Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Scientologist' Goal - World Domination from Lermanet.Com

Nov 6, 1979 The Clearwater Sun - Scientologists' goal ...
6 Nov 1979 - The Clearwater Sun - Headline: Scientologists' goal: world domination.
Funny thing about the telex office on the Royal Scotman/Apollo. It was a tiny room and scrutinised continually, I remember Alan Vos working in there back in the day. When I was on messenger duty and LRH went to the telex office, he would sometimes send me away to come back in half an hour or so. That was when you knew their was something going down, but I was not privy to that.What was funny, well at least on reflection was sometimes, I imagine a flap was going on,(flap-scientology term) reams and reams of paper were coming out of this telex machine and when I say reams...they just kept coming...all in code of course. Definitely a FLAP!
Of course now, as I understand it, these were all the planetary Orgs sending in their reports from Guardians Office WW.
Some years ago now, I wrote a short kids story about the telex machine on the Apollo and how these reams of paper just kept coming and coming and it sank the goddamned ship...If only...I would link to it but I can't find it.It was on ex scientology kids website. If anyone does find it, please feel free to put it in the comment section.

As a side note - There were often telex communications in LRH's in box which we as Messengers took up to his office.

Arnie Lerma is not trying to blind you with conspiracy theories, this was for real, It is for real in Scientology's world. 1969, 1979 and 2015...same goal.


  1. Hi Sharone -

    Interesting post.

    My ex-husband worked in that telex unit - Bill Rhodes, maybe you knew him?


    1. Hi Virginia,

      Glad you liked the post.

      I don't remember Bill, sorry. There was another bloke who worked in the telex office, but I had very little to do with him, no reason, just didn't see him often There was an awful lot of people on the ship back then, I don't remember all of them and of course people came and went, on missions, missions was setting up new orgs, recruitment for Sea Org,puting ethics in on failing existant orgs, and of of course lecturing on Dianetics and scientology. There was a lot of toing and frowing...then you had the people who dissappeared in the middle of the night never to be seen again or re-emerged having been in heavy ethics...anyway, you have me off on a whole different tangent now as memories come flooding back. Going back to the telex office, I always knew there was something odd about it, when LRH dismissed me to come back in a while. He did not do this every time, I might have been only 11, but I wasn't stupid. He was up to something...

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    1. Thank You Pete,

      I said it was a short kids story and it was.

      You have NO idea, Nobody has any idea how I felt that day. It was both scary and incredible. I came out of Goodge Street station with a bunch of young anons I had met on the underground in London. I actually approached them and said "where are you going?" " Tottenham Court Road" was their reply, " well then, can I tag along". These guys in guy falkes masks were bloody amazing! And, when I came out of Goodge Street underground station, almost expecting just a few people as I had been watching since 2006, there were about 500 people on Tottenham Court Rd outside that tiny little Dianetics center and my knees were buckling as I went across the road. I could not believe it!

      Because I know first hand, If this had of happened when LRH was still alive, on board the Apollo that telex machine would have sunk the god damned ship. There was little to no toilet paper, but there was reams of telex paper, Hubbards directives and ethics chits. Hubbard would have shit himself, seriously. David Miscavige on the other hand thinks he can carry on, after all...he has Cruise. And this is where Leah Remini enters into it...bloody brilliant!