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Regarding the Raid by the FDA of Scientology's E-meters

Box 1 Folder 1
Church of Scientology – Feb 26, 2008 – CD 1 of
declassified FDA records

Church of Scientology of California - 2/6/63

Dear Scientologists and Friends,

As you know, if you have read the papers or Newsweek, Jan 28, 1963 -or saw the Paul Coates show - Scientology has been attacked by our Government via the FDA. This was done by illegal seizure of our E-meters and some 21  of our books in Washington DC.


We have had many letters, phone calls and messages from friends asking how can they help. In responce to your questions, may I sugest that you write the Editors of all Newspapers or Magazines who smear us protesting this action and point out to them that these are the same tactics used by Hitler. Also write your Senators and Representatives.


This Government which guarantees, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Religious Practices, will become null and void if it is permitted to take such actions and smear against our church.


In order to adequately fight this and other attacks which may be forthcoming, we have formed a Religious Freedom Fund - your contributions will be gratefully recieved.

Sincerely yours

Julia Lewis Salmon


Org.Sec & Res. Dir LA.

page 448

My note: This same lady five years later in her mid to late 50s was thrown over the side of the Apollo and she could not swim. Even with a life jacket on she was terrified, as were most. I can't help but wonder what she thought about the tactics of Hitler  and her religious freedoms then?

"I saw one woman, Julia Lewis Salmon, from the United States, thrown
overboard. This woman must have been in her fifties. She was - had her
hands and I think her feet tied, maybe only her hands tied and a
blindfold, but she went over. She was so panicked by the thought of
being thrown over this way - she was standing on the edge of the deck,
panicked, beside herself, shouting. And I was standing on the A deck
with Hubbard and his other aides, watching this going on. And Julia 
didn't jump over, she had to be pushed over, she was incapable, she was
in such a fit."

Scientology in the UK Media: Archived news item


page 662 one of many telegrams to Larry O'Brian of the White House...

Religious Freedom permitted, Catholic President Scientology persecuted by United States Government Books Burned, property confiscated in Waqshington. Is this Russia keep our flag waving in Religious Freedom.

67. FDA proceeding well; we have a very favorable judge and have
caused by third party a break between the Justice Department and the
FDA, and the Judge and FDA. ((third party is the effort by C, often by
bearing false witness, to get A and B to break up by saying bad things
to A about B.)) Neither the Judge nor the Justice Department is pleased
with the FDA; Justice is indicating a willing to over-rule the FDA and
enter into a Consent Decree notwithstanding the FDA's position against
this. The Judge is also considering review of discrimination against us
since no other religion is being persecuted. The Judge is forcing the
FDA to take a position on our religious status and will not allow them
to side-step this issue as they did before.
68. In the FDA TC case, we had limited government proof so that
they cannot protest the fact that we are a religion or that auditing is
a religious service. We can present evidence on this but they cannot
contest it or present evidence contrary to it.

 Guardian’s Office Report of Activities – 1970 – pdf,

What did your stepdaughters do Mis De La Carriere?

When do you ever talk about them? You don't! You talk about everything else under the sun, but them! I know you think I am fucking stupid! But, who was the one who got herself out by the age of 12...ME! And YES, I made some stupid mistakes, but why? Because L. Ron Hubbard for ALL his goddamned bulletins did not have the facts of real LIFE...he was strung out on DRUGS...BENZEDRINE...

Fast Times: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of Amphetamine ...

It was not normal then and it is not normal now...but it does not account for this ... I know you have Tony Ortega under your thumb,and I will NEVER forgive myself for believing in Jonny Jacobsen...what a load of bullshit! 

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Scientology's Narconon Rehab Story

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 23.47.30
“They taught us absolutely NOTHING about how to stay sober… they just made us do weird shit like stare at each other in the eyes for 2 hours, touch walls over and over again “Look at that wall, thank you… walk over to that wall… thank you… touch that wall… thank you…” “Do birds fly?” etc. It was so fucking bizarre. Then they made us sit in a dry sauna for 5 hours a day taking absolutely dangerous dosages of niacin… (we had to go up to 5000 mg without reacting… and every time you would react to the niacin… you’d have to take that same dosage again… until you stopped. I would pocket my niacin and even purged in the bathroom niacin I had taken because they watched me take it… They constantly listened to your phone calls, they constantly watched you… they lied about everything… What a fucking nightmare. I lost 40 lbs while in there, didn’t sleep for a solid 2 weeks, cried more times than I’ve ever cried in my life and truly saw more fucked up shit than I can even tell you.

Now that I’m out and back home, lucky as I am… since many are stuck there… they tell your family you’re not ready to leave yet so you should stay and intern… aka work for practically free, illegal hours for a few months before being shipped off to ABLE which is the (Church of Scientology headquarters) then you get fully brainwashed and become a lying sack of shit piece of garbage scientologist. My family spent 35,000 dollars to send me to a place that didn’t do anything for me except make a few great friends and know the true meaning of “suffering”… I have to admit that is the best part about Narconon. They make you suffer so badly that it makes everything else in life seem significantly more tolerable.”

