Monday, 16 June 2014

Don't you just hate it when little kids are nosey?

I was walking along the Pett Road the other day and I bumped into the person that introduced me to ESMB, (Ex Scientologist Message Board) and she said ? "Don't you just hate it when little kids are nosey?"...and I am thinking WTF is she talking about...people hide behind pseudonyms, people hide behind all sorts of sock puppets, rarely will someone come out with their real name, my real name is Sharone Stainforth, I was born with it...and this lady is the Queen of England...really?

Reality will I have said before...take me to court and I will show you what a load of scumbags you really dare to tell a child they will be committed into a mental institution if they ever speak out...he hung himself...because of what you turned him into...

deep down I know he wasn't like that...but LRH turned him into a monster, like himself...and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom call this a religion...who wants religion...I don't...

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