Sunday, 22 June 2014

Annies Dead

With thanks to Marty Rathbun...
She can no longer talk...that must really piss you off...huh!And who the fuck is Martin Ottman? I have Never heard of him...until recently...was he there in 19sixty 8? YOU WERE NOT THERE! YOU HAVE NO IDEA at all...try being abandoned at sea at the age of 11 by your Father, all in the name of L. Ron Hubbard...try it, see how that works out for you...see that meter read...we'll do the pinch every time...on journalists...better yet... close your eyes and think of a you see it? What color is it?

The President of the "church" of $cientology does not even know where he lives

I'm lead to believe he lives in 'The Hole', the same 'hole' Rinder and Rathbun were in, holes of their own making, I believe...


With all of his 'knowingness' and 'authoritiveness' he did not know what guesstimate meant...time for a clay demo...forget that 'let's just do the pinch test on an e-meter, journalists fall for it every must be true, right...I've seen it on telly...

Saturday, 21 June 2014

OODs (Orders of the Day)

Orders of the Day, September 1969


David Deitsch and Rod Taunton, saw them in a cattle stall, come prison earlier on in this year. The year is 19 Sixty Nine.(sorry Six is void on my keyboard) . There was a third man, cannot remember his name right now, I mainly remember David Deitsch because he was a good man and was very concerned about how I was feeling. Here is this top Class VIII auditor locked in a cattle stall, I am 11 years old, a Commodores Messenger and he is worried about me, he is not the only one worried about me, I am...

he was a really good man...what the hell happened to him...he disappeared on the island of Corfu, left all his stuff behind in a hotel...John Forte in The Commodores and the Colonels covered all of this  and I don't remember when but someone said there was a man overboard and was NEVER found. I remember going to the bow of the ship and looking over the side and the waves were rushing as in a propeller,churning up the sea and thinking dear God if someone fell over there they would be minced up into a thousand pieces. Was this said purely to get my compliance out of fear or was this for real? I don't know...I just know what I saw, what I believe and feel it is highly likely under the circumstances and because of what I actually saw.

Look at Lawrence Wrights book, the scientologists have fallen over backwards to give their side of things. I am NOT included because they don't want the truth out. Even the supposed exes don't want the truth out there. The truth of the matter is it was a floating asylum, the Apollo.They turned them into nut cases and if they did not comply they got rid of them. Many people disappeared in the middle of the night on board the Apollo, in 19Sixty 8 and 19 sixty 9.

Then there is Julie Blundell, poor little girl, eye patch,huge abscess on her cheek, thinks I should know her, I don't and why don't I? Because she was not there at that time, just like Annie Tidman/Broeker was NOT there at that time. However, Claire Popham was there and I think the above OODs says that doesn't it, or maybe I am totally illiterate...


The "church" of $cientology drove my Father insane . I am not saying he was perfect because he was not, but by the time LRH had finished with him he was a lunatic, just like all the other $ the time LRH had finished with  him, my Father thought the Devil was the good guy.


If only I was making all of this up...this IS my reality!


I loved my Father with all my heart, he took me from a really bad place and then later because of Hubbard, threw me to the it mental it psychotic it what you will... my Father was a good man until he met Hubbard...then he became a mental illness and it is called $cientology...


Initially at the age of 12, I thought he's gone to get the Police, help will be on hand. How wrong could I have been?$cientology turns you into a shell of what you might have been. There is nothing left, all your dreams , all your aspirations are gone, there is this huge void, and that is YOU...with NO where to turn...Scientology depletes YOU of humanism. YOU are a Robot...or Ronbot as the case maybe...


When YOU are 11, 12 years old and are threatened with being locked up in a mental institution for the rest of your life...what are YOU going to do?


What are YOU going to do?


I look back at the media hype, sixty years worth and NOTHING has changed. NOTHING!


Vote, you have to vote,or YOUR voice will not be heard...what a load of codswallup! You can vote till YOU are blue in the changes NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING !

It's ALL a load of bollocks!

Looks like we got ourselves a scientology mosque

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Secret Scientology Book Discovered By L Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson
A secret Scientology manuscript has been discovered by L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson—and it makes the church look terrible, to say the least.
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Friday, 20 June 2014

Supreme Court

Bollocks I think you get the gist...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This was a musician...and also the MAA on board the Apollo...

