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Regarding the Raid by the FDA of Scientology's E-meters

Box 1 Folder 1
Church of Scientology – Feb 26, 2008 – CD 1 of
declassified FDA records

Church of Scientology of California - 2/6/63

Dear Scientologists and Friends,

As you know, if you have read the papers or Newsweek, Jan 28, 1963 -or saw the Paul Coates show - Scientology has been attacked by our Government via the FDA. This was done by illegal seizure of our E-meters and some 21  of our books in Washington DC.


We have had many letters, phone calls and messages from friends asking how can they help. In responce to your questions, may I sugest that you write the Editors of all Newspapers or Magazines who smear us protesting this action and point out to them that these are the same tactics used by Hitler. Also write your Senators and Representatives.


This Government which guarantees, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Religious Practices, will become null and void if it is permitted to take such actions and smear against our church.


In order to adequately fight this and other attacks which may be forthcoming, we have formed a Religious Freedom Fund - your contributions will be gratefully recieved.

Sincerely yours

Julia Lewis Salmon


Org.Sec & Res. Dir LA.

page 448

My note: This same lady five years later in her mid to late 50s was thrown over the side of the Apollo and she could not swim. Even with a life jacket on she was terrified, as were most. I can't help but wonder what she thought about the tactics of Hitler  and her religious freedoms then?

"I saw one woman, Julia Lewis Salmon, from the United States, thrown
overboard. This woman must have been in her fifties. She was - had her
hands and I think her feet tied, maybe only her hands tied and a
blindfold, but she went over. She was so panicked by the thought of
being thrown over this way - she was standing on the edge of the deck,
panicked, beside herself, shouting. And I was standing on the A deck
with Hubbard and his other aides, watching this going on. And Julia 
didn't jump over, she had to be pushed over, she was incapable, she was
in such a fit."

Scientology in the UK Media: Archived news item


page 662 one of many telegrams to Larry O'Brian of the White House...

Religious Freedom permitted, Catholic President Scientology persecuted by United States Government Books Burned, property confiscated in Waqshington. Is this Russia keep our flag waving in Religious Freedom.

67. FDA proceeding well; we have a very favorable judge and have
caused by third party a break between the Justice Department and the
FDA, and the Judge and FDA. ((third party is the effort by C, often by
bearing false witness, to get A and B to break up by saying bad things
to A about B.)) Neither the Judge nor the Justice Department is pleased
with the FDA; Justice is indicating a willing to over-rule the FDA and
enter into a Consent Decree notwithstanding the FDA's position against
this. The Judge is also considering review of discrimination against us
since no other religion is being persecuted. The Judge is forcing the
FDA to take a position on our religious status and will not allow them
to side-step this issue as they did before.
68. In the FDA TC case, we had limited government proof so that
they cannot protest the fact that we are a religion or that auditing is
a religious service. We can present evidence on this but they cannot
contest it or present evidence contrary to it.

 Guardian’s Office Report of Activities – 1970 – pdf,

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