So I haven’t posted in a while because I went to rehab. Not just any rehab, my family is not the most informed family… and they aren’t the type to really research shit.. so they sent me to a place called “Narconon”… It was fucking hell. At the same time, I am now sober (except the occasional weed smoking and kratom use), I work full time now and am functioning again as a human being after a long battle with Meth, benzo and heroin addiction.

To give you guys a quick back story, I was struggling off and on with meth addiction mainly, I would binge for a week or so.. finally quit, then in no time relapse again. This last relapse was REALLY bad. I not only smoked and injected copious amounts of meth but I had acquired 2 bottles of pills. 1 was 30 1mg tablets of lorazepam and the other was 60 1mg tablets of clonazepam. The 2nd day of my meth binge I began taking the benzos. I don’t remember anything past the 2nd day but apparently I got on facebook, cussed out a bunch of friends… drove all over San Diego, puked all over the side of my car, smoked heroin, showed up at people’s houses, stole shit from a liquor store, broke my phone, etc. I have no memory of any of this. Last thing I remember was taking 4 or 5 lorazepam and smoking meth in my friend’s room. 

Next thing I know, I wake up in a strange room I didn’t recognize with 2 other beds and a poster of L. Ron Hubbard over my bed. I felt like absolute shit and soon enough I talked to someone and was informed I was in rehab. Apparently one of my friends called my family and they did an intervention on me. I have no memory of that. I found out later though that I had consumed both bottles of benzos and was caught with needles, a meth pipe, weed, a weed pipe, a foil ball with heroin residue, a bottle of Mirtazapine, a bottle of diphenhydramine, a bottle of dextromethorphan HBr, a bottle of valerian root, 2 bottles of Maeng Da Kratom, a bottle of hydroxyzine and a bottle of seroquel. My parents thought I was sober at this point.. so you can imagine their surprise. They didn’t even know I smoked weed… 

Anyhow, I was driven against my will (I yelled at them and begged them not to take me, because I knew who L. Ron Hubbard was… and I was not going to fucking go anywhere with scientologists without a fucking fight)… and I eventually was forced into the car and driven out to the middle of fucking no where. I was stuck in a cottage that was disgusting, (bugs and spiders everywhere, mice and rats too) and I was locked in a room. I was called a faggot at least 100 times, and at this point I began withdrawing and started puking, diarrhea, hallucinating etc. They wouldn’t get me food or water either. I just shat myself and puked in a bucket. I eventually tried to hang myself with my bed sheets… I was then sent to a psych ward… where my family refused to visit me and believed them when they said they were not associated with the church of scientology. FUCK SCIENTOLOGY AND FUCK SCIENTOLOGISTS. Just want to say that now. 

After being there for 3 days, when I tried to leave, the Narconon fuckers were waiting outside and they informed me if I said I wouldn’t go with them they would give my family my wallet, phone and clothes… that I would be left with nothing and that my mother would call the police. I argued with them for a bit but then realized I had no fucking idea where I was and I had no real choice but to go back with them to Narconon. When I went back, they threw me back in the room and treated me even worse than before. I also suspected my “Withdrawal specialists” were on drugs.. (they were, 11 staff members were fired while I was there for being on meth, heroin, methadone etc.) because there they have NO nurses, or doctors etc. All it takes to work there, is to graduate the program.

Eventually I begged to go to the doctor because I couldn’t stop puking. I was sent to a doctor, where I tried to make a run for it again with no success. They chased me down and I eventually went into the doctors office and tried to tell them what they were doing to me…. the doctor didn’t believe me and they told the doctor “He’s a drug addict, you can’t believe anything they say”. Even my own mother said the same thing when I told her what they were doing… which was essentially torturing me… They overdosed me on zofran, I finally felt okay enough to go to the actual center.. where “staff members” would constantly hit on and have sex with the drug addicts, they would bully people mercilessly, they pretty much forced me to cut off my hair and for 3 months I remained in that hell. They taught us absolutely NOTHING about how to stay sober… they just made us do weird shit like stare at each other in the eyes for 2 hours, touch walls over and over again “Look at that wall, thank you… walk over to that wall… thank you… touch that wall… thank you…” “Do birds fly?” etc. It was so fucking bizarre. Then they made us sit in a dry sauna for 5 hours a day taking absolutely dangerous dosages of niacin… (we had to go up to 5000 mg without reacting… and every time you would react to the niacin… you’d have to take that same dosage again… until you stopped. I would pocket my niacin and even purged in the bathroom niacin I had taken because they watched me take it… They constantly listened to your phone calls, they constantly watched you… they lied about everything… What a fucking nightmare. I lost 40 lbs while in there, didn’t sleep for a solid 2 weeks, cried more times than I’ve ever cried in my life and truly saw more fucked up shit than I can even tell you.

