Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Re: News from Why We Protest.

$cientology is giving our details out to reporters and possibly police! UK Please read.
Yesterday a reporter tried to contact me by phone and then later called to my home as he was investigating the hacking group anonymous and had been provided with information that I was a member.

After a brief conversation with the freelance reporter on my doorstep last night, I was again contacted by a the main reporter from a major national newspaper this morning.
Here is what I found out....

After trying to explain that what we, the Anti-$cientology movement, are not involved in any criminal activities and that we are really nice and cuddly, we got on to those letters many of us received from Co$ lawyers warning us off.
He was very interested in hearing about this and found that inadvertently he had just uncovered another story as he believed that the list of names he had been supplied with as possible members of Anonymous now looked as if it had not been supplied by an honest private detective company, but by the 'church' of $cientology as another way of stopping us.

If this list of names and details have been passed to national press, I have no doubt that it will have also been forwarded to the police.

One thing I believe the clams have done to shoot themselves in the foot is that when I received this letter back in 2008, I made a request to them and their solicitor to provide and then stop processing any information held on me, under data protection legislation. I am inclined to say that they have failed to do this and have thus broken data protection laws, which I intend to take up with the relevant authorities.

It looks like the clams are still actively using fair game against members of this peaceful movement. I would suggest that any other member who has been namefagged or had a similar letter from Co$ lawyers to don their tin foil hats and ensure their information has not also been passed on without their consent.

I have seen two of these cease and desist letters mentioned on WWP, both of former people I used to protest with a lot.A third one told me they had gotten one too.Whilst there may be the odd anon who might hack into computers, it is not something I condone and gives the rest of anonymous a bad name. Most of the anons I have protested with are nice decent people, who give up their free time, money and effort into protesting the abuses of a cult, called Scientology.

Scientology on the other hand get private investigators to go out of their way to follow people about, create files on people, take photographs and video's of people with the full intention of scaring these people off from protesting, or from looking into the practises of Scientology. I think John Sweeney of the BBC proved that beyond all doubt. 

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