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Till Death us do part or Until Scientology Disconnects us

Tomorrow brings us the wedding of the year, a fight for 'religious' freedom, it won't be happening in a church though, it will be happening at the London 'Org' (short for organisation) and this has been well organised.

"There is nothing as wild as in the books of man as will probably happen here on earth. And it will happen simply because all of this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late." - L.Ron Hubbard

"Somebody some day will say this is illegal. Be sure the Orgs (Scientology) say what is legal or not." - L. Ron Hubbard


Declaration of Lawrence H. Brennan -

You may now kiss the Scientologist 

Scientology couple to marry after winning Supreme Court bid to wed in chapel 

Scientologists prepare to wed tomorrow 

Scientology case couple to marry 

Scientology couple who won UK court ruling to marry today 

Selling 'FREEDOM' again...

UK Scientology wedding 'to pave way for other couples' 

Couple to marry in UK's first ever Scientology wedding 

Scientology case couple marrying 

Scientology wedding a 'victory' 


Well here's a happy wedding and everything is happy ever after, huh!


So sorry to spoil your wedding, but you do NOT fool me. She died because of your stupid fucking beliefs, and the the fact that Marty Rathbun made her return to YOUR ridiculous and bizarre "religion", This could have been Janis, Terri, Claire or myself if I had not escaped. NO get out of jail free card here.

So, what's with all the God stuff.Ha ha ha! PR puff piece for the wogs, press and governments...wouldn't be surprised if a second wedding ceremony is know the one that does all that Hip, Hip Hooraying to the mighty humanitarian LRH.After all, without him, none of this would be humanly possible...

A prayer for total freedom...escaping scientology...

The Times...newspaper...England...

 Sorry, could not get this picture in the Times all in one piece, funnily enough, there is someone missing from this picture...Peter Hodkin...Louisa's Father...OSA(Office of Special Affairs...originally Guardians Office run by Mary Sue Hubbard, Jane Kember and Mo Budlong, his predecessor is now dead, David Gaiman, Father of Neil Gaiman, world renowned book writer of creepy books about childhood, well, he should know, he grew up in one of the creepiest worlds that any child could ever possibly know...and that is the world of L. Ron the above names and make your own conclusions...I don't need to...I lived it...

And here is the creepy Father of the bride...

notice...he does not show up here either...

Couple married in UK's first ever Scientology wedding - Ex ...

He is quoted here...

Scientology in the UK Media: Archived news item

scientology in UK - info dump | Why We Protest | Anonymous ...

I am so glad some people in this world are not stupid...

Cult shill article in London Evening Standard - HARPOONS | Why We ...

 Peter Hodkin, center, right...OSA...Office of Special Affairs...Old Guardians Office...Is this a wedding or isn't it?

Angie Gilchrist...scientologist Greenfields school

I have met her in East. Grinstead, and guess what? LIAR! As are ALL scientologists!!! "Oh, those poor children, yes I am going to write about them", well come on Angie...we are waiting...with great anticipation...

about all those children that ended up in Clearwater, Florida, never to be seen again by their families, you don't fool me now, and you did not fool me then, but you ALL did manage to to fool the Supreme Court in England...HAHAHAHAHaHAHA...Not done...NOT by a long shot...

Greenfields School

A private school near East Grinstead uses the Study Technology devised by L. Ron Hubbard, which it licenses from Church-related group Applied Scholastics. Its connection to the Church was examined in 1984 by Mr. Justice Latey, who commented:[34][49]
"Scientology as such is not taught as a subject. But all the ambience is of Scientology, and it is plain that the Church exercises a strong influence if not indeed control. (...) The School pays money annually to Scientology."
It emerged that most of the staff and governors were Scientologists, and that its Chairman of Trustees had been forced both to step down and remove his son from the school as punishment for speaking to Suppressive Persons.[49][116] At the time, staff were working at charitable rates: an average of 40 pounds per week.[116] In 1994, local paper the Evening Argus reported that the school was hiding all mention of Scientology from its publicity materials.[49] Greenfields is recognised as a charity by the Charity Commission.[116]

Scientology in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greenfields School | Independent Day and Boarding School ...