Now that I’m out and back home, lucky as I am… since many are stuck there… they tell your family you’re not ready to leave yet so you should stay and intern… aka work for practically free, illegal hours for a few months before being shipped off to ABLE which is the (Church of Scientology headquarters) then you get fully brainwashed and become a lying sack of shit piece of garbage scientologist. My family spent 35,000 dollars to send me to a place that didn’t do anything for me except make a few great friends and know the true meaning of “suffering”… I have to admit that is the best part about Narconon. They make you suffer so badly that it makes everything else in life seem significantly more tolerable. 

Now that I’m home though, my anxiety is back… depression is back etc. I’m trying to move out as soon as I feasibly can so that way my family can never send me away to some shit hole like that again. It sucks always saying how much it “helped me” and how “Grateful” I am to them for sending me there because I’m literally so scared to this day to tell the truth that I’m worried if they think it didn’t work they will try to send me somewhere else… or even worse.. send me back to Narconon. I’d fucking commit suicide before going back there.

But yeah. If you ever consider rehab DO NOT go to Narconon. It’s a scam created by the church of scientology. Don’t go to “Fresh Start” either. That’s another name for Narconon that they use to lure people in. Both sites do not mention L. Ron Hubbard or the church of scientology. But trust me… you don’t want to go to any of those places. If you fucking live through their program (which you might not, quite a few people have died while in Narconon due to niacin poisoning and neglect).. you won’t be the same after.
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Saudi Arabia “Goes Scientology”… “…So They Sent Me To Narconon….”

Saudi Arabia “Goes Scientology”… “…So They Sent Me To Narconon….”

Saudi Arabia Goes Scientology Posted on November 27, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog Scientology is famous for suing everyone who criticizes it or its leaders. For example, Business Insider noted in 2012: […]

From the McClaughry's blog...

Red Bible Take Two – Scientology and Political Movements: Citizens Commission on Human Rights

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 4 hours ago
Read about John Matonis, the Guardian's Office, and the previously unknown back story of the formation of CCHR.

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I know MY Nana would want me to persue what she started...

Bid to Muzzle Us Fails...

News of the World on Scientology, 4 May 1969


Gerry Armstrong:To Russia from a Scientology Victim

Memorandum of telephone conversation between John McMaster and Bernard T Loftus

pages 287, 288 and 289 dated September 24, 1971

1. At 1pm on 9/24/71, I returned Mr. mcMasters telephone call to me of 9/23/71. Mr. McMaster said that his life had been threatened by a special mission to Los Angeles called "class 12 auditors sent by L. Ron Hubbard to destroy him. He said he had been wrned two days ago by a friend  who is still in Scientology. He said the "class 12 auditors" came the same night with thier "black magic", which consisted of, among other things, putting blood and candles in his mail box, and making a lot of noise outside the house. Mr. McMaster said they had made threatening phone calls to him yesterday, and had warned him that he would be dead in 4 days time. He indicated that the sherrif's people from Laguna Beach have been most cooperative having come around to his house twice yesterday at his request and having done some patrolling around the area to protect him.

2. Mr. McMaster said that L. Ron Hubbard has an Intelligence division that would "shock you". He said they get information against people they are after by rifling their cabinets. They do this in various ways. They get attractive young women to obtain jobs as stenographers with people they want to persecute, and these girls rifle the filing cabinets to get information for the Hubbard Intelligence people.

3. Mr. McMaster said he does not trustJack Horner whom he described as being just like L. Ron Hubbard. He said he thinks Mrs. Horner is good. He said (and he repeated several times) that he wished that he could have seen me later that evening last December when I visited him and the Horners because he had so many things to tell me that he did not want to say in front of Mr. Horner. I suggested that he get in touch with Inspector Degrazia of our los Angeles office and have a discussion with him, and that Mr. Degrazia would pass on the comments to us here. Mr. Mcmaster felt that  Mr. Degrazia either does not take him seriously or suspects he is still a member of the Hubbard group. I attempted to assure him that Inspector Degrazia considers seriously everything that Mr. McMaster tells him.

4. Mr. McMaster said that he is through with Scientology forever but he still thinks Auditing is a very good thing. He still does Auditing , but at the moment he is not doing anything.

5.Mr. McMaster  said that what he wants is for people to become aware of the fact that Scientology is an addiction. He called it a superimposed technology. He feels a great deal of guilt because he travelled around the world a few years ago gaining converts for Hubbard.

6. Mr. McMaster said that when he resigned from Scientology in 1969, some of Hubbard's strong-arm men stole his files.

7. Mr. McMaster said that he recently formed with a physician named Dr. Julian "The World Council for Everyman's Enlightenment". The dream of the World Council was for Dr. Julian and Mr. McMaster to work together combining Auditing and medical science for the good of men.But Dr. Julian was a crook and took all the money, so the Worl Council is no longer existent. Mr. McMaster says he has a lawyer in Washington, a Mr. Charles Norberg, who is trying to arrange for his permanent residence in the United States. He said he is not able to get references ( which he apparently needs to stay in the US) from his former associates in scientology and that he is in the bad position of being an alien with no references. He says the Scientology people say they expelled him because of homosexuality, but he insisted that is not true. He resigned.

