Friday, 20 November 2015

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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse – Scientology’s Drug and Crime Syndicate Involvement Goes Deeper…

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This is great, Virginia and I appreciate it very much! Private message coming your way tomorrow, as this has taken alot of plowing through and it's late where I am. But I am going to bring up one thing now as I do like to get facts straight and at the time of writing I was struggling somewhat and constantly bombarded with so called 'facts' that were not correct.I got it wrong on Esmb. Anyway, I am going to throw this out there...
Another scientology man named Craig DeFan was from exactly the same place. He also happened to be one of the original Class VIII auditors that Ron Hubbard personally trained aboard the ship Apollo, and one of three men that would overboard students that messed up (in Hubbard’s opinion).
Auditor_41_-_ollie budlong on left joran robertson right David Ziff_promotes_that_they_OVERBOARD_class_8_students.
Anyway, the Class 8 course had 3 MAA’s, Craig DeFan, Ollie Budlong and Rod Taunton. They were photographed and features in an Auditor edition at that time.

Maybe there is another one, but it ain't this auditor edition. On the far left is Goran Anderson and I am pretty sure on the right is David Englehardt. The guy being thrown overboard I am sure was of scandinavian descent and possibly called Lars, but I cannot think any further than that.

Goran, I am never likely to forget, even if I did forget his name temporarily...he could play piano like very few people, he could also have you thrown overboard on a whim and threaten little girls with a mental institution if they ever told anyone about all of this and that is fact...allegedly he committed suicide much later in life.

Another fact, It wasn't just class VIII auditors that got thrown over the side of the ship. And yet another fact, many of the people from back then are loathe to speak about it other than on private chat boards, and some that do praise it and change reality.Neville Chamberlain, last I heard still does auditing. Anyway enough said. I'll contact you tommorrow. Thank You for the insights.

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