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 235
The school is located on the largest piece of property owned by the Scientology organization outside of the USA, the so-called "Advanced Organization" (AO), where Scientology courses up to "Operating Thetan V" are available. That is where Hubbard, from the 1950s to his deportation in the 1960s, successfully brought his Scientology fiction to the people. The youngest Hubbard students at the Greenfield School are three years old, but the oldest only go up to fifteen years. Since it is an elite school for Scientology offspring, it is customary to leave school at the latest between the ages of 12 and 14 to go to the "Sea Org" headquarters in Flag in Clearwater, Florida, in order to "hire on" there as new Sea Org members in the "Sea Org Kids," for instance, or the Estates Project Force (EPF) or in the Commodore Messengers Org (ORG) which at one time served as Ron Hubbard's body guards, and who today are directly subordinate to the current Scientology boss and Hubbard successor, the 5 foot, 2 1/2 inch tall David "DM" Miscavige, who came from the CMO himself and to whom, managed through the RTC, the OSA intelligence agency reports.

Helnwein and Scientology: Lies & Treason -

As Katie Holmes bars Suri from Sea Org... the Sussex school whose ... ... in-the-uk/

Debate: As its first official wedding takes place, is Scientology a religion like any ...  

Couple hail victory over 'inequality' as they become first to walk down the aisle in a British Church of Scientology ... 

Scientology couple who won Supreme Court get married in London 

VIDEO: Scientology couple wed in London  

In other news...  

France: Scientology aiming to build a blacklist of judges

Translation of a French article published in the February 20, 2014 edition (issue 2572) of the weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur (snapshot below; text available online at this link: Des scientologues chez les magistrats)

Scientology seeking names of judges

by Marie Lemonnier
Le Nouvel Observateur, issue 2572, February 20, 2014, page 77

Photo caption: Scientologists demonstrating against "the stigmatization of religious movements"

L. Ron Hubbard's disciples are "convinced" that the reason French courts have repeatedly convicted them, as in October 2013 for "organized fraud," is that French judges are "biased." However, "You can't recuse a judge, based on a suspicion," admits Eric Roux, spokesman for the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre in Paris. As a result, "the octopus" is now trying to wrap its tentacles around the National Magistrates' School (Ecole nationale de la magistrature - ENM), which has, for more than fifteen years, offered judges voluntary training sessions about the dangers of cults.

The Scientologists exhausted every available recourse before France's Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (Commission d'accès aux documents administratifs - CADA) in the hope of obtaining not only all of ENM's course files and distributed materials on the subject of cults since 1998, but also the names of the trainers and of the judges who attended! The goal is clear: to compile a blacklist of judges that the Scientologists consider "tainted" for the purpose of invalidating these judges' decisions in cases involving the church.

"They also tried to attend our training sessions, but we refused; these courses are not public. They even gathered in front of the school, and we had to station a security officer," says Xavier Ronsin, director of the ENM. "But Scientology's allegations are pure fantasy; we are a secular republican school, not an anti-Church-of-Scientology indoctrination mill. No pressure group can impose its choices on us. One has to wonder why they feel so concerned about these courses!"

On December 23, 2013, for the first time, the Paris Administrative Court granted the Church of Scientology the right to obtain the course materials, but not the lists of names of speakers and participants because of privacy protection rules. Dissatisfied, "Scientology will now take the matter to the Council of State (Conseil d'Etat)," said François Jacquot, the attorney for the Celebrity Centre. The standoff continues.
Related thread, May 2, 2012: France: Scientologists protest "indoctrination of judges"

Related article by Jonny Jacobsen, May 24, 2012: Scientology is arguing that the magistrate who prepared the organised fraud case against it was “indoctrinated”: the latest in a series of bids to get its conviction overturned.

Snapshot of the February 20, 2014 edition (issue 2572) of Le Nouvel Observateur, page 77:


 Biased with good reason...

Scientology in France: The Missing Files


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Soros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine

Soros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine

"Billionaire oil tycoon George Soros, a financier of the Democrat Party, has deployed Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a leader of the Fatherland Party, to ignite a regime change revolution against the government of Ukraine in Kiev. Mr. Yatsenyuk is a leading member of the Scientology cult and a big fan of the Hollywood film star Tom Cruise.

Al Jazeera reports that, "The three major players in the opposition are hostile to each other. The boxing champion and leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance Reform party (UDAR), Vitali Klitschko, is seen as glamorous and naive. The Fatherland Party leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is viewed as a dutiful tool of the U.S. and billionaire philanthropist George Soros. The ultranationalist leader of the All Ukrainian Union “Freedom” Party, Oleh Tyahnybok, is seen as dangerous. The U.S. State Department reportedly favors the weakest of the three opposition leaders, the “liberal” Yatsenyuk."