The guy on the left, I knew him well, he was e scary guy when you were 11, 12 years old on board the Apollo. He really scared the shit out of you. His baton rapping on the doors " Muster on the well deck, Muster on the well deck" and people were thrown overboard and their supposed SINS committed to the deep, but the only sins committed were those of L. Ron Hubbard. He flagrantly abused people and he did so every single day amongst much bravado and  charismatic lying...and they loved him...

Joran could be a really nasty bastard but he could play piano like no one else...

This was Joran... on his own and LRH turned him into a real creepy bastard and, and and and... I am starting to sound like Tommy Davis now so i will let it be...$cientology is one of the most abusive cults that ever hit our lands...worldwide...Tom Cruise has a lot to answer for...only the BBC can deal with this now...they started it and they can finnish it...oh, our Jonny...

Monday, 16 June 2014

Don't you just hate it when little kids are nosey?

I was walking along the Pett Road the other day and I bumped into the person that introduced me to ESMB, (Ex Scientologist Message Board) and she said ? "Don't you just hate it when little kids are nosey?"...and I am thinking WTF is she talking about...people hide behind pseudonyms, people hide behind all sorts of sock puppets, rarely will someone come out with their real name, my real name is Sharone Stainforth, I was born with it...and this lady is the Queen of England...really?

Reality will I have said before...take me to court and I will show you what a load of scumbags you really dare to tell a child they will be committed into a mental institution if they ever speak out...he hung himself...because of what you turned him into...

deep down I know he wasn't like that...but LRH turned him into a monster, like himself...and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom call this a religion...who wants religion...I don't...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

World Cult News

Thursday 12th June 2014-The Times.

Monday, 9 June 2014

So, we worry about extremist Islamic schools but NOT about Scientology...

The government has a lot of catching up to do, they are way behind the Times, these are people that are supposedly an authority...yet when it comes down to $cientology they know nothing...well let it continue...let them draw their own unbiased conclusions. After all in this day and age you must be politically correct...they will hang you up on the mast...and you will deserve it for ignoring the warnings...

This will be a number of articles from newspapers in 2014 about schools in Birmingham...this is just the start...

These clippings are all from The Times and The Daily Telegraph. United Kingdom. And what is all this to do with $cientology? Well, maybe if the powers that be actually put their heads together and really worked it out they might actually earn their money...yes Mr. Cameron, morning raids unannounced is the way forward...but it is far too late because how many moles have you got in your government?

For every suicide, their is a nasty story behind that, Hitler killed millions and everyone knows about it, or at least they should. Radical Islam  murders people as in 9/11 and everyone knows about it...$cientologists
commit suicide in unbelievable numbers and nobody bats an eyelid...think about that. I have a few more. I need a lot of time now, because I am going to compile a list, and I guarantee it will be very won't be millions and it won't be thousands, but in a Sixty year history it will be far too many...far, far too many in one organisation, especially an organisation that promotes 'a world without crime, insanity and war'. It's full of crime, it drives people insane and it is an all out war.

This man has met with the leaders of Men...Hip, Hip, hoohray!

We have an LRH wanna be, right under our noses...

Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )

I have met with the leaders of men, yet I am totally unaware of asbestos poisoning...because LRH said...absolutely nothing about asbestos poisoning...he went on and on about radiation, but he never mentioned to my knowledge anything about asbestos...don't worry Tom...I was exposed to it too and I never knew...but don't worry because you are a super star...nothing ever effects them, right...Happy trails Mr. Blockbuster...

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Black and White

As I already said, spoon fed, one trickle at a time...

See the lady on the far left on the second photo, standing up, that looks just like the lady that was brought up from the bowels of the ship in a filthy degraded condition on L. Ron's birthday.

And this two years after I left the ship...

pages 300-346- George Meister -


and I still want to know what happened to Claire Popham? And I won't let it rest...notice the glazed, crazy faces of the scientologists in that second photo...and you cannot deny it...see the 'shrinking world of L. Ron Hubbard'. Don't take my word for it ...look for yourself...but I can not, not bring it up, because I was there in 1968/1969 and I know totally what this organization is capable of, they will not change as they do not know how to...everything is run on LRH policy...LRH policy is totally totalitarian. David miscavige may have altered things slightly in the books, Policy letters...etc... but purely because of Public Relations. It is NOT retracted in the organization, just as a PR stunt to keep the flock in line to fool the general public and in many cases it actually works...just look at the recent UK Supreme Court Justices giving $cientology a religious might as well have put yourself in a slave labor camp...because that is what my country has just done...but don't worry about a thing because I am just a footnote...I know absolutely nothing at all...just talking shit on the fringes of the internet, a bitter, defrocked thing I do know $cientology has just made 'religion' a laughing stock...this could be very interesting...or Not as the case maybe...or it could be that as always $cientology just creeps in and takes over, like it always has done...and then it's too late...but please do NOT take my word for it, I am just a bitter, defrocked apostate...please do NOT take my word for it...look it up...

