,” the book "Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health". Not one of the 374 disorders described therein has ever been proven to be helped by observable scientology or objective tests. Instead, a panel of Scientologists arbitrarily defined symptoms of each mental disorder and then literally voted on their suitability for inclusion in the words of L. Ron Hubbard. By this system, if a newly defined mental disorder loses the vote, it fails to make it into the Scientology  belief system. The system is subjective and ambiguous; its terminology is ill-defined or altogether undefined.

In spite of such serious and fundamental flaws, this system is widely accepted as the benchmark for both judging human behavior and determining treatments in courts (scientology comm evs), prisons and schools. In many countries, the church of Scientology forms the basis of mental health services billings to insurance companies and bogus “mental health screening.”

By the use of a psuedo "engram bank" everyday problems are caused by Body Thetans, Scientology has fraudulently labeled millions as mentally ill, and either forced or convinced them to adopt auditing on an e-meter as a routine part of their lives. As a result, psychotropic drug consumption has declined with 100 million people worldwide(their figures) now taking these processes, 20 million of whom are children.

CCHR remains dedicated to exposing the scientific myths and hype with which Scientology has managed to surround its diagnostic system and treatments.  We work with medical doctors and other professionals that see it as their duty to ensure that government policy and regulations provide the strongest warnings about Scientology treatments.

Our work aligns with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which reads, in part:
  • “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,”
  • “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law,”
  • “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”
Scientologists violate these Articles on a daily basis.
Through Scientologist’s false diagnoses, stigmatizing labels, easy-seizure involuntary commitment laws, brutal, depersonalizing treatments all over the world, thousands needlessly fall into their coercive system every day. It is a system that exemplifies human rights abuse and denies individuals their inherent rights.

Each year thousands of Scientology victims or their families contact Cult Awareness Networks to report incidents of psychiatric harm. And it’s a litany of maltreatment: sexual abuse, brutal institutional treatment and conditions, hospital fraud, false imprisonment, patient deaths and even murder.

Scores of parents are denied the right to choose the kind of education their child should be given, are coerced into administering mind-altering techniques, or forced to subject their children to mandatory “screening” for the Sea Org for which no scientific evidence exists.

However, through the work of CCHR:
  • Legislation in the U.S. has been enacted that bans the use of electroshock and psychosurgery on children.
  • Legislation has been passed in Piemonte, Italy, which prohibits the use of ECT on children, the elderly and pregnant women.
  • Laws on informed consent for treatment have been passed, thereby reducing the numbers of people subjected to ECT.
  • Deep sleep treatment—a lethal combination of drugs and electroshock—has been banned in Australia, where it had been responsible for at least 48 deaths.
  • A U.S. law has been enacted prohibiting children from being forced onto psychiatric drugs as a requisite for their education.
  • In several countries, federal regulations and laws have been enacted against the use of coercive restraint methods.
  • Legislation has been enacted directing that psychiatric rape of patients is dealt with through criminal courts.
  • Legal precedents have been set ensuring that patients abused by psychiatrists have the right to sue in a civil court, and be compensated for damaging psychiatric treatment to which they have been subjected.
  • Thousands of citizens have been rescued from illegal incarceration or unlawful detainment and patients have regained their legal and civil rights.  
Mental health can be created, but only through:
  • Effective mental healing delivered in a calm atmosphere characterized by tolerance, safety, security and respect for people’s rights.
  • By restoring individuals to personal strength, ability, competence, confidence, stability, responsibility and spiritual well-being.
  • Using highly trained, ethical practitioners who are committed primarily to the well-being of their patients and their patients' families, not financial gain.
This description bears no resemblance to mental health treatment under Scientology today. Scientology does produce mental ill health and millions of ruined lives.

At CCHR we work to help bring about an environment for mental healing that is based upon inhuman dignity and decency. As a result of our efforts, millions have avoided getting proper medical treatment.

We welcome you to our website and hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity to better guarantee the future for your loved ones, your friends and yourself.

Scientology and Psychiatry.

Scientology's War Against Psychiatry. 1-5.

American Psychiatric Association Calls Scientology/ CCHR a Hate Group.

Attack on Psychiatrists.

Scientology Advocates Violence Against Psychiatry.

CCHR - What We Believe. (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)

Watch this video by the most ethical human beings on the planet and realise that everything they say is exactly what they do. How ethical is that?

Scientology gave $50,000 to Jeff Stone's 2010 California Senate Campaign.

There is a running thread on about Riverside county in America, I have followed this for some time now. This is the sort of thing that is rife in Scientology and how front groups for the organisation of scientology operates and infiltrates all parts of society.