Yatsenyuk has taken charge of a Scientology-funded bank in the Ukraine called Aval Bank" More
cross posted from Arnie on ESMB...

Soros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine


Where Tom McGregor got this source from seems to be lacking, but something is definitely going down...  

Tony Ortega at the Underground Bunker has this to say...


But remember, quite a lot of scientologists when cornered, won't admit it.I know this firsthand.

Ukraines leader vanishes into thin air... ... .html?_r=0


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Flagdown 2014 in Clearwater


I am raising money, openly, to fund Flagdown 2014, a big conference aiming to expose the fraud and abuse of Scientology in their "mecca" of Clearwater this coming May.

I am one of those putting my name to this project and taking full responsibility for it.

Naysayers are demanding transparency whilst not contributing. Hilarious.

I agree that expenditure of such funds must be transparent however this can only logically occur once the funds are spent.

To have a US-based speaker at this conference for the full week will cost 'someone' around $1,000 and most speakers are funding themselves.

Speakers and guests from further afield will have to fork out closer to $1,500 each and this without eating and drinking for the week.

Add in the cost of venue, printing, promotion, contributor's perks, transportation and anyone can see that hosting this conference will be costly.

However, if 1,000 good people each gave a mere $20 each we would be getting there.

If you have not yet contributed to this fund please do.

You will be helping to make something happen and achieve some aims I read somewhere about getting rid of insanity and criminals in this world.

Help make this happen.
reposted from ESMB...



HCO Policy Letter: TARGETS, DEFENSE  I am adding this here for people to read...this is "church" policy...think about that! 

Scanned documents relating to Scientology

cults, scientology, hubbard, one of the top "scientologists" says ...

English texts


Friday, 14 February 2014

Conditions in Scientology

I have used my own photo to demonstrate some one in a condition of Liability as I have never come across another photo of someone in Liability. Notice the rag round my left hand. That is also a part of the Liability condition which the quote underneath does not mention on the online free courses from You may wonder why I bring this up now, it's because I care about todays children.

All these years this organization has flouted the law by the use of disturbing beliefs of it's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Under the guidance of L. Ron Hubbard's tutelage, scientology to this day uses these barbaric methods of control on children, not that it isn't bad enough that it does the same to adults, but it meters out these punishments on children and not just in the Sea Org. These abominable practices are carried out by scientologists in their day to day life.

They blatantly advertise it on videos, without admitting to the more insidious practices that go with doing these conditions formulas and they do so with religious recognition? Religious recognition that is backed by law.How can that be?

"The Condition of Liability

Below Non-Existence there is the Condition of Liability. The being has ceased to be simply non-existent as a team member and has taken on the color of an enemy.

It is assigned where careless or malicious and knowing damage is caused to projects, organizations or activities. It is adjudicated that it is malicious and knowing because orders have been published against it or because it is contrary to the intentions and actions of the remainder of the team or the purpose of the project or organization.

It is a liability to have such a person unwatched as the person may do or continue to do things to stop or impede the forward progress of the project or organization and such a person cannot be trusted. No discipline or the assignment of conditions above it has been of any avail. The person has just kept on messing it up.

The condition is usually assigned when several Dangers and Non-Existences have been assigned or when a long unchanged pattern of conduct has been detected.

When all others are looking for the reason mail is getting lost, such a being would keep on losing the mail covertly.

The condition is assigned for the benefit of others so they won’t get tripped up trusting the person in any way.

The formula of Liability is:

 1.    Decide who are one’s friends.
 2.    Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.

  3.    Make up the damage one has done by personal contribution far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member.

  4.    Apply for reentry to the group by asking the permission of each member of it to rejoin and rejoining only by majority permission. And if refused, repeating (2) and (3) and (4) until one is allowed to be a group member again."

Conditions Below Non-Existence. - Free Scientology Online ...

Here is a quote from Margery Wakefield's book...Understanding Scientology ...

"Similar to security checks is another assignment frequently meted out by the Ethics Officer, and that is the assignment to write up one's "OWs" (overts and withholds), which in Scientology means all the things one has ever done wrong (overts), and especially those which someone else almost found out about (withholds).

