Sunday, 22 June 2014

Annies Dead

With thanks to Marty Rathbun...
She can no longer talk...that must really piss you off...huh!And who the fuck is Martin Ottman? I have Never heard of him...until recently...was he there in 19sixty 8? YOU WERE NOT THERE! YOU HAVE NO IDEA at all...try being abandoned at sea at the age of 11 by your Father, all in the name of L. Ron Hubbard...try it, see how that works out for you...see that meter read...we'll do the pinch every time...on journalists...better yet... close your eyes and think of a you see it? What color is it?

The President of the "church" of $cientology does not even know where he lives

I'm lead to believe he lives in 'The Hole', the same 'hole' Rinder and Rathbun were in, holes of their own making, I believe...


With all of his 'knowingness' and 'authoritiveness' he did not know what guesstimate meant...time for a clay demo...forget that 'let's just do the pinch test on an e-meter, journalists fall for it every must be true, right...I've seen it on telly...

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