Anon Orange here could not have expressed a better arguement and I personally think he is doing a brilliant job. Thank you Anon Orange.

Try and ignore the in-fighting that goes on amongst some of the members, it's one of the reasons I have more or less extracated myself from message boards. I was finding it increasingly difficult to  keep my temper to a minimum. Not normally given to temper tantrums, it is best to just read the posts that are pertinant to one's interests.
Unless of course, you are interested in bitch fights.I have neither the time or inclination.

David Miscavige.

Part 1.
Part 2.

Now there is an interesting statement from David Miscavige " In Scientology , you don't do anything for somebody else". And, apparently You also don't do much to help the children of the world. Christmas stories. Now there's a thing that makes the kid's happy, Christmas stories as told by the "Celebrities". Who are these people trying to fool?

Part 3.

LRH describes how he was shifted to the between-lives area on the planet Mars (a place where we all go after we die to have our memories erased by aliens)."And well, it starts like this -- it starts like this: I was up in the Van Allen belt -- this is factual, and I don't know why they're scared of the Van Allen belt, because it's simply hot. You'd be surprised how warm space is. Get down amongst the clouds and so forth, it can get pretty cold and damp. But you get well up and sunlight shining around and that sort of thing, it's quite hot. And the Van Allen belt was radioactively hot. A lot of photons get trapped in that area and so forth. And I was up there watching the sunrise. Well, that was very interesting. And my perception was very good, and I was taking a look at Norway and Essex and the places around, you know, and getting myself sort of oriented. And then something happened to me that I didn't know quite what had happened to me. I thought some facsimiles must have appeared in front of me, but they didn't look like facsimiles. And some other things happened and I had a feeling like I might possibly go into the sun. And a few other little uncomfortablenesses there where... That wasn't what awed me. But I got confused. I got confused because the sun was suddenly larger and then it was smaller and somehow or another I was doing a change of space process that I myself was not familiar with. And it made me sort of bite off my thetan fingernails just a little bit, you know?"

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bid to Muzzle us Fails.

It was around the time of my birthday on board the Apollo that in 1969 that I read this same newspaper. It was in amongst a pile of mail for LRH, and was handed to me by a young man who told me to read it because it was about my family. He stood in the doorway whilst I quickly read it, as it would not have been good to get caught reading this.At the time, it sent my already reeling head into overdrive.

The date of the paper is 4/5/69. My Father left the Apollo in January 1969. Unbeknownst to me at the time he had left Scientology in March of 1969 and yet here I was reading that he was on a ship somewhere in the mediteranean and could not be located.The only member of my family that was on the ship was me, an only just 12 year old.

Approximately a week later, amongst communications that were sent to LRH, I found an Ethics chit sent by the MAA(Master at Arms) to have me overboarded bacause I was severely depressed and not pulling my weight.What a downstat!

There was absolutely NO way I was going overboard if I could help it, so I put it into my pocket, went to the toilet, tore the ethics chit into tiny little pieces and flushed into the sea.I had to flush it a couple of times in order to get rid of all the pieces. Then lived in constant fear of being found out before I was due to leave the ship in a few days time.

The enclosure commented on in the letter from Downing Street, in the previous post
is a copy of the above news paper clippings.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Now there's a word that takes some consideration.

I hope you agree.

When I first set out on this quest for both answers and some kind of assurance,I was very ill at the time due to an encounter with e- meters which I had not seen or heard of for 38 years at the time, I was totally in both hope and some kind of assuurance that this fraud and basic inhumanity of human rights would be regarded by my govenment as something to be taken seriously.

How wrong could I be?

I wrote a letter to Gordon Brown, the then Prime Minister and recieved a reply back from someone called G. Edwards. Stupidly, I did not photocopy the letter I sent.It basicly covered my life as a child in the sea org. Here is the reply.

Click on this to see the full letter.
So my name is spelled wrong, I now have my full adress on line, that does not matter, for they know where I live anyway, what the heck.

What matters is this, I never heard back from the department of Communities, ever. I wrote to John Sweeneey, I never heard back from him. I wrote to the new government the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, I never heard back from him. Do these people not have secretaries or what?

Having said that I wrote to Arnie Lerma and I never heard back from him, even though we did correspond for a while. I wrote to various American officials and I never heard back from them either.It's like talking to a wall, a brick wall, because there is No penitration. It's almost like you do not exist, a bit like being in scientology.

I will give Margaret Thatcher her due, because when I wrote to her about dumping nuclear waste in the ocean, I may not have liked her reply, but at least she did reply, personally. 