This will commonly be assigned to a person who is in the process of "working out of a condition of Enemy."

The Ethics Officer is usually not satisfied until many pages of "OWs" have been produced by the properly repentant member. At one point in Scientology it was the practice to lock the member in a closet for two or more days while he wrote up his sins.

If a person in Scientology should become querulous, especially should he find fault with something written by Hubbard, or should he doubt some point of dogma, that person will be quickly isolated from the other students and dispatched to Ethics until his overts can be discovered and dealt with.

Anything authored by Hubbard ("Source") is assumed to be valid and true; therefore, anyone who has a disagreement with anything written by Hubbard must have personal overts which are causing him to find fault.
It is the job of the Ethics department of Scientology to assign the person the appropriate lower condition and have him write up his OWs until he has come to see the light and can be returned a more obedient and humble member of the group.

In the case of serious deviation from the norms of the group, there are more severe penalties which can be applied to provide the motivation for a member to more obediently conform. Some of these penalties have in the past included:
  • a dirty grey rag tied to the left arm to indicate a condition of liability
  • confinement to the premises of the organization
  • suspension of pay and dismissal from post
  • a black mark on the left cheek to indicate a condition of treason
  • the person cannot be communicated with by anyone in the organization
  • deprivation of sleep for up to 72 hours
  • assignment of manual labor for up to 72 hours
In the case of persons who become actual enemies of the organization, the Ethics order of Fair Game can be applied, which means that these persons may be "deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed."

At one time Hubbard ordered the ultimate punishment for thirteen people who had defected as "enemies" from the organization. Hubbard ordered that "auditing process R2-45" be used on these people if they were seen by any Scientologist.

"R2-45" is a term understood by every Scientologist. When he first demonstrated it, it is fabled that Hubbard shot a Colt 45 revolver through the floor of the stage he was lecturing from. Routine #2-45 refers to the act of shooting someone in the head with a Colt 45 and is the execution procedure in Scientology. In defending themselves, Scientologists will say to outsiders that Hubbard meant this as a joke; however, in a document called Racket Exposed, Hubbard did in fact order thirteen people to be shot on sight."

Understanding Scientology / Chapter 11: Ethics -- The Greatest ...

Cyril Vosper, long time declared SP and author of 'The Mind Benders' was also in Liability at one time...

"I didn't give a damn for Scientology or all its sweet little Ethics systems. If I had told any of those crazy Scientologists what they could do with their Condition of Liability, I'd have been declared an even lower condition - Enemy, a Suppressive person; then I would have had to disconnect from my children.

I had been declared an S.P. in April 1968 and had not seen my children for a week. I couldn't stand the thought of going through all that again. Mindbending self-recrimination, degradation. No. I would go ahead and act out my part and hope to get out of Scientology painlessly."

The Mind Benders, Scientology - Prologue - Cyril Vosper - Suburbia

Ethics (Scientology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Beyond belief...

that in todays modern world, the so called civilized world, these barbaric practices are allowed to still continue under the name of freedom of religion.

Here is Darth Xander and someone called Tigeratbay in Sea Org Alley, Clearwater, Florida...dauntless, defiant and resolute... 

This is just under a year ago...look at the kids...even OSA security guards are kids...barely out of their teens...

Almost 2 years ago, but worth it just to see the EPF (estates project force, Not to be confused with RPF)...

What if, in this next video, that was your child?

see the very old lady with a walking stick, well this was her child...the one that LRH has his arm on her shoulder...


 Does Jean Tidman even know Annie is dead? Probably not! Is anyone going to tell her? Probably not? Is it kinder for Jean to think Annie is still doing LRH's work and what a Saviour to mankind's greatest friend she's been or would it be kinder in the long run to let her know that her daughter did in fact, die alone, afraid and in the dark because her whole life was built on lies...

You be the judge...

Marty Rathbun on his own admission scared Annie so badly...she meekly returned to the fold, just like I was scared so badly by Goran Anderson it took me all these years to speak out... 

Where Rathbun fears to tread...

Scientology: What happened in Vegas, Part 2 of 3 in a special report ...

This report is not entirely accurate, but then what report is...Annie Tidman/Broeker may well be a touchy subject where scientology is concerned but I think the Gillham children more so and with so much to loose all round, everyone stays silent...somebody out there thinks I am really stupid...but then I would be wouldn't I...because I got out...let's all focus on the Broekers and take the heat off the Gillhams...




