Saturday, 21 June 2014

OODs (Orders of the Day)

Orders of the Day, September 1969


David Deitsch and Rod Taunton, saw them in a cattle stall, come prison earlier on in this year. The year is 19 Sixty Nine.(sorry Six is void on my keyboard) . There was a third man, cannot remember his name right now, I mainly remember David Deitsch because he was a good man and was very concerned about how I was feeling. Here is this top Class VIII auditor locked in a cattle stall, I am 11 years old, a Commodores Messenger and he is worried about me, he is not the only one worried about me, I am...

he was a really good man...what the hell happened to him...he disappeared on the island of Corfu, left all his stuff behind in a hotel...John Forte in The Commodores and the Colonels covered all of this  and I don't remember when but someone said there was a man overboard and was NEVER found. I remember going to the bow of the ship and looking over the side and the waves were rushing as in a propeller,churning up the sea and thinking dear God if someone fell over there they would be minced up into a thousand pieces. Was this said purely to get my compliance out of fear or was this for real? I don't know...I just know what I saw, what I believe and feel it is highly likely under the circumstances and because of what I actually saw.

Look at Lawrence Wrights book, the scientologists have fallen over backwards to give their side of things. I am NOT included because they don't want the truth out. Even the supposed exes don't want the truth out there. The truth of the matter is it was a floating asylum, the Apollo.They turned them into nut cases and if they did not comply they got rid of them. Many people disappeared in the middle of the night on board the Apollo, in 19Sixty 8 and 19 sixty 9.

Then there is Julie Blundell, poor little girl, eye patch,huge abscess on her cheek, thinks I should know her, I don't and why don't I? Because she was not there at that time, just like Annie Tidman/Broeker was NOT there at that time. However, Claire Popham was there and I think the above OODs says that doesn't it, or maybe I am totally illiterate...


The "church" of $cientology drove my Father insane . I am not saying he was perfect because he was not, but by the time LRH had finished with him he was a lunatic, just like all the other $ the time LRH had finished with  him, my Father thought the Devil was the good guy.


If only I was making all of this up...this IS my reality!


I loved my Father with all my heart, he took me from a really bad place and then later because of Hubbard, threw me to the it mental it psychotic it what you will... my Father was a good man until he met Hubbard...then he became a mental illness and it is called $cientology...


Initially at the age of 12, I thought he's gone to get the Police, help will be on hand. How wrong could I have been?$cientology turns you into a shell of what you might have been. There is nothing left, all your dreams , all your aspirations are gone, there is this huge void, and that is YOU...with NO where to turn...Scientology depletes YOU of humanism. YOU are a Robot...or Ronbot as the case maybe...


When YOU are 11, 12 years old and are threatened with being locked up in a mental institution for the rest of your life...what are YOU going to do?


What are YOU going to do?


I look back at the media hype, sixty years worth and NOTHING has changed. NOTHING!


Vote, you have to vote,or YOUR voice will not be heard...what a load of codswallup! You can vote till YOU are blue in the changes NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING !

It's ALL a load of bollocks!

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