Friday, 10 June 2011

Scientology gave $50,000 to Jeff Stone's 2010 California Senate Campaign.

There is a running thread on about Riverside county in America, I have followed this for some time now. This is the sort of thing that is rife in Scientology and how front groups for the organisation of scientology operates and infiltrates all parts of society.

Anon Orange here could not have expressed a better arguement and I personally think he is doing a brilliant job. Thank you Anon Orange.

Try and ignore the in-fighting that goes on amongst some of the members, it's one of the reasons I have more or less extracated myself from message boards. I was finding it increasingly difficult to  keep my temper to a minimum. Not normally given to temper tantrums, it is best to just read the posts that are pertinant to one's interests.
Unless of course, you are interested in bitch fights.I have neither the time or inclination.

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