Cambodian Celebrity Center

They aim to get support from celebrities, much like scientology...what could possibly go wrong?

UFO cult touches down in Cambodia, applies to build $20 million ?embassy? 

On this day...other news in 1966...
Attention the Minister of Health: This man is bogus

Today in Belgium...translation by mnql1on ESMB

Belgium deciding if Scientology to face trial in criminal court

Translation of a French article posted on January 9, 2014 on the website of the Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir:
L’Eglise de Scientologie comparait devant la chambre du conseil
Church of Scientology case under review by the Brussels Council Chamber

Thursday, January 9, 2014

On Thursday, the Brussels Council Chamber began hearing arguments concerning a possible criminal trial of the Scientology movement and a dozen of its members, now 17 years after the first judicial inquiry into this matter began. The federal prosecutor's office wants to prosecute Scientology as a criminal organization and to accuse the suspects of fraud, illegal practice of medicine, violation of privacy laws, and extortion.

The first investigation into the Church of Scientology began in 1997 when several former members filed complaints. Ten years later, the prosecutor's office recommended that twelve persons and two companies, the Belgian branch of the Church of Scientology and the European Office of the Church of Scientology International, be tried in criminal court.

Before this case reached the Council Chamber, a second investigation was launched after a complaint was filed by the Brussels Regional Employment Office (Actiris). The Church of Scientology was suspected of advertising counterfeit job offers. Persons who answered the ads were not awarded a job, but instead found themselves in a kind of volunteer status.

A few months ago, the federal prosecutor's office decided to merge the two investigations. The Council Chamber must now choose which persons and entities would stand trial in criminal court.

The Scientology movement was founded in 1954 by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, and it claims 12 million members in 8,000 churches and 165 countries.

According to the federal prosecutor's office and attorneys, the Council Chamber's proceedings will span about four weeks.

Update: On March 13, 2014, the Brussels Council Chamber will hand down its decision regarding whether Scientology is to be prosecuted in criminal court in Belgium.

Source: Scientologie en Chambre du conseil de Bruxelles: décision le 13 mars


Belgium deciding if Scientology to face trial in criminal court

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Yes, talk to the scientologists...

NEW: Journalist wants to talk to former Scientologists

I cannot for the life of me see why talking to Terril would be any different than talking to Samantha...let them will very quickly make sure very few people want to find out about scientology up front and personal...


Today we have this... ... ng-100000/

and we have the same people spouting their crap about Gerry Armstrong...I thought this was finished when I got dust binned on OCMB. Obviously not...


And Rinder says, according to Tony Ortega...

“I looked at it and went, this is the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Rinder told us last night by telephone.  

Yes, do let the scientologists talk, because even a ten year old would have trouble relating to them in any way, shape or form.

The most unbelievable thing you have ever seen in your life, Mr. Rinder?

Yes, do let the scientologists talk!


In Support of Gerry Armstrong:

Gerry Armstrong: Scientology's Salman Rushdie - Scientology v ...



Tha Auditing of Children

I hope Black Rob does not mind me using some of his pics and words from the thread on why we protest called 'I have a thetan who does things to my mirror and its annoying. What should I do?' If there is an objection, please contact me. In the meantime, I should like to Thank you, Black Rob for all that you do.

I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it's annoying. What Should I Do?

page 75

Above is a picture of a clay demo, this is part of L. Ron Hubbard's study tech. The clay demo depicts that with the scientology handbook "The Way to Happiness" all children will be loved and helped. Pure poppycock! This booklet is handed out to people in disaster areas such as tsunami's and earthquakes.One fails to see how this  booklet can have an effect on a child's life especially when they are starving, injured and have just lost their parents.

Mace Kingsley used to be a ranch where many scientology children were abused; see Astra Woodcraft's story for more on

Scientology: Astra Woodcraft Interview - 5/6 - YouTube

Mace Kingsley is now a center for "auditing" children, "auditing" is a form of processing in which children are subjected to a form of interrogation...

Auditing (Scientology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Understanding Scientology / Chapter 6: Grade 0 to Clear -- The ...

