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Memorandum of telephone conversation between John McMaster and Bernard T Loftus

pages 287, 288 and 289 dated September 24, 1971

1. At 1pm on 9/24/71, I returned Mr. mcMasters telephone call to me of 9/23/71. Mr. McMaster said that his life had been threatened by a special mission to Los Angeles called "class 12 auditors sent by L. Ron Hubbard to destroy him. He said he had been wrned two days ago by a friend  who is still in Scientology. He said the "class 12 auditors" came the same night with thier "black magic", which consisted of, among other things, putting blood and candles in his mail box, and making a lot of noise outside the house. Mr. McMaster said they had made threatening phone calls to him yesterday, and had warned him that he would be dead in 4 days time. He indicated that the sherrif's people from Laguna Beach have been most cooperative having come around to his house twice yesterday at his request and having done some patrolling around the area to protect him.

2. Mr. McMaster said that L. Ron Hubbard has an Intelligence division that would "shock you". He said they get information against people they are after by rifling their cabinets. They do this in various ways. They get attractive young women to obtain jobs as stenographers with people they want to persecute, and these girls rifle the filing cabinets to get information for the Hubbard Intelligence people.

3. Mr. McMaster said he does not trustJack Horner whom he described as being just like L. Ron Hubbard. He said he thinks Mrs. Horner is good. He said (and he repeated several times) that he wished that he could have seen me later that evening last December when I visited him and the Horners because he had so many things to tell me that he did not want to say in front of Mr. Horner. I suggested that he get in touch with Inspector Degrazia of our los Angeles office and have a discussion with him, and that Mr. Degrazia would pass on the comments to us here. Mr. Mcmaster felt that  Mr. Degrazia either does not take him seriously or suspects he is still a member of the Hubbard group. I attempted to assure him that Inspector Degrazia considers seriously everything that Mr. McMaster tells him.

4. Mr. McMaster said that he is through with Scientology forever but he still thinks Auditing is a very good thing. He still does Auditing , but at the moment he is not doing anything.

5.Mr. McMaster  said that what he wants is for people to become aware of the fact that Scientology is an addiction. He called it a superimposed technology. He feels a great deal of guilt because he travelled around the world a few years ago gaining converts for Hubbard.

6. Mr. McMaster said that when he resigned from Scientology in 1969, some of Hubbard's strong-arm men stole his files.

7. Mr. McMaster said that he recently formed with a physician named Dr. Julian "The World Council for Everyman's Enlightenment". The dream of the World Council was for Dr. Julian and Mr. McMaster to work together combining Auditing and medical science for the good of men.But Dr. Julian was a crook and took all the money, so the Worl Council is no longer existent. Mr. McMaster says he has a lawyer in Washington, a Mr. Charles Norberg, who is trying to arrange for his permanent residence in the United States. He said he is not able to get references ( which he apparently needs to stay in the US) from his former associates in scientology and that he is in the bad position of being an alien with no references. He says the Scientology people say they expelled him because of homosexuality, but he insisted that is not true. He resigned.

8. Mr. McMaster said that Washington Attorney John Matonis is now a Vice President of the National Health Federation, and that Mr. Matonis now calls himself a Scientologist.

9.Mr. McMaster said that he is a friend of  Charles Crecillus of the National Health Federation . He said Mr. Crecillus and he had worked together towards combining physical and mental health.

10. Mr. McMaster said he has been and is looking for employment in America in relation to drug addiction. He said that through Auditing he has been able to help himself and others and that he can do a lot for addicts. He said that his stomach had been removed because of cancer, and that following the surgery the pain would not go away, but that once he became involved in Auditing the pain went away and never returned.

11. Mr. McMaster said "The President has got lots and lots of letters from me and I have nice letters from him". He said he wrote the President many times in 1969 under the guise of being in Scientology and that he sent copies of those letters to Governors, Senators, Congressmen and Mr. U-Thant with a view to helping mankind through Auditing (In Scientology).

12. Mr. McMaster said that L. Ron Hubbard had him thrown overboard after he returned from his around the world tour to promote Scientology "to reduce him to size", and that his back was broken as a result of this humiliating experience. Nevertheless, "I cannot help loving the man". A few of his friends have died recently on the ship under mysterious circumstances 9which he did not describe).

13. I advised Mr. McMaster he did the right thing in getting in touch with the local police officials when his life was threatened. I suggested that if he believes the Scientologists have some sort of International or Interstate Intelligence group that is destroying people that he tell his story to the FBI. I explained the limitations FDC act and the FDA with regard to police matters.


I suspect that Mr. McMaster was probably leading up to asking me (or FDA) for some sort of reccomendation that he could give to Immigration Officials, but he did not do so. I have advised Chief Inspector Dom Zicarrdi of the Los Angeles district to have Inspector Digrazia keep up the contact with Mr. McMaster but not to become involved in "cops and robbers". There is probably truth in in Mr> McMaster's statement that he been threatened by the Scientologists (other people have told us they were threatened), but this is a police matter not properly a matter that can be handled by FDA.