Karen de la Carriere puts out what she wants you see, when she wants you to see it, she knew I would post the picture of Terri Gamboa( formally known as Terri Gillham).

Who cares...

Well these people obviously do...

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Come on Mr, Miscavige...take me to court...

You won't because you you will lose...

I grew up in everything, I know every single alley ...
I know every single thing to the thetans and the word clearing

I know everything about about the OT £ sting

I know everything about  the  child abuse, I was there Mother fucker, You better  beware!

So were you there in 1968 with heavy ethics? Well, where you?

Interesting concept...Confusion...isn't it...?

Well, Mr. Miscavige, I want to see you in court, I want you to explain to the nice Judges why you keep L. Ron Hubbard's film footage of overboarding locked up in an underground bunker in places like Trementia. He abused you didn't he? And, you swore you would have your revenge, didn't you? And you have, haven't you, you took over his entire empire, you took all of his money, you made his children pay, you made innocent people pay for the abuse that was done to you by L. Ron's not rocket hate scientologists as much as L. Ron Hubbard did, don't you? And if they are  that fucking gullible make them pay ...and you have...time and again.                        

Joking and fucking degrading...

Joking and degrading is sticking you up in the lookouts mast, an example to the people that don't like that... but what are they gonna do...nothing... it's called FEAR! And they were ALL freaked out! When you tell a young kid they will be locked in a mental institution for life for speaking out about these horrors...that is really ethical isn't it? It's called $cientology! But don't take my word for it, because I am an SP. I have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about, because apparently I was NOT there...I'm just a footnote...

The Brainwashed World of Ron's Org ( look it up)

When I was about 15 years old, I realised what had been done to me... at the age of 10 years old Ernie Martin...Kha Khan, one of the Galactic Patrol(the other was Captain Bill Robertson), had at Coopers Wood, East Grinstead, molested me, even in public and nothing was done about it, other than to remove him from the premises. He not only went on to become Kha Khan (look it up), but also became a famous OT. He is a giant amongst men in $cientology's Ron's Org, you know the famous Russian Org of $cientologists who do things outside of the 'church', that same 'church' that was supposedly banned in Coopers Wood also as a resident was Bo Johnson, nice man, committed suicide, similar to the man that resided at Little Baldwins, James Stewart and committed suicide in Scotland (look it up)Karen Black, the famous actress also lived at Coopers Wood, she gave me for my 10th Christmas a set of authentic Carnaby Street handcuffs...if only I knew...she obviously did not...because she was a devout $cientologist her whole life...asking for donations for cancer treatment before her sad is that?

Recently, I have been watching the Ron's Org speeches made by Valerie Stansfield, how sad is that? This is a woman I  knew when I was a little these videos, how OT is she? She is not only NOT OT, She's not even FUCKING CLEAR !

Her son had a bad time in the "church", but she doesn't want to talk about it...I wonder why?

But good old Ron, well I can tell you stuff about him all the time, come on Russia, people appear to be committing suicide big time in Russia, what is that all about?

Sunday, 1 June 2014

France declares war on sect influence in the United Nations

Worldwide Religious News 

France has a government agency called the Miviludes, unique in Western countries, whose job it is to track and counter those religious and other groups it considers as being sects. Miviludes is an acronym of the French phrase ‘Mission interminist√©rielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les d√©rives sectaires, i.e. ‘Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combating Cultic Deviancy.’A sect is defined here as being any religious organisation which can be characterised as employing any of the following methods;

Mental destabilisation, exorbitant financial demands, a rupture with members’ original environment, power in the hands of one person, the invasion of a person’s physical integrity, the recruitment of children, antisocial preaching and troubling public order, activities which lead it to be tried in a court of law, using parallel economic structures, attempts to infiltrate the workplace, schools, and public powers.

These and other organisations are said to be acting as front organisations for various religions, who do not have UN accredited presence. Most notable amongst them is the Church of Scientology, which has launched several attacks on the Mivilitudes, notably by using the US State Department’s clout at the UN. The Scientology Internet site logo looks very much like the UN logo and the Church presents itself as being ‘Associated with the UN Department of Public Information.’

The protection of minors against excesses of sects - Parliamentary ...

And they call it apostasy...