 Quote originally posted by Diane D Norgard on facebook - Mace Kingsley

This is the time to get your children, especially Tweens and Teens on the road to Clear! Often when I talk to parents about starting their children they say, "But they aren't having any troubles, they are fine." And I say, "Fine is great! But 'fine' is not Clear or OT." If they are fine can you imagine how incredible they would be with a Cleared mind.

Let that sink in...

Mace Kingsley - We Audit Kids!


Mace-Kingsley $cilon "School" in Clearwater | Why We Protest ...

Alexandria's story

Meagan Porpora at Scientology's Mace-Kingsley Ranch

Paedophile child sexual abuse by Scientologists - Chello

How Did Scientology Influence 'The Master'? - ABC News

If auditing isn't bad enough, imagine a child ( that is anyone up to the age of 18) locking themselves in a room and learning that their body is covered in the dead souls of space aliens.That is what Diane Norgard is recommending for children.A cleared mind is a scientology mind like that of Diane Norgard.
A continuation from this...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


If there truly was a GOD, then he was not listening...

If there truly is a hell...then I hope you go there...and see for yourself, like the rest of us had to...

It's all under control

Monday, 10 February 2014

Louis Theroux working on scientology documentary

I have always enjoyed Louis Theroux's work, however, this might be my first big let down. A non judgmental look at scientology practices and beliefs, should be amusing if nothing else as even the scientologists don't know some of their beliefs until they have paid for them and even then they are not allowed to tell anyone else about them.Of course this could just be more propaganda for the persecuted scientologists to uphold their "religion".

Louis Theroux working on Scientology documentary

Louis Theroux finding spiritual enlightenment with OSHO... 

Louis Theroux meets the Nation of Islam... 

Awkward interview...  

Hari Krishna...

What the papers have to say... 

Louis Theroux working on 'non-judgemental' Scientology documentary – The Independent

Louis Theroux asks Scientologists to get involved in 'non-judgemental ... –

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Keep your faith John Travolta, you are a real live Bond villain

I read this today with some amusement. John's candour leaves a giant gaping hole in why scientologists were with him continually for two years after his son's death, even when he wanted to get away from it all. In scientology, this is the definitive celebrity "baby watching".

John Travolta, interview: 'I would love to play a Bond villain'

You can't lock up a big celebrity like John Travolta, after all, he might just get a clue...but you can make sure he is never out of his minders sight, for two years?

The Prisoners of Saint Hill: The Scientologists call it 'baby-watching ...

Wake up Mr. Travolta! Nap time is over.

Here is what happened to the person who set up Scientology's "Celebrity Center"...and also how her children were dealt with...

Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch - Scientolipedia

What the papers say...

Daily Mail
John Travolta was supervised every day for two years after son died 

 moved to here

Back up a bit...
I am not going to direct you, but who was it that missed John Travolta flew Marty Rathbun to bring Annie Broeker back into the fold, as in he took Marty Ratbun on his plane to bring Annie back. Come on people, wake the f*ck up! Truly I find this so incomprehensible!



Thursday, 6 February 2014

In China...and the ritual abuse of the female genetalia in other countries...

I kept this, from the Daily Mail in 2010...

Children's shackles come in all sorts of locks, none more so than greed and religion...


I just signed the petition ".@educationgovuk Tell schools to teach risks of female genital mutilation before the summer #endFGM" on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:



Governments of the world, it's about time you started listening to the people, the modern world is fed up with religions, celebrities and rich corporations abusing children, which gives them mental health problems, causes drug abuse and social decline.

Chen Chuanliu obviously loves his son, but what is he supposed to do ? And what about the young girls that are subjected to horrendous circumcision of their genitalia? Both are born of dictatorship and religious rituals and it is time to STOP IT!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Thetans in little bodies or grease monkey in a past life?

If it weren’t already terrible that we have to commute halfway around the Capitol Beltway every day to take the kids to school, the entire Virginia section of the beltway is under heavy construction right now – which means lots of debris on the road, and lots of opportunities for flat tires. We’ve now had three flats in the last 2 months.

This morning, however, my wife had a bit of a different shock. After seeing that our car had a flat, and jacking it up to change it (I had already left hours ago for work), my 2-year-old daughter demanded to be able to help fix the Subaru. (In case you missed it, she feels very strongly about the Subaru). After my wife stood on the wrench to loosen up the bolts, she then watched in awe as our daughter walked up to the wheel, and without being shown what to do, one-by-one loosened all of the lugs on the wheel until it was ready to be taken off.

