Monday, 2 June 2014

Come on Mr, Miscavige...take me to court...

You won't because you you will lose...

I grew up in everything, I know every single alley ...
I know every single thing to the thetans and the word clearing

I know everything about about the OT £ sting

I know everything about  the  child abuse, I was there Mother fucker, You better  beware!

So were you there in 1968 with heavy ethics? Well, where you?

Interesting concept...Confusion...isn't it...?

Well, Mr. Miscavige, I want to see you in court, I want you to explain to the nice Judges why you keep L. Ron Hubbard's film footage of overboarding locked up in an underground bunker in places like Trementia. He abused you didn't he? And, you swore you would have your revenge, didn't you? And you have, haven't you, you took over his entire empire, you took all of his money, you made his children pay, you made innocent people pay for the abuse that was done to you by L. Ron's not rocket hate scientologists as much as L. Ron Hubbard did, don't you? And if they are  that fucking gullible make them pay ...and you have...time and again.                        

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