Bernard T Loftus

And heres another name from the past in yet another memo regarding things John McMasters said...

Mr McMaster related an incident of one Alex Siberski. This individual headed the Bureau of Scientology, which served as the Land base for the Sea Organization. Mr. Siberski recieved List 10 Auditing(removes all insanities) from L. Ron Hubbard, Sr and promptly brought in $1 and a half million for Scientology in the subsequent two weeks. He then recieved List 11 Auditing. Subsequent to this, the Bureau encountered financial difficulties (checks bounced) and Mr. Siberski returned to the ship where he was forced to walk the plank and spend time in the chain locker.

volume 16 of 18
declassified FDA records


Volume 15 of 18...below...a veritable treasure trove of documents...


Taken from Clear News


Ethics Notices (an extract, several people are on this notice but I am going to extract one, because I knew them and because they obviously got back in good standing with Hubbard as one of them later went onto become convicted along with MarySue Hubbard.)


Writs of Expulsion


Subject: Ollie Budlong and Byrd Budlong - December 25 1969


1. Ollie Budlong, parishioner and Byrd Budlong, parishioner, Orlando, Florida are on this date duly expelled from the church of scientology, California.


2.They have continued to commit acts unbecoming to a member of the church, placing the church in possible danger. They have consistantly broken the codes of the church.


3.All certificates and awards issued them by the church of scientology are hereby cancelled.


4. Therefore Ollie and Byrd Budlong are expelled from the church of scientology and may not recieve spiritul counselling or training in any church of scientology until they have performed an act of contrition and availed themselves of recourses to re-enter the church. They may not enter any church of scientology.


5. They are declared in no condition as their actions indicate that they are below any condition currently assignable.

Esn Clarice Jackson



Esn Fred Hare

Captain AOLA


Cmdr Hana Eltringham



Conditions Orders

EO. no 315 AOLA - 24 December 1969

Sharon Rappaport, pre OT is assigned a condition of Doubt and her certificates and awards are suspended until such time as she completes review cycle at AOLA.


EO. no 320 AOLA - 27 December 1969

Sandy Blando is assigned a condition of Doubt for irregular 2D activities causing enturbulation. She is suspended from advance courses for 1 month.

She isto apply for formula immediately.

Conditions Upgrading

Eo. no 219 - 26 December 1969

Elyse Aronson has applied the formula from Treason through Liability and is upgraded to Non-Existance.

Esn Clarice Jackson



I have just found something so funny it beggars belief...volume 13 of 18


Published by the Department of Publications Worldwide...Scientology

The Findings on the US Food and Drug Agency


An excerpt: The FDA has become, progressively since the 1930s, a source of disturbance to Americans, the presidency,the courts and Congress.It is today regrettably described as an agency behaving as a sort of cult, with an almost fanatical urge - to save the world. What FDA seems to feel it must "save the world" from is simply the ordinary freedoms and pursuits of the society, and from the protection and authority of the Constitution of the United States.


A student goes through St. Hill

devised by L. Ron Hubbard -  from vol 10 of 18

page 136 a picture of my Dad  taking money for courses...LRH's caption -And then there is a visit to the Cashier who somehow seems to make the parting with money a pleasant business.


In another booklet called The Character of Scientology - same volume - page 193 there is a picture of me (in the patterned jumper)  doing the childrens communication course on a Sunday afternoon at St. Hill.


In the top left hand corner of page 194 is my old friend Bill Deitsch. And on page  196 there is a picture of John McMaster, underneath it says "John McMaster is the first Clear and there are now many hundreds in the world of scientology clears. There were none before John McMaster".

The lying old dog, LRH had no shame when it comes to telling lies.


On page 37 of Volume 8 of 18 there is this letter from Terry Milner to a Mr. Bonhem, the paper it's written on is bizarre to say the least...


Dear Mr. Bonham,


If you feel it necessary to investigate Scientology, why not come out in the open?


My name is Terry Milner and you can reach me at the address above. That you have prepared an article attacking Scientology is known to me.


I am sending you data on a similar attack we recieved in England. An investigation is one thing, sneaking about playing secret agent is another.


As the material you are recieving is not being used by you to forward your understanding of Scientology, you are withdrwan from our mailing lists.

Terry Milner

Assistant Guardian LA


I expect Mr. Bonham thought 'thank god for that'. There are so many back and forth letters in these files, its incredible. Some for scientology, many against. The Scientologists were not going to take the FDA's confiscationof their E-meters lying down, but the scale of the lengths they were and still are prepared to go is something else altogether...the sheer gall of the scientologists is quite extraordinary.

Church of Scientology – Feb 26, 2008 – CD 3 of

declassified FDA records

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