All my wife could do was sit back in awe. It was like this was the 50th tire she’d changed, as she just walked up & went to work with no hesitation. She then, proceeded to put each of the 5 lugnuts on her fingers as she loosened them off, which I guess was the way they did it back her day.

Even Worse...

9 day olds with a PC folder(that is Pre Clear folder), it's the start of having files kept on you , 9 days old, this is just too gruesome for words.

"Auditing" is sometimes seen as controversial, because auditing sessions are permanently recorded and stored within what are called Preclear Folders. Scientologists believe that the practice of auditing helps them overcome the debilitating effects of traumatic experiences, most of which have accumulated over a multitude of lifetimes,whilst babies may not be put on the e-meter, it won't be long before they are...children grow quickly and by 6 years old they will be security checked and gotten used to being on the e-meter. This device to a young child is almost like a 'god'... divine being that can read all your thoughts, anyway that is how it was explained to me as a young child. Maybe it was put that way to me because I went to a normal school and already did bible studies.

from OTBT
"Scientology babies are typically given assists, such as Touch Assists, Nerve Assists, and Locationals. Babies are not put on the meter.

Touch Assists for babies involve auditor using finger to touch various body parts, most importantly the fingers and toes.

Nerve Assists for babies involve auditor gently stroking body parts, back torso, arms and legs. Not much in the way of verbal auditing commands.

Locationals for babies involve auditor getting the baby to touch assorted solid objects, such as walls, doors, any large physical object.

Newborns are typically informed that they now have a new body, are welcomed to their new body."

Whilst to the uninitiated this might sound like the kind of things you do to a newborn anyway, except for the last sentence. It is much more regimented and engineered, not natural.And of course most normal people would not keep a file on their children. Photo albums, scrap book but not a file.

I know there are many of you reading this that don't know an awful lot about scientology or anonymous for that matter, anonymous bless them say some things that some of you might be appalled at, however, they do make me laugh at some of their antics whilst trying to write about a subject that I find very difficult at times, a bit too close to the bone, sometimes they really do get it in perspective...

"Ve have Your Paperz , Ve know you soil you diaperz, Und you are still teething, U are still a degraded baby Und have ze Crimez against Scientologyz, report to ethicz! nao!" - Anonymous

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A' Ha moments...I have had plenty of them over the last few years...

You have many a'ha moments in this life and none more so than when you are dealing with don't deal with scientology...scientology deals with is called "handling"and Oh my Xenu they do it so well.By the way 'Oh my Xenu' replaces 'Oh my God'

Here is Xenu:

This is L. Ron Hubbard's drug addled mind...

Yes, while the rest of the world are focused on poor Marty Rathbun, some of us know there are worse things at play...

What will these kids know about Xenu/Xemu? Nothing! But they will be brought up to believe that LRH needs Hip, Hip Hooraying to for the wonderful mind destructive technology that he brought to the world and enforced on young children, making their parents totally blind to the fact that they were torturing their own kids, after all he did it to his own kids, why should anyone else's be any different?

Germany has it right, they were the only government I wrote to who had the courtesy to bother to reply, barring one Sussex MP, and NO I won't reveal who, just shows you what kind of world we live in doesn't it?

This from ESMB:

Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Player Forbade Scientology Membership

In case ESMB goes down, which it has a habit of doing...

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Default Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Player Forbade Scientology Membership

Sports Business Daily: Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Player Forbade Scientology Membership

Available Excerpt: Published February 4, 2014

Football players who have a contract with adidas "are not allowed to be members of Scientology and spread the aphilosophy of its Founder L. Ron Hubbard," according to DER SPIEGEL. The information "comes from a kit deal that adidas signed with a current German national team and Bayern Munich...

And if you were any kind of decent person, you would forbid scientology too, don't fall for their religious crap, it's a front...

Larry Brennan speech at That is Scientology! Reports from the USA ...

  Adidas forbids Bayern Munich star to practise Scientology – Metro

Monday, 3 February 2014

From the McClaughry's blog...

Whilst everyone else is watching the Rathbun court room drama, I took time out to review this, worth reading...

Scientology Roots – Chapter Thirty-Four: Copyright Hoax And Additional Crimes

Actor Phillip Hoffman found dead

Rest in Peace Phillip.

Washington Post
Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in NYC apartment

I have yet to watch 'The Master', somehow I think it may hit far too many nerves
with scenes like this...  

