I am raising money, openly, to fund Flagdown 2014, a big conference aiming to expose the fraud and abuse of Scientology in their "mecca" of Clearwater this coming May.

I am one of those putting my name to this project and taking full responsibility for it.

Naysayers are demanding transparency whilst not contributing. Hilarious.

I agree that expenditure of such funds must be transparent however this can only logically occur once the funds are spent.

To have a US-based speaker at this conference for the full week will cost 'someone' around $1,000 and most speakers are funding themselves.

Speakers and guests from further afield will have to fork out closer to $1,500 each and this without eating and drinking for the week.

Add in the cost of venue, printing, promotion, contributor's perks, transportation and anyone can see that hosting this conference will be costly.

However, if 1,000 good people each gave a mere $20 each we would be getting there.

If you have not yet contributed to this fund please do.

You will be helping to make something happen and achieve some aims I read somewhere about getting rid of insanity and criminals in this world.

Help make this happen.