Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Black and White

As I already said, spoon fed, one trickle at a time...

See the lady on the far left on the second photo, standing up, that looks just like the lady that was brought up from the bowels of the ship in a filthy degraded condition on L. Ron's birthday.

And this two years after I left the ship...

pages 300-346- George Meister -


and I still want to know what happened to Claire Popham? And I won't let it rest...notice the glazed, crazy faces of the scientologists in that second photo...and you cannot deny it...see the 'shrinking world of L. Ron Hubbard'. Don't take my word for it ...look for yourself...but I can not, not bring it up, because I was there in 1968/1969 and I know totally what this organization is capable of, they will not change as they do not know how to...everything is run on LRH policy...LRH policy is totally totalitarian. David miscavige may have altered things slightly in the books, Policy letters...etc... but purely because of Public Relations. It is NOT retracted in the organization, just as a PR stunt to keep the flock in line to fool the general public and in many cases it actually works...just look at the recent UK Supreme Court Justices giving $cientology a religious might as well have put yourself in a slave labor camp...because that is what my country has just done...but don't worry about a thing because I am just a footnote...I know absolutely nothing at all...just talking shit on the fringes of the internet, a bitter, defrocked thing I do know $cientology has just made 'religion' a laughing stock...this could be very interesting...or Not as the case maybe...or it could be that as always $cientology just creeps in and takes over, like it always has done...and then it's too late...but please do NOT take my word for it, I am just a bitter, defrocked apostate...please do NOT take my word for it...look it up...

Karen de la Carriere puts out what she wants you see, when she wants you to see it, she knew I would post the picture of Terri Gamboa( formally known as Terri Gillham).

Who cares...

Well these people obviously do...

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