Unfortunately, the scientologists will see Phillip's death as a "win" because it will be considered that "he pulled it in" for starring in the controversial film in the first place.(scientology jargon for "you shouldn't have made this film". 

Strange thing, and I see it is not just me...Jim Meskimen did a tribute to Phillip Hoffman and at the end promoted Narconon, a scientology front group that supposedly gets people off of drugs. I wrote a comment on the video tribute on youtube. When I sign in the comment is there, when I sign out the comment is not there...what kind of shenanigans is this? 

here's the video:

Very odd, now the comment is there again, now it isn't, now it is...make up your mind youtube/Jim Meskimen...

I'm sorry you feel that way.  My purpose was not for publicity but to answer with my art the great disappointment I felt.  I realize that I did run the risk of being perceived as an opportunist, but I feel the need to say something useful outweighed the hit to my "reputation", if indeed I have any.  I'm sure you agree that his death was unnecessary and tragic, and if any others can possibly be avoided, it's worth a lot.
My reply to Mr. Meskimen...

Phillip Hoffman's death is tragic and very unnecessary and it's a very sad day especially for his family, which is why promoting Narconon at the end of your homage is at the least disrespectful and very unethical considering the amount of people who have died at the hands of this psuedo religious mumbo jumbo that calls itself a drug rehab. May I suggest you have a look at the link below and see just what it is you are supporting...I grew up with L. Ron Hubbard, I know people who have worked at Narconon and I also know their old old long time scientologist...I think I know what I am talking about...go on take a look. 

Narconon is not a bona fide drug rehab, it is a front group for recruiting scientologists.To find out more go here:

Reaching For the Tipping Point
Narconon drug rehab a Cult of fraud and negligence 

What the papers have to say about Phillip Seymour Hoffman...

Philip Seymour Hoffman: death of a master 

Philip Seymour Hoffman predicted his own fate weeks before heroin overdose 

A Master?s Passing, and the Show Going On 

The Monster: 

Private Eye 7/2/2014-20/2/2014


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Something does not quite tally with the information...

London calling...

About the most people or traffic ever seen in Queen Victoria Street Lonon was when there was a picket going down, I know this as I did pop up there on the odd occasion on my own...the street is dead most times of the day, let alone rush hour. I reckon it was why it was chosen as an 'ideal morgue'.

Tottenham Court Road  on the other hand used to be the hive of activity, that is until Anonymous took over, now it is a shell of it's former occupancy. I went up there on my own just before the major pickets and was approached by the old man that worked there relentlessly, the one that at a later picket would not look at my photo on the Apollo, but I could tell he really wanted to...very be so brainwashed...

The last time I went to TCR was about 2 and a half years ago, on my own and it looked pretty much like it does in this picture, the time before that was approximately 6 months before the last and it still looked pretty much like this picture. So we can estimate TCR has been looking like this for at least three years...can't we?

So that is 2010, in my estimation, and it was looking a bit sad prior to that in actuality...

Only 2,418 Scientologists in England and Wales, Vastly Outnumbered by Jedi Knights

says Tony Ortega... »


I am no fact my maths are crap but hello...


Theme: Population

63.7 million

 against less than 2,500 and they get religious status because Louisa Hodkin wants to marry in in Queen Victoria Street, London,Queen Victoria would not be amused and neither am I.

So, less than 2,500 people get to depict the law in a country of 63.7 million people. As I already said, I am not good at maths, but there is something totally wrong with this picture, there is actually an awful lot wrong with all the pictures of scientology but hey what do I know..I just worked under LRH for almost two years at the start of the Sea Org debacle...

What's the betting that the biggest 'religious' wedding of the last 76 trillion years won't be announced until it's over, they will wrap them up in little boxes and put them in a volcano...don't worry BTs are not invited...sorry I think I may be a bit confused... I think it is ETs are not invited...

Sorry, so wrong...TCs are not invited...there divorce record is nearly as bad as LRHs and counting....

To all aliens barring Tom Cruise...

Saturday, 1 February 2014

More about the dead...

What scientologists say about children and other scientology rubbish...

Black Rob on why we protest has a thread of facebook messages from scientologists...I only got as far as page 12, to me the revealing pieces are those about the children and why I say...someone who is a scientologist should never be allowed near children.

Inside the Sea Org