8. Mr. McMaster said that Washington Attorney John Matonis is now a Vice President of the National Health Federation, and that Mr. Matonis now calls himself a Scientologist.

9.Mr. McMaster said that he is a friend of  Charles Crecillus of the National Health Federation . He said Mr. Crecillus and he had worked together towards combining physical and mental health.

10. Mr. McMaster said he has been and is looking for employment in America in relation to drug addiction. He said that through Auditing he has been able to help himself and others and that he can do a lot for addicts. He said that his stomach had been removed because of cancer, and that following the surgery the pain would not go away, but that once he became involved in Auditing the pain went away and never returned.

11. Mr. McMaster said "The President has got lots and lots of letters from me and I have nice letters from him". He said he wrote the President many times in 1969 under the guise of being in Scientology and that he sent copies of those letters to Governors, Senators, Congressmen and Mr. U-Thant with a view to helping mankind through Auditing (In Scientology).

12. Mr. McMaster said that L. Ron Hubbard had him thrown overboard after he returned from his around the world tour to promote Scientology "to reduce him to size", and that his back was broken as a result of this humiliating experience. Nevertheless, "I cannot help loving the man". A few of his friends have died recently on the ship under mysterious circumstances 9which he did not describe).

13. I advised Mr. McMaster he did the right thing in getting in touch with the local police officials when his life was threatened. I suggested that if he believes the Scientologists have some sort of International or Interstate Intelligence group that is destroying people that he tell his story to the FBI. I explained the limitations FDC act and the FDA with regard to police matters.


I suspect that Mr. McMaster was probably leading up to asking me (or FDA) for some sort of reccomendation that he could give to Immigration Officials, but he did not do so. I have advised Chief Inspector Dom Zicarrdi of the Los Angeles district to have Inspector Digrazia keep up the contact with Mr. McMaster but not to become involved in "cops and robbers". There is probably truth in in Mr> McMaster's statement that he been threatened by the Scientologists (other people have told us they were threatened), but this is a police matter not properly a matter that can be handled by FDA.

Bernard T Loftus

And heres another name from the past in yet another memo regarding things John McMasters said...

Mr McMaster related an incident of one Alex Siberski. This individual headed the Bureau of Scientology, which served as the Land base for the Sea Organization. Mr. Siberski recieved List 10 Auditing(removes all insanities) from L. Ron Hubbard, Sr and promptly brought in $1 and a half million for Scientology in the subsequent two weeks. He then recieved List 11 Auditing. Subsequent to this, the Bureau encountered financial difficulties (checks bounced) and Mr. Siberski returned to the ship where he was forced to walk the plank and spend time in the chain locker.

volume 16 of 18
declassified FDA records


Volume 15 of 18...below...a veritable treasure trove of documents...


Taken from Clear News


Ethics Notices (an extract, several people are on this notice but I am going to extract one, because I knew them and because they obviously got back in good standing with Hubbard as one of them later went onto become convicted along with MarySue Hubbard.)


Writs of Expulsion


Subject: Ollie Budlong and Byrd Budlong - December 25 1969


1. Ollie Budlong, parishioner and Byrd Budlong, parishioner, Orlando, Florida are on this date duly expelled from the church of scientology, California.


2.They have continued to commit acts unbecoming to a member of the church, placing the church in possible danger. They have consistantly broken the codes of the church.


3.All certificates and awards issued them by the church of scientology are hereby cancelled.


4. Therefore Ollie and Byrd Budlong are expelled from the church of scientology and may not recieve spiritul counselling or training in any church of scientology until they have performed an act of contrition and availed themselves of recourses to re-enter the church. They may not enter any church of scientology.


5. They are declared in no condition as their actions indicate that they are below any condition currently assignable.

Esn Clarice Jackson



Esn Fred Hare

Captain AOLA


Cmdr Hana Eltringham



Conditions Orders

EO. no 315 AOLA - 24 December 1969

Sharon Rappaport, pre OT is assigned a condition of Doubt and her certificates and awards are suspended until such time as she completes review cycle at AOLA.


EO. no 320 AOLA - 27 December 1969

Sandy Blando is assigned a condition of Doubt for irregular 2D activities causing enturbulation. She is suspended from advance courses for 1 month.

She isto apply for formula immediately.

Conditions Upgrading

Eo. no 219 - 26 December 1969

Elyse Aronson has applied the formula from Treason through Liability and is upgraded to Non-Existance.

Esn Clarice Jackson



I have just found something so funny it beggars belief...volume 13 of 18


Published by the Department of Publications Worldwide...Scientology

The Findings on the US Food and Drug Agency


An excerpt: The FDA has become, progressively since the 1930s, a source of disturbance to Americans, the presidency,the courts and Congress.It is today regrettably described as an agency behaving as a sort of cult, with an almost fanatical urge - to save the world. What FDA seems to feel it must "save the world" from is simply the ordinary freedoms and pursuits of the society, and from the protection and authority of the Constitution of the United States.