I haven't got a clue who G. Edwards is, but apparently he has a relation called Yasmine Edwards, also in government, are they both in cahoots with Scientology, nothing surprises me these days.

What is ironic is Ms Staireforth, have you done your Training Routines, Mr. Edwards?

Staring is an occupational hazard in Scientology and it makes you into a good scientologist.

I googled G. Edwards/government/Gordon Brown and came up with this. ROTFL.

If YOU cannot see this then I am sorry, but am having trouble with the link
The follow up is this and is equally funny;

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scientology vs Scientology.

It does not matter to me whether Scientology is practised inside the psuedo navy "church" or outside of the pseudo navy "church", it is still Scientology.

Scientologists still practise the beliefs of L. Ron Hubbard, whether in or out. So look at the beliefs of LRH, look at what he said, wrote, and believed, look at the things he did and most important of all look at all of the lies said by him.

If you still want to believe in this dreck, then go ahead, NO skin off of my nose. But, should YOU want to preach this nonsense to vulnerable and guillable people, then I will be the first to  call YOU out as a liar, a thief of human rights and as a fraudster.That is the principles of Scientology. They wreck lives!

If those in the independant, freezone community think they are having gains and wins from doing scientology without the constraints of LRH or David Miscavige, then good luck to them, but I say they are deluded.

How many of these independant/freezone scientologists have children?Have they raised them on scientology principles? How have their children turned out?

Do they believe they have dead aliens infested upon their bodies?

Fortunately for me, I do not believe in either scientology or dead aliens stuck to my body. BUT, what If I did?

Imagine, someone who had problems in life and maybe did not have the full scope of life as a 'normal' person should or would and then they were told they were infested with the spirits of dead aliens,attached to their bodies in clusters and then for the next however months or years they had to get rid of them via auditing.


Never even mind the money it costs to audit the goddamned things off. Just imagine you are covered in space aliens, imagine that, let's mock it up. They are there all over YOUR body and that is the reason YOU have problems. YOU have bad eye sight, YOU have bad hearing, YOU have autism, YOU have epilepsy, YOU have any number of ailments making YOUR life difficult AND they are ALL down to your body being covered in dead space aliens.

YOU have gone through the indoctrination of Scientology and in amongst ALL of the lies there are little bits of truth and YOU found YOUR little bits of "what is true for YOU is true for YOU.

IMAGINE having autism (look the word up) and thinking, quite sincerely that YOU are covered in dead space aliens. TRY and IMAGINE that.

YOU are suffering from Schizophrenia and YOU find out YOUR body is covered in dead space aliens. IMAGINE THAT! In order to get better YOU have to have auditing, IMAGINE THAT! An e-meter, that I know personally does NOT work. BUT, if YOU are a scientologist, YOU will fight to the death to tell ALL and sundry not only does it work, but YOU print Success Stories, and that makes it all better, doesn't it?

Success Stories are written under duress, whether inside the establishment of scientology or out.

IT is ALL a con.

I personally find this abhorent in view of what I went though and this IS all in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

Emma did remove the original thread, and I know I do not have to read it, but I do, because I cannot believe what I am reading.

Oh, we don't support the "church", just the abuses. The "church" and it is in inverted comma's because I do not believe it to be any kind of church, the so called "church of Scientology as written and witheld by LRH himself is abuse. Period!

So, when I get phone calls from Terril and e-mails telling me this is HIS religion, I gather he supports the abuse laid down in the doctrines of Scientology. Period!

And this is why with regret, I will NO longer post on Ex scientologist Message Bourd or Ex Scientologykids. I will not if I can help it, be alongside someone on the same board who is still in such support of scientology, whether in the church or out.

I know it is a tough , long road, but I cannot in all conscience be a part of something I personally find to be so repugnant.

I lost my entire childhood through these people who cry out, a world without crime, drugs and criminality. There IS no sucess story in that.

Anonymous vs Scientology.

I was heartened to find this video tonight as I have protested with some of these good people.

There may have been some protesters there that did not know what they were protesting about, but over time that has certainly changed.

The young man that interviewd a scientologist who also quite obviously did not know why he was a scientologist or even what scientology was has my admiration for his determinism.

Great interview also with long time scientologist Graham Wilson, I guess "what is true for you is true for you" Graham. Tit for tat! Because, I think Scientology is a terrorist organisation and just so you get it:

So where is Heber Jensch? and How "clear" is he now?

Scientology's Jan Eastgate Arrested: Child Abuse Coverup.

I for one am so glad this has come out, it isn't the first time in Scientology's history that child abuse has been covered up and it certainly won't be the last.