A student goes through St. Hill

devised by L. Ron Hubbard -  from vol 10 of 18

page 136 a picture of my Dad  taking money for courses...LRH's caption -And then there is a visit to the Cashier who somehow seems to make the parting with money a pleasant business.


In another booklet called The Character of Scientology - same volume - page 193 there is a picture of me (in the patterned jumper)  doing the childrens communication course on a Sunday afternoon at St. Hill.


In the top left hand corner of page 194 is my old friend Bill Deitsch. And on page  196 there is a picture of John McMaster, underneath it says "John McMaster is the first Clear and there are now many hundreds in the world of scientology clears. There were none before John McMaster".

The lying old dog, LRH had no shame when it comes to telling lies.


On page 37 of Volume 8 of 18 there is this letter from Terry Milner to a Mr. Bonhem, the paper it's written on is bizarre to say the least...


Dear Mr. Bonham,


If you feel it necessary to investigate Scientology, why not come out in the open?


My name is Terry Milner and you can reach me at the address above. That you have prepared an article attacking Scientology is known to me.


I am sending you data on a similar attack we recieved in England. An investigation is one thing, sneaking about playing secret agent is another.


As the material you are recieving is not being used by you to forward your understanding of Scientology, you are withdrwan from our mailing lists.

Terry Milner

Assistant Guardian LA


I expect Mr. Bonham thought 'thank god for that'. There are so many back and forth letters in these files, its incredible. Some for scientology, many against. The Scientologists were not going to take the FDA's confiscationof their E-meters lying down, but the scale of the lengths they were and still are prepared to go is something else altogether...the sheer gall of the scientologists is quite extraordinary.

Church of Scientology – Feb 26, 2008 – CD 3 of

declassified FDA records

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John McMasters

John McMasters was Clear #1 according to L. Ron Hubbard's scriptures...

The First Hundred Clears in Scientology, What Went Wrong ...

Well, what went wrong and I didn't know till 38 years later was apparently we already had a *clear* prior to John McMasters, her name is Sonya Bianco...

Thread: The Sonya Bianca fiasco - Ex Scientologist Message Boa

The atmosphere throughout had remained perfectly cordial, even if the shouted comments from the audience were increasingly irreverent. When Hubbard was explaining the multitude of mental and physical benefits arising from successful auditing, someone yelled, 'Are your cavities filling up?' and caused a good deal of laughter.

As the highlight of the evening approached, there was a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the packed hall. A hush descended on the audience when at last Hubbard stepped up to the microphone to introduce the 'world's first clear'. She was, he said, a young woman by the name of Sonya Bianca, a physics major and pianist from Boston. Among her many newly acquired attributes, he claimed she had 'full and perfect recall of every moment of her life', which she would be happy to demonstrate. He turned slowly to the wings on one side of the stage and said: 'Will you come out now please, Sonya?'

The audience erupted once more in applause as a thin, obviously nervous, girl stepped out of the wings and into a spotlight which followed her to centre stage, where she was embraced by Hubbard. In a tremulous voice she told the meeting that Dianetics had cleared up her sinus trouble and cured her 'strange and embarrassing' allergy to pain. 'For days after I came in contact with paint I had a painful itching in my eyebrows,' she stammered. 'Now both conditions have cleared up and I feel like a million dollars.' She answered a few routine questions from Hubbard, who then made the mistake of inviting questions from the audience: they had clearly been expecting rather more spectacular revelations.

'What did you have for breakfast on October 3 1942?' somebody yelled. Miss Bianca understandably looked somewhat startled, blinked in the lights and shook her head. 'What's on page 122 of Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health?' someone else asked. Miss Bianca opened her mouth but no words came out. Similar questions came thick and fast, amid much derisive laughter. Many in the audience took pity on the wretched girl and tried to put easier questions, but she was so terrified that she could not even remember simple formulae in physics, her own subject.

As people began getting up and walking out of the auditorium, one man noticed that Hubbard had momentarily turned his back on the girl and shouted, 'OK, what colour necktie is Mr Hubbard wearing?' The world's first 'clear' screwed up her face in a frantic effort to remember, stared into the hostile blackness of the auditorium, then hung her head in misery. It was an awful moment.

Hubbard, sweat glistening in beads on his forehead, stepped forward and brought the demonstration swiftly to an end. Quickwitted as always, he proffered an explanation for Miss Bianca's

Bare-Faced Messiah: Chapter 10

But I did not know about Sonya, but I did know personally John McMasters, I met him on the Royal Scotman and he was touted as Supero numero...number #1 Clear. The first time I really heard him speak was when he had been overboarded several times in the past and appeared on deck later that day, the last time he was overboarded from what I am reading, arm in a sling, he hurt his shoulder badly and came on deck where some of us Sea Org were sitting chatting and eating watermelon. You have got to remember I was 11 years old and John started ranting about the Commodore, there was probably about 15/20 people there, mostly adults and NOBODY said anything. NO, nothing at all! That was my first clue...something is definitely wrong here! Don't get me wrong, I already knew something was very wrong here but this was something else was the man that broadcast Scientology all over the world...

Anyway swiftly moving on... I have been reading my friend Virginia McClaughry's blog and she is far more meticulous than I and I love what she is doing and she is making me think...big time!

We are going to go back to this post by her...

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse – Scientology’s Drug and Crime Syndicate Involvement Goes Deeper…

and you have got to dig into this here...go here download the documents and I am sure its the last one and you will find a lot about John Mcmasters,Jack Horner and Charles Berner...interesting to say the least...

Terry Milner wrote a letter about John McMaster to the FDA in the fall of 1971, found in the recently

– in Cd #3, Vol 16 of 18 PDF, starting on page 221 approximately. Here’s a PDF of the relevant document scans – 253144726-FDA-Scientology-investigation-John-Mcmaster-1

Now PDF adobe E-16, H-100 CD 4 Memo to Deputy Regional Food and Drug Director re Scientology Investigation 15/12'70...Look at the declassified FDA records

Mr McMasters stated : L. Ron Hubbard sure turned totally anti-medical in 1964 when a bill Parsons, a Scientologist at St. Hill ws given a blood transfusion with blood of the wrong type and subsequently died.

Mr. McMasters stated: L. Ron Hubbard Sr is forcing his daughter Diana, into the role of successor in Scientology and Hubbard intends to return as the first son of Diana in the perpetuation of Scientology...OH BUMMER...she never had a son...did she?

Funny little detail...but according to Karen de la Carriere Scientologists DO NOT talk to the the press, except of course if your name happens to be Tony Ortega...then they ALL talk to him. Most of Ortegas follower's have never been the other side of a stress test..let alone a Security Check!

courtesy of Lermanet.Com..

What Happened To The First Ten Scientology Clears? - and ...


Right, now I am going to move on a bit...I don't believe Mike McClaughry had anything to do with this but I am going to put it out there...

I can totally understand why Arnie Lerma has a problem with this...I would too...because look what happened to him...

Scientology can walk into any house in America and do this....??? Now that IS Scary! This isn't the FBI, This isn't the CIA, This Isn't the American Instituition IS IT? I believe I meant Constitution...No actually I don't, I think I meant what a Hypocrisy!

They can say "XENU" these days, because they think it makes YOU look stupid...

Look at John Sweeney in the toilet in LA...just look...


declassified FDA records 

Hubbard Communication Office Manual of Justice...A disease of the justice system

Faking of "Religion" for PROFIT
The true story of how the fraud came to called a religion which was merely a legal maneuver, a contrivance, to deal the adverse US FDA Litigation ruling regarding the E-Meter LINK

Pete Griffiths on BBC Radio Scotland in connection with the ruling in Moscow

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Britain's anti-terror police chief says a suspected jihadi is arrested EVERY DAY to stop a Paris-style plot on UK soil

Police and Government 'grateful' to hacktivists Anonymous for declaring online war on ISIS

Hacking collective Anonymous were praised today for targeting ISIS online despite probably breaking the law.

Met anti-terror chief Mark Rowley and Security Minister John Hayes said they were 'grateful' after the hacking group promised to hunt down militant jihadists online following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Mr Rowley said: 'If they are doing damage to ISIS I'm not going to complain' although he admitted he would prefer they 'stayed within the law'.
'Declarion of war: Anonymous declared cyber war on ISIS (pictured) after the Paris attacks and despite takin part in cyber crime senior officials say they are grateful for the help
'Declarion of war: Anonymous declared cyber war on ISIS (pictured) after the Paris attacks and despite takin part in cyber crime senior officials say they are grateful for the help

Home Affairs Committee Chairman Keith Vaz asked John Hayes: 'A lot of radicalisation happens online. Are you grateful from the support you receive from online activist groups that seek to take down the Twitter accounts of Daesh supporters?
Master spy? Security Minister John Hayes told MP: 'You're not the first person to compare me to James Bond' as they discussed the battle with ISIS 
Master spy? Security Minister John Hayes told MP: 'You're not the first person to compare me to James Bond' as they discussed the battle with ISIS 

'And having suppressed 10,000 pages of social media work by Daesh, are you grateful for what's happened?'

Mr Hayes replied: 'I am grateful for any of those who are engaged in the battle against this kind of wickedness'.

He called ISIS' online presence is 'immense' and believes it is a key element of the battle with the extremist group.

In one exchange with an MP about espionage he added: 'You're not the first person to compare me to James Bond.

'This is my message. Both as minister and as government. We are certain we are determined we are committed and we are fearless.'

Anonymous' declaration of war came in a video posted on the group's French YouTube page shortly after the Paris attacks, were they warned the terror group to 'expect us', vowing to hunt down those responsible online and expose them.

Wearing the group's signature Guy Fawkes mask, a spokesman says in French: 'Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. 

'You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared.'

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Rick Astley is brought in to fight ISIS: Anonymous hijack Islamic State Twitter feeds by tricking jihadis into watching Never Gonna Give You Up video 

Original rickroll video that tricked people into watching a Rick Astley music video is mysteriously removed from YouTube The Anonymous group is trying to impede the terror group's social media activism by infiltrating its propaganda feeds and misdirecting followers to Astley's hit song in the age-old Rickroll prank.

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A teenage Austrian girl who fled to Syria along with her friend is believed to have been ...

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Females muslims will be banned from wearing the burqa in shops, restaurants or public ...

Burka ban approved in Italian-speaking Switzerland - SWI ...

The Islamic veil across Europe - BBC News


The story of an early Dianetisist

Moscow Court Bans Scientology

Moscow court bans Church of Scientology over 'irreligious' trademark restrictions

RT - ‎10 hours ago‎
Moscow City Court has ordered the dissolution of the local branch of the Church of Scientology, ruling that religious freedom must not be restricted by trademarks. Scientologists vowed to appeal the alleged “anti-religious” abuse of their worshipers ...

Russian court bans Church of Scientology because it is 'not a religion'

The Independent - ‎Nov 23, 2015‎
A court in Russia has banned Moscow's Church of Scientology, saying that it does not comply with federal laws on freedom of religion. According to Russia's TASS news agency, the country's justice ministry brought the case against the church, which was ... 

Scientology shock: Russia bans Church of Scientology for 'not being a religion' - ‎6 hours ago‎
Moscow City Court banned the local branch of the group amid claims from the Russian Justice Ministry that it failed to comply with federal laws on freedom of religion. That came after the group tried to register Scientology as a trademark owned by the ...


Very amusing picture and this blogger is thrilled with the Moscow court descision.
Below...from Scientology's own literature...

Monday, 23 November 2015

Moscow to consider banning Scientology

MOSCOW: Moscow city court to consider banning the Church of Scientology on grounds that it breaks laws on registering religious groups. 0730 GMT. (RUSSIA-RELIGION-COURT-RIGHTS-SCIENTOLOGY)

AFP Europe News Agenda

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Lords Prayer banned from Cinemas in the UK

Interesting times ahead...

Archbishop Welby's fury at cinema ban on 'offensive' Lord's prayer

Daily Mail - ‎14 hours ago‎
Last night Archbishop Justin Welby reacted with fury, telling The Mail on Sunday: 'I find it extraordinary that cinemas rule that it is inappropriate for an advert on prayer to be shown in the week before Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus ...

Church of England FURIOUS after UK cinemas BAN Lord's Prayer advert for being ... - ‎3 hours ago‎
The advert includes refugees, weightlifters, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Most Reverend Justin Welby. The film was approved by the British Board of Film Classification the Cinema Advertising Authority and was given a "U" certificate. But the ...

I doubted God after the Paris attacks': The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says he was left asking why when the militant jihadis struck

Asked if the Paris terrorist attacks had caused him to doubt where God was, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said: 'Oh gosh, yes,' and admitted it put a 'chink in his armour'.

Muslim scholar who posted YouTube speech condemning Paris atrocities reveals he has received death threats from British-born children who support ISIS

EXCLUSIVE: Mufassil Islam, who has lived in Britain on and off for more than 22 years, received death threats after he spoke out following the terrorist attacks in Paris left 130 people dead.

I have just watched a couple of videos on Britain First and then came across this BBC production, thought I would put it here...


Tom Padgett's Road to Perdition

This man's story deserves to be told again and again...
How Scientology has worked with the courts to harrass and ruin Tom Padgett.
It can be a mad, mad world, when you mix
DIANETICS, the alternative mental health belief, with the prejudice
and bias of a small town jurisdiction

"The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge away.....will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible ruin him utterly."
L Ron Hubbard, March 1955

Saturday, 21 November 2015


I don't think you?

They want YOU to committ Suicide, Scientology that is...

That IS their statistic...

Don't let them have it!

Friday, 20 November 2015

From the McClaughry's blog...

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse – Scientology’s Drug and Crime Syndicate Involvement Goes Deeper…

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 4 hours ago
Maybe Tom Cruise was a better choice to play Barry Seal than one might think... more » 
This is great, Virginia and I appreciate it very much! Private message coming your way tomorrow, as this has taken alot of plowing through and it's late where I am. But I am going to bring up one thing now as I do like to get facts straight and at the time of writing I was struggling somewhat and constantly bombarded with so called 'facts' that were not correct.I got it wrong on Esmb. Anyway, I am going to throw this out there...
Another scientology man named Craig DeFan was from exactly the same place. He also happened to be one of the original Class VIII auditors that Ron Hubbard personally trained aboard the ship Apollo, and one of three men that would overboard students that messed up (in Hubbard’s opinion).
Auditor_41_-_ollie budlong on left joran robertson right David Ziff_promotes_that_they_OVERBOARD_class_8_students.
Anyway, the Class 8 course had 3 MAA’s, Craig DeFan, Ollie Budlong and Rod Taunton. They were photographed and features in an Auditor edition at that time.

Maybe there is another one, but it ain't this auditor edition. On the far left is Goran Anderson and I am pretty sure on the right is David Englehardt. The guy being thrown overboard I am sure was of scandinavian descent and possibly called Lars, but I cannot think any further than that.

Goran, I am never likely to forget, even if I did forget his name temporarily...he could play piano like very few people, he could also have you thrown overboard on a whim and threaten little girls with a mental institution if they ever told anyone about all of this and that is fact...allegedly he committed suicide much later in life.

Another fact, It wasn't just class VIII auditors that got thrown over the side of the ship. And yet another fact, many of the people from back then are loathe to speak about it other than on private chat boards, and some that do praise it and change reality.Neville Chamberlain, last I heard still does auditing. Anyway enough said. I'll contact you tommorrow. Thank You for the insights.

Secret Wife of Saudi's late King Fahd gets $23 million payout...

This is an interesting story and one of which I had no idea about, Janan Harb was secretly married to the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and it would appear she ran out of money by 2005.

Secret wife of Saudi's late King Fahd gets $23 million payout ...

Bankrupt 'widow' of Saudi king seeks £12m from prince ...

Saudi king's secret wife Janan Harb wins £15m payout from ...

'Secret wife' of late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia wins ...

I wonder who will play the King...Tom Cruise? 

eyes as lovely as a mare's | gimcrack hospital (PG)


 Now look at what she was doing prior to running out of money...I reckon $cientology has bagged a winner...$40,000 dollar donations on top of paying for courses... no wonder she went bancrupt...she can afford to donate millions now to one of the biggest scams on earth. But its alright because she's clear...this would be quite amusing, If It wasn't so obvious.

Janan HarbFounding Patrons Impact 1092004-09-01
Janan HarbPatrons Impact 1142006-09-01

Janan Harb - The Truth About Scientology

Bankrupt 'widow' (Scientologist) of Saudi king seeks £12m from .


Janan HarbFALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN LISTS Celebrity 2561992-07-01
Janan HarbRECENT CLEARS Auditor 2431992-07-01
Janan HarbHUBBARD SOLO AUDITOR PART TWO Advance ANZO 1211994-09-01
Janan HarbPROGRESS PROGRAM Auditor UK 3272005-11-01

Scientology's 'Say No To Drugs' is shut down in Russia

Court liquidated the Petersburg Foundation "Say Drugs - no!" 
Moscow. November 18. INTERFAX.RU - Leninsky Court of St. Petersburg eliminated Charitable Foundation "Say Drugs - no! Say life - yes!" due to the fact that its activities do not correspond to the charter, as well as because of the disturbances in the financial statements. 
As reported by "Interfax" on Wednesday, coordinator of the Fund Irina Kopylov, the organization does not plan to appeal the decision. 
"The court made a decision. We agreed with the claims of (the prosecutor's office requested the organization to eliminate and exclude information about it from the register - IF), and they were satisfied. The main reason was a lack of funding," - she said. 
"There has been a lack of donations. The implication was that the fund was to accumulate far more money than was in fact", - he explained the Kopylov. 
The petition prosecution available to the "Interfax", noted that the reports for 2012-2014 is provided by the fund in the Ministry of Justice, there is no information on the amount of money spent on charity. At the same time during this period to the account of the fund received 625.9 million rubles. The fund is not systematically reported to the supervisory authority on the implementation of welfare programs. 
According to the law, at least 80% of contributions received should be directed to charities during the year of receipt. The Court found expenditure of contributions to the distribution of leaflets in schools, lectures, pickets and flash mobs, bicycle races, "round tables" and seminars, as well as the rental of premises (rental spent more than half of the funds) unlawful. 
The prosecutor's office has also been found that the Fund actually led activities are not the legal address registered in the Ministry of Justice. 
Meanwhile, a source familiar with the situation, "Interfax" that the charitable fund actively supported the Church of Scientology, which is not consistent with the charter of the organization.However, the coordinator of the Fund stressed that the organization "Tell drugs - no" is a secular and acts as an independent legal entity. 
"We have volunteers, Scientologists and Scientology, we select our people's religious views. Any person who promotes a healthy lifestyle, can cooperate with us. At all events, actions and pickets heard only one idea:" Tell drugs - no "- said Kopylov. 
As reported on the official website of the foundation "Say Drugs - no", the organization engaged in drug prevention among youth in schools, as well as "major events and promotions with the distribution of leaflets against drugs." 
Earlier Petersburg Leninsky court ruled to liquidate the charity fund "Youth for Human Rights". Prosecutor demands to liquidate the company and to exclude information about it from the register were met. 
According to the source, the supervisor claims concerned the discrepancy between the actual activities of the organization and stated in the charter. The interviewer noted that the fund including distributed Scientology literature and contact with children and youth institutions of the city. 
The press service of the company reported that the reasons for liquidation of the Fund were financial. Interlocutor "Interfax" said that information about the activities in the interest of Scientology is not true.  above is google translation. 

Meanwhile in Utah, USA Scientology is part of Parliament of World Religions... 

In the news
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Scientology aligns with other world religions to advance society and world peace at the ... 

Meanwhile in Exclusive...

Jonny